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Writing this list honestly feels like I’m sharing a huge secret. That’s because it’s full of everything that makes other people’s houses look so put together — but they’ll never tell you where they got them. Isn’t that the worst?

So, I’ll fill you in — they’re all grabbing them on Amazon. But you’re going to want to act fast, because Amazon keeps selling out of these cheap things that make your home so much nicer.

First, it’s time that we all know how certain people’s cabinets look so clean all the time. Like, zero stray crumbs and not even one tiny scratch from a fork. The secret is this protective shelf liner. It has a grid design that lets your shelves breathe and prevents scratches. Plus, it doesn’t have any sticky adhesive on the back like contact paper.

Also, why can’t we all know about a versatile cotton comforter that stays nice and puffed. Or what about a set of waterproof coasters that add minimalist style to our coffee tables?

The thing is — now you know that these cheap things make our homes look nicer. So, you might want to grab the items you want from this list pretty quickly, lest they sell out again.


This Easy-To-Use Drywall Putty That Comes In A Handheld Tube

This drywall repair putty is handheld and super easy to use. You simply use the practical tube to apply this anti-shrinking and anti-cracking putty, wipe away any excess with your hands, and move on. You can also sand down and paint over this putty, just like any others. Plus, the tube stops it from drying out — even if you’re using it all over the house.


A Cabinet Organizer That Contains Messy Bathroom Essentials

This under-the-cabinet organizer makes it easy to hide messy bathroom essentials, like all of your cleaning supplies, excess lotions, and travel-sized shampoos. The tall sides keep all of those tiny bottles hidden and keeps them all in place when you pull out the sliding bottom shelf. Plus, you can put together this durable plastic organizer in about two minutes, adding quick and easy organization to an otherwise messy space.


This Flexible Closet Organizer That Can Hold So Many Clothes

This hanging closet organizer has nine shelves, mesh pockets, and five drawers that are easy to rearrange, making this an ideal storage solution for those who lack the space for a dresser or just have a lot of clothes. Though this hanging organizer is lightweight enough to move around if need be, it is sturdy enough to hold shoes and other accessories.


A Set Of Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls With Airtight Lids

This set of dishwasher-safe stainless steel mixing bowls makes you look really put together while you prep dinner. Each matching bowl is complete a wide and flat rim for you to hold onto while you mix up ingredients. Plus, you get five different sizes as well as five BPA-free and airtight lids, so you can mix, serve, and store leftovers all in one bowl.


This Outlet Extender With A Secure Shelf For Your Devices

This outlet extender doesn’t just turn add nine charging ports to your wall, it solves a problem anyone with a lot of devices with short cords knows: where to store your stuff. Instead of awkwardly dangling your Kindle along the well, secure it on the shelf up top. Though this outlet extender is powerful and fast-working, it also works as a surge protector, keeping your smart phone, electric toothbrush, and other key items safe.


These Adorable Cotton Trivets With A Handwoven Design

This adorable set of round trivets is made of 100% woven cotton strings, and each one is totally heat-resistant, keeping your countertops and tables protected while adding a colorful pop of decor to your kitchen. With their heat-insulated design, you can place your baking sheet, pots, and pans right on top. This three-pack is also hand-crafted with three different designs in each set, and you can choose from four colors.


These Super Slim Hangers With A Grippy Velvet Coating

This pack of super slim hangers will even make your clothes look better. That’s because they have a velvety coating that keeps your clothes secure on the hanger — no falling to the floor and wrinkling here. They’re even more non-slip with the simple notch design that holds onto straps. Though these are great for slinky tops and silky dresses, they hold up to 10 pounds each.


A Cooling Sheet Set That Is Moisture-Resistant

This microfiber sheet set is perfect if your skincare stains your pillowcases. It’s six pieces, including a fitted sheet, top sheet, and four pillowcases. So, you can easily swap out the stained pillowcase and put them in the washing machine. This lightweight set is also impressively cooling with its temperature-regulating fabric, which will also keep you snug in the winter.

  • Available sizes: Twin – California King
  • Available colors: 7


This Automatic Soap Dispenser That Looks So Sleek On Your Counter

This soap dispenser looks nicer than a bottle of hand soap, and it’s automatic, which helps keep things hygienic, whether you use this in your bathroom or kitchen. With the chrome and black finish, it adds a sleek, modern touch to your counter. Plus, the water-resistant design means this battery-operated dispenser can handle a little stray water, which is certainly ideal.


