Motorboating for Breast Cancer. Thanks, YouTube

by Emma Cueto

Ready for your daily dose of WTF? The absolutely lovely YouTube channel Simple Pickup has a new video called “Motorboating Girls for Breast Cancer Awareness.” For each random girl that allows herself to be motorboated by the male hosts, they'll donate $20 to breast cancer research. Because nothing says helping women like pushing a stranger’s boobs together and shaking your face between them.

But who would actually participate in this? Well, they donated $2,080, so a total of 104 women. Which means each guy got about 35 motorboats. In one day. Let me go back to my original analysis. W. T. F?

I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised. I mean, these are guys who garnered 1.1 million YouTube followers by posting videos about that classiest of classy subjects, “picking up women." Their video titles range from “Extremely Offensive Pickup Lines” to “How to Get Out of the Friend Zone” to "Anal Sex Tips: How to Convince Her To Do It" to “How to Call Hot Girls & Get Laid” to my favorite, a variety of videos all with the subheading “Drunk Times With Hot Girls.” I’m sure none of these videos have ever played a role in inspiring a sexual assault. So very sure.

By comparison, motorboating for breast cancer looks down right tame. But still gross. So very gross. If the guys thought this was a way to improve their image when it comes to respecting women, they are so very, very wrong.

They’ve also promised to donate an additional $100 to breast cancer research for every 100,000 views they get. But could they really get that many views? Well funny story, since the video went up yesterday, they’ve had 500,000. Groan.