Amazon Is Selling A Ton of These 44 Cheap Home Products That Make A Big Impact

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Amazon is filled with home items that always make me think, "How did I not know about this?" I love searching for those small finds — especially budget-friendly ones — that effortlessly improve things around the house. Of course, when I find them, I always check the reviews. Most of the time, there are thousands of rave reviews from other people who found them before me and keep coming back to buy more. That's why Amazon is selling a ton of these cheap home products — and trust me, they all make a big impact.

How could something cheap improve your house? Let me just show you. If you're always knocking over wine glasses while reaching for a water cup, there's an under-the-counter wine rack on the list that helps keep them secure. Or what about an $11 two-pack of adhesive door draft stoppers? They stick to your door, you can cut them with regular scissors to fit, and they could help lower your heating bill. Both products make a huge impact.

Plus, there are so many smart lighting options on this list. I've found a motion sensor porch light for under $20, plenty of motion-sensor nightlights, and even snap-on wall outlet plates complete with an LED light on the bottom. I've even found cheap decor items, including a patterned accent rug for under $25.

I know — all of these home items are small upgrades that are super cheap. But trust me, they’ll make such a big impact. Plus, people are raving about these products. They're coming back for more, buying some for their friends, and giving five-star ratings all around.


These Machine-Washable Corduroy Throw Pillow Covers

These corduroy throw pillow covers come in a two-pack, and they have a unique striped texture. They’re each machine washable, have hidden zippers, and come in nine different sizes. Don’t worry: If you’re not looking for orange covers, they come in 24 shades including a few neutrals such as white, gray, khaki, and more.


This Stainless Steel Storage Cart That’s Super Slim

At only 5.1 inches wide, this stainless steel storage cart also has wheels so it can roll into most small spaces. It has three plastic shelves, each complete with small holes for airflow. It comes with hooks for the sides, and you can take off one of the shelves if you only need two spots for storage.


A Plug Extends The Wi-Fi Throughout Your House

You can set up this Wi-Fi extender in five minutes by plugging it into a standard wall outlet and connecting it to your system. It can link to 15 devices, has an ethernet port to connect directly to a device, and only takes up one outlet. Plus, it extends Wi-Fi up to 1,000 feet.


A Complete Kitchen Knife Kit With Measuring Spoons & Spatulas

This 22-piece stainless steel knife set comes with kitchen shears and a wooden knife block. It also comes with five measuring spoons and three spatulas for a knife set that doubles as a starter kitchen kit. Each knife has micro-serrated blades, and the entire set has over 11,000 five-star ratings.


This Sleek Under-The-Cabinet Wine Glass Rack

You can easily mount this iron wine glass rack under your cabinets with the included mounting hardware. It comes in bronze, white, black, or gold finishes and holds six to nine wine glasses at a time. One reviewer wrote, “I’m seriously annoyed with myself for not finding this sooner!”


These Floating Wood Shelves With Geometric Brackets

This set of three floating shelves is made of 100% solid wood, and they have unique geometric brackets. They can hold 39 pounds each and come in eight color options. The triangular brackets are anti-rust, and the design lets you hang the shelves facing up or down — and they’ll still be functional.


The Silky Pillowcases That Offer Hair & Skin Benefits

These non-absorbent silky pillowcases that are made of 100% microfiber polyester have a satiny finish to keep your hair and skin hydrated. They’re each machine washable and have unique envelope closures on the sides. One reviewer raved, “This pillowcase (you get two) is well worth the money, and your hair and skin will thank you!”


This Glam Tufted Chenille Floor Cushion

This square tufted floor pillow is lined with 100% chenille fabric that comes in six glam colors, including blush pink, classic ivory, a muted blue, and more. It has a scalloped edge detail, and it's perfect to toss on your living room floor or place on an uncomfortable chair.


These Shower Soap Dispensers With A Silver Finish

These shower soap dispensers have clear windows so you can see when it’s time for a refill, along with shiny silver finishes. Both units come with double-sided adhesives (or anchors and screws) for mounting them to your shower. They’re also shatter-proof and have a clog-free pump. Plus, there are two designs to choose from.


The Waterproof & Cushioned Refrigerator Mats

These colorful refrigerator mats come in a pack of nine to line all of your refrigerator shelves and drawers while keeping them clean. They’re waterproof, made from food-safe material, and have grippy and cushioned bubble textures to help prevent bruising delicate fruits and veggies.


These Extra-Cushioned Kitchen Floor Mats For Under $25

These cushioned anti-fatigue mats have a decorative pattern that’s simple enough to go with any kitchen decor, and they even come in six colors. The two-pack is complete with two sizes, and the material is waterproof with a nonslip backing. The runner style is perfect for kitchens or bathrooms, and they have over 12,500 five-star ratings.


A Stainless Steel Showerhead That Also Filters The Water

This stainless steel rain shower head has a clear handle so you can see the filtration beads. It filters your shower water and has three spray settings to choose from. Plus, so many reviewers rave about how strong its water pressure is to really get your hair clean.