This Black Wood Contact Paper That Makes Any Surface Look So Modern

This adhesive vinyl works like contact paper but it’s actually water-resistant, so it’s a more durable option for covering furniture. You can even apply it to glass without leftover residue. It’s complete with a painted wood finish that looks realistic on kitchen cabinets but will give any table, counter, drawer, or other surface a chic modern makeover.


This Pack Of U-Shaped Floating Shelves That Keep Your Books Secure

These floating shelves with a unique U-shaped design keeps books and other odds and ends super secure. They’re made of MDF laminate that’s sturdy and lightweight yet can hold vases, skincare, spices, and so much more. They also come with the mounting hardware you’ll need to hang all three of them, whether you choose to use them in one room or around the house.


These BPA-Free Cutting Boards That Stay Secure While You Chop

These BPA-free plastic cutting boards come in a budget-friendly set. They’re all complete with matching non-slip handles that don’t just look great, they stay super secure while you chop. Each one has a small groove to catch juice or stray pieces of green onion, keeping your counters cleaner. You also won’t have to scrub them because each one is dishwasher-safe.


A Set Of Stainless Steel Measuring Cups & Spoons With Durable Labels

This dishwasher-safe stainless steel measuring set isn’t just useful, it looks put together. The spoons have extra-long handles to reach into condiment bottles and spice jars. Meanwhile, the measuring cups are complete with compact handles and holes to hang them up. Plus, the entire set is complete with durable embossed measurement labels that will never wash off. There’s a reason why this simple, sleek set has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon with nearly 9,000 reviews.


A Waterproof Mattress Protector That Feels Soft Under Sheets

This hypoallergenic mattress protector feels so soft under a fitted sheet — even though it’s waterproof. It’s all about the cotton terry top that feels even cozier than the fabric on the mattress. Under that fabric is the protective, breathable, and noiseless membrane coating that keeps your pricey mattress protected from fluids and pests. Even with all of these luxe layers, this protector is still machine-washable.

  • Available sizes: Twin – California King


A Plush, Non-Slip Bathmat That Dries Fast

There are so many things about this non-slip bathmat that make it feel fresh. It dries super quickly after you dry off — even though it’s made of comfy, 3/4-inch thick memory foam. The low-pile velvety fabric won’t hold onto water like other super plush bathmats. Plus, this absorbent mat can go in the washing machine and the dryer, so you can always know it’s fresh and clean.


This Breathable Shelf Liner That Is Grippy But Not Sticky

Swap out contact paper for this huge roll of non-slip shelf liner that’s actually protective. It’s super cushioned to prevent scratching your cabinets or your dishes. It also has a grid texture, so the shelve can breathe underneath. Plus, the non-adhesive design stops you from filling your cabinets with sticky contact paper, making this totally renter-friendly.


A Pantry Organizer That Adds Vertical Space & Matches Your Decor

This cleanable plastic organizer is complete with three-tiered shelves that add handy vertical storage to your pantry and allow you to see every spice and sauce. Each shelf has a grippy nonslip liner that comes in a neutral cream color. But of course, this handy shelf is just as useful for bathrooms, craft rooms, offices, and anywhere you need a little boost of storage.


This Jar Opener That Won’t Take Up Drawer Space

This easy jar opener won’t take up a bunch of kitchen space like other gadgets. Instead, it should be installed under one of your cabinets to keep it out of the way and handy whenever you need some extra grip. It’s complete with pre-applied adhesive on the back and three screws. Once it’s tucked away, the V-shaped design with grippy teeth is ready to open your bottles and jars of all sizes, whether you’re dealing with jelly or a drink.


This Alarm Clock That Doubles As A Sleek Mirror

This mirror alarm clock will actually make you want to add a clock on your bedside table. The mirror back is super sleek. Plus, you can even turn the numbers off during the day, so, this USB clock will simply look like an aesthetic mirror. It also gives you a more low-profile spot to plug in your phone, making this a bedroom no-brainer.


This Dust- And Tear-Proof Storage Set For Under Your Bed

This foldable storage set is perfect for tucking extra sheets and clothes under your bed. The tear-proof, non-woven fabric means they’re durable enough to slide across your floor. Plus, the sturdy handle holds up no matter how many times you pull this organizer out. Each one is also complete with a see-through vinyl top, which keeps your belongings visible and dust-free.


A Boho Rug That Works On A Budget

This boho area rug adds a fun, bold look to your room at a super reasonable price point. The eye-catching pattern is sure to make any space pop, while the smooth fibers feel soft and supple under foot. As one reviewer raved, “I absolutely adore this rug. It fits my space perfectly and pairs with my slightly mid-century modern decor style.”


