Amazon Keeps Selling Out Of These Cheap Beauty Products With Near-Perfect Reviews

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Amazon Keeps Selling Out Of These Cheap Beauty Products With Near-Perfect Reviews

It’s pretty rare that I stumble across budget-friendly beauty products that everyone loves — and I research beauty products all day. But something magical is going on in the review sections of these seriously good hair, skin, and makeup products — pretty much everyone agrees on them. And because everyone raves about these cheap beauty items, Amazon keeps selling out of them.

What kind of cheap beauty or skincare product could reviewers actually agree on? Well, there’s a genius pack of mini atomizers. These colorful little tubes are easy to fill with your everyday fragrance. You simply use the perfume bottles you already own, instead of using a travel scent that you only sort of like. Don’t worry — they won’t ruin your perfume bottles when you fill them up.

There’s even an aloe vera lash glue and a budget-friendly eyebrow glue that have thousands and thousands of five-star reviews. Plus, I found a set of dermaplaning tools that aren’t super intimidating. They even come with a cover that prevent you from over-shaping your brows. I mean, affordable dermaplaning without shaving off the end of your brow is something we can all agree on, right?

So, start scrolling and don’t be scared of the review sections under these cheap beauty products — they’re full of glowing feedback.


An Easy-To-Use Derma Roller For Exfoliating

This derma roller is the exfoliator to reach for when you need to deeply exfoliate. That’s because it has 540 titanium micro-needles designed for microblading beginners, which also help to get your serums really in your skin. The end result of this tool and a little vitamin C is skin that glows radiantly.

One reviewer raved: “Let's face it, these days,derma-blading the face at home is all the "RAGE!"If you are a beginner, then this is the right product for you. It delivers excellent, "skin penetration," and is quite "EASY TO USE!"I am EXTREMELY SATISFIED:)”


A Set Of Makeup Sponges With Over 61,000 Five-Star Reviews

This colorful set of makeup sponges is complete with five budget-friendly sponges — and they cost way less than just one name-brand sponge. Despite their cheap price tag, these makeup sponges work really, really well and have the pointed tip, rounded middle, and flat bottom you need to apply makeup across different areas of your face. These can be used wet or dry, making them a must-have in your beauty drawer.

One reviewer raved: “Love these SO MUCH! They are - as several reviewers said - very similar in quality and softness and sponginess and texture and feel and quality to that of the Beauty Blender brand, if not even better - I do prefer the softness of these by Beakey to that of Beauty Blender - AND you get a much better deal. I've been using them several times a day for over a month and they are in excellent shape. I will be ordering again.”


An Ergonomic Hairbrush That Won’t Break Your Locks

Not only is this hairbrush comfortable to handle, its bristles have a unique cone shape that works to gently separate hair sideways, leading to less breakage and pulling while you detangle. It works on all hair types — wet or dry — and is gentle enough that kids and adults alike can use this brush.

One reviewer raved: “This is the first brush that has managed keep my hair tangle free in...well, decades. My hair is baby fine and has only gotten worse as I've grown older. Now it can be two inches long and it still manages to snarl into a tangled mess. Why this brush and no other? I have no idea, only that this one actually works. No more embarrassment when I'm out in public with what looks like the worst bedhead in history. The detanglers that didn't work are history. Looking at it, it doesn't look that different from other brushes but for me, it has been the find of a lifetime. Fellow sufferers with baby fine hair will understand the joy of finding something that painlessly and efficiently leaves hair free of knots. Others will probably just think I'm nuts for waxing so enthusiastically about....a brush.”


An Eyeshadow Stick That Glides On Easily & Won’t Crease

This eyeshadow stick isn’t just easy to apply and blend — no fingers or brushes needed! — it has a unique cream to powder formula that leads to a light finish without any creasing. Available in over 25 highly-pigmented shades, this eyeshadow is also made with vitamins C and E to keep your skin hydrated and nourished.