A 2-Pack Of Wire Under-Shelf Baskets

This two-pack of wire baskets slide onto your shelves and are perfect for small items such as sandwich bags, extra coffee, parchment paper boxes, or even napkins so everything is easy to access. They come in white or bronze and utilize space above other items on the shelf.


The Smart Light Bulbs With Almost Endless Color Options

These smart light bulbs have over 16 million color options, thanks to an app that lets you create unique shades. You can use the app for Amazon Alexa or Google Home to control the bulbs with voice control. A two-pack is under $20, and there’s even a setting for your bulbs to mimic morning (and evening natural light) automatically.


A Vertical Countertop Kitchen Organizer That Fits In A Cabinet

Tons of reviewers love how this countertop kitchen organizer rack stores pots, pans, lids, and cutting boards vertically. The steel organizer also fits into standard cabinets and has grippy rubber feet. One reviewer raved, “These have been a huge game-changer for me, and I can not recommend enough!”


This Memory Foam Bath Mat With Luxurious Velvety Fabric

You can replace your thin bath mat with this thick memory foam bath mat that features an anti-slip backing. It’s covered in soft microfiber fabric that’s absorbent (but also has a luxurious velvety feel). All 21 colors and eight size options are machine washable and even safe for the dryer.


These Slim & Adhesive Motion Sensor LED Lights

The motion sensors on these adhesive LED light strips are perfect for bathrooms, garages, or even dark hallways. They’re battery-powered, and the 10 LED lights turn on if there’s motion 10 feet away. Once you leave the room, they turn off after 20 seconds. They come with three lights, and they have over 3,500 five-star ratings.


This Large Stainless Steel Shower Shelf With Hooks

This polished stainless steel shower shelf has a basket design to hold all of your shampoo and skincare bottles. It has the added storage of four moveable and adjustable hooks for razors, loofas, and more. Plus, the adhesive backing should stay sticky for up to two years, and the stainless steel is rustproof.


This Glossy Marble Wallpaper For Glam Faux Tile

You can cover your countertops in this marble peel-and-stick adhesive contact paper to look like you’ve renovated with glamorous marble tiles. This sleek vinyl paper is removable, reusable, and re-positionable. It has over 21,000 five-star ratings, and many reviewers love using it to cover their furniture, too.


A Cable Management Box That’s Also Decorative

Choose from black or white and two sizes in this sleek cable management box. The rounded design is way more aesthetic than a mess of cords, whether it's under your desk or displayed on your countertop. Plus, it has discrete ventilation holes on top and over 5,000 five-star ratings.


This Organizer Made Specifically For Food Container Lids

This simple lid organizer holds 9-inch round or square reusable food container lids. If you place it in your cabinet, its handle made it simple to pull the unit out and grab a lid easily. It has dividers for organization and comes in five sizes, including one with tall expandable dividers.


An Outlet Extender With A Spot For Your Phone

You can pop your phone in the dedicated phone holder on top of this surge protector outlet extender. It has six standard AC outlets and two USB ports, but it’s still compact if you’re traveling. Many reviewers love the LED light on the bottom that lets you know the surge protector is working.


This Wrinkle-Resistant Fleece Throw Blanket

This machine washable microfiber fleece throw blanket is double-sided and soft on both. It comes in five sizes and 27 colors for all of the sofas and beds in your house. It’s lightweight, breathable, and cozy — so maybe grab a few extras and stuff them in a decorative basket, too... just in case.


The Heat-Resistant Stove Gap Covers To Help Prevent Hard-To-Reach Spills

This pack of silicone stove gap covers comes with two, both of which are heat-resistant. The silicone is food-safe, and the sleek matte finish comes in black, white, and even clear. Plus, no special installation steps or tools are needed; just stick one over the gap, and the design will stop it from slipping around.


This LED Porch Floodlight That’s Motion Activated

This LED motion sensor porch floodlight is battery powered, weatherproof, and under $20. The light has six LED bulbs which means you’ll rarely have to change the batteries, and it lights up a wide area. It comes in silver or white, and you can bend the light to angle and point it.


A Vanity Organizer With 2 Roomy Storage Spots

Pop small makeup items in the drawer side of this vanity organizer or display your favorite products on the side with plenty of compartments. This makeup storage box is made of waterproof plastic, and the slots have drainage holes. It comes in six colors, including the perfect pastel pink and green.


These Adhesive Weather Strips To Help Prevent Door Drafts

These two-layer weather strips stick to the bottom of your door with adhesive backing to help stop drafts, dust, dirt, and pooling rainwater. They’re not only for your front door, though, because they also lessen noise coming from other rooms. Plus, you can cut off any excess with standard scissors to fit your door.


The Clear Pantry Organizers That Are Also Perfect For The Fridge

This six-pack of pantry organizers comes with five clear plastic storage boxes. It even has an egg holder that fits 14 eggs and includes a lid. The containers are perfect for pantry snacks or organizing your refrigerator, and they have over 7,500 five-star ratings.


