Amazon Keeps Selling Out Of These Pet Products Because They're So Freaking Cheap & Clever

Helpful little things to make you and your pet happy.

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Whether you’re a seasoned pet owner or have just welcomed a furry friend to your home for the first time, there are plenty of items on this list for you and your pet to love. These top pet picks have become so popular on Amazon thanks to their reasonable price points and wide spectrum of usefulness — pretty much anything you could need to keep your pet healthy and happy can be found here. And I know from (lots of) experience that a healthy, happy pet makes for a happy pet parent.


A Gentle Oatmeal Shampoo That Works Without Water

You and your pet buddy are going to flip over this oatmeal no-rinse shampoo. The formula is free from harsh chemicals and is especially helpful if your pet has sensitive skin. The combination of oatmeal and coconut lime verbena moisturizes the skin while cleansing, conditioning, and detangling fur.


A Double-Sided Grooming Tool To Help De-Shed Your Pet

Whether your pet happens to have long fur or the seasons are changing, this two-in-one de-shedding comb will keep your pet looking their best. One side is equipped with a wide-tooth comb that gets knots and tangles out with ease. The other side is a fine tooth comb perfect for gently pulling loose fur from your pet.


These Gloves That Groom Your Pet While You’re Petting Them

These grooming gloves offer a new way to care for your pet’s hair at home. The palms and fingers of the gloves are topped with a bristle-covered pad that combs, detangles, and brushes out loose fur for your dog or cat through the soothing motion of you petting them.


This Set Of Stainless Steel Bowls With A Spill-Proof Mat

Keeping the area around your pet’s food bowls clean is super convenient when you switch to this stainless steel pet bowl set with a spill-proof mat. The silicone mat is designed with a small lip around the edge to catch loose kibble and water droplets. Both the bowls and mat can be tossed in the dishwasher for quick cleaning, too.


A Set Of Colorful Spring Toys Your Cat Will Love To Chase

Keep your kitty entertained by getting them these colorful spring toys to play with. The extra-wide design gives them more bounce in their springing action and makes them durable to boot. The array of vibrant colors makes them easy to spot as well.


This Toothbrush For Your Pet That Fits On Your Finger

Maintain your pet's oral care at home thanks to this nifty finger toothbrush. Unlike a traditional toothbrush that can be hard to wield, this one is designed to slip over a finger to give you optimum control while brushing your pet's teeth. They’re made from a soft silicone material that’s effective on plaque but won’t harm your pet's gums.


An Eco-Friendly Hair Remover That’s An MVP Around The House

Pet owners swear by this eco-friendly hair remover to get all the excess fur off their furniture and clothes — just gently slide it and go. The premium metal blade is made from pure copper which makes it incredibly durable and built to last through years of use. It’s also very compact, which makes it easy to travel with.


A Pair Of Super Absorbent & Reusable Potty Pads

There’s no need to sacrifice on home decor while potty training your dog thanks to these washable pee pads. The incredible absorbency of these pads means they can be used several times in a row before being tossed in the washer for cleaning. And the back is equipped with a nonslip material that helps them stay securely in place.


This Citrus-Scented Spray That Helps Eliminate Unpleasant Pet Odors

No matter what types of smells may arise in your home thanks to your pet, nip them in the bud with the help of this citrus-scented odor eliminator spray. What sets this deodorizing spray apart from others is the fact it doesn’t just mask the smell — it targets the root of the odor and destroys the source of the unpleasant aroma. It works on carpets, upholstery, tile, car interiors, and more.


A Lick Mat To Help Soothe Nervous Or Bored Pets

These lick mats are a great way to keep your pet occupied for hours on end and can help prevent them from giving in to unwanted behaviors. You can use this for a variety of stressful situations your pet has to go through, like a nail cut, bath, or vet visit, as well as to redirect current licking habits. Any sort of pet-safe, spreadable treat works well with these mats.


