7 Practical Gift Ideas For The ‘Very Online’

If you or someone you know is never not online, this is the gift guide you need.

by BDG Studios

We all know that person who essentially lives online: They’ve seen every meme before you have a chance to check the morning weather, get all the new Instagram features first, and are your go-to source for explaining the latest TikTok trends that make no sense to most people. But when it comes to surprising them with gifts, it can be a bit tricky to get them the perfect something special since, again, they know just about everything from being so. Darn. Online.

Fear not: We’ve got you covered with seven of the most creative and practical gifts sure to delight anyone who spends their days composing viral tweets and finding the best online sales. Plus, all these picks basically say, “I see your phone habits and I love that for you.” From an extremely chic multi-device charger to a super savvy all-in-one cybersecurity app, Bustle teamed up with digital security provider Aura to present you with the best gifts to give the very online person in your life this holiday season.

This article is sponsored by Aura.