Amazon Is Selling A TON Of These 43 Cheap Beauty Products That Work So Damn Well

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by Laura Harper
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Have you ever taken the plunge on buying a cheap beauty product and figuring you’ve got nothing to lose? Then, you get home to try it out and it’s not what you expected and you’re out the money you could have spent on lunch? Trust me, I’ve been there too — but not every beauty product with a cheap price tag is a bust. Here’s the thing: I’ve recently taken to Amazon and found hundreds cheap beauty products that actually work so damn well, and many of them are included right here on this list.

In fact, Amazon is loaded with thousands of items that can help you feel and look terrific at a minuscule cost. Whether you love pretty packaging (that’s me) or you’re looking to change your skincare routine, you can find products that are more than just an inexpensive price. So many of these things work just as well — or even better — than higher-priced brands.

I could go on and on about the cheap beauty products on Amazon to care for my skin and hair, like this one-step drying brush that adds volume and styles without needing a blow-dryer. It’s literally got over 300,000 ratings and reviews to show it works. And if you’re a fan of face masks, you can’t go wrong with this set of wash-off hydrating face masks that help restore your skin’s moisture.

Those are just a couple of the ton of cheap beauty products on Amazon that work so damn well. Read on as I share more.


This Eyebrow-Styling Cream That Creates A Full, Finished Look

You can keep your eyebrows looking full and styled with this two-piece eyebrow soap kit. An included spoolie makes it simple to apply — and the smooth, clear formula doesn’t flake, letting you brush your brow line into fabulous place. You get the soap and the brush for just $8.


A Gentle, Leave-On Exfoliant That Also Hydrates Your Skin

Reveal glowing skin each time you treat your face with this skin-perfecting exfoliating liquid. It works like a toner, so you don’t have to remove it — and it uses beta hydroxy acid to reduce the appearance of pores, remove unwanted redness, and eliminate blackheads. This leave-on exfoliator also hydrates as it restores.


The 8-Second Lamellar Water Treatment That Helps Repair Damaged Hair

,This moisturizing treatment takes just eight seconds to work on your hair and uses lamellar water to repair distressed tresses and restore your hair’s bounce. The lightweight formula can be used up to three times a week without weighing down your hair, and it doesn’t include silicone or parabens.


This Lip-Plumping Set That Cares For Your Lips Both Day & Night

This hydrating two-piece lip oil set uses ingredients such as vitamin E, collagen, and more to help make your lips appear fuller. The nighttime mask uses mint to help soften your smooch, while ginger in the daytime gloss delivers a natural plump. Pair this set with your favorite glosses for a fabulous finish and pack it with your toiletries for travel.


A Moisturizing, Soothing Lip Conditioner That Smells Like Raspberries

As one reviewer shared, “The results are totally worth” the $5 you’ll spend on this lip-conditioning stick by Bioderma. The added shea butter and vitamin E work to soothe and hydrate dry lips, and the formula is both hypoallergenic as well as paraben-free. The stick format slips easily into your pocket so that you’re never left without it, and it has a slight raspberry scent.


This Lash-Boosting Mascara With Thousands Of Reviews

Toss your fake eyelashes and glue in favor of this volume-boosting mascara from COVERGIRL. Many reviewers are sharing that it’s just as good as (or even better than) more expensive beauty brands, delivering lush lashes that last the whole day through. The conical brush lets you sculpt and shape your lashes just the way you want them, and it’s cruelty-free.


These Gel-Lined Socks That Help Heal Your Heels With Moisture

Slip into a pair of these moisturizing heel socks to help repair and hydrate dry, cracked skin on your feet. They’re toeless, so you can wear them comfortably to bed, and the jojoba oil- and olive oil-infused heel features vitamin E to help retain moisture. You can wear these socks alone or with your favorite creams for intensive care while you sleep.


A Shampoo & Conditioner Set With Biotin To Help Enhance Hair Growth

You can experience the impact of biotin on hair growth when you use this shampoo and conditioner set. Also known as B7, this powerful vitamin infuses this hair care treatment with strength and moisture to create added fullness. Convenient pump tops make this set ideal for use in the shower.