One reviewer raved: “I have to do my makeup most mornings with one hand while holding my baby on my hip with the other. Bought this because using an eyeshadow brush and palette became out of the question. I bought this in Stone bc I didn't want any glitter or shimmer and it is PERFECT. You can layer it for more intense color or just do one light swipe for a hint of shadow. Stays all day, doesn't crease or smear, even in the blistering 100+ Texas heat.”


An Eyelash Curler With Gentle & Refillable Pads

With this lifting eyelash curler, you can easily replace the silicone pads, so you always know it’s clean. Just be sure to keep the two extra pads in the included silicone pouch. As for the actual curler itself — it’s made of stainless steel that won’t pinch your skin, and it gives you a lift and curl that will last all day long.

One reviewer raved: “This has been my go to eyelash curler for years now. The bag is so convenient and good for travel. The eyelash curler itself curls my Asian eyelashes and creates a curl that lasts for days at a time in between showers. It is my favorite eyelash curler and I will never use a different brand. It comes with an extra pad or two, but when I ran out of them, customer service was kind to send me some more for free! I always recommend this eyelash curler and will continue to do so.”


A Tinted Gel That Actually Fills In Your Brows

This tinted brow gel will make your brow routine super simple. No more applying a pencil, then a tinted gel, then a clear gel. Instead, the film-forming polymer technology will give you fuller brows all in one step — and keep them in place. Yep, the smudge-, water-, and sweat-proof formula will last all day long.

One reviewer raved: “I've used brow pencils for years to painstakingly fill my brows in as they grow lighter and more sparse with my age. This stuff is fantastic and has completely replaced my brow pencils. The little wand is easy to manipulate in order to shape and fill my brows the way I want them. Plus, it looks natural when I'm done because the color clings to the brow hairs and lightly fills in behind them. No more pencil lines to blend in! Highly recommend.”


These Fruit Extract Foot Masks That Peel Away Dry Skin & Calluses

These foot masks are packed with natural ingredients and fruit extracts, like papaya, citric acid, sorbitol, and aloe vera for an exfoliating formula. That means they’ll get rid of calluses while also moisturizing your skin. Plus, you simply pull on these booties like socks and let the acids do their work over the next week and a half. As your old skin peels away, you’ll be left with baby soft feet.

One reviewer raved: “This product is amazing! Application was easy and the instructions were very clear. After only a few days I noticed peeling and within the week I had a full foot peel. This took off years of built up callous that I thought would never go away. They recommend using the second pair 14 days after the first use if you need to use it again. But it took so much off in the first go! Incredible.”


These Discreet Pimple Patches That Work In Just 6 Hours

Despite being free of alcohol, fragrance, and parabens, these pimple patches really work — and do so overnight. They’re translucent and seamless to blend into your skin, yet have hydrocolloid to extract pus from unwanted blemishes all while protecting your face from further irritations.

One reviewer raved: “I've tried numerous patches for acne and nothing works like Dots for Spots. It's super easy to just put it on overnight, take it off in the morning, and your acne is hardly there anymore if it's there at all! I was actually shocked at how well these perform, as was my husband. I'll definitely be a reoccurring buyer.”


This Set Of Lip Tints That’ll Give You Subtle, All-Day Color

This set of three lip stains will make it look like you just bit into the sweetest, juiciest strawberry ever — in all the right ways. With a lightweight, moisturizing formula, these lip stains can be used for a gradient look or for full coverage. However you choose to wear it, your lips will be moisturized and colorful thanks to the addition of vitamins, pomegranate and grapefruit extracts, and berry fruit complex

One reviewer raved: “I absolutely love this product. I’ve never used a lip tint before but I wanted to try it. It smells delicious like koolaid. The color is so beautiful all three of them. I wear the orange one the most. There is zero transfer, and for me it last nearly all day. If I do need to reapply it’s just a quick coat and dries quickly. I love it. This will be a staple in my makeup station.”


