60 Gifts That Are Best-Sellers On Amazon Because They're Actually Life-Changing

The products that reviewers are obsessed with.

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This year, shake up your gift-giving process by browsing these life-changing gifts that have earned their bestseller status on Amazon by being indispensable. Take this personal blender for example: It makes a great gift for just about everyone on your list — age restrictions or gender bias don't come into play when enjoying delicious blended beverages, right? Or there's this car trunk organizer. This big boy has storage compartments, mesh pockets, bungees, and if all else fails, a lid to close on the chaos.

Whatever you decide, you can rest assured that each of the items on this list has been road-tested by hundreds — and in some cases, thousands — of reviewers.


This Cup Mount Has All The Bells And Whistles With Its Articulating Arm

Designed to fit any standard vehicle cup holder, this smartphone mount goes further than any other of its kind: It features an articulated arm that stretches for 13 inches in total and rotates 360 degrees. The mount head accommodates virtually any smartphone and features strong side grips with soft padding that won't scratch delicate electronics.


The Kitchen Caddy That Incorporates A Soap Dispenser, Too

Encompassing a soap pump that discharges detergent directly into the sponge on top, this dispenser both provides a sanitary storage spot for a kitchen sponge and speeds the cleaning process by ensuring that soap is always close at hand. The soap dispenser holds up to 13 fluid ounces for an extensive number of cleanings, while the sponge holder atop the unit accommodates most common dish sponges, and comes with a basic sponge to get the user started.


Charge Wireless Devices Quickly And Conveniently With This Pad

Engineered to work with a wide range of Android devices as well as the iPhone 11 and 12 series, this charging pad is an indispensable asset in any tech-head's collection. Available in 12 colors, this device is as pretty on the inside as it is on the outside, featuring colorful indicator lights, a super slim design, and protection against overheating, power surges, and short-circuiting.


The Gadgets That Help Keep The Kitchen Clean

Anyone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen will find these gap covers useful and a real aid in keeping both counters and floors squeaky clean. Made from food-grade, BPA-free silicone, they're designed to span the gap between the stove and the counter, and since they're heat-resistant to 446 degrees, they can withstand radiating heat from the cooktop. Available in white, black, and clear, there's a model to suit any kitchen décor.


This Wedge-Shaped Pillow That Can Help Relieve Neck And Shoulder Pain

Crafted from high-grade memory foam, this bed wedge is ideal for sleepers who are restless due to snoring, neck and shoulder pain, acid reflux, and a wide range of other issues (sleeping with the upper body elevated can provide relief these conditions and many more). Designed to stay firm without collapsing and provide solid support, it's also perfect for watching TV and working in bed without having to strain or repurpose dozens of fluffy pillows. Its breathable cover is machine-washable for easy cleaning.


A Tripod That Fits Smartphones And Cameras, And Mounts Anywhere

Got a blogger on your list? A grandparent? Anyone who loves taking pictures? This tripod is a fantastic gift: Its ball mount, which rotates through a full 360 degrees, accommodates a smartphone or a camera — or, as a matter of fact, a miniature video camera like a GoPro — so it offers versatility for shooting everything from family portraits to soccer games. Additionally, its legs are fashioned from moldable metal with a padded frame so that the mount can be attached to a branch, a stair railing, a banister, a light post, a chair arm, or just about anything else. It comes with a wireless remote control that triggers whatever is mounted on it from within 30 feet.


This AirTag That Helps You Find Lost Items

Whether you’re always misplacing your purse, wallet, or even your luggage, this AirTag can help you find it. Simply attach it to any commonly lost item. The next time it goes missing, you’ll be able to open the downloadable app to see its location in real time, as well as have the AirTag let out a loud ring so that it’s easy to find.


Book Lovers Will Enjoy This Reading Light That Offers Nine Levels Of Brightness

Reading in bed, on the train, on the plane, at the campsite — none of these situations are a challenge when bookworms are equipped with this LED light that clips on to the side of a book, device, or even a car, plane, or train seat. With ultra-bright lights and nine brightness settings, this gadget can accommodate any ambient light situation, and it provides up to 60 hours of continuous illumination on one charge. Recharge it using the included standard micro-USB cable.


A Security Camera That’s Almost *Too* Easy To Install

There’s no complicated wiring necessary when setting up this security camera, as it screws right into any standard lightbulb socket. The downloadable app lets you check the camera’s feed remotely — and with built-in night vision, you can even see what’s going on when it’s dark outside.


