Amazing Bargain Finds For Your Home On Amazon That Are Worth Way More Than They Cost

Nifty things that punch above their weight.

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When it comes to elevating your home, there’s basically no upper limit to the cash you can drop. However, it’s not necessary to do so. Amazon is a wonderland of home products, and I’ve done the hard work of finding the best bargains that provide the greatest bang for your buck.

I chose the things on this list to be wallet-friendly and also stand the test of time. Spanning from cool kitchen gadgets to decor hacks, these items will help make your home its comfiest, most organized, and most efficient self. A well-functioning and beautiful home is something everyone can appreciate — and achieving it while keeping your budget happy is icing on the cake.


This High-End Lazy Suzan Made From Marble

Having a lazy Suzan made of marble will set your party snack game apart from others. It adds a pop of elegance to any home decor without losing any of the functional versatility that makes it a major kitchen upgrade. This one has a 12-inch diameter making it large enough to hold condiments and spices but also present charcuterie and more.

One 5-star reviewer matter-of-factly said, “This one is very attractive and has a nice sturdy marble base.”


An At-Home Cold Brew Kit For The Ultimate Coffee Lover

The coffee aficionado in you will absolutely love this at-home cold brew maker. One feature that makes it so popular is how simple it is to use. All you need to do is add your coffee grinds (or loose-leaf tea) to the mesh filter, add water, then let it steep in the glass carafe. It truly is that easy. This pitcher holds up to 1.4 liters, meaning you’ll be set for a few days, too.


A Freestanding Coat Rack Perfect For Parking Near The Door

If you choose to stick a freestanding coat rack by your front door, you’ll make your life infinitely easier by having a space to put all your things right when you get home. Within a few minutes, you will have this one fully assembled and ready to use without the need for any tools. It has 10 hooks that angle upward to keep everything secure.


This Soap Dispenser That Streamlines The Kitchen Sink

You can’t beat the value you get from the versatility of this 4-in-1 soap dispenser. It actually comes with two different dispensers — one is for soaping up your sponges and the other is for your hands. The silicone tray gives everything a proper place to sit and prevents water and soap from building up around the sink.


A Complete Mixology Kit For Aspiring At-Home Bartenders

Become the best at-home bartender you know with the help of this modern mixology kit. It comes with eight pieces: an 18-ounce shaker, a strainer, a double jigger, tongs for ice, a mixing spoon, a bottle opener, and a wooden stand to neatly hold it all. Plus, there are cocktail recipe cards included so you can get pouring with ease.

“Great find—we use this everytime we make drinks and we love how it comes with a display. It also comes with an easy to follow cocktail recipe booklet, so good!” a happy 5-star reviewer raved.


These Electric Salt & Pepper Grinders That Are So Futuristic

You have never had an easier time seasoning your food than now thanks to these handy electric salt and pepper grinders. Tilt them over and they will automatically grind your spices for you. Just stick a single AAA battery in each one and they’re ready to start using. You can also set the mode for fine, medium, or coarse when it’s grinding.


A 2-Pack Of Storage Organizers That Fit Under Furniture

Create more storage in unexpected places with these under-bed storage organizers. You get two in this pack, giving you options for what you put in them. They are great for storing seasonal clothes and bulky items like sweaters and blankets. The clear zipper top protects the stuff inside from dust, while making it easy to see in without opening it up.


This Bidet That Makes The Bathroom So Much Better

Toilet time just got eco-friendly when you install this bidet attachment. The spray nozzle is made out of high-quality plastic so rust won’t be an issue after long-term use. There is a small twist knob on the side panel that adjusts the water pressure and lever to angle the nozzle to your preferencec.

“I always wanted a bidet but there was just no room in my tiny bathroom. I saw this and I love it!” glowed one 5-star reviewer.


An Easy Wireless Doorbell With 50 Customizable Chimes

This wireless doorbell makes receiving visitors so pleasant. Everything needed for its simple installation is included. You have the option to use tools and screw it into the wall, or use double-sided adhesive tape to secure it in place. It needs a single A23 battery to operate (included), and will last up to 3 years before needing to be replaced.