These Microfiber Hair Towels With A Convenient Elastic Tie

Dry your hair faster with these microfiber hair towels. Not only will these super soft towels get your locks dry, they’ll also do so while causing less frizz than traditional cotton towels do, making these ideal for all hair types (but especially those with curly hair). These lightweight, absorbent towels also have an easy elastic loop that keeps them secure on your head, which is why they have a 4.7-star rating on Amazon.

One reviewer raved: “I like the Turbie Twist as it is easy to use and absorbs more water than a regular bath towel. There is an elastic in the back which the end fits into and holds it in place while I do other things. The multi pack allows me to keep one in each bathroom, one for travel and an extra if needed It is very convenient and I would recommend this product.”


A Glimmery Primer That Won’t Cause Creasing

Just because this waterproof makeup primer is budget-friendly doesn’t mean it’s plain. It’s actually illuminating and super glimmery under your makeup. This pore-minimizing primer is also lightweight while still managing to feel luxurious. It also prevents creasing, so you can totally use it under your foundation and your eyeshadow.

One reviewer raved: “I absolutely love this face primer. I originally discovered it through a sample I received and fell in love. I am very sensitive to chemicals and touch, most primers I try are way to heavy on my skin. This primer is very light and it feels good when I put it on. It also makes my face look bright and glowing, I have tried other "illuminating" primer but they always seem to make my face look like it has glitter on it. This primer does not do the while still giving off that perfect illuminating effect. 100% recommend this primer.”


An Easy-To-Use Foot Balm That Softens Dry, Cracked Feet

This foot balm is packed with sweet almond, lavender, grapeseed, olive, and sunflower oils, which work together to add hydration to dry, cracked feet. Somehow, it still comes in an easy-to-use formula that feels like lotion. You’ll also get a mini pumice stone to make this callus-removing cream even more effective.

One reviewer raved: “This is my new favorite and go to brand. The oil smells and feels great. The best part is, it doesn’t leave your feet too oily like most oils do where you need to immediately wash your hands after. I can already tell the difference within 1st week. I’m definitely trying out all products Ancient Greek has to offer.”


A Makeup Spatula That Even Works With Unique Foundation Bottles

This makeup spatula is super useful no matter what shape your foundation bottle is. You can even get 25% more of your favorite glitter lipgloss from a skinny lipgloss tube. That’s because it’s made of flexible silicone and has a smart shape that can get in the corners of square bottles or scoop out product from the bottom of a round bottle.

One reviewer raved: “Definitely worth the $5! I always clean out my containers but this made it super easy and I was able to get all of the product out of the first bottle I tried it on. The pink tip is hard and sturdy, not flexible like a spatula. I bought the shorter one and that seems to be good for standard makeup/personal care container. Money and mother earth saver.. every little bit helps!”


These Reusable Bottles That Let You Travel With Your Favorite Perfume

Instead of keeping travel perfumes around, grab these mini atomizers. These metal tubes are super easy to fill with your everyday fragrance without ruining your perfume bottle. Once they’re full, you can apply your fragrance like normal with the spray nozzle. Bonus: these atomizers won’t leak in your travel makeup bag.

One reviewer raved: “I didn't even know something like this existed till a few days ago! I was looking at travel sized perfumes. They are so expensive, and my favorite brand was out of the travel size. I came across these and was a little doubtful about how well they would work. They are amazing! They were super easy to fill and nice and compact, about the size of a tube of lipstick. Recommend 100%.”


This Pack Of Dermaplaning Tools With Brow-Shaping Covers

These dermaplaning tools come with a super helpful cover, which creates the perfect angle for shaping your brows. Yes — this plastic cover protects your brows from too much shaping. It’s also easy to remove if you want to use these gentle exfoliators on the rest of your skin. These handy tools have so many uses, which is why they have 117,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

One reviewer raved: “I’m shocked at how well this works on fine facial hair! I’ve paid a lot of money for fancy gadgets that come with monthly subscription plans for replacement blades and this cheap fix blows them out of the water. A must have for easy grooming!!!”