This Blanket Is A Thoughtful Gift For Troubled Sleepers

Here's proof that weighted blankets don't have to be prohibitively expensive: This model with more than 1,000 4.6-star reviews on Amazon comes in at just $40, and like all weighted blankets, it can truly make a world of difference for insomnia sufferers as well as anyone troubled by anxiety. Available in both 15- and 20-pound weights as well as a variety of sizes, it features precision anti-leak stitching to keep the glass beads where they're supposed to be — inside the blanket — and heavy-duty, double-lined construction that's breathable, too.


The Heated Brush That Straightens As It Styles

Ready to go to work in just 60 seconds, this hair tool combines the best of characteristics of a brush and a straightener into one. It's replete with triangle-shaped teeth that pass heat through the hair while keeping the scalp safe thanks to the safe zone between the heated core and the surface. Suitable for use on all types of hair with its five temperature settings, the unit uses ceramic heat to control frizz, add volume, and leave hair shiny and manageable.


A Mat Cleaning Kit For The Yogis On Your List

All-natural and eco-friendly, this mat cleaning spray is designed to please even the most discerning yogis. The fast-drying spray is crafted with a blend of tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils, which work together with mint and witch hazel to provide a gentle clean that's free from harsh chemicals.


Travelers Love These Packing Cubes For Organization And To Carry More Along

Available in dozens of colors, these packing cubes are sure to be a hit with any inveterate traveler since they both promote organization while on the road and free up space in luggage to carry more. Made from durable nylon, they feature heavy-duty, two-way zippers, and are even water-resistant — just in case your luggage gets caught in the rain.


Give The Gift That Keeps On Giving: This Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Crafted from 100% polyurethane memory foam gel beads, this mattress topper cradles the sleeper or casual lounger in cushioned comfort, distributing weight evenly across its surface so ensure a sound night's sleep without aches and pains. The gel beads also disseminate body heat to help head off nighttime sweating and keep users at a stable temperature. A good night's rest is truly the gift that keeps on giving.


These Can Covers Make A Terrific Topper For Energy Drinks

Available in a variety of styles and patterns, these can covers are designed for the slim cans that are so popular in many energy drinks, canned coffees and lattés, and other beverages. Crafted from neoprene, they keep drinks at just the right temperature — warm or cold — and are made sturdy so they're great for the beach, camping, or just plain everyday use.


The Food Storage Containers That Collapse So They're Easily Stored Themselves

Crafted from 100% food-grade, BPA-free silicone, these food storage containers have one unique point of differentiation: They each collapse down to just over an inch high — one-third their original size — for easy storage when not in use. Accompanied by airtight lids that keep food fresh, these containers are ideal for small urban and galley kitchens as well as for use at work, camping, and even in an RV.


A Soft And Shaggy Bath Mat

Made from thick, soft chenille, this mat comes in a veritable rainbow of colors and is the perfect addition to any bathroom or bedroom. The super-absorbent, plush microfiber feels cozy under the feet, and the mat is equipped with adhesive backing that will ensure the mat doesn't slip around, even in wet conditions. The mat is also machine-washable and dries in the dryer for ease of upkeep — it fluffs right back up.


A Cream That Strengthens And Conditions Nails And Repairs Cuticles

Formulated with proteins, this treatment is a treat for weather- and water-ravaged hands — it rehabilitates dry, cracked, chipped nails and also rehydrates hard, peeling cuticles to give hands a makeover. Even the softest, most fragile nails will grow and strengthen when enriched with this nourishing formula, and it's emollient enough to moisturize hands as well. This cream is perfect for use on feet, too.


A Live Cam That Has So Many Uses

Capable of streaming live video remotely over the internet, this camera is equipped with a motion sensor, weatherproofing, and the ability to record in darker lighting, which make it perfect for so many different applications. It's great as a security camera and can be set to record video if you have reason to want to watch back the footage; it's equally great as a second camera to stream a podcast. Useful, too, in the baby's nursery or as a puppy cam to make sure the sofa doesn't get eaten while Fido's home alone, it can be controlled via Alexa for easy monitoring.


An Adapter That Lets You Charge Your Phone In The Car

Don’t let your phone lose power while you’re driving — just keep it charged using this adapter. It plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter, and features two USB ports so that you can charge multiple devices at the same time. The best part? Quick-charging technology helps power your phone up to three times faster than some other types of chargers.