These Chewable Organic Hemp Treats With Calming Properties

Help your pet reach a natural state of relaxation by using these organic hemp calming chews. They are soft and tastily flavored, which makes them easy for your pet to eat. A wide range of soothing ingredients like chamomile and valerian root helps with issues like anxiety, hyperactivity, and environmentally induced stress. There are four flavor options to choose from, as well.


This Adjustable Seat Belt To Help Protect Your Pet During Car Rides

The safety of your pets is at the forefront with these adjustable pet seatbelts. One end has an attachment that clips into your car’s seatbelt buckle, while the other side has a leash clip to go on your dog's collar or harness. There is an adjustable slide to shorten or lengthen the belt and a built-in bungee section of the strap for added flexibility.


This Soft Bristle Brush That Works Well On Short & Long Fur

Whether your furry companion has short or long fur, easily tend to it with the help of this soft bristle pet brush. The flexible plastic bristles have a round-shaped head that helps protect your pet’s skin while you’re grooming them. The nonslip handle makes it easy to comb through knots, too.


This Extra-Large Silicone Mat To Keep Your Pet’s Meal Area Tidy

Cat and dog owners alike are loving this big, silicone feeding bowl mat to keep the floors clean from their pets’ eating and drinking messes. It has a nonslip surface that keeps it firmly in place. Whenever it needs a quick cleaning, you can toss it in the dishwasher.


A Professional-Grade Dog Grooming Kit You Can Use At Home

Save yourself some money by grooming your dog at home. Curious how you can make that happen? Invest in this complete dog grooming kit and you’re on your way. It comes with electric clippers, two types of hand shears, a brush, a comb, and more to give your dog the snazzy haircut it needs.


These Hip & Joint Supplements To Aid In Your Dog’s Long-Term Health

Take preventative measures for your pup's health by giving them these hip and joint supplements on a daily basis. These chewy treats are formulated with only eight ingredients — each serves a specific purpose, like turmeric for helping manage inflammation and glucosamine for cartilage support. There are three flavor choices available, too.


This Hands-Free Dog Leash That Revolutionizes The Walk

This hands-free leash is transforming the way dog owners are able to go about doing physical activities with their pooch. It comes with an adjustable belt that fits snugly but comfortably around your waist. There is also a bungee leash with handles in case you do need to physically maneuver your pet with your hands.


A 2-Pack Of Pet Combs Perfect For Tackling Tangles

This set of two pet combs is made with thin, metal teeth that are perfectly designed to groom a wide range of animal fur. It comes with one short and one long comb, for easy maneuvering with pets large and small. Each comb has an easy grip handle that makes it comfortable to use while brushing out mats, knots, and tangles.


This Lint Roller With Super Sticky Sheets To Remove Pet Hair From Anything

Get all of your favorite fabrics looking fresh and new with the help of this extra-sticky lint roller. The adhesive sheets easily lift hair off clothes and furniture without causing damage to those items. Once you’re finished, tear off the sheet and toss it in the trash.


An Interactive Toy Your Cats Won’t Be Able To Resist

Keep your kitties entertained for hours of fun with this unique interactive toy. Mount it to any table or piece of furniture that has an edge it can clamp onto. This battery-operated toy will automatically raise and lower a fuzzy ball or group of feathers — whichever strikes your cat’s fancy — attached to the cord.


These Fully Compostable Bags To Pick Up Your Dog’s Doo

There is a lot to love about these compostable poop bags that pet owners won’t find with other brands. They are made from 100% plant materials so they’re eco-friendly and not single-use plastic. These bags are also odor-blocking and leakproof, so you can handle your dog’s business confidently.


A Waterproof Travel Bag For Your Pup’s Belongings

You can’t beat the versatility of this pet travel bag for taking along your furry companion's stuff when you guys are on the go. While this bag is specifically made to hold your dog's kibble (up to 30 cups to be exact — great for long trips), you can also use it to hold other sundries like a leash, toys, treats, and more.


A Mounted Self-Grooming Tool Your Cat Will Love

If your cat loves to get pets and scratches, think about getting them this self-grooming wall brush. This brush fits snugly onto most corners in your house, like wall corners, cabinets, and furniture legs to name a few. Install it in a few minutes with the adhesive backing or screws for optional reinforcement.


