Amazon Keeps Selling Out Of These 45 Things That Make Your Home Look So Much Better

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There are lots of options when it comes to shopping for home decor, but the thing I love about Amazon is being able to see reviews and ratings from other customers like me. It makes me feel more confident before I hit “Buy Now.” It’s a double-edged sword though: those best-sellers are in high demand, and boy do they sell out quickly. Luckily Amazon restocks frequently and for the right product, it’s worth the wait. I’ve created a list with the best of the best, especially if you’re looking to update your space. Amazon keeps selling out of these 45 things that make your home look so much better.

Whether you’re looking to revamp your older home or decorate an empty one, there’s something on this list for you. From grout pens that make your tile look brand new to colorful side tables that are perfect for displaying your plants, this list is jam-packed with home decor options that reviewers can’t get enough of. These highly rated and reviewed purchases will elevate your space, refine your style, and make you proud to invite friends over.

Creating a beautiful home takes time and can be an overwhelming task, but as always, Amazon has your back. Shop this list of home products that are flying off the shelves — but hurry — they might run out of stock.


The Satin Pillowcases That Elevate Your Bedroom

These satin pillowcases may be in stock now, but you better hurry because Amazon finds with this many reviews (177,000) and this low of a price ($10) won’t last long. They’re made of polyester satin, which is soft and smooth and easier than silk to maintain. They create less friction than ordinary pillowcases, which can help keep your hair and skin soft and smooth. These cases have an envelope opening without an annoying zipper, plus this set is stain-resistant. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes.


These Non-Slip Hangers That Upgrade Your Closet

Uniform hangers are a small way to bring more organization to your closet — and this pack keeps selling out. The pack of 30 velvet hangers features a non-slip body and stylish rose gold hooks. They’re durable enough to hold heavier pieces like suits, jackets, coats, and more. If you need more than 30 hangers, these are available in packs of 50 and 100, as well as in other metallic finishes.


A Powerful Steamer To Eliminate Wrinkled Curtains

Sure this steamer was created for removing wrinkles from your clothes, but it works just as well on curtains in your home. One quick steam to your favorite curtains, right before everyone arrives, will instantly make your home look nicer. It takes about 15 seconds to heat up and will run for 15 continuous minutes. It is an Amazon #1 Best Seller in travel garment seamers and boasts more than 48,000 reviews, so you know this bad boy will get the job done.


This Plastic Shower Curtain Liner That Comes In 14 Colors

Avoid puddles of water in your bathroom with this crowd-favorite shower curtain liner. The waterproof solution is designed with heavy-duty clear stones that weigh the curtain down, creating a seal, and ensuring that all of the water stays in the shower. You can choose among a handful of colors and sizes, plus it is opaque, so you can use it on its own as a shower curtain. It comes with six metal grommet holes that look chic and make it easier to hang.


These Hotel-Inspired Bedsheets That Feel Luxurious

If you’re looking for a quick way to upgrade your bedroom, try swapping those tired bedsheets out for some luxurious linens. These hotel-inspired bedsheets are hard to keep in stock because they’ve earned more than 220,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating. The set comes with an extra deep fitted sheet, which will fit mattresses up to 21-inches deep and has an elastic band to lock the sheet into place. It also comes with a flat sheet and pillowcase. They’re made of brushed microfiber, so they are breathable and feel soft and silky.


The Blackout Curtains With Lots Of Size And Color Options

Shoppers are raving about these blackout curtains, which are designed to regulate the temperature, sound, and light in your home. These curtains have two layers of fabric that block light, absorb sound, and keep heat (or cool air, depending on the season) trapped inside, so your HVAC unit doesn’t have to work so hard. While many similar curtains may only be offered in dark shades like black, this machine-washable pick comes in 24 colors and 19 different sizes to fit your home and decor.


The Patio Umbrella To Transform Your Backyard

The hottest party of the summer just moved to your backyard, so you better snag one of these patio umbrellas before they’re gone. This large, 9-foot umbrella attaches to an outdoor table or can be used with a base that’s sold separately. It has a crank open function and a push-button tilt so you can keep yourself under the shade all day. The powder-coated aluminum poles and polyester umbrella are both durable and waterproof.


A Spa-Like Metallic Shower Caddy For Your Shower

Take your shower from locker room to five-star spa with one purchase: this shower caddy. It hangs on the wall with a super sticky adhesive so you don’t need any tools and can install it in seconds. The stainless steel rack can hold up to 15 pounds and has a deep enough basket to store shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap, and more. It’s rustproof, so it's low maintenance, and it comes in silver or black. Order it before it’s gone.