This Bluetooth Keyboard That's Compatible With Almost Any Device

This Bluetooth keyboard doesn't just eliminate one of the many cords from your desktop setup; it's also compatible with a range of devices from tablets to TVs, which makes it convenient for around the home and on the go.


These Little Clips Are The Ultimate Organizing Hack

A sure key to making any desk area look more orderly, these cable clips are useful at the office and at home, and work just as well for making order out of the chaos of a nightstand or entertainment center. Made from long-lasting plastic, they're designed to be used and reused, and install easily with peel-and-stick adhesive that makes them simple and easy.


This Personal Blender Makes Everything From Baby Food To Cocktails

Don't let its petite size fool you: This personal blender is powerful enough to crush ice and is the perfect gift for anyone who's into protein drinks or just plain loves a good milkshake. Also a dab hand at whipping up baby food and soups, it's powered by a fast and efficient motor that gets the job done, and topped with a BPA-free canister that also serves as a go-cup.


A Weather Station That Monitors All The Conditions

Complete with an outdoor sensor, this weather station provides a plethora of information on both indoor and outdoor conditions in real-time. Showing the time and both temperature and humidity levels both inside and outside the house, its backlit display features large, bold numbers. It has the ability to be mounted on the wall or stand independently on the counter.


The Pest Repeller That Keeps All The Bad Guys Away

Engineered to control rodents, flying pests like mosquitoes, and other crawling bugs, this device uses ultrasonic sound waves to control intruders of all types. These sounds are inaudible to humans and pets and provide a safe and humane alternative to drive away the "bad guys" without the use of traps or harmful chemicals. It plugs into any outlet in the house to do its job, and maintains a low profile while it's at work.


This Acrylic Vase That’s Printed To Look Like A Book

If your bookshelf is looking a little lackluster, why not add some flowers with this vase? It’s made from sleek acrylic that’s been printed and shaped to look just like a book. And if your bookshelf is already styled to perfect, not a problem — the base is wide enough that you can still use it as a standalone vase.


These Heavy-Duty Headphones Are Built For Work

Designed both to block noise such as that from heavy machinery and to stream entertainment from any Bluetooth-compatible device, these headphones are wireless for convenient use on the move. With a battery life that some reviewers say can last for up to three days of intermittent use, the earmuff-style design features a built-in mic for phone calls, and fits neatly under everything from a construction-style helmet to a baseball cap for ease of wear while working on the line or on the job.


The Night Lights With Built-In Dawn-To-Dusk Sensors

Ideal for illuminating those hard-to-reach corners including hallways, garages, and anywhere a little light is needed on the subject, these LED lights are designed with sensors that trigger them with a decrease in ambient light. Operated using a built-in rechargeable battery, these units are real eco-friendly energy savers and have a lifetime of up to 180 days before they need to be recharged.


A Diffuser Set That Comes With All The Oils Needed For DIY Aromatherapy

With an attractive wood grain look, this diffuser set is a multifaceted gift: It's a good-looking room accent, a relaxation and/or invigoration tool, a health and beauty appliance, and the start of a new hobby all wrapped up in one. The diffuser also functions as a humidifier and has four different timer settings for convenience during use; the set of oils spans everything from lavender and jasmine to clove and eucalyptus, with all the citrusy scents in between.


Give A Salon-Style Pedicure Right In Their Own Home With This Soapy Combo

Combining an emollient soap that's packed with nutrients with a pumice that provides gentle exfoliation, this bar is the key to an at-home pedicure that truly looks and feels salon-worthy. Soothing shea butter, aloe, and vitamin E moisturize winter-hardened skin, while the pumice sloughs away dry, cracked skin and calluses to leave feet soft and baby smooth. It's also suitable for use on scratchy elbows and callused hands.


Beachy Waves Crash Through Hair Faster With This Unique Tool

With its triple barrels, this hair tool is definitely unique-looking. What makes it a great gift is the fact that these three tongs make getting everything from professional-looking beachy waves to tighter curls easy and fast. Made with ceramic technology that produces negative ions to eliminate frizz and add shine to hair, it heats up quickly to make hairstyling speedy.


