64 Best Gifts Under $20

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This year, I've got more on my financial plate than ever before: student loans, rent, and a new apartment to furnish. This Christmas season, however, I also have more people to buy for than ever before. If you're in the same desperately-trying-to-adult boat as me, the best gifts under $20 will be the saving grace for both of us.

Even though I'm on a budget, I don't believe in half-assed impersonal gifts. Yes, even when it comes to that coworker you barely know or your boyfriend's cousin's son whose name you picked for his family's Secret Santa. Maybe a gift card and a tie used to cut it (back when all we had was Macy's). But now, with the internet, everyone's got access to loads of classy gifts that seem expensive, but aren't, and there's one website that does it better than anyone.

Drumroll, please: Amazon. It's Amazon. Although you probably already knew that, because A). It's all I write about, and B). It's where the vast majority of the world goes for affordable products you'll actually want. Throw in the fast last-minute shipping for Prime members, the reliable ratings and reviews, and the fact that whatever you order will come in a box (hello, easiest wrapping job ever), and it's no wonder it's the go-to for so many people.


These Edgy Unicorn Brushes That Look Expensive, But Aren't

Unicorn Makeup Brushes, $12 (10 Brushes), Amazon

With silky but durable bristles and a cool unicorn horn handle, these makeup brushes look and feel way more expensive than they are. They come in a set of ten for everything from controlled eye shadow application to effortless foundation coverage.


These Amazing-Smelling Candles Made With Pure Soy

Lulu Candles Fresh Linen Candle, $15, Amazon

These Lulu candles are made from eco-friendly pure soy wax, have a super long burn-time, and come in tons of amazing fragrances, including Fresh Linen, Espresso Bean, Sugared Pecans, and Cedarwood Infused Mango. The glass jars also make for great keepsakes and are available in several sizes, packs, and designs.


This Sleek Makeup Organizer To Give Anyone's Vanity An Instant Face-Lift

Vanity Tray, $13, Amazon

Go from clutter to class with this brilliant vanity tray. It provides two tiers of storage for jewelry, perfume, makeup, or nail polish, all while giving someone's vanity a sleek and decorative look. The legs are sturdy, while the removable plastic shelves are easy to wash.


This Journal That Encourages Self-Reflection

Gratitude: A Journal, $8, Amazon

A thoughtful gift for writers, diary-keepers, or those going through a difficult time, this journal is full of thought-provoking prompts, inspirational quotes, and plenty of room to jot down thoughts, memories, reminders, and more. It's also a great present for students who are preparing for another semester — perhaps one abroad — and the best part is, it's less than $10.


These Cards That Guide Your Home Workouts

NewMe Fitness, Home Gym Cards, $20, Amazon

There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars a month on a trainer when you can have your own personal trainer with these exercise cards. These cards come with fifty exercises to tone your core, upper body, legs, and arms; they even throw in some cardio for the days you need to work up a sweat and clear your mind. With these cards, you aren’t required to show up anywhere or purchase additional equipment, all you need to do is flip a card to burn calories and build muscle. The cards are waterproof and durable, plus they’ll never give you any grief for skipping classes.


A Sparkly Rose Gold Passport Wallet For The Glamorous Traveler

ACdream Sparkly Passport Wallet, $9, Amazon

This sparkly passport wallet keeps everything organized and protected while you're traveling. It holds your passport, boarding pass, cards, money, and is even RFID-blocking to protect your personal information. It's also light, slim, and made from premium PU leather, so it'll stand up to anyone's adventures.


This Bento Box That Will Help Even The Busiest People Pack Their Lunch

Bentgo Classic Stackable Bento Lunch Box Container, $15, Amazon

This stackable bento box is so convenient, even the busiest people will actually have time to pack their lunch for work. First of all, it’s safe to put inside a microwave and dishwasher, plus it’s BPA-free which is pretty great for folks that are only filling up their lunch box with pure ingredients. The lunchbox has built-in plastic silverware and two large compartments for you to fill up with your favorite snacks and meals. It’s perfect for the constant muncher to keep an assortment of snacks at hand during a long workday.