A Travel Size Set Of Beloved Skincare Products That Are So Moisturizing

This budget-friendly skincare set gives you the best of those viral CeraVe products. The cleanser works to remove dirt, oil, and makeup from your face without leaving it dry thanks to the added ceramids and hyaluronic acid. Meanwhile, the cream works hard to hydrate your skin without leaving it greasy. This moisturizer and facial cleanser are both travel sizes, and you can avoid packing two different lotions because the moisturizer works on your body and face.

One reviewer raved: “I believe this is the best moisturizer I've tried to date and it doesn't leave a greasy feeling. CeraVe has great products. Every CeraVe product I've used has worked great! I tried it originally because my dermatologist recommended and I'm hooked! Also, I love that it's unscented because scents (when used on my face) almost always give me a terrible headache. Absolutely recommend!!”


This Pencil Eyeliner That Holds Up In Humidity

It’s easy to venture into pencil liners with this waterproof eyeliner pencil. You won’t miss the fussiness of liquid liners with the smudge-proof formula. That’s because it’s a creamy liner for a super smooth application. Plus, the matte finish comes in 13 colors, including a trendy aqua, and even holds up when it’s humid outside.

One reviewer raved: “I love this eyeliner! I have tried tons of different black eyeliners for my everyday basic look, and this one has been THE best! The color is great- it's not a dull black which is great. It doesn't wear off quickly like some other eyeliners, and the cost is great. I have re-ordered this 5+ times and will continue to because it's the best one I've found. Would recommend 10/10”


A Makeup Brush Set That Comes With Cleaning Solution

This is the makeup brush set that will last you for years to come. Each brush is made with a sturdy birchwood handle and non-shedding bristles, and this set has everything you need from your brows to your foundation to your eyeshadow. You’ll even be inspired to clean each of these 14 brushes regularly because it comes with a bottle of cleaning solution. So, you can be sure this multi-purpose set will hold up.

One reviewer raved: “I LOVE these brushes, my gosh, these are the BEST I've ever bought! I love that it comes with cleaner too, which works absolutely great! I'll never buy another brush set but these again!”


This Ultra-Fine Mister For A Simple Facial Or Hair Mist

Fill this spray bottle with water for a super simple facial spray. It gives you an ultra-fine mist of water to hydrate your face, and the spray will last for over one second per press, making this a soothing thing to use all the time. This travel-friendly mister is also perfect for your hair. That’s because it mists continuously, and you can even hold it upside down to get underneath your strands.

One reviewer raved: “Bought this when I decided to embark on my curly girl hair journey and it did not disappoint! I use this daily when my hair. Works SO much better than a regular spray bottle! Provides a lengthy fine mist of water. I read that others have experienced a problem with the bottle developing a moldy smell, so I decided to empty the bottle each time I use it and haven’t had any problems. I’ve had the bottle for several months now and have absolutely no complaints! I actually bought a small one for my gym bag and a larger size to use at home.”


These Hair Serum Capsules With A Bunch Of Vitamins

These adorable capsules are full of strengthening hair serum and they’re packed with a bunch of vitamins. When I say a bunch, I mean vitamin C, A, E, and even Pro-Vit B5 to make your hair softer, silkier, and shinier. This leave-in treatment can be used once you get out of the shower, and it’ll keep your locks moisturized.

One reviewer raved: “This product is INCREDIBLE, I live in South Florida, the humidity here is usually close to 100%, my hair is always frizzy.. I have a cabinet full of hair products that don’t work so was not really sure that this would work either. Wow what a a surprise!! When it came I decided to try it that same day used it went outside came back in, went hair has been frizz free for 4 days!!!! I’m so blown away by this serum. I will buy it over and over again. The smell is wonderful and it really does work!!!!! I’m beyond happy!!”


A Bulk Pack Of Fluffy Faux-Mink Lashes

This bulk pack gives you so many styles of fluffy faux-mink lashes. Each super-soft pair is lightweight and reusable, so you can totally wear your favorites again. You won’t regret buying a huge pack because these cruelty-free lashes are super budget-friendly and allow you to play around with your style. Plus, it’s easy to keep all of the lightweight lashes organized with their glittery tray.