These Hair-Thickening Fibers That Have Reviewers Blown Away

These hair thickening fibers just might be the “holy grail” of hair care, as one reviewer wrote. Each fiber mimics the look of your natural hair, attaching to your strands as if it had always been there. Best of all, they stay in place until your next shampoo. Choose from 14 natural colors.


These Luxurious Under-Eye Masks Infused With 24-Karat Gold

Rejuvenate your eyes with these 24-karat gold eye masks. You get 20 under-eye masks in the box, and each contains real 24-karat gold (along with other nourishing ingredients such as tea tree extract, hyaluronic acid, and more). The individually wrapped travel-size packs are perfect for waking up your appearance on business trips and other travel.


This Nail-Strengthening Cream Infused With Jojoba Oil, Calcium, Vitamins & More

Over 30,000 Amazon users who have rated this nail-strengthening cream gave it five stars, and there are good reasons why. The calcium, vitamins, and jojoba oil within the formula help repair cracks and splits while moisturizing your delicate cuticle skin — and it smells like coconuts.


This Compact Stainless Steel Hair Remover That Fits Right In Your Purse

Pop this compact stainless steel hair remover into your pocket or cosmetic bag for touchups whenever you want them. The hypoallergenic construction is suitable for all skin types, per the brand — and it even has a built-in light to illuminate stray hairs. Choose from six pretty finishes.


An Overnight Teeth-Whitening Pen That’s Simple To Use

This overnight whitening pen is so gentle on your teeth you won’t mind brushing it on. The 3% hydrogen peroxide enhances your stunning grin without causing sensitivity. Simply apply before bed and brush away in the morning when you get up. Each pen contains 35 applications, so you can smile your way through the month.


These Cruelty-Free Pimple-Fighting Patches That Use Medical-Grade Hydrocolloid

Place one of these pimple patches over an unwanted blemish and watch it disappear like magic, thanks to the added hydrocolloid. You get 36 patches for just $13, all of which are backed by adhesive. Use them overnight — they won’t even budge — and peel them off in the morning. These medical-grade patches are sterilized and nontoxic for your peace of mind.


This Collagen Protein Treatment That Cares For Heat-Treated Hair

Trust over 16,000 reviewers who have given this protein treatment five stars for its abilities to smooth and repair hair. The collagen and ceramide 3 coat your hair with needed nutrition to help repair damage, and the super-simple process takes just minutes. As one reviewer wrote, “This stuff really makes a difference.”


A Carbonated Clay Mask That Fizzes & Exfoliates For Super-Clean Skin

Detox your skin and clean your face with the fun fizz of this bubble clay max, which one reviewer shared left them feeling “like a cloud.” The carbonated formula fizzes on your skin, helping clear out pores and remove blackheads. You’re left with a fresh, glowing face.


These Exfoliating Face Mask That’s Infused With Egg White Extract

Freshen up your face in just 15 minutes with these wash-off face masks that crack like an egg as they work. The pH-balanced formula — which, yes, includes egg white extract — exfoliates and brightens as it dries, revealing your inner glow. Simply apply, wait, and then wash off for a rejuvenated appearance that’s ready to face the day.


This Indian Healing Clay Mask Made With 100% Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay

Calcium bentonite clay has long been used in body wraps, facials, and even on bug bites. Now, you can try it for yourself with this Indian healing clay that doesn’t break the bank. Use it on your face to get deep into pores for cleansing and detoxification or soothe away aches with a chilled clay pack. The uses are almost limitless for your wellness needs.


A Large Pack Of Soft Hair Rollers That You Can Even Sleep On

Ditch your Velcro rollers for these super-soft flexible rods that you can even sleep in. The convenient bag contains 42 rods of varying sizes, letting you create beach-inspired waves or tumbling ringlets with just a spray bottle of water. Many reviewers are amazed of the multiple looks you can achieve with these.


A Moisturizing Skincare Oil Infused With Vitamins, Lavender, Chamomile & More

Help retain your skin’s moisture with this vitamin A-infused skincare oil. Known to help in the production of collagen, the vitamin A helps renew and revitalize your skin. Other oils in the blend — including lavender, sunflower, vitamin E, and chamomile — help reduce unwanted inflammation and lock in moisture. Keep the bottle on your counter for after-bath care.