This Attractive Glass Infuser Tea Pot

HIWARE Glass Infuser Teapot, $18, Amazon

Made from glass and big enough to brew 27 ounces, this teapot makes a practical but attractive gift. It's got a stainless steel mesh infuser that can handle everything from loose to blooming teas. Just pour in boiling water, and within minutes you've got fresh tea.


This Gentle Micellar Water That Can Be Used As A Cleanser, Makeup Remover, Or Toner

La Roche-Posay Micellar Cleansing Water, $20, Amazon

The micellar technology in this cleansing water clings to makeup, excess oil, dirt, or impurities to give your face a purifying wash without irritating sensitive skin. It's also antioxidant-rich, free of soaps, alcohol, and oils, and can be used as a cleanser, makeup remover, or a toner.


This Cuticle Oil That's As Natural As It Looks

Best All Natural Cuticle Oil, $18, Amazon

Save your cuticles some trouble by planting this tea tree essential oil formula on dry cracked cuticles. It’s a cuticle oil completely free of harsh chemicals, fragrances, and synthetic ingredients and filled with thick emollients that penetrate through tough skin. Filled with castor oil, olive oil, avocado and grapeseed oil, the refreshing citrus lavender scent stimulates the healing process to give you healthy, strong cuticles. It’s convenient brush applicator spreads and absorbs easily into the skin, making treatments fast while still being effective. This is a great oil to have on hand to keep up with your at-home mani’s.


A Weekly Calendar Designed For Your Desk

Brilliant Weekly Scheduler, $11, Amazon

The genius of this weekly calendar is its unique size and shape — a foot long, 4-inches wide, and only half-inch thick, it fits seamlessly in front of a laptop or can be propped up on its stand. It has 60-weeks of undated pages so you can start and stop without wasting pages. Each page has the week divided out, a weekly to-do list, and on the back there is additional space for notes.


An Eco-Friendly Shampoo Bar That You Can Use To Shave, Too

Ethique Eco-Friendly Shampoo Bar, $16, Amazon

This shampoo bar takes the place of traditional liquid shampoos. Made with coconut oil, coconut cream, and cocoa butter — the bar is super nourishing for dry and damaged hair, but is light enough that it won't weigh hair down. The scent of minty fresh peppermint essential oil will perk you right up in the morning. It’s also pH-balanced, cruelty-free, and completely safe to compost. And unlike plastic shampoo bottles, it won't end up in the ocean.


A Quality Korean Face Mask Set With Lots Of Options

Dermal Korea Quality Face Masks, $10 (16 Pack), Amazon

Packed with Vitamin E and collagen, this face mask variety pack comes with skin-soothing, rejuvenating options like red ginseng, apricot, and bee venom. Each face mask is a sheet, with plenty of essence to deliver some brightening, firming effects.


This Brilliant Ice Roller That's Changing People's Morning Routines

ESARORA Ice Roller, $19, Amazon

This brilliant ice roller massager stores neatly in the freezer to help with pain relief, hot flashes, puffy skin, dark circles, or migraines. It's got a professional grade steel head that rolls comfortably over skin, easing tense muscles, shrinking pores, and improving circulation in a pinch. "This has helped my makeup look smoother and last longer," says one reviewer. "I use it in the mornings at the end of my skincare routine. It wakes me up and helps with my tired eyes."


These Shower Steamers For Soothing But Efficient Aromatherapy

Makady Aromatherapy Shower Steamers, $20, Amazon

Here’s a genius gift for the efficient self-care enthusiast or the person without a tub: These shower steamers are just as fragrant and luxurious as bath bombs, but they’re designed for use in the shower instead. Place one right outside the stream of water, and they’ll fizz and release a soothing scent from their essential oils. “Helps you relax after a long day,” one reviewer wrote.


These Whiskey Stones To Chill Drinks Quick And Without Dilution

Quiseen Beverage Chilling Stones, $10 (Set Of 9), Amazon

These natural soapstone chilling rocks quickly absorb cold temperatures to chill your drink in minutes. Best of all, they won't dilute your whiskey, vodka, or cocktails like ice would. They're also reusable, easy to wash, and come in a velvet bag for convenient freezer storage.


