Amazon Keeps Selling Out Of These 45 Home Improvement Products With Near-Perfect Reviews

Home products that deserve the hype.

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With a little planning and effort, you can give your home a modern update for less than a few hundred dollars. But if you aren’t sure where to start? Don’t worry: All of the home improvement products you’ll find below not only have near-perfect reviews, they’re so popular that many of them keep selling out. So what are you waiting for? Besides, I think I can even hear that privacy film just begging to be added to your cart.


A Magnetic Shelf That Attaches To Your Stove

You can never have too much kitchen storage — so pop this shelf onto the top of your stove. It’s made from sleek stainless steel that’s resistant to rust, and it’ll look good no matter how you’ve styled your kitchen. Plus, it sticks to your stove using magnets, which means zero tools are needed for installation.


These Wire Racks To Organize All Your Kitchen Essentials

If cutting boards or pot lids constantly fall out of the kitchen cabinet every time you open the door, this pantry wire rack organizer is for you. Available in a set of two, each rack includes three compartments perfect for stacking cutting boards, cookie sheets, Tupperware lids, and other kitchen essentials. They also have rubber feet to prevent skidding and protect the cabinet shelf, which is great for renters.


These Light Bars You Can Stick Nearly Anywhere

Workbenches, cabinets, hallways — these LED light bars are perfect for nearly anywhere. Each one is backed with adhesive for easy mounting, and also feature built-in magnets in case you want to place them on metal surfaces. Plus, each one only requires four AAA batteries.


A Filter That Helps Remove Impurities From Your Shower Water

The chlorine found in hard water can leave your skin and hair feeling dry — so try adding this filter to your shower. Zero tools are required for installation, and it’s designed to work with all types of showers. “Amazing!” raved one reviewer. “I could actually feel a difference when showering, the water almost felt softer if possible and the chlorine smell was gone.”


A Set Of Grippers That Keep Rugs From Curling Up

Curled rugs can be stubborn, which is precisely why I have a set of grippers — like these ones — holding mine down flat. They’re easy to peel off if need be, and the adhesive won’t leave behind any sticky residues upon removal. “These rug grippers work EXCELLENTLY,” raved one reviewer. “The rugs are not going anywhere!”


An Outlet Extender With Built-In Surge Protection

This outlet extender features built-in surge protection. It also has two USB ports for easy charging, as well as a little notch on top where you can rest your phone as it powers up. Plus, there are six outlets included, and it has over 20,000 five-star ratings.


This Absorbent Doormat That Dries Quickly

Not only is this doormat able to dry extra-quickly, but it can also absorb nearly two cups’ worth of water. It’s great for indoor as well as outdoor use — and since the material is stain-resistant, there’s very little need for regular washing.


These Fabric Storage Bins That Slide Right Under Your Bed

If you’re always looking for more storage spots, these breathable fabric bags fit easily under most beds to organize and make use of even the smallest areas. The bins feature a clear plastic top so you can easily see what you’re looking for, and reinforced handles so you never have to worry about tearing. Measuring 42-by-18-by-6 inches, the containers can also be folded when not in use for easy storage.


These Baskets That Slide Onto Shelves

Plastic wrap, office supplies, dog toys — these wire baskets can be used to hold practically anything. Installation is a total breeze, as they slide onto any standard-sized shelf without any hardware needed. Plus, one reviewer wrote about how “they are pretty sturdy.”


These Wireless LED Pucks For Easy Accent Lighting

Over 26,000 Amazon reviewers have given five stars to these wireless LED puck lights, and it’s easy to see why. The battery-operated lights come with mounting tape and screws for easy installation along with a remote that lets you control the power, brightness, and auto-shutoff timer. The long-lasting lights are also touch-sensitive so you can turn them on and off with a tap.


These Mats That Help Keep Your Fridge Clean

Something about refrigerator messes makes them hard to clean — but if you put down these mats, they’ll catch any spills before they hit your shelves. And unlike your shelves, the waterproof and oil-proof surface makes them easy to wipe clean.