This Food Processor Is Small But Mighty

Slight enough to fit in any cabinet, the power behind this food processor far outstrips its size: The 450-watt motor grinds through just about anything in its path, while the generous 10-cup bowl size is large enough to accommodate a big batch of guacamole or whatever you're whipping up. It's equipped with both a stainless steel S-blade to chop, mix, and puree, and a reversible stainless steel disc to slice and shreds, powering through food prep in no time.


The Jewelry Box That You Can Take With You

It’s almost too easy for jewelry to get tangled inside your suitcase, so why not pack this jewelry box on your next trip? The compact size makes it easy to fit in carry-ons and checked bags alike, while multiple compartments on the inside give you tons of space for necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more.


These Sheets Are The Height Of Luxury — For Less

With more than 23,000 reviews on Amazon culminating in a 4.2-star rating, these sheets are without a doubt the most frequently-reviewed items I've ever run across on the site, and they're also "the best set of sheets I've ever owned," according to reviewer Jeremy. Crafted from double-brushed microfibers, these sheets are ultra-soft, and reviewers rave about how they're always just the right temperature. Available in a dozen colors, these sheets also feature a deep pocket on the fitted sheet, so they're not going anywhere once they're on the bed.

  • Available sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King


A Handy Spice Organizer

Crafted from stainless steel and equipped with 12 airtight glass spice jars, this spice rack set is suitable for use in a cabinet but attractive enough to display on a countertop. The spices in this organizer base remain neatly in order and are easy to view and select. The jar caps are chrome, too coordinate with the base, and rotate to dispense in your choice of four different settings.


A Reusable Notebook That Uploads To The Cloud

This reusable notebook has 36 pages that can be used again and again — when written on with the included pen, the pages can be completely wiped clean. Best of all, you can upload the handwritten notes to the Cloud, Slack, Google Drive, and more.


This Soothing Crystal Lamp That Has A Dimmer Switch

This selenite crystal lamp is beautiful, sturdy, and emits a clean white glow. It has a dimmer switch to set the mood in any room, and one reviewer wrote, "Great quality and can be bright enough to work as a lamp simply for lighting."


These Floating Shelves With A Faux Wood Finish

Decorations, spices, toiletries — these floating shelves can be used to store all sorts of items in style. They’re made from lightweight MDF so that they’re easy to hang up, and feature a faux wood finish that makes them look way more expensive than they are. Choose from six colors, including a gorgeous shade of rich walnut.


An Electric Toothbrush With A 3-Month Battery Life

This electric toothbrush is a great gift for anyone in the family — or for yourself. The rechargeable battery lasts for up to three months before you need to place it back onto the charging base, and there’s even a built-in timer to tell you when to stop brushing. Choose from two colors: blue or green.


A Soothing Cream That Help Can Help Reduce Blemishes

Formulated with vitamin C and olive oil, this cream is chock-full of nourishing ingredients that can help keep blemishes to a minimum. Nano-salicylic acid provides deep exfoliation inside your pores, while safflower seed oil works to help control excess oil production. Plus, the vegan formula means you can rest assured that the rest of the ingredients listed on the back are clean as well as cruelty-free.


A Wallet With RFID-Blocking Powers

This affordable wallet is actually made from 100% genuine leather and has RFID-blocking technology that prevents identity thieves from snagging your credit card information. It fits a number of cards and comes in a variety of colors.


The Mask Fortified With Activated Charcoal

This mask is made with activated charcoal to remove impurities from the skin — and unclog the pores that can cause you to break out. It peels right off after it dries (making it extra-fun to use) and it helps to minimize the appearance of pores.


These Revitalizing Eye Masks That Are Made With Real Gold

Place these masks underneath your eyes after a poor night of sleep, and they can help soothe away dark circles to give you a refreshed look. Hyaluronic acid delivers a much-needed dose of moisture while simultaneously soothing away puffiness — all while real 24-karat gold works to help brighten skin.


An Electric Milk Frother And Steamer

This stainless steel jug easily warms and froths 160 milliliters of milk for the perfect coffee drinks. It only takes up to two minutes to work — and can also froth cold milk as well, for the perfect iced coffee before your commute.


A Fashion-Forward Lunch Box With Insulated Pockets

This insulated lunch tote is fashionable enough to look like a fancy tote bag — but instead, it'll keep your desk lunch cool and ready to go without having to fight your officemates for fridge space. But if that isn’t enough? You also have the choice of four colors: classic black, pink, tan, or a black faux crocodile skin.