The Utensil Holder That Adds A Touch Of Farmhouse Flair

Putting together home decor can be challenging, but using little touches like this utensil holder to show your personality goes a long way. Featuring a charming, farmhouse-style pattern, this ceramic crock can hold even tall utensils, as it measures 7 inches tall. The copper rim has just the right amount of sheen, too.


This Simple, Stackable Can Organizer That Can Up To Hold 36 Items

This simple wire organizer holds up to 36 cans. Plus, the moveable dividers means these shelves can fit large those cans of whole tomatoes. If you’re really dedicated to coconut milk life, simply grab a few of these three-tiered shelves and stack them. You know, for even more space for coconut milk and vertical storage in your pantry.


A High Pressure Shower Head That Also Helps You Clean The Tub

This handheld shower head lets you rinse your hair and spray your tub cleaner off of your tile. Yep, in addition to eight different shower modes including precise jet or a wide fan spray, it’s complete with power wash nozzles at the top to clean your shower. This easy-to-install shower head also comes in three sleek, modern finishes including chrome, rubbed bronze, and satin nickel.


A Set Of 4 Storage Baskets That Have Seemingly Endless Uses

These adorable matching storage baskets keep their shape with a rust-resistant steel frame. These handy baskets can be used to keep anything from makeup (they’re easy to wipe clean!) to underwear (they’re soft and gentle!) to office supplies and books. If you want to store this set, all of the small bins easily tuck inside the largest one. Plus, you can choose from nine colors to match your room.


A Pillow That Turns Your Bathroom Into A Spa

Make bath time even more comfortable and relaxing with this bath pillow. It adheres directly to your tub thanks to six strong suction cups, and thanks to the breathable mesh material that promotes airflow, it dries quickly and won’t feel soggy. It even comes with washing bag that doubles as a traveling case, too.


The Genius Gadget That Makes Cleaning High Windows A Breeze

Cleaning hard-to-reach windows just got so much easier thanks to this window washing kit. It comes with a telescoping pole that extends from 5 to 12 feet in length, plus a chenille microfiber scrubber to remove stuck-on grime. For a clean, streak-free finish, try using one of the included squeegee attachments.


This Stick-On Film For Easy Frosted Windows

Add this stick-on film to your windows for the easiest frosted glass ever, adding privacy to your home. If you put it on an exterior window, it will even block out heat and 96% of UV rays, helping to keep your home cool in the summer. It’s also totally free of sticky adhesive, instead, you simply use water to apply it to the glass and reviewers note it’s very easy to apply.


These 5-Tier Hangers That Keep All Of Your Pieces Secure

These five-tier hangers stop you from cramming too many hangers on your closet rack. Instead, it gives you vertical storage that’s particularly ideal for skirts, pants, and towels thanks to the adjustable chrome-plated clips with seriously strong grip on the ends. These swiveling hangers easily hold onto all of your clothing pieces without causing any harm.


This Versatile Down Alternative Comforter That Stays Nice & Puffed

This allergy-friendly, lightweight comforter will last you a while. That’s because this machine-washable comforter is fluffy enough to tuck inside a trendy duvet cover if you ever get tired of the color, meaning you can switch up your bedroom design with ease. Plus, the unique box-stitch hemline keeps the down alternative filling nice and puffed, keeping you cool in the summer and toasty in the winter.

  • Available sizes: Twin/Twin XL – King/Cal King
  • Available colors: 11


A Matching Silicone Spatula Set That’s Gentle On Your Cookware

These silicone spatulas come in a matching pack of four to make your utensil jar look more put together. Each one has a different shape, and there’s even one designed to fit inside jars. All of the heads are removable, so they’ll really get clean in the dishwasher. In addition to looking good, this heat-resistant set is also good to go when it comes to your non-stick pans, keeping your nice cookware, well, nice for longer.


These Minimalist Stickers For A Non-Slip Shower Upgrade

These anti-slip shower stickers look way more aesthetic than a bulky shower mat. These long-lasting, waterproof stickers will protect your from falling thanks to their grippy texture. This pack comes with 24 separate stickers, so you have plenty to use in your tub as well as on ladders, stairs, and other surfaces. In addition to black, these anti-slip stickers come in clear, white, gray, pink, and teal, so you can add a pop of color to your shower or keep things totally discreet.


A Reversible Protective Cover That Still Shows Off Your Sofa

This water-resistant slipcover lets your cute sofa peek through while it protects it from your pets and children. It only covers the spots that need to be protected, like the back, arms, and seats and has easy elastic straps to keep it secure. Don’t worry if the quilted microfiber fabric gets dirty: you can simply flip it over or wash it in the washing machine.