This Mattress Pad That Won’t Leave You Sweating

Some mattress pads can make your bed feel hot — but not this one. It’s made from a special blend of microfiber and bamboo to help regulate your body temperature while you sleep, along with extra-deep pockets to fit taller mattresses. Plus, it’s even machine-washable in case it gets dirty.


An Easy-To-Install Wireless Doorbell

Installing this wireless doorbell couldn’t be easier — just attach it with the included all-weather adhesive or anchors and screws. The kit includes two doorbell transmitters and one receiver and offers a range of up to 1,000 feet. You can program each doorbell to ring with a different chime, and there are five color options to match your home decor.


This Towel Bar Made From Tough Steel

With thousands of positive reviews, it’s clear that Amazon shoppers more than approve of this cabinet towel rack. It’s made from tough steel that looks just as good as it is durable — and the hooks on top make it easy to hang over any standard-sized cabinet door.


A Cushioned Mat That Can Help Reduce Fatigue

Standing at your counters for a long time can leave your legs feeling sore and tired — so grab this mat. The cushioned top helps absorb shock in order to prevent fatigue, while the waterproof material is easy to clean in the event of spills. Choose from three colors: brown, black, or grey.


These Refillable Paint Pens That Are Perfect For Quick Fixes

Not only are these paint pens great for making quick fixes around your home, but they’re also so airtight that the paint inside can stay fresh for years. The brush tip applicator means there’s no need to bust out an extra paint brush — and each order includes a syringe so that you can fill them up without making a mess.


This Comfy Textured Shower Mat With A NonSlip Grip

Unlike some in-shower mats, these PVC mats have a non-slip bottom so you don’t have to worry about your shower concert ending in a fall. They’re soap-scum resistant, won’t chip paint or scuff up tile, and can be easily washed in warm water. They come in six colors to match any bathroom vibe and are available in three sizes to truly fit your tub.


A Shower Head Holder That’s Easily Adjustable

Not only is this shower head holder made from rustproof ABS material, but the shiny chrome finish complements any bathroom. The best part about it is how adjustable it is — turn it left and right to angle your shower head however you like. And as for installation? It’s backed with a tough suction cup that can hold up to 7.5 pounds.


A Pack Of Wireless LED Touch Lights To Brighten Any Space

Brighten up closets, shelving, kitchen counters, or any space that needs a little light with the handy LED touch lights. The warm white lights feature a compact and wireless design that you can place virtually anywhere and can be turned on and off with a light tap. They’re also super easy to install with the included mounting tape or screws.


A Lazy Susan Shelf That Adds Storage To Cramped Cabinets

Running out of space in your cabinets? Allow this lazy Susan shelf to help open some up. The spinning base helps you reach items located all the way in the back, while the shelf can be adjusted to fit taller items underneath. Plus, the sturdy steel legs can handle up to 25 pounds.


These Chair Leg Covers That Help Protect Floors From Scratches

Don’t let sliding chairs scratch up your floors — instead, cap them with these protective covers. They’re made from flexible silicone that stretches to fit nearly any chair leg, and come in five colors for an extra-subtle look: brown, clear, dark walnut, black, or grey.


These Storage Straps That Are Great For Organizing Hoses, Cables, & More

Not only are these storage straps so sturdy that they can hold up to 50 pounds, but they’re also made from weatherproof polypropylene that’s designed to last. They work particularly well with ropes, extension cables, hoses, and more. Plus, the stainless steel grommet makes it easy to hang them up in your garage.


A Wall-Mounted Bin To Keep All Your Plastic Bags Organized In 1 Spot

This plastic bag holder and dispenser allows you to finally keep all those loose bags in one convenient spot. It easily mounts on a wall or inside a cabinet door with the included screws or adhesive, and it has two extra-wide openings for easy access. Plus, it’s fingerprint resistant, so the stainless steel construction will stay looking shiny and new.