This Reusable Water Bottle With A Built-In Bowl For Your Dog

Make sure you always have water for your pooch while out and about thanks to this reusable water bottle. It is equipped with a built-in bowl where you can directly pour water for your dog to easily drink from. This bottle is made from food-grade silicone plastic, so it’s safe and durable.


A Waterproof Blanket To Protect Your Pet’s Favorite Spot

Give your cat or dog the gift of this waterproof pet blanket that will keep them warm — and your couch dry — while in use. This blanket is made from a microfiber fleece that is incredibly soft to the touch. It’s also reversible, so you basically get two blankets for the price of one. Your pet can use this in and outdoors, too.


This Sling That Lets You Easily Carry Around Your Pet

Easily carry around your pet in this reversible travel sling while being able to freely use your hands. It’s made from a blended cotton cloth that is highly durable, but still soft to the touch. The sling strap has a safety collar hook to ensure your pet stays securely in the pouch area. It’s perfect for pets weighing up to 13 pounds.


An Interactive Ball Dogs & Cats Will Go Nuts Over

If you have a pet who likes to be constantly entertained, consider getting them this interactive ball toy. Press and hold the on button for 3 seconds and the ball will move, rotate, and bounce all on its own. It also has a multi-color flashing light mode for some extra fun during playtime.


An Automatic Water Fountain For Kitties Who Love To Drink From The Faucet

This handy cat water fountain is designed with a four-part filtration system to give your feline friend the cleanest drinking water possible. The free-flowing spout has two streaming modes, as well. Its base has a transparent window to easily keep track of the water level for timely refills.


This Deodorizing Soy Candle With Aromatherapy Properties

This aromatherapy deodorizing candle is quickly growing in popularity among pet owners. You’ll pick up notes of lavender and chamomile as the fragrance subtly deodorizes your home while being gentle on sensitive pet noses. It also brings a calming sense to the space, which can help you and your pooch or kitty de-stress.


An Automated Laser Toy That Will Entertain Your Pet For Hours

Boredom will never be an issue for your cat when you get them this automatic laser pointer to play with. To operate this toy, simply put four AA batteries in and it’s ready to use. Once it’s turned on it will run for 15 minutes of playtime then turn itself off, to ensure kitty doesn’t get overstimulated.


This Plush Hide & Seek Dog Toy With Slices Of Pizza & A Box

Your pup will have a tough time passing up this plush hide-and-seek toy — after all, who doesn’t love pizza? Even though it’s plush, soft, crinkly, and squeaky, this toy will also provide mental stimulation for your dog as they can spend time working to get the pizza slices out of the hole in the box to challenge their brains.


This Round, Fuzzy, Calming Bed That Pets Can’t Get Enough Of

More than 53,000 satisfied customers have given this calming pet bed a 5-star review on Amazon. This donut-shaped bed encompasses your pet, gently wrapping around them to help them relax. There are multiple size and color options available as well, so you can find the perfect bed for your fur friend.


A Carpet Rake To Easily Lift Out The Animal Fur Stuck In Your Rugs

This carpet rake is great at getting deep into the fibers of your rug to grab up all the loose fur your pets have lost throughout the changing seasons. The rake section is made from rubber and has several rows of tiny bristles that work together to efficiently clean hair out of carpets. It’s also safe to use on other flooring, like hardwoods, tile, and linoleum, and helps save your vacuum’s filter.


This Natural Fish Oil Supplement In A Pump Container

Look out for the long-term health of your dog by adding this liquid fish oil to their diet. It comes in a pump container which makes it super easy to administer to their food without making a mess. Fish oil is a power ingredient said to support heart, brain, and joint health, along with promoting a shiny coat, too.


A Massage-Like Grooming Brush With Silicone Bristles

Your cat will actually want you to groom them when you use this ultra-soft grooming brush. It’s made from a flexible rubber that gently massages your kitty's skin when you comb it through their fur. There is a nonslip handle that fits perfectly between your fingers for easy gripping, and it can remove up to 90% of loose fur.