  • Sizes: Chair – 4 Seater Sofa
  • Available styles: 32


This Plant-Based Cleaner That Polishes Your Stainless Steel Appliances

This plant-based stainless-steel cleaner is worth keeping around your kitchen. This solvent-free formula polishes up your fridge and other stainless steel appliances without leaving streaks. Plus, this pH neutral spray that’s infused with coconut oil and lavender oil actually protects your appliances from fingerprints and other smudges after you’re done cleaning.


The Matte Black Faucet That Delivers Sophistication On A Budget

This bathroom faucet is a simple upgrade that can make a huge difference. The matte black finish is a bold, impactful statement in any space, while the copper drain means it’ll be durable, too. It’s completely lead free, giving you peace of mind as well as a stylish bathroom.

  • Available colors: 5


This Chic Oversized Woven Basket With Handles

This cotton basket has a chic, woven look and is super oversized for the budget-friendly price, making it great for storing throw pillows, extra blankets, or laundry. It’s also complete with a two-tone rope design and useful carrying handles, allowing you to tote it from room to room. This soft basket keeps its shape but it also folds up if you need it to. Choose from eight color combinations, including neutral white and tan or a nursery-friendly white and pink.


These Versatile Shower Caddies That Can Hold 15 Pounds Each

This set of two stainless steel shower caddies aren’t connected, and I promise it’s a good thing. This design makes these rust-proof, waterproof shelves way more versatile. You could even use the adhesive to hang one in the shower and one by the sink — and don’t worry about loading them up because they hold 15 pounds apiece. Then simply distribute the removable hooks between your two new storage spaces to hang your razor, shower poof, towels, and other essentials.


A Set Of Stain-Resistant Gel Pillows That Keep You Cool As You Sleep

These cooling gel pillows are covered in a stain- and fade-resistant sateen fabric, keeping your pillows looking nice even without a pillowcase. As for the fill, it’s a plush gel fiber that’s not going to lose its shape — and it helps keep you cool. These pillows are an Amazon shopper favorite with 105,000 five-star reviews.


A Silverware Organizer That Works In Small Drawers

This non-slip silverware organizer has little pockets that you slide your utensils into, and at just a little over 4 inches wide, it saves space in even small kitchen drawers. Storing your forks, spoons, and knives diagonally makes them easier to grab and saves a bunch of space in your drawer. You can actually fit 24 pieces of silverware in this slim organizer.


A Pan Organizer That You Can Use Horizontally & Vertically

This five-slot pan organizer is super secure, no matter where you put it. It has sturdy bars that let you stand it up vertically and horizontally — with or without the included screws. You could even pop it on your countertop, and this free-standing wire rack will stay put. Choose from bronze, silver, or white to match your kitchen’s decor.


This Ventilated Toilet Brush Set That’s Actually Quite Chic

This toilet cleaning set is complete with a flexible silicone brush that’s super easy to clean with. This bendy brush fits perfectly in the ventilated holder with a tray that helps all of the toilet water evaporate. Plus, this chic little toilet cleaner comes in rose gold, white, or silver, making an otherwise unsightly item a welcome addition to your bathroom.


This Easy Picture Hanging Kit With So Many Supplies

This picture hanging kit gives you way more than a few small nails. It actually gives you hanging wire, hooks, precision hangers, self-tapping screws, a level, magnetic keys, and more to make sure your frames are even. This budget-friendly set is 84 pieces total — enough to decorate your whole house.


This Expandable Cabinet Shelf That Fits Around Pipes

This U-shaped cabinet organizer lets you store products around a sink pipe. The expandable design is also perfect to go with organizers you already have, because you can raise this durable plastic shelf high enough to fit your plastic bins under it and expand it from 16 to 20 inches wide. It won’t collapse on your other organizers because it holds up to 40 pounds on the top shelf.


These Pleated Paper Blinds That Give You Coverage Without Commitment

Blinds can be expensive, but these pleated paper blinds give you the benefits of temporary window coverage at an affordable price. Each pack contains six blinds that you can cut to your exact dimensions and adhere via reliable 3M adhesive. Thanks to the dark shade, they offer blackout coverage, too.


An Extra-Long Bed Skirt That’s Wrinkle Resistant

There’s no chance your boxspring will stick out of this machine-washable bed skirt. The 100% microfiber fabric is extra-long to cover up all of the handy storage bins under your bed, keeping your room looking neat and tidy. It even keeps dust away from all of your under-bed storage. It’s also wrinkle-resistant, so you don’t have to take it off and iron it.

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