This Organic Rosehip Oil That Makes A Great Moisturizer & Carrier For Other Essential Oils

Pure cold-pressed rosehip oil for less than $20? It’s true with this blue bottle that helps tone your skin and bring out the natural glow in your complexion. You can even use it as a carrier for other essential oils — it’s just that versatile. Plus, it’s even USDA certified organic, so you know what you are getting.


This Activated Charcoal Powder That Naturally & Gently Whitens Your Teeth

Whiten and brighten your teeth the natural way with this charcoal powder. The added coconut charcoal combines with bentonite and orange seed oil to eliminate stains for a stunning smile after every brush. Just wet your brush and dip it in the powder and you’re two minutes away from a gleaming grin.


These Bamboo Charcoal Oil-Blotting Tissues That Are Easy To Use On The Go

You can easily blot away unwanted shine for a matte complexion with these natural bamboo oil-absorbing tissues. The linen fibers and bamboo charcoal work to remove oil, and they’re perfect for keeping at home or on the go for quick touchups throughout the day. You only need one to do the job, and they come in a pack of 100 for only $7.


A Loose Face Powder That Helps Set Your Look In Place All Day

Many reviewers are sharing that this loose face powder is a literal dupe of more expensive brands. It’s perfect for baking in liquid concealer or using as a perfect finishing touch to set your makeup for the day. Best of all, it’s available in seven finishes.


A Detangling Brush That’s Easy To Hold As It Glides Through Your Hair

Tangles can be troublesome when you step out of the shower, but not when you have this detangling brush on hand. The ergonomic handle is easy to grip as you work, and the cone-shaped plastic bristles glide easily through curls and knots. Use it on wet or dry hair; it’s even gentle on tender little scalps. It’s available in six bright colors.


A Gadget That Uses Gentle Suction To Remove Unwanted Blackheads

Clear out pores and remove unwanted blackheads with this gadget that’s essentially a vacuum cleaner for your face. Five probe attachments offer customized skincare, letting you selected the suction type to meet your personal needs. And ergonomic handle is easy to grip, and it’s rechargeable — so there’s no cords to contend with.


This 3-Pack Of Foot Peel Masks Infused With Lavender Extract

If you’ve wondered if they really work, now’s your chance to try these fascinating lavender-infused foot peel masks at a super low price. You get three packs containing one pair each; the exfoliating masks peel away old skin cells one layer at a time, revealing softer, smoother feet that you’ll be amazed by.


This Anti-Dandruff Shampoo That Soothes Your Scalp As It Cleans

With its 4.6-star rating (out of over 53,000 ratings total), this anti-dandruff shampoo has been vetted to really work. The ketoconazole 1% in the formula is clinically proven to soothe itchy scalps while gently clearing away unwanted flakes and cleansing your tresses. It lathers up really thick and leaves a fresh, clean scent behind.


A Shampoo Brush That Massages & Gets Down Into Curly Locks Without Tangling

This amazing scalp care hairbrush is edging ever closer to 100,000 positive ratings, and there’s lots of reasons why. First, the ultra-soft silicone bristles reach down deep through your hair and to your scalp to help increase blood flow. Second, the compact design and built-in ergonomic handle make it easy to grip in the shower. And last but not least, it comes in seven fun colors.


This Epsom Salt Soak With Coconut, Lime & Shea Butter To Moisturize Your Skin

Fill your tub with the healing properties of this moisturizing epsom salt. The shea butter helps keeps your skin hydrated while maintaining its natural moisture, while magnesium sulfate helps soak away minor aches and pains. Coconut and lime extracts deliver a light scent, so you leave the bath refreshed and rejuvenated.


A Deep-Conditioning Hair Mask That Contains Moisturizing Avocado Oil

Enjoy a salon-quality deep-conditioning treatment right at home with this avocado oil hair mask. The powerful blend of avocado and coconut oils plus shea butter will restore your hair to its former glory. Free from sulfates, this conditioner is ideal for use on all hair types from straight to curly.