This Set Of Fabric Storage Baskets With Handles

These fabric storage cubes are the perfect foldable baskets for small items, and they come in a pack of six. They have handles and come in six colors, including neutrals and a bright blue and red. The boxes also fold flat, and tons of reviewers love using them to control clutter — especially in their closets.


This 2.5-Liter Humidifier With A Minimalist Design

This 2.5-liter cool mist humidifier has a clear tank and an easy-to-use single-knob control. It has a 360-degree mist nozzle, runs for up to 24 hours, and automatically turns off if it runs out of water. Some reviewers love using it for their plants, and so many are raving about how quiet it is.


A Toothbrush Holder With 6 Removable Compartments

You can place this large plastic toothbrush caddy next to your sink and fit your toothpaste, toothbrushes, and even floss because it has six compartments. The dividers are removable, the entire caddy is ventilated, and it has a nonslip base. You can also pop off the bottom to clean it, and it comes in either gray or white.


This Wire Can Organizer With A Stackable Design

One of these wire can organizers holds 36 cans in your pantry. If you still need more storage space, you can grab two because they’re designed to stack on top of each other. They come in bronze, chrome, silver, and white, and you don’t need any hardware to put them together.


The Motion-Sensing Night Lights With Adjustable Brightnesses

These compact LED motion sensor lights plug into a standard AC outlet and light up when you walk by them. They’re perfect for indoor use because you can adjust the brightness. Each nightlight has four LED lights, and they come in a two-pack for under $15.


This Down Alternative Comforter With Duvet Loops

This down alternative comforter is the perfect duvet insert because it has eight duvet tabs to help prevent the dreaded insert slippage. It’s polyester with a microfiber fill, machine washable, and comes in 13 colors (including reversible options and a striped pattern). It also comes in a few different textures, including pinch pleated and quilted.


A Clear Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer That Comes In Different Colors

This shoe organizer hangs on your door with included hooks, so there’s no fussing with installation. It comes in gray, pink, brown, and turquoise — and all of the color options feature 24 clear shoe slots. It has over 60,000 five-star ratings, and reviewers even love using it to store cleaning supplies and bathroom essentials.


These LED Outlets That Easily Snap On

Simply pop this wall outlet plate onto an outlet of your choice with its unique, super easy snap design. It has an LED night light at the bottom of the plate that features a light sensor, so the light should only turn on if the room is dark. It comes in white, ivory, light almond, and black.


This Metal Step Trash Can That Comes In Different Shades

This mini metal trash can has a durable plastic basket with a handle inside to easily take out the trash. It holds 3 liters, but there are two larger sizes to choose from. It comes in 13 colors — including glamorous metallics like rose gold — and it features a lid and a step design.


This No-Shed Accent Rug With A Detailed Pattern

This low-pile, detailed accent rug comes in so many color options including neutral white and gray, but also bold colors and even a rainbow option. It’s under $25 and doesn’t shed, and many reviewers love how soft it is (as well as the fact that it doesn’t wrinkle or slide around).


These Velvety Clothes Hangers That Come In Bulk Packs

These matching velvet clothes hangers are slim and nonslip, and they have over 106,000 five-star ratings. Plus, they come in bulk with multiple pack sizes, including one with 100 hangers. They’re made of metal with velvety-soft fabric that comes in five colors.


This Sleek Metal K-Cup Storage Organizer

This metal drawer holds 36 K-Cups, and it’s sturdy enough to store your coffee maker on top to save space. Plus, you can easily see if you need to restock your K-Cups, all thanks to the wire mesh drawer. It has over 19,500 five-star ratings and many reviewers love that the metal doesn’t bend or sag with a coffee maker on top.


The Outdoor String Lights With A Rainbow Bulb Option

Choose from five color options in these outdoor string lights, including different cord colors and even two rainbow bulb strands. They’re waterproof with glass bulbs, and you can connect two strands for large spaces. Plus, they’re dimmable and come with spare bulbs just in case.


These Blackout Curtains With Thermal Insulation

Sleep extra-cozy with these blackout curtains that keep your room dark (but are also made with thermal, triple-weave fabric). That means these curtains can help keep your room cool or warm depending on the outside temperature by insulating your window. They’re wrinkle-free, machine washable, and come in 35 colors.


This Broom Organizer That Fits Multiple Handle Sizes

This broom organizer has a rolling ball design that expands and tightens to fit your brooms and mops. Tons of reviewers also love using the system to hold sports equipment. It has five slots and six hooks, and it mounts to the wall wherever you want to hang supplies.


A Slim Digital Kitchen Scale That’s Available In Sleek Colors

Weigh flour, spices, and other baking or cooking ingredients up to 11 pounds with this slim digital scale that’s under $10. It has an extra battery and comes in sleek colors, including matte, glossy black, and even a stainless steel option. Many reviewers love that it’s slim, but it’s wide enough to fit most ingredients.