A Lantern That's Collapsible And Rechargeable

Kizen LED Camping Lantern, $17, Amazon

This camping lantern is both USB and solar-rechargeable, so you never have to stress about running out of batteries. The lantern works on three brightness settings: high, low, and SOS should you find yourself in a sticky situation. The portable lantern packs easy —it folds up to the size of a hockey puck. Oh, and did I mention the lantern doubles as a power bank for your phone?


This Gorgeously Modern USB Himalayan Salt Lamp

Levoit USB Himalayan Salt Lamp, $16, Amazon

The Levoit USB lamp takes the same air-purifying qualities as traditional Himalayan salt lamps and puts it in a sleek and modern clear bowl design. It's also got a safe-touch dimmer switch, pleasant amber glow, and can be used with a USB or AC adapter.


These Whiskey Glasses With A Carefully-Designed Shape

GlenCairn Crystal Canadian Whiskey Glasses, $18 (Set of 2), Amazon

Made from Glencairn Crystal, these quality whiskey glasses are carefully designed with a wide bowl at the bottom to appreciate the color of Canadian (or any kind) of whiskey, and is made to be comfortable in the hand as well. Reviewers say the unique shape also lets the aroma of the whisky shine.


A Comfy Memory Foam Travel Pillow That Folds Up Into A Teeny Square

Compact Travel Pillow, $24, Amazon

This compact travel pillow folds up small and fits anywhere — including carry-in luggage and even handbags. Crafted from springy, soft memory foam and cottony fleece fabric, it will make your head feel like it’s floating on a cloud (even when you’re crammed into an airline seat).


A Sheet Set That Stays Soft Forever

Utopia Bedding 4-Piece Sheet Set, $19, Amazon

Available in twin, full, queen, and king, this sheet set is made with incredibly soft microfiber that will last you for years. The set includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet with extra deep pockets, and two pillowcases. The sheets are designed to be wrinkle-free, so they’ll always look crisp. More than 3,000 Amazon users can vouch for the quality of these sheets, with one even saying, “These are amazing, soft, and beautiful.”


These Humble Nail Clippers With A Cult Following On Amazon

Harperton Nail Clipper Set, $13, Amazon

You’ll never go back to flimsy nail clippers once you’ve experienced the strength of these wildly popular stainless steel nail clippers. They’re made of high-grade surgical stainless steel and a uniquely designed handle that makes the clippers easier to maneuver around the nail. The clippers are hand-sharpened with a smooth blade that removes nails evenly and prevents splitting. The set comes with two sizes that can be used for smaller or larger nails and a lifetime warranty. Reviewers on Amazon are standing by these clippers, finding them precise and sturdy.


These Battery-Powered Fairy Lights For A Whimsical Touch

Homeleo Warm White Star Fairy Lights, $14, Amazon

Above their bed. Along their staircase. Inside their reading nook. Wherever they decide to put these star-shaped fairy lights, the result will be warm and whimsical. They’re battery-powered and 25 feet long, so you can hang them just about anywhere, and the included remote control has various light modes, dimmer settings, and timer options.


This All-Natural Clay Mask That's Great For DIYing

Mayan Magic Mud, $10, Amazon

This all-natural bentonite clay mask is a DIY skin care enthusiast's dream. Aside from applying it straight, it can also be blended with apple cider vinegar, yogurt, jojoba oil, and tons of other ingredients to create a custom mask that treats breakouts and cleanses pores.


This Lap Desk That Anyone Who Works From Home Will Love

Mavo Craft Folding Lap Desk, $20, Amazon

The all-purpose lap desk comes with built-in handles, storage compartments, and a raised design that optimizes your posture while holding your laptop, books, or food. As a result, this is the perfect gift for folks that work remotely or anyone who enjoys playing games, shopping, or eating from the comfort of their bed. Get it in black or green.


This Hilarious NSFW Card Game

5-Second Rule: Uncensored, $15, Amazon

The 5-Second Rule adult party game comes uncensored with 150 double-sided cards and a twisted timer; the game requires you to think on your feet while utilizes the smutty corners of your mind. The cards come with some hilarious things for you and your friends to name, including reasons to drink, erogenous zones, and people who want to get laid. This is a great gift for friends that have a broad sense of humor and like to indulge in the random hilariousness of life.