A String Of LED Lights To Upgrade Your Home Entertainment Area

Have an entertainment center that is the envy of all your guests with the help of these LED TV backlights. The lights are on a strip with adhesive backing so you can stick them directly to the back of the TV and help improve contrast when watching the tube. There are 15 color options, 10 brightness levels, and a setting that lets them fade out for ambiance. The USB end of the cord plugs into the back on the TV so there aren’t any cables in sight.


This Bamboo Mattress Pad For Luxe Cushioning On Your Bed

When you put this bamboo mattress pad on your bed you’ll feel like you’ve added a layer of clouds to the top. The microfiber bamboo has a lovely cooling effect that is sure to keep you cozy and comfortable throughout the night. It’s also waterproof, so it is an excellent way to protect your mattress and help preserve its integrity for years.


These Eye-Catching Geometric Shelves For Artsy Walls

These hexagonal floating shelves are show-stoppers all on their own, even without any home decor. This set of three comes with a small, medium, and large size for an added pop of uniqueness. They are great for displaying your favorite picture frames, small indoor plants, candles, and more. They’re each capable of holding up to 13 pounds.


This Pair Of Vintage-Looking Wall Sconces With Mason Jars

These Mason jar wall-mounted scones bring in that farmhouse touch for an ultra-cozy home vibe. You get two sconces in this set. They have a twine loop at the top that acts as the mounting hook for wherever you choose to hang them. Inside the Mason jars are tiny string lights and faux flowers for a rustic but elegant look that you can switch up as you like.


A Comforter That Makes You Feel Like You’re Sleeping At A 5-Star Hotel

This super plush comforter will make you feel like you woke up in a 5-star hotel room. It’s filled with faux goose feathers that make it super plush, yet still lightweight and breathable. And it comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

“I layered it with a flat sheet and a thermal blanket, and I absolutely love climbing into my bed now,” gushed one satisfied customer.


This Bath Mat That Is Velvety Soft & Super Absorbent

After switching to this memory foam bath mat, your feet will thank you. The inside of the mat is filled with polyurethane foam that instantly contours to the shape of your foot. Covering the surface of the mat is a velvet material that is super soft and is a perfect finishing touch.

One five-star reviewer noted, “This one is soft, absorbent, doesn't get mildewy at all, dries quickly.”


These Sweet & Subtle Prints Of Plants & Flowers

These botanical wall prints bring an understated touch of sophistication to any room. If you don’t consider yourself someone who has an eye for interior design, these are a perfect way to spruce up any room without going over the top. They are high-resolution prints with a glossy finish and they seamlessly complement most any home decor.


A Wine Decanter That Is So Striking With Its Unique Shape

Everyone is going to be asking you where you got this unique-looking wine decanter. It has a sleek, modern U-shape that is striking to behold. Pour the wine into the end with the wider opening and let it breathe. The curved spout has a small opening for a delightful pour each time. And when you’re not using it, it makes a great focal point on your bar.


A Cushioned Pillow That Makes Bathtime Extra Luxurious

This bath pillow will turn your tub into the place to be for ultimate relaxation. It’s made from a mesh fabric that makes it ideal for being submerged in a wet environment on a regular basis. The pillow bends to fit the shape of the bathtub while providing support for your head, neck, and upper back.


This Unassuming Indoor Bug Trap That’s Ultra Effective

You will love this indoor insect trap because it’s so small yet so efficient. At the top, there is a UV light that catches the attention of any insect flying about. The fan quietly sucks in the bugs so there are no sticky pads or glue surfaces to deal with. It’s also quite small for as powerful as it is, so it’s easy to keep out of the way.


This Chalk-Style Paint That Gives Vintage Vibes

Make old, drab-looking furniture look fresh and new with this chalk paint. Unlike other paints, this one is made with built-in primer and top coat that saves you from having to do extra work. It works on just about any surface, so your projects don’t have to stop at furniture. It dries to a matte finish in 30 minutes and can be sandpaper distressed for ultra-vintage feels if desired.


These Touch-Up Markers That Make Scratches On Furniture Disappear

You can quickly and easily fix damaged wood with the help of these furniture repair markers. This pack comes with six markers and six wax sticks of varying colors to match different wood types. A happy 5-star reviewer glowed, “I followed the directions and worked my way up to the Walnut color, and boy, did it do the job, even on a piece that had a split which I first repaired with wood glue.” There is also a sharpener included for the wax crayons.