One reviewer raved: “Absolutely love these lashes!! Very lightweight and stayed on the entire night with running around and dancing. Very full and dramatic, so happy I ordered a bulk pack! Will be ordering more”


This Toiletry Bag With Unique Spots For Everything

This durable toiletry bag is complete with some seriously useful pockets. At just about 10 inches tall, it looks more compact than a bulky makeup bag, but this waterproof bag actually has more than 18 compartments and pockets. There are mesh pockets, large sections for bottles, and elastic slots for brushes. Plus, the super compact side pockets unfold to reveal a bunch of hidden space. You can also choose from 20 colors.

One reviewer raved: “I am absolutely in love with this. I use it for travel, for staying the night at friends, etc. it can hold all my toiletries for a shower plus any necessary skincare products and makeup. The side pockets hold my makeup brushes, lipstick, mascara, eyeliner. I love this because the main middle section can hold full size products(shampoo, conditioner, a lotion,etc) or travel size and then you can carry even more. It has a hanger for hanging up in the bathroom while getting ready. Absolutely love and would rebuy in a heartbeat.”


This Bump Eraser That’s As Easy To Use As A Body Scrub

This bump eraser for keratosis pilaris — aka those red bumps on your upper arms — is as easy to use as a body scrub. It’s complete with pumice buffing beads and chemical exfoliators to really get the job done. So, it feels like a simple scrub, but it also gives your skin a chemical peel thanks to glycolic and lactic acids. Meanwhile, the fragrance-free formula with soothing bisabolol helps sensitive skin.

One reviewer raved: “I have been using this about 1-2 times a week for a couple of months now. My legs are so smooth, and almost all my kp bumps are gone. Nothing has EVER gotten rid of them. I bought the small size and still have a good amount left. I will continue to buy this product. Totally worth it!”


This Portable Foundation Brush That Won’t Make Your Makeup Streaky

This foundation brush has a hexagon-shaped handle that’s super compact. This little handle makes it easier to hold onto and way easier to pack in your travel makeup bag, because the whole thing is just 6 centimeters tall and comes with a clear brush case. As for the actual brush, it has soft, dense bristles that won’t streak your liquid foundation.

One reviewer raved: “I would buy this 10 times over! Super soft on my skin yet very efficient at blending foundation. I used 1/3 of the amount of product as opposed to a traditional foundation brush or even beauty blender. I love this and recommended very highly!”


A Cleansing Balm With Brightening Pearl Barley

This hydrating cleansing balm is complete with a fresh scent and brightening pearl barley. The rest of this balm keeps it simple with only 10 ingredients total, including vitamin E, which keeps your skin moist. This nourishing formula also works as a makeup remover — reviewers say it even works on the hardest-to-remove waterproof mascara.

One reviewer raved: “I love the way this melts and spreads easily over my whole face, just a little goes a long way. Then I rub it into my pores and remove with a warm wet washcloth. If I notice my skin is going through a dry spell, I use warm water and my fingers to remove (without a washcloth). Love how it dissolves all makeup and leaves no residue! It’s not my first facial cleansing oil, but so far is definitely the best. Skin feels deep clean even without double cleansing. Amazing price point because it will last months.”


This Set Of Nail Clippers That Are Durable & Sharp

This pack of stainless steel nail clippers is super helpful because it comes with two different sizes. Use the size that fits your unique nails for a more precise trim. Or simply keep the larger option around for your toenails. Either way — they both have extra-sharp blades and a matte black finish that even adds extra grip. Plus, you can keep both rust-resistant clippers in the included case.

One reviewer raved: “I can stop my lifelong search for the perfect clippers, for I have found them and they are these! Sturdy, easy to use, just absolutely the best fingernail and toenail clippers I have ever encountered.”


A Purple Hair Mask That Keeps Blonde Hair Hydrated & Icy

If you have blonde, white, silver, platinum, or even brown hair that can get a little bit brassy, this purple hair mask is the thing you need to keep your locks looking icy and cool. In addition to evening out unwanted yellow tones, this vegan hair mask coconut and marula oil to add hydration to your hair, which is always a welcome bonus.