This LED Backlight That Can Help Reduce Eye Strain

Staring at a bright television screen while sitting in the dark can put strain on your eyes — but that’s where this LED backlight comes in handy. It can help reduce strain as well as improve your screen’s contrast, and the settings are easily adjustable using the included remote. “These lights have improved my tv watching and video gaming experience tremendously,” wrote one reviewer. “It really does help relieve eye strain.”


The Floating Shelves With A Rustic Touch

Made from solid Paulownia wood, these floating shelves are perfect for creating a stylish accent wall. The industrial metal brackets combined with the torched wood give them a rustic appearance — and each set of three even costs less than $25.


This Easy-To-Install Bidet That Won’t Break The Bank

There’s no need to call a plumber for help when installing this bidet, as most reviewers were able to get it up and running in less than 30 minutes — no tools required. And while the price may be cheap, it still comes with a variety of high-quality features, including a self-cleaning retractable nozzle, adjustable water pressure, as well as an ultra-slim frame that fits comfortably underneath your existing toilet seat.


The Battery Organizer That Comes With A Charge Tester

Got a drawer filled with loose batteries? Then this organizer is worth a look. There’s space for up to 93 batteries, ranging from small AAAs to chunky Ds — and the clear cover makes it easy to see where everything is stored at a glance. Plus, each order includes a tester so that you can throw away any batteries that have lost their charge.


A Draft Stopper That Helps Insulate Your Home

Drafty doors are no match for this stopper, as it helps insulate your home against the weather outside. Installation is as simple as peeling off the adhesive backing, then sticking it onto the bottom of your door — and it even comes in four colors: black, brown, grey, or white.


This Pet Hair Remover With A Cult Following

Over 101,000 Amazon shoppers have given this pet hair remover tool a perfect five-star review, with one fan writing, “So glad I found this!! It works so easily. Just move it forward and backwards and it picks up so much pet hair that you can’t even see!!” The nonstick roller captures fur as you move it along the desired surface and then dispenses it into a separate compartment for easy cleaning.


These Rug Grips That Flatten Out Turned-Up Corners

Rugs can curl at the edges for any number of reasons, but whether yours are caused by heavy foot traffic or high humidity, more than 10,000 Amazon shoppers swear these rug corner grips work like a charm. Their weatherproof adhesive allows you to use them on indoor and outdoor rugs of virtually any size or thickness, and a rubberized coating protects your floors. Peel and stick — it really is that easy.


These Plasic Bins To Keep Your Refrigerator Organized

If you often find things getting lost in the back of the refrigerator, these plastic refrigerator bins are for you. The clear bins make it simple to organize all your produce, beverages, condiments and more, and see everything you have in the refrigerator at one glance to avoid waste. They are made of shatter-proof, BPA-free plastic and include a built-in handle so you can easily grab whatever you need.


These Clear Door Bumpers That Are So, *So* Easy To Install

The sound of slamming cabinet doors is rarely ever pleasant, so why not take a look at these bumpers? They’re made from clear silicone, giving them an ultra-subtle look regardless of what color your cabinets are — and installation is a total breeze since each one has an adhesive backing. “These tiny little bumpers are perfect for keeping my cabinet doors quiet on closing,” wrote one reviewer. “They are easy to apply and the adhesive is just right.”


This Silicone Cover To Keep Counter Gaps Mess-Free

If you’ve ever dropped food in the black hole between the stovetop and the counter, check out this silicon gap cover. Easy to cut to the exact length you need and install, the cover can be slipped right on top of the gap to keep accidental spills out. It is dishwasher safe and heat resistant up to 446 degrees. Plus, it comes in white, black, and clear to seamlessly blend in with your kitchen surfaces.


These Color-Changing Garden Lights That Are Powered By The Sun

Brighten up your garden at night with these color-changing lights. There’s no complicated wiring needed in order to get them up and running, as each one is powered by a built-in solar panel that keeps them lit for up to 18 hours. Plus, the waterproof design helps keep them looking good come rain or snow.