Because Nothing Says "I'm Loaded" Like A Face Scrub With Actual 24 Karat Gold In It

White Naturals 24K Gold Scrub, $19, Amazon

There are few things as luxurious as a face mask with real 24 karat gold in it. White Naturals scrub uses great ingredients to moisturize, brighten, and intensively repair skin. And, of course, there are the genuine gold flakes, which are widely used in high-end, anti-aging skincare products for elasticity, circulation, and a glowing complexion.


This Must-Have Hard Cover For Anyone

Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails With A Literary Twist, $9, Amazon

This fun and witty hardcover book contains 65 recipes for delicious drinks inspired by literary favorites. Recipes include "The Pitcher of Dorian Grey Goose," "A Rum of One's Own," and, the timeless love story, "Romeo and Julep." Any fan of the written word will get a kick out of this one.


A Way To Brighten Up Your Hair Temporarily

MSDADA Chalk Hair Combs, $10, Amazon

Whether it’s for costumes, holidays, or daily use, these chalk hair combs offer a fun, easy, temporary way to get vivid hair. Just wet your hair and pull the comb through your strands; then dry it with a hairdryer. The vivid shade will last for up to three days and washes out with shampoo. Get them in loads of different colors and a few multi-packs.


This Double-Sided Silk Eye Mask

Jersey Slumber Sleep Mask, $13, Amazon

For under $15, you won't find a more luxurious gift than this: the Jersey Slumber sleep mask, made from high-quality silk on both sides. Not only is it cooling, breathable, and effective when it comes to blocking out light, but it's fully adjustable and even comes with free earplugs.


Hand Exercises That Help Kick Carpal Tunnel To The Curb

4Gear Hand Grip Strengthener Kit, $18, Amazon

You can be the most devoted pilates or spin enthusiast, but you’re probably neglecting to strengthen the muscles in your hands, fingers, and forearms — which can help prevent carpal tunnel (not to mention make you a much better guitar or piano player). This five pack of hand exercise tools includes hand grippers and finger resistance weights that build up strength in your fingers, wrists, elbows, and forearms.


This Nourishing Shampoo That Promises To Stimulate Hair Growth

Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals, Hair Loss Shampoo, $18, Amazon

Hair loss can happen sooner than you expect it, genetics, hair habits, and medications can all affect our scalps ability to produce hair. Fortunately this growth stimulating shampoo aims to help with fourteen broad spectrum DHT blockers and natural nourishment from plant-based ingredients. It contains strengthening biotin to enhance the scalp’s ability to stimulate hair growth. Plus, this his ‘poo prevents hair breakage and split ends while fully cleansing the hair.


A Portable Steamer That Heats Up Fast

PurSteam Fabric Steamer, $24, Amazon

This handheld steamer can hold up to 130 ml of water and heats up in just 90 seconds, so you can get rid of wrinkles quickly. It weighs less than two pounds and stores conveniently for travel, so it’s ideal for touch-ups once you take clothes out of your luggage. The steamer is also gentle enough to use on nearly any type of fabric, including upholstery, bedding, curtains, wool, and embroidery.


This Moisturizing Eye Cream That Does Double Duty As A Face Cream

LilyAna Naturals, Eye Cream Moisturizer, $18, Amazon

This non-greasy moisturizing eye cream contains nourishing like vitamin C and E, rosehip seed oil, and organic hibiscus flower extract to firm, hydrating, brighten the sensitive skin around the eye area (although it can also be used on the face and neck, too). The vegan, fragrance-free formula is gentle enough to be used both in the morning and at night, and is light enough to wear under makeup.


This Customizable Jewelry And Makeup Organizer

Sodynee Jewelry and Cosmetic Storage, $15, Amazon

This jewelry and cosmetic organizer is super convenient for keeping everything all in one place and because it’s clear, you can easily find the pieces you're looking for without rummaging through and tangling your jewelry or trashing your makeup. It comes with removable mesh padding to keep jewelry in tact and the drawers are removable to make organizing and cleaning an easy task. Plus, thanks to the stackable design it's easy to customize according to anyone's spacial restrictions.


A Marshmallow Face Mask That Brightens & Hydrates

bliss Mighty Marshmallow Face Mask, $11, Amazon

The bliss Mighty marshmallow face mask has earned a 4.5 overall stars from more than 1,700 reviewers. It uses marshmallow root extract to hydrate and brighten for a “lit from within glow,” just from wearing the whipped formula for 15 minutes. Reviewers have said that they’re “surprisingly amazed” and “obsessed.”