This Unique Corner Shelf To Display Decor

This unique wall-mounted corner shelf is the perfect place to display your favorite plants, family photos, or other decorative pieces to dress up your home. The five-tier unit easily mounts to the wall with the included hardware. It comes in seven finishes to match your space. One reviewer noted, “So I bought one shelving unit - took about 10 min to assemble and it was the PERFECT floating shelving unit. I turned around and bought another for the other corner. They updated the bathroom so much. Highly recommend for the hard-to-fit area.”


A Decorative Curtain Rod To Replace Your Boring One

This classic curtain rod is a step up from the cheap one you’ve had since college, but lucky for you: it won’t cost much more. This antique-inspired rod is a $13 find that has earned more than 20,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating for its durability, easy installation, and classic design. Better snag it before it’s gone. It’s available in four color options and two sizes.


These Stick-On Puck Lights For Closets And Dark Corners

These battery-powered puck lights have an adhesive back, so you can stick them anywhere for a little extra light — which will brighten up your home. The lights are motion-activated, making them ideal for under cabinets, closets, and pantries. They can be turned on continuously but will need to be charged after 10 hours. In motion-activated mode, they can last up to two months. This pack of three is flying off the shelves, so be sure to add them to your cart soon.


An Aesthetically Pleasing Makeup Organizer

Functional storage doesn’t have to look ugly, in fact, reviewers love the way this rotating makeup organizer spruces up vanities. It features adjustable shelves that can be positioned to different heights to accommodate small items like nail polish or larger bottles like cleansers and moisturizers. It spins 360-degrees so you can quickly find what you’re looking for and is easy to assemble, revamping your counter space in seconds.


A Stainless Steel Bar To Replaced Dated Knife Blocks

Toss that bulking knife block on your counter and upgrade your kitchen with this magnetic stainless steel bar. While it safely holds knives, it’s also perfect for storing tools or crafts of various sizes, thanks to its ultra-strong magnet. It’s 16-inches long and easily mounts to the wall. This simple switch will make your home look better in a flash.


The Smart Light Switch You Can Control With An App

Amazon can’t keep this smart light switch from flying off its shelves. It turns lights on and off, saves money on your electric bill, and makes your home look more modern. The WiFi switch can be controlled via an app on your phone. This little switch allows you to adjust the dimness and brightness of your lights so that you can customize your home instantly with this handy gadget.


A Magnetic Key Rack Disguised As A Light Switch

Stop wasting your time searching for your keys and buy yourself this three-pack of strong magnets that have a thrifty price tag. These intense magnetics racks hold up to 3 pounds and have screws on the back so you can securely attach them to your outlet covers. Just remove the screws in the bottom of the cover and replace them with these discreet magnets. Leave your keys hanging on the magnet without any worries since these magnets won’t destroy any electronic cards or keys.


These LED Lights That Keep Selling Out

Invite your friends over for the big game and wow them with these affordable LED backlights that elevate the entire watching experience. They wrap around the back of your television (or computer) and feature a 6500k true white color, which can help avoid eye strain, as well as make the colors on your screen richer. Use the included 3M adhesive backings to stick them around the perimeter of your TV — they come in sizes up to 80-inches long.


The Smart Lightbulbs You Can Control With An App

These may look like ordinary lightbulbs, but these smart light bulbs sync to an app, so you can customize the lighting in your home to make it look its best. Depending on the vibe you’re aiming to achieve, you can choose among 16 million colors and eight scene modes — including a sunrise and sunset mode that gently wakes you up in the morning and lulls you to sleep at night. They’ve earned a 4.7-star rating and the praise of nearly 14,000 reviewers.


These Velvet Pillow Covers That Come In 33 Colors

Throw pillows can instantly dress up a room and add a splash of color, but you better order quickly — these are flying off the shelves. This set of pillow covers comes with two velvet covers that fit an 18-by-18-inch insert (which is not included). The hidden zipper makes it easy to swap the covers out whenever it’s time to toss them in the washing machine. Choose from 33 different colors and nine different sizes.


A 2-Pack Of Himalayan Salt Night Lights In High Demand

Add a warm glow to any room with these natural Himalayan salt nightlights. The unique lights can be plugged into any outlet to keep your nightstand clear. This light comes with a 360-degree adjustable pulley plug, a soft light bulb, and a crystal salt cover, plus an on and off switch. Not only does the salt cover add ambiance to any room, but it also releases negative ions to help absorb dust and filter the air, according to the manufacturer.


The Decorative Magnetic Tie-Backs For Curtains

Let sunshine in your home by tying back your curtains with these magnetic holders. Not only are they easy to use, but they’re also decorative with a modern pearl clasp and metallic weave rope that’s stylish. There are multiple ways to tie back your curtains with this gadget, depending on if you have thick blackout curtains or thin sheer ones. This two-pack is just $6 and it’s available in four colors.