This Vegan-Friendly Semi-Permanent Hair Color That Delivers A Stunning Hue

This semi-permanent hair color lets you flaunt fabulous bright tones without having to commit to a single hue for months. It was never tested on animals for your peace of mind and comes in 20 electric colors so you can try out different looks. It has over 43,000 five-star ratings, with many people writing that it’s “easy to apply.”


This Quick-Drying Nail Glue That Delivers A Strong Hold For Fixes Or Fake Nails

You seriously won’t believe how quick this nail glue dries, which makes it great for fixes on the fly. A precision tip helps ensure application is on your nails (and not your cuticles), while the super-strong bond lasts for days and days. Use this versatile glue for quick fixes or fast applications.


An Anti-Chafe Balm That Isn’t Sticky & Goes On Easily

Use this anti-chafing balm before theme park visits or trips to the gym. The simple petroleum-free formula keeps clothing and skin from rubbing, reducing friction for a more comfortable adventure virtually anywhere. With its 4.6-star rating, it’s a good idea to get this one fast.


An Exfoliating Blueberry Scrub Infused With Deep Sea Mineralized Salts

Scrub your way to glowing skin with this blueberry body scrub. Dead sea salts combine with blueberries to provide an exfoliating wash that helps detoxify and moisturize as you bathe. What’s more, apricot oil and grapeseed oil help restore and maintain your skin’s moisture for a perfectly hydrated finish.


This Pair Of K-Beauty Exfoliating Mitts That Reveal Soft & Smooth Skin

Slip these mitts on before you shower for gentle microdermabrasion that leaves you with soft skin. The 100% viscose fiber scrubs without irritating, providing thorough exfoliation without rough spots. These versatile mitts arrive in a set of two and are perfect for spray tan prep or enhancing circulation.


This Acne-Treating Gel That Comes In An Up To 30-Day Supply

You can cleanse your pores and reduce the chance of unwanted blemishes with this acne treatment gel. A prescription-strength formula contains adapalene gel for gentle use on your skin, and the noncomedogenic format is free of fragrances. The small tube packs easily in your toiletry bag for continued use on the go.


This Mineral-Based Polish Remover That Doesn’t Contain Acetone

This mineral-based polish remover does the job on various polish colors without the acetone. It shouldn’t even strip the moisture, so you’re left with polish-free, moisturized nails that are ready for their next coat. It’s even fragrance- and paraben-free.


A Frizz-Fighting Serum That Contains Bamboo Extract

You won’t have to worry about humidity the next time you style your hair, all thanks to this extra-strength hair serum that smooths and styles your curls. Bamboo extract helps repair damaged hair and creates a reliable barrier against the effects of hot days and heat-styling.


A Hot Air Hair-Styling Brush With Over 200,000 Positive Ratings

You can put away your hairdryer and use this one-step brush instead. The oval brush rolls easily through your hair, letting you add volume and style while drying without a whole lot of extra work. Three heat options — including a cool setting — let you lock in a luscious look in mere minutes at the mirror. It’s available in a range of creative colors.


A Soothing Solution That Helps Sooth Ingrown Hairs, Razor Burns & Razor Bumps

This skincare solution is convenient whenever you want to shave. A thin layer after shaving helps prevent ingrown hairs and soothe stressed skin, so you almost literally glow. You can even use it as a toner to remove old skin cells and reveal your fresh face. It’s cruelty-free, too, for your peace of mind.


This At-Home Lip-Blading Treatment That Comes In So Many Pretty Shades

Getting micro-bladed looks doesn’t have to cost your paycheck and a salon visit. This wonder blading lip stain does it for a fraction of the price. The lip stain goes on like a mask and peels away to reveal full lush lips and stunning color. You can choose from seven sophisticated stains, too.


This Moisturizing Skin-Repair Cream Infused With Snail Extract

Who knew that snails could do so much to help our skin? This skin repair cream features 92% snail mucin to restore your bright complexion. This hypoallergenic, cruelty-, paraben-, and sulfate-free cream has earned a glowing, 4.5-star overall rating after more than 6,000 reviews.

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