A Set Of Boar Bristle Brushes That Nourish Hair

Boar Bristle Hair Brush Set, $17, Amazon

This set comes with two, oversize boar bristle hair brushes that promote healthy hair by distributing natural oils from your scalp. While one brush focuses on the boar bristle aspect, the other is designed for detangling, too. Both are vented to allow for faster drying when you use the brushes in conjunction with a hair dryer. Best of all, these brushes are safe to use on any type of hair, at any age.


This Travel Kit So You're Always Prepared

Better Things Home Expandable Pan Organizer, $24, Amazon

You can adjust this pan organizer to be anywhere between 12.25 and 22.25 inches wide, and it has seven adjustable dividers, too. This means it can be sized to fit into nearly any sized cupboard or cabinet and can hold various pots and pans of different sizes. This allows you to maximize your kitchen space while also keeping your cookware organized. Plus, the dividers also have a special coating that won’t scratch your pots and pans.


This Facial Toning Spray Made From Real Gold And Rose Petals

24K Gold Rose Water Facial Toner, $20, Amazon

People are flipping over this 24K Gold facial spray because of its unique ingredients and ability to make their skin glow. Real 24 karat gold oxygenates skin and fights breakouts with its antibacterial properties, while real rose petals act as a natural pH toner and organic calming solution. It all comes in a glass bottle with a spray nozzle for convenience and preservation.


This Brilliant French Coffee Press And Travel Mug In One

Bodum Travel Tea and Coffee Press, $13, Amazon

With this genius travel press, you can brew coffee or tea on-the-go and drink from the same container. Just add ground coffee or tea leaves along with boiling water and seal the lid. After four minutes, push down with the included plunger to trap the grounds and release the flavor. Your single-serve drink is now ready to enjoy, and because of the BPA-free and stainless steel double wall design, it'll stay hot (or cold) for hours.


These Foodie Dice For The Indecisive Chef

Foodie Dice Seasonal Dinners, $24, Amazon

The chef, the nutrition enthusiast, the person who’s always wondering what’s for dinner — these Foodie Dice make a genius gift for all of them. Each set includes nine dice, four of which are seasonal so they can experiment with local, in-season produce. They’re also made from sleek-looking wood and come in a canvas bag, plus they even tell you which herbs and cooking methods to use.


A Water Bottle Carrier With Built-In Zipper Pockets

Nuovoware Water Bottle Carrier Bag, $19, Amazon

Know someone who wouldn’t be caught without their water bottle? This water bottle carrier bag is a thoughtful yet practical gift. The neoprene sleeve is water-resistant, shock-proof, and has a padded strap for comfortable carrying. There’s even a dual-zipper pouch for their phone and credit cards. Get it in a dozen different designs.


A Pair Of Facial Sprays That Double As Setting Spray

Mario Badescu Facial Spray Set, $14, Amazon

The best of both worlds come together with this spray set that includes the two most popular Mario Badescu facial sprays. Both are packed with aloe, while one also features rosewater and the other has both cucumber and green tea. The botanical ingredients are designed to wake up your face whenever you’re in need of a bit of hydration. You can also use the mists as setting spray once you’ve applied makeup.


This Kit That Lets You Grow Your Own Crystals

4M Crystal Growing Experiment, $16, Amazon

Crystals have never been more popular — and this kit lets you grow them yourself, with seven different experiments. Perfect for science or geology-lovers and recommended for anyone aged over 10, this crystal growing kit includes everything you'll need, and the final products will last forever.


This Healing Hair Mask That Has Reviewers “Hooked After 1 Use”

oVertone Haircare The Remedy for Fine Hair Colorless Hydrating Mask, $18, Amazon

Made with ingredients that repair, condition, detangle, and prevent breakage without weighing strands down, this hair mask works wonders for any hair type, but for thin hair especially. Since it’s made without any damaging ingredients (like bleach, parabens, or ammonia), you can even use it on wigs or extensions. And don’t worry — even though it’s from oVertone, this healing mask is colorless.