A Colorful Side Table For Inside Or Out

Fill that awkward space or snag a new home for your plant babies by adding this side table to your cart. The metal table is water-resistant and anti-rust, so you can use it inside or outside. It has a removable tray and non-slip rubber feet to keep it in place. Decorate it with candles, plants, decor, or use it as a place to put your snacks or drinks. It comes in six colors including milky white, mint green, and pale yellow.


These Decorative Mirrors For Effortless Wall Decor

Mirrors are an inexpensive way to fill empty wall space or brighten up a room and reviewers love this set of three decorative mirrors. Use the set as one piece or arrange them separately in different spaces. They hang from dainty chains and a rounded knob that adds to their beauty. Choose from six different finishes and round or diamond-shaped mirrors.


An Adhesive Wallpaper To Spruce Up Any Space

This modern peel and stick wallpaper will revamp any space in your home. Add it to your bedroom or even your bathroom, since it’s made from water-resistant vinyl. It’s easy to wipe clean and features a black herringbone design that is modern and goes with everything. If you change your mind, you can easily remove the wallpaper without having to clean up sticky residue.


These Bamboo Hanging Wall Shelves For Storage

This hanging wall shelf is a unique decor piece that has endless possibilities — and is in high demand on Amazon. It features three bamboo shelves with adjustable heights that hang from a natural rope material. Add it to your bathroom to hold extra toilet paper or towels, or to your living room to display photos or plants. These shelves are available in single-tier and two-tier options as well.


An Anti-Fatigue Mat With A Decorative Design

If you’re standing in the same spot for long periods of time, this anti-fatigue mat can help make it a bit more comfortable without compromising style. The mat is made of thick foam that is anti-slip and has beveled edges to prevent tripping. It’s water-resistant and features a decorative design. The non-slip backing keeps it in place and the mat provides comfort for your back and feet while you stand at a desk, do dishes at the sink, or while working out.


These Ceramic Pots That Are Flying Off The Shelves

Give your plants the beautiful home they deserve with these handmade ceramic planter flowerpots. This set comes with a cylinder planter and an octagon planter, which are 6.1 and 5 inches, respectively. The premium quality pots are perfect for your plant babies, plus they look beautiful in your home. One reviewer noted, “They have a hole for drainage in the bottom and also an optional screen cover for the hole to limit soil escape.[...] I love how they look...minimalist design with a touch of glam!”


A Beautiful, Sturdy Wine Rack That Holds Glasses

Display your wine collection and beautiful stemware with this tabletop wine rack. It can hold four bottles of wine and four wine glasses, so you can stay fully stocked without running out of space. The sturdy rack has a solid wood base and powder-coated steel racks. It’s stylish enough to display on a counter or in your dining room — or it would make a great housewarming gift.


An Easy-To-Care-For Snake Plant And Pot

Plants add so much color and life to any room, but if you’re worried about your black thumb, this snake plant is a good place to start. The stiff, sword-like leaves grow best near a sunny window but will adapt to lower light. Snake plants are low maintenance and only need to be watered when the top 2 to 3 inches of the soil are dry. This 12-inch plant comes in a stunning white, 6-inch planter that’s made from recyclable material.


A Grout Pen To Make Your Tiles Look Brand New

Give your bathroom an instant facelift without having to do any scrubbing or deep cleaning thanks to this grout pen. Use this tool to simply "color in” the grout between your tiles and wait 30 minutes for it to dry — your walls and floors will look brand new. Choose from 11 grout colors and two pen sizes (5 or 15 millimeters) for different jobs.


The Decorative Window Film That Adds Privacy

Add a little extra privacy to your windows or glass doors while still allowing light to filter in with this window frost film. This 3D decorative film relies on static instead of glue to stick to your windows without mess and residue. It comes in five sizes and won't damage windows. This rainbow window cling reflects light beautifully, just like stained glass but without the cost.


A Popular Projection Lamp That Mimics The Sunset

This unique lamp mimics the ambient light of a sunset so you can enjoy a stunning backdrop whenever you want. Choose among 16 colors and three scene modes, which can be changed using a remote control. The projection sunset lamp can be rotated 360 degrees around the body of the lamp and runs on a USB charger. Don’t let the size fool you — this lamp creates a beautiful light that’s perfect for photographs or just relaxation.


The Faux Fur Rug That Looks Luxurious

Add a little bit of luxury to your home with this faux fur rug that’s ultra-soft. The plush rug has a high pile, but if it gets matted, just give it a shake to fluff it right back up. It’s available in 11 sizes and 19 colors. This rug has earned more than 23,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating.