These Collapsible, Reusable Grocery Bags

These reusable grocery bags stay upright and open with ease — so you can store them in carts to organize your groceries and easily move them to your trunk when you're done. They also have side handles and a longer shoulder strap to easily carry them, and they're made from recycled cardboard.


An Electric Kettle That Boils Water In Minutes

This electric kettle has a sturdy glass exterior and a cool-touch plastic handle. It boils water in mere minutes, making anything from tea to instant soup an even easier task — and has automatic shut-off once the water runs out or it becomes too hot.


A Pressurized Cleaner That Works In Every Room

This cleaning set features a pressurized steamer which will easily get all the dirt, grime, and build-up from glass, your car, your oven, and even your clothes. It includes a few different attachment heads to make each job a cinch: Use the angled nozzle head to get underneath your toilet, the brush head to clean your sink, and the classic steamer to get your button-down pressed for that job interview.


An Avocado Growing Kit

Avocados are expensive — so grow your own tree from the seed of one you grab at the store. Place it right in the center of AvoSeedo, and in around six weeks, it will sprout. One reviewer wrote: "My very first try with the Avoseedo and I have two baby trees to call my own."


The Grill Mats You Can Use For A Variety Of Kitchen Tasks

Use these silicone mats to make grilling a little cleaner — or to keep foods separated in the case of any dietary restrictions. They can also be used to roast or bake foods, and they're safe to put into the dishwasher.


This Pet Hair Remover That You Can Use Over & Over Again

Unlike lint rollers that rely on wasteful sticky sheets, this pet hair remover uses hundreds of tiny bristles to latch onto hair, pulling it off of your furniture, clothes, and more with a few simple swipes. The best part? A dustbin built into the handle holds onto all that hair until you’re ready to empty it out over a trashcan.


A Balance Disc To Improve Posture

Put this wobble cushion on your desk chair to improve posture and provide lumbar support (which can reduce pain in the back or neck). It can also be used as a balance disc for at-home workouts that can help you work your core, and the grips at the bottom keep it stable.


An Olive Oil Sprayer For Precision Cooking

This glass and steel olive oil sprayer makes adding oil to salad or a pan the easiest thing to do — and it controls exactly how much you want to use so you don't end up with soggy greens. It is also useful with soy sauce, vinegar, and other oils, and holds up to 101 milliliters of product.


A Setting Spray That Helps Lock In Your Makeup

Consider spritzing your face with this setting spray the final step in making sure your makeup stays looking good all day long. Its matte finish helps keep your skin from looking shiny, and the formula is even cruelty-free, as well as made without any sulfates or parabens.


An Eyelash Curler That Gives You Dramatic Lashes

This eyelash curler is such a life-changing product because it’s designed to work with all eye shapes and sizes. The stainless steel curler is calibrated to apply the same amount of pressure on your lashes every time you use it, and it has an ergonomic shape that’s easy to hold. It comes with a satin bag and refill pads in case you wear out the existing pads. Choose from black, platinum, rose gold, or prism-colored metal.


This Car Organizer That Keeps Your Trunk Clean

This heavy-duty trunk organizer has two compartments (and a removable divider and cover) to keep your trunk organized, whether you fill it with emergency supplies or groceries. It even has sturdy hooks to keep it in place as you drive.


An Unique Pillow That's Made For Travel

Made with soft and eco-friendly bamboo fabric, this infinity pillow can be used a number of ways to create a customized pillow for your next trip. It's breathable and machine-washable, and one reviewer wrote: "Oh, how I love this Infinity Pillow! I used it for 2 five and a half hour flights, just got home and don’t want to even try to sleep without it."


A Glass Bottle With An Infuser And Strainer

This beautiful glass tumbler is made from eco-friendly glass and steel — and it comes with a strainer and diffuser so you can make anything from loose-leaf tea to spa water in this. The leak-proof lid is secure, and it even comes with a cover to keep it protected.


A Bamboo Cheese Board For Any Occassion

This is your cheese plate but leveled up — it has cheese markers so people can identify the brie from the St. Andrea, and contains three ceramic molds for the Boursin, nuts, or jams. It is made from bamboo and has a deep groove to collect any run-off.


The Camera That Can Print Pictures Instantly

Not only can this Kodak camera print that photo you just took, but it also doesn’t require any film, ink cartridges, or toners. The pictures are made to last, as they’re water- as well as smudge-resistant — and its compact size makes it easy to take with you when traveling.

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