This Super Gentle Body Wash That Also Helps With Stress-Relief

Bath and Body Works Lavender Chamomile Body Wash, $15, Amazon

For the friend who's big into self-care (or for the friend who needs to be), there's this aromatherapy body wash. It's made with lavender and chamomile essential oils, both of which are known to induce a sense of calm and help encourage a good night's sleep. The body wash also doubles as a bath foam if your friend is truly committed to a night of pampering.


A Cordless Jump Rope With Adjustable Weights

Redify Weighted Cordless Jump Rope, $10, Amazon

With over 1,800 reviews, this is the powerful jump rope to gift — especially if there's someone on your list who is ready to smash their workout goals. Since it’s cordless, it travels well, rotates fast, and resists tangling. The weights are also adjustable while the handles are comfortable.


These Glowing Chopsticks That Look Like Lightsabers

ChopSabers, $13, Amazon

“I got these as a Christmas gift for my roommate and he absolutely loved them,” one reviewer wrote about these ChopSabers. They’re fully functional as chopsticks, but because they glow red and blue and look like lightsabers, they’re a brilliant idea for the Star Wars fan. They’re also BPA-free and battery-operated.


This Odd Little Roller Ball That's Actually Great For Self-Massages

Anself Massager Roller, $6, Amazon

This magical spherical thing is called the Anself roller, and it's made to work out any tight muscles or knots anywhere on the body. It promotes better circulation and has an easy-to-hold base for self-massages. People use it after a tough day or as an addition to their physical therapy routine. "This thing is amazing!" says one reviewer. "My back is constantly bothering me and this thing helps it so much!"


A Neck Wrap For Hot Or Cold Therapy

TheraPearl Neck Wrap, $15, Amazon

This therapy neck wrap relieves tension in the neck, making it less painful to sit in stiff positions for extended periods of time. It can be microwaved for twenty minutes of intensive heat therapy that reduces inflammation or used as a cold compress to prevent injury. To give you safe and effective results, this wrap comes with a helpful guide to indicate when to use hot or cold therapy. It’s made to feel soft on your skin and easy on your muscles.


This Nourishing Hair Serum For Damaged Hair

Focus Coconut Oil Hair Serum, $18, Amazon

Enriched with natural sealants and plant-based emollients, this nourishing hair serum can heal your strands from the growth to the brittle ends. It contains hearty oils like raw virgin olive oil, sweet almond, and coconut oil to heal dry or damaged hair with a hearty moisturizing formula. With keratin to strengthen and algae to help lengthen the hair, this serum is a true hair savior when it comes to healthy, growing hair.


This Cool Light That Speeds Up Your Teeth Whitening Routine

AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Accelerator Light, $20, Amazon

Using five powerful LED bulbs that work alongside gels or strips (sold separately), this AuraGlow light seriously speeds up the results of your teeth whitening routine without causing sensitivity. It includes a built-in timer that beeps in 10-minute intervals and batteries that work continuously for up to 48 hours. Most importantly, though, the results are there: "It really works," says one reviewer, "and you see your teeth whiten in the first attempt."


These Simple Sliding Discs That Are Actually Game-Changing

Elite Sportz Core Sliders, $7, Amazon

These small slider discs are made to engage your core with a broad range of motion and the double-sided portable design allows you to work out safely on carpet, hardwood, or tiled floors while reducing the risk of injury. This is a great companion to your regular workout routine that will challenge your flexibility, strength, and balance.


A Pack Of Plug-in Lights That Automatically Turn On At Night

Sycees Sensor Night Light Lamp, $14 (6 Pack), Amazon

These night lamps plug into standard outlets and turn on automatically when it gets dark. This way, you will always be able to see your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. The lights themselves are bright enough to illuminate your view but not too bright, so they won’t disrupt your sleep. Plus, unlike similar models, these lights are compact enough that you can still use the second plug on a standard wall outlet.


These Collapsable Food Storage Containers That Will Save Space

Vremi Food Storage Containers, $15 (4 Pack), Amazon

If you’re looking for an option to store your leftovers that isn’t plastic or heavy glass, these silicone food containers are the way to go. They're collapsible, which means they take up minimal space when they're not in use — a major plus if you're tight on cupboard space. Each one is made from FDA-approved silicone that's both microwave and dishwasher-safe. The set of four containers comes with four sturdy snap-on lids.