A Highly Rated Seagrass Basket For Versatile Storage

This multipurpose seagrass basket adds casual-cool flair to any space. Use it to hold toys, blankets, magazines, and even plants. The soft and lightweight basket is handmade and comes in six colors and three sizes. Don’t let the size fool you, these baskets hold a great deal.


This Rustic Soap Dispenser Made From A Mason Jar

Calling all farmhouse decor-lovers — check out this adorable mason jar soap dispenser. It comes with a black dispenser and a pump that’s made of rustproof stainless steel. This pack of two also includes four waterproof stickers so you can label the dispenser for your guests. The 16-ounce jar has a standard mason jar mouth opening and can handle denser liquids like dish soap, lotions, or shampoos.


These Curtain String Lights For Prettier Patios

Add ambiance to any room or outdoor space with this string light curtain. The curtain has 300 LED twinkle lights that can be set on one of eight modes including waves, slow fade, and chasing. These magical lights have more than 57,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating. They’re also waterproof — perfect for your garden or on your patio. They’re available in warm white and multicolor bulbs.


A Coffee Condiment Organizer For The Countertop

Put together the perfect coffee station at home with this coffee condiment organizer. The plastic organizer has 11 compartments to hold sugar, cream, tea bags, or to-go cups. It’s not just for coffee either: you can use it to organize office supplies, snacks, and even makeup. The two-level container is lightweight and tough — just wipe it down or rinse it with water to clean it.


This Machine Washable Couch Slipcover In 37 Colors

Upgrade your old, stained couch by slipping on this stretchy sofa cover that comes in 37 colors. It easily wraps around your couch to keep drinks, pets, and everyday accidents from making new stains. It comes in three sizes, is machine washable, and is stretchy yet supportive, with an elastic band at the bottom to hold it in place.


A Magic Red Wine Stain Remover For Spills

Don’t let red wine ruin your rugs or furniture — quickly fix any spills with this effective stain remover. Whether your stain is fresh or old, it lifts it without bleach or phosphates. Use it for red wine, of course, but also to remove coffee, tea, pet accidents, blood, and paint on any fabric.


The Flameless Candles That Are Remote Controlled

Let these LED flickering candles set the mood for your next romantic date night at home. Choose from two glow modes: flickering or a steady glow, and set timers to automatically turn off the candles at two, four, six, or eight hours. The wick-less candle lights are remote-controlled, dimmable, and run on AA batteries (which are not included). These beautiful candles are flameless and won’t attract bugs.


This Set Of Picture Frames In Different Sizes

Display your favorite art or family photos in one of these stunning aluminum frames. This set of seven comes with ivory mats and a real glass to give your wall decor a professional look. The set includes one 11-by-14-inch frame, two 10.5-by-8.5-inch frames, and four 5-by-7-inches frames. The rectangular frames are available in gold, black, and silver.


A Table Cloth That’s Spill-Proof And Comes In 19 Colors

This rectangular table cloth is beautiful and designed to stay that way. It’s oil-proof, spill-proof, and water-resistant, plus it can be machine washed. The durable tablecloth is made of premium polyester and is available in 16 sizes, as well as 25 colors. Use it to protect your furniture during crafts, buffets, or parties without sacrificing style.


The Brick Peel-And-Stick Wallpaper For Any Space

Reviewers can’t get enough of this brick peel-and-stick wallpaper that transforms a bland wall into a rustic, industrial space. It has a gridded backside that makes it easy to cut the sheets to size — plus the bricks line up to make installation a breeze. The rolls of wallpaper come in five sizes and four different brick colors: whitewashed, brown, orange, and classic red brick.


A Food-Safe Gold Serving Dish With Multiple Uses

This gold serving tray can add major glam to any space. It’s made of food-grade stainless steel metal so you can serve charcuterie or cake to your guests. You can also use it for countertop storage, such as storing your jewelry, makeup, or even candles. The trays are available in 5, 8, and 12 inches.


This Toothbrush Holder To Organize Your Bathroom

This toothbrush holder hides away your toothbrush or toothpaste to make your bathroom look more organized (and more sanitary). It has slots to hold six ordinary toothbrushes or four electric brushes by their heads, allowing them to hang dry and stay away from dust. It can be mounted to the wall and also has two storage compartments for other bathroom tools like razors or combs.


These 100% Cotton Sheets To Upgrade Your Guest Room

These breathable bed sheets are made of 100% cotton to spruce up your guest room or your own bed. The 400-thread count sheets feature a sateen weave, which makes them lustrous and smooth, and they have a cult following, with more than 39,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating. This three-piece set includes an extra-deep pocket fitted sheet that can fit a 15-inch mattress, a flat sheet, and a pillowcase.

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