The Under-The-Cabinet Mug Hooks That Are *So* Easy To Install

Don’t clutter up an entire cabinet with mugs — instead, hang them on these hooks. They slide onto the bottom of your cabinet so that they hang underneath of it, and no tools are required for installation. Plus, the sturdy metal frame is so strong that it can easily support up to 6 pounds. “I bought these to use in the cupboard for coffee cups and ended up using one in my closet to hang my purses on,” wrote one reviewer. “They are well made and could be used for many things like scarves, belts, etc.”


A Furniture Repair Kit That Won’t Break The Bank

Having your furniture professionally restored can cost a pretty penny, whereas this repair kit is available for less than $15. Each order comes with crayons and markers in wood-friendly colors, ranging from light oak to dark mahogany. Simply color in any scratches, then watch as they melt away before your eyes.


The Waterproof Contact Paper That Looks Just Like White Marble

Replacing outdated counters can cost an arm and a leg — which is only part of the reason why I’m a fan of this contact paper. Not only does it look just like white marble, but it’s also so waterproof that you can place it around sinks without having to worry about it deteriorating. Plus, the adhesive backing makes installation a total breeze.


A Box That Hides Cluttered Cables

Got a mess of cables sitting out in plain sight? Use this box to hide them away. Slots on both ends allow you to thread your wires through if need be — and many reviewers wrote about how their space now “looks so much better.”


The Cable Labels That Come In 9 Colors

Color coding your cables is a total breeze when you have these labels. Each order comes with nine different colors, making it easy to differentiate which cable is plugged into where — and the hook-and-loop closure means there’s no need to worry about any sticky adhesive residue upon removal. “Velcro closures make it easy to apply and stay in place,” wrote one reviewer. “Colored tabs are great for identifying cords (can write on them with sharpie).”


A Shower Caddy That’s Completely Rustproof

Ever notice how your shower caddy can get rusty over time? That isn’t a problem with this one, as it’s made from rustproof stainless steel. Each order also comes with waterproof adhesive for easy, tool-free mounting — and the hooks on the bottom are perfect for scrubbers, razors, and more.


This Easy-To-Install Mop & Broom Holder That Can Hold Up To 38 Pounds

This mounted broom storage rack is a great solution to keep all your cleaning tools off the floor and in one convenient spot. The rack has five handle slots that each hold up to 7.5 pounds, great for brooms, mops, rakes—you name it — as well as six foldable hooks for rags and feather dusters. Plus, everything you need to install—cardboard to mark the screw spots, screws, and plastic anchors—are all included.


These Apothecary Jars That Come With Pre-Printed Labels

Cotton rounds, flossers, Q-tips — these apothecary jars are great for all sorts of items. The lids help keep everything inside safe from dust, and each order even includes a set of pre-printed labels to help you keep everything organized. And if your vanity is already looking good? You can also use them to store office supplies at work.


A Handy Drip Tray For Your Kitchen Faucet

Slip this silicone splash guard around your kitchen faucet to catch drips and cut down on the number of times you have to wipe your countertop. It hugs sinks of all sizes, with textured grooves to elevate sponges and dish soap, while two tiny spouts direct runoff into the sink. You can even toss it in the dishwasher when it needs cleaning, and the whole thing rolls up for easy storage.


These LED Candles That Flicker Just Like Real Ones

Always having to buy new candles quickly adds up, so why not save some money and upgrade to these LED ones? The bulbs flicker just like actual flames, giving them an incredibly realistic look — even up close. And since each order includes a remote, you can easily adjust their settings without having to get up from the couch.


An Under-The-Sink Mat That Absorbs Dripping Water

Don’t let dripping pipes ruin your cabinets — just put this absorbent mat underneath your sink. The non-slip back keeps it from shifting around, and you can even trim it to fit smaller spaces. Plus, the quick-drying material won’t leave your cabinets with unwanted mildew odors.

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