One reviewer raved: “This product did exactly what I needed it to! I have highlighted blonde hair that I like to keep icy and ashy. My hair had tons of golden and honey hues and hadn’t been colored in over a month. I had been using other purple/blue shampoos and conditioners with minimal results. I found this product as a result of many searches, the ratings and reviews sold it to me. It was very easy to apply and I left it in for about 15 minutes. My hair is now the perfect shade of blonde!”


A Powder Foundation That’s Totally Sweat-Proof

This powder foundation might even hold up better than your liquid options. It’s actually water-, sweat-, and even heat-proof yet gives you buildable full coverage without worrying about it drying in between coats. It also feels super lightweight, and you can avoid buying a setting powder.

One reviewer raved: “This Foundation is fantastic! I was looking for a foundation for the hot weather. I am outside quite a bit in the heat and I’m oily so Foundations tends to melt off my face. this is perfect it stays matte and it’s really easy to touch up if needed. I got one for home and for work so I’m never without it. great color match too! I highly recommend!”


This Travel Fragrance That Layers With Your Favorite Perfume

This roll-on pheromone perfume is complete with essential oils and scents that are perfect for layering with other perfumes. You can travel with this mini bottle and wear it on its own. It blends with your body’s pH for a perfect, customized-for-you scent that’s nice and subtle.

One reviewer raved: “One of my favorites. Light, long lasting scent. Not overwhelming. Small bottle so you can carry with you. I have actually purchased again.”


This Whip Maker That Creates Foamy Cleanser

This marshmallow whip maker is a little device that creates a foamy cleanser out of the gel, liquid, or powder cleanser you already have. It simply whips bubbles into your favorite formula for a more luxurious texture that also allows you to use less of your favorite products, making this a great budget-friendly buy.

One reviewer raved: “A few pumps produces a luxurious, fluffy cloud of foam to wash your face. A little goes a long way. Highly recommend.”


This Organic Castor Oil With A Few Different Applicators

This big bottle of 100% pure and organic castor oil comes with three different applicators. There’s a precise brush for your lashes, a spoolie for your brows, and a dropper for all your other skin and hair care. However you’re applying it, this oil promotes longer lashes, a hydrated scalp, soft skin, and more.

One reviewer raved: “HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you want your eyelashes longer, or even adding it to your eyebrows or ends of hair. My eyes lashes have grown so much fuller and long and I’m obsessed. So worth it. Great product.”


This Fast-Absorbing Body Cream With Plenty Of Caffeine

This super moisturizing body cream has a fast-absorbing formula that makes it easy to apply. This antioxidant-rich moisturizer also has a unique fragrance with pistachio, salted caramel, and vanilla. But the real standout is all of the caffeine in this lotion because it helps with micro-circulation.

One reviewer raved: “Best stuff on the market! Absolutely adore this and will purchase over and over again! Mine came perfectly wrapped, easy to open. I also had the full container worth of product! You only need a little and this goes a long way! The smell does last all day ! I could smell this on me the next day before taking my shower! Completely worth the price !”


A Strong Brow Glue That Holds Your Shape For 16 Hours

This brow product has a glue-like formula (in a good way) — but it doesn’t feel sticky. Instead, this transparent product simply holds your brows in place for 16 hours — just like glue. This precise, clear brow product is also vegan and complete with a flake-free formula.

One reviewer raved: “Ok, talk about a product I never knew I needed in my life. This is a game changer if you think brows are as important as I do! No more little hairs flying every way. LOVE!!”


This Super Cheap Mascara That Lasts All Day Long

You truly don’t need to spend a lot to have a great mascara — just ask the 179,000 five-star reviewers for this product. This super affordable mascara gives you dramatic volume without causing your lashes to clump together. It basically promises a falsie look without having to actually apply falsies. The formula lasts all day without flaking or fading, but comes off easily with just some regular ol’ face wash.