This Set Of Wooden Picture Frames That Look Like Farmhouse Windows

Create a rustic focal point in your home by hanging these wooden window frames anywhere the wall needs sprucing up. They have a farmhouse quality to them, but they’re still simple enough to blend in with most home styles. Use as is or tuck in some flowers and vines, or display your most cherished photos in style.


A High-Pressure Showerhead With A Handheld Wand

Make your shower times luxurious when you start using this high-pressure showerhead. It comes with two showerheads — a rainfall one and a smaller handheld one for double the showering fun. The handheld one is attached to a 60-inch hose that makes it easy to rinse off those hard-to-reach places. Air-in technology optimizes water use while providing a high-pressure experience.


This Anti-Fatigue Mat That’s Perfect For Anyone On Their Feet All Day

Your feet and back will be basking in comfort thanks to this incredible anti-fatigue mat. It’s perfect for your office if you have a standing desk, or place it in front of any of the sinks or high-use counters in your home. You’ll also appreciate the fact that it has a waterproof, nonslip surface. Choose from several color options to fit in with your current home decor.


A Coffee Grinder You Can Power With 1 Finger

Enjoy the freshest cup of joe first thing in the morning with this beyond-easy-to-use electric coffee grinder. The stainless steel blades can grind up enough beans for 12 cups of coffee. You can also operate it with a single finger. Once the lid is on, just press the button — and when everything is completely ground up, it will automatically shut off.


A Dimmer Switch That Connects To Any Lamp

This plug-in dimmer lets you give any lamp the ability to change its brightness level. It is compatible with just about any lamp that plugs into an outlet. The smooth sliding button is how you dim the lights down or brighten them up.

A satisfied customer noted, “Does everything it's supposed to and it's easy to use. Happy with my purchase.”


This Wooden Essential Oil Diffuser That Provides Pleasant Aromas

Create the ambiance you want in any room using this essential oil diffuser. There are built-in timing options, or if you want to let it continually run you can get up to 18 hours of use — it will automatically shut off when water runs low. It also has two misting modes to choose from. You will also get a cleaning kit with this diffuser to keep it functioning for years to come.


These Blackout Curtains You’ll Want In Every Bedroom In The House

Hanging these blackout curtains throughout the house lets you control how much light you let in and when. They have a triple-weave design with polyester fabric to create that blackout effect. Aside from blocking out unwanted light, they also help regulate the temperature in your house which can help with your energy bill.


This Wall-Mounted Bathroom Organizer That Holds All The Toiletries

The amount of additional storage space you get in your bathroom with this wall-mounted toothbrush holder is just one reason you’re going to be happy you bought it. It has a built-in caddy on top that can hold lotion, face cream, deodorant, and other hygiene necessities. There are slots to hold your toothbrushes and an automatic toothpaste dispenser.


A Tiered Shoe Rack That Will Clear Up The Closet Floor

You can instantly create more floor space in your closet by putting this three-tiered shoe rack in there. It’s made from strong metal rods with a gold coating that gives it a beautiful, high-end finish. The three shelves provide enough space for anywhere between nine and 12 pairs of shoes, depending on the style. There are rubber pads on the feet of the stand to protect your floor.


These Space-Saving Hangers That Store More In A Small Footprint

If you have small closets, or just not a lot of storage space in general, think about switching over to these space-saving hangers. They are made from high-quality beech wood with metal hooks that have a rubber sleeve to protect your clothes. The feature that makes them so popular is the fact they can hold up to five pieces of clothing and hang horizontally or vertically to save space.


A 3-Pack Of Flameless LED Candles That Look Real

Create mood lighting instantly with these LED flameless candles. They are made from real wax and poured into beautiful glass votives. The LED flame flickers realistically. However, unlike a real candle, you don’t have to worry about uneven burning or excessive smoke. A single purchase will basically last you a lifetime — now that’s a steal.


This Vacuum-Sealing Machine To Keep Food Fresher, Longer

This food vacuum-sealer is a bit off the beaten path, but is a kitchen MVP. This machine is professional grade and one you would find in any true culinary prep space. Pop your food into one of the included bags, and once you press the seal button, your food will be in airtight packing within 10 to 12 seconds. It’s a great money saver, too, as it extends the life of your food for up to eight times longer than traditional storage methods.


