6 Reasons Every Woman Should Meet With A Financial Advisor

There are tons of amazing milestones to celebrate this International Women’s Day, but on top of acknowledging the noteworthy achievements of womankind, it's also important to challenge existing gender bias and inequality. Let us not forget that in 2020, women only made 81 cents to every dollar that men made, and they consistently report lower financial confidence in strategies like investing.

Luckily, Northwestern Mutual is committed to helping women take control of their money through financial planning — because there’s nothing more empowering than financial freedom. To prove this point, we matched beloved actress Jenna Ushkowitz up with her own Northwestern Mutual financial advisor on the condition that we got to share a few must-know tips that she learned during her session. Keep tapping for six (very compelling) reasons that all women should feel empowered to work with a financial advisor.