7 TikTok Folding Hacks That Will Save You So Much Space

Because putting away bedsheets shouldn't be so complicated.

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Spring cleaning of closet. Vertical tidying up storage. Neatly folded bed sheets in the metal black ...

Let's be honest, who else uses their bedroom chair as a holding pen for discarded clothes? Guilty. And yet, in recent times, it seems people are getting organised when it comes to home storage. Alongside the skits and dancing videos, cleaning and tidying hacks are also doing high numbers on TikTok, and they're surprisingly very helpful. From simple drawer organisation to tackling bedsheets, we've found seven TikTok folding hacks that will transform your space.

While many are acquainted with Japanese tidying legend Marie Kondo, TikTok has introduced some new tidying stars. Sophie Liard, also known as 'The Folding Lady', has more than 1.8m followers on TikTok who are obsessed with all her folding tutorials. Under the tagline "always solutions, never problems", not only are Liard's hacks super easy to follow and replicate, but it's also incredibly satisfying to watch.

Before you embark on your folding mission, we suggest investing in affordable dividers to help turn your chest of drawers into a perfectly organised dream and finally free your bedroom chair. Below, we've compiled seven TikTok folding hacks we believe will truly transform your life.


Bedsheets are my personal nemesis, however, Sophie Liard makes the process look so effortless and not at all the sweat-inducing trial that it usually is. In her tutorial, she writes: "Hell is gone and heaven here! Here’s a second way to fold a fitted sheet! No excuses people I’ve given you options!" Noted.


Joggers are the clothing of the pandemic, and, if like me you've purchased plenty of new pairs for lockdown lounging, then you may be looking for ways to store them. By folding the joggers from the cuffs, gradually making them small and compact, The Folding Lady, has solved the issue of lack of space. A good reason to buy more joggers then.


The underwear drawer can be a neglected space when it comes to folding — after all your smalls are already pretty small. However, TikTok tidyer @lenniamc shared how to to keep your bras neat with a few quick and simple steps.


This TikToker had his mindblown by this very slick jean-folding hack. With a few simple folds, your jeans will look like a high-street shop display.


In advance of future boujie dinner parties, we suggest learning this handy napkin folding trick for your fine cutlery. On TikTok, The Folding Man recommends this simple technique to give your table setting a bit of added flair.

Large Coats

The Folding Lady has come up with another incredible space-saver with this very handy coat hack. The tidying aficionado has managed to make a voluminous puffer jacket compact and travel-size. This could also come in handy when packing for future winter getaways and travelling.

Trainer Socks

Socks can be tricky at best (where do they all go?) and trainer socks often get lost amongst the abyss of an untidy sock drawer. The Folding Man's technique makes sure you'll always be matching.

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