A Crock Pot For Tasty Homecooked Meals With Less Effort

Make dinners easier than ever by using this slow-cooker crock pot to do the work for you. The inside bowl is made from ceramic and holds up to 3 quarts. The knob on the front has four settings: warm, high, low, and off. It’s perfect for making soups, casseroles, and one-pot meals that take almost no effort on your end.


These Smart Plugs That Make Any Basic Outlet App-Controlled

Plugging these smart plugs into your home outlets will transform the way you power up your lights, appliances, or devices. Their Wi-Fi capabilities let you control them remotely from the app on your phone or you can connect them to your Google or Alexa home smart hub and use voice control.

“I now have seven of these plugs throughout my apartment,” gushed a happy 5-star reviewer.


An Indoor Security Camera For Greater Peace Of Mind

Feel the most secure you’ve ever felt in your home by installing these indoor security cameras around the house. Do you have pets that you want to monitor while you're not at home? Or perhaps you have young kids you want to be able to keep an eye on from different parts of the house? This is the solution for you.

One customer noted in their review, “They are so easy to set up and use and move around as you need to. The features are outstanding.”


A Chic Wooden Wine Rack That Holds 10 Bottles

This simple but elegant wine rack is perfect because it looks great on the counter while still being super functional. The solid wood beams are connected in a crisscross fashion that creates diamond-shaped slots to hold 10 bottles of wine. You can set it vertically or horizontally, too; it looks chic either way.


An Electric Mug Warmer To Keep Your Coffee At Optimal Sipping Temp

Keep a single cup of coffee or tea warm for hours thanks to this nifty electric mug warmer. It has two temperature settings to choose from depending on how hot you like your coffee or tea. After 8 hours, it will automatically turn off for safety purposes.


This Powerful Light That Helps With Seasonal Affective Disorder

Beat seasonal affective disorder this year by investing in this light therapy lamp. It emits enough light that it mimics natural sunlight with adjustable brightness. Despite the amount of light coming from it, it has a glare-free property (and no UV rays). Easily turn it on and off and adjust the brightness with its two touch- buttons.


A Slim Storage Cart With Roller Wheels To Maximize Organization

Get ultra-streamlined, elegant, functional storage with this slim storage cart on wheels. It has three caddy-like shelves that are perfect for cleaning products, laundry items, bathroom hygiene, and much more. The cart is just 5 inches wide, which makes it perfect to slide into otherwise useless and empty areas.


This Decorative Dried Grass That Makes A Long-Lasting Display

This dried decorative grass makes a great statement piece on its own or as filler in a seasonal bouquet. You can use them all year long as is or by styling them with different seasonal flowers to make beautiful, show-stopping arrangements. In total, this comes with 86 pieces of decorative grass in white, beige, and natural colors.


A Mini Air Purifier That Helps Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

Get cleaner air in your house in no time with this mini air purifier. It is especially handy in homes with pets, kids, and people with allergies. It covers 6 square meters of area so is perfect for bedrooms, offices, and pet rooms.

“This air purifier provides a quiet sleep environment and fresh air. It also has a nightlight function and 3-Speeds: sleep mode, auto mode, [and] high-speed mode,” observed a happy 5-star reviewer.


These Corduroy Pillow Covers That Add A Fun Pop Of Texture To The Couch

These corduroy pillow covers bring some exciting texture and color to your current couch situation. The pompoms on the edges add extra cutness and the durable corduroy fabric is soft and sumptuous if you want to nap on the pillows. This is a set of two, and they are machine washable on gentle for added convenience.


This Pressurized Steam Cleaner With 9 Attachments To Get The Job Done

This pressurized steam cleaner is so easy to use you’ll actually want to clean items and spaces you haven’t cleaned in years. It’s lightweight and portable and heats up quickly. Use it to steam away unsightly stains and grime on a wide range of surfaces like ceramic or laminate tiles, waterproof wood flooring, carpets, and granite. It also makes removing grease around the kitchen sink, stove, counters, and other challenging areas a whiz.


This Comfy Portable Hammock To Upgrade The Backyard

Indulge your playful side by setting up this portable hammock on your two favorite backyard trees (or take it camping, too). Made out of lightweight yet durable nylon, the hammock measures 9 feet long and 4.5 feet wide and folds up to the size of an eggplant. With almost 46,000 reviews, it gets a super impressive 4.8 stars.