One reviewer raved: “This has became my favorite mascara. It lasts & doesn't dry super fast so you can build it as much as you want. It comes off easily with my eye makeup remover & doesn't flake throughout the day. I also love the wand (this part is huge for me) it glides the mascara on perfectly & seperates my lashes.”


This Setting Spray That Leaves You With A Matte Finish

This oil-control setting spray has a delicate mist that won’t drip down your face and ruin your powder. This mattifying spray sets everything so well, they even call it a makeup sealer. Though it feels weightless, this spray will keep your makeup locked in all day, and it does so without the addition of sulfates or parabens.

One reviewer raved: “I read a lot of reviews before buying this. It lived up to the great reviews. It sets your make up perfectly, it does not feel sticky or heavy on your face. My skin is very sensitive and I didn’t have any problems at all.”


This Aloe-Vera Lash Glue That’s Waterproof

This eyelash adhesive isn’t like that everyday cheap glue that irritates your eyes. Instead, it’s a budget-friendly formula that’s complete with gentle and soothing aloe vera. It still dries clear with a waterproof finish. Plus, this precise glue is totally latex-free, and it will keep your favorite lashes on all day long.

One reviewer raved: “Been wearing strip lashes for years! Tried almost every single brand of glue. This is THE BEST inexpensive option out there that works fabulously! Save your money and buy this stuff. It works better than that expensive stuff and cheap enough to keep a bottle in your purse, your desk, etc when you need it you have it in hand! Works for my sensitive eyes, doesn’t burn and lasts all 8 hours of my work day and then some!”


A Set Of Budget-Friendly Tools That Help Ingrown Nails

This ingrown nail tool set is definitely cheaper than getting a pedicure. The pack comes with two different nail tools made of surgical steel, and they’re both double-sided, so you basically get four ways to handle an ingrown nail. Plus, the grippy handles means it won’t slip and make your pain worse.

One reviewer raved: “I am prone to ingrown toe nails and have had preventative pedicures done where a small file like the one included is used to file down my skin under the nail. This is just what I needed to do that and works so well! It is also sturdy and well made I can tell it is made with quality materials. So glad I found this!”


This Foaming Charcoal Mask That Gives Your Pores A Deep, Deep Clean

Not only is this lightweight carbonated bubble mask just fun to put on and watch foam, it actually works well to give your pores a deep clean. The cruelty-free formula has natural clay and activated charcoal in it to give you a cleanse and leave you with smooth, glowing skin in five to 10 minutes.

One reviewer raved: “I purchased this based on reviews and have been thoroughly impressed! This mask smells lightly of citrus, has a unique almost ticklish feel while it’s bubbling away and leaves your skin feeling great, it easily tackled my pesky black heads that have been everything proof so far. It doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin with twice weekly use, and it also tackled my husbands burly blackheads with ease. I’m hooked!”


This Activated Charcoal Soap That’s Perfect After A Workout

It might feel strange to use a 100% natural soap after your workout, but this vegan activated charcoal soap works. The peppermint oil and tea tree oil actually make it more soothing than your traditional body wash, and there’s also coconut oil to avoid drying out your skin. Best of all, the charcoal helps with odors if you got a little smelly and sweaty.

One reviewer raved: “My skin is very sensitive and reacts to most soaps I have tried over the last several years. I read reviews of Active Soap so I gave it a go. This soap is very refreshing and really cleans your skin (kind of like squeaky clean but not dried out). My post shower itching has greatly diminished and what a wonderful aroma.”


A Chic Little Tweezer Set With A Mirror

Everything about this professional tweezer set is chic. You get four tweezers with different surgical-grade stainless steel tips for the perfect brow, and they fit in a matching black leather case. With the handheld 10x magnification mirror, you can also feel a little more chic, and you don’t have to sit on your vanity (way too close to your mirror) to pluck your brows.

One reviewer raved: “I love this tweezer set for the price. The case makes it easy to throw in my makeup bag and keep them all together. The tips work great for grabbing those fine little blonde eyebrow strays cutting down how often i need to get my brows waxed.”