These Leak-Resistant Panties That Are Super Comfortable

Bambody Absorbent Panty: Period Panties, $16, Amazon

Eco-friendly and leak-resistant, these period panties can hold the equivalent of two tampons full of liquid. (And according to their best-selling status and over 8,000 five-star ratings, they actually deliver.) Needless to say, they’re great for menstruation, maternity, or postpartum, especially since they’re stretchy and comfortable.


This LED Neck Light For Hands-Free Illumination

Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light, $20, Amazon

Yes, this LED neck light can be worn for comfortable, hands-free reading in bed — but you can also use it for nighttime walks, DIY jobs, crafting, camping, and more. It’s flexible and filly rechargeable, not to mention made with various brightness and temperature modes.


A Silicone Case That Protects Your Earbuds

MAIRUI Earbuds Holder Case, $10, Amazon

This earbuds case is made of pure silicone, so you can keep your earbuds neatly wrapped and put away without having to worry about them getting damaged. It has a magnet inside the keeps the earbuds themselves in place, and you simply wrap the cords around the center. The case is even waterproof, protecting your earbuds from rain, spills, and accidental drops.


A Pair Of Toe Separators For Stretching & Straightening

Relax Tony Premium Gel Toe Separators, $11, Amazon

“These have been so helpful for my achy feet after wearing shoes all day,” one reviewer wrote about these toe separators. Another raved, “Great for separating and straightening toes.” They can be used for general stretching or for fixing bunions and hammertoes, and since they’re made from silicone, they’re comfy and easy to clean.


An Amazing Acupressure Mat To Relieve Tension

Pro Source Acupressure Mat And Pillow Set, $20, Amazon

Designed for intense muscle relaxation and pain relief, using this mat daily for as little as ten minutes can have lasting benefits, especially for those with stiff, sore backs. The thousands of acupressure points increase circulation, which can help increase energy in the long run.


This Candle That Melts Into A Relaxing Massage Oil

Kama Sutra Massage Oil Candle, $15, Amazon

Like most other well-made candles, reviewers say this Kama Sutra candle “smells amazing” and “burns evenly.” That said, unlike others, this one melts into a soothing massage oil that you can then use to hydrate your skin with a self-massage or spice things up in the bedroom with a partner. It comes in six enticing scents, all with an easy-pour spout built into the tin.


This Comfy Ab Mat For Crunches

Nayoya Abdominal Mat, $20, Amazon

A great way to ensure you’re safely slingin’ those crunches is with support. This ab mat is designed specifically for those workouts that are hard on our abdominal muscles and our backs. Designed to give you a range of motion, it contours to your back comfortably and even helps to correct sloppy forms that can lead to injury. It’s helpful for anyone that wants a little assistance for their workouts, you can use it on hardwood floors and carpets for stretching, sit-ups, and leg work.


A Silicone Cleaning Set That Scrubs Without Absorbing Bacteria

Kitchiny Silicone Bottle Brush, $9, Amazon

Unlike traditional cleaning brushes, this silicone version and is non-porous and won’t absorb bacteria. The brush is ideal for cleaning out water bottles, awkwardly shaped dishware, breast pumps, and even the inside of coffee makers or humidifers. Persnickety cleaners will love this long-lasting, hygienic set.


This Unique Necklace That Diffuses Your Favorite Essential Oils

INFUSEU Sakura Tree Aromatherapy Necklace, $17, Amazon

The lava stones that come with this diffuser necklace are made from real volcanic rocks; because they're extremely porous and absorbent, they soak up your essential oils and gently release the scents all day long. The included silver-plated copper necklace has a locket pendant with a gorgeous floral design, and the recipient can even switch out the colored stones to match their outfit.


This Unique Handbook That Shows You How To Get Out Of Your Own Way

Unfu*k Yourself, $11, Amazon

In this profanity-ridden handbook that cuts right through the negativity, Gary John Bishop provides the tools and advice anyone needs to demolish self-imposed limitations. Unfu*k Yourself leads readers through a series of seven assertions to show you that you’re the only thing standing in your way, so you can change things for good and unleash your own greatness. “He doesn't just talk about changing your life but he lays out clear steps to make it happen,” says one reviewer. “Must read!”

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