Amazon Keeps Selling Out Of These Pet Products With Near-Perfect Reviews

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by Madison Barber
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Our pets deserve the best — there’s no doubt about that. If you’re the owner of a furry (or scaly) friend, there’s a pretty high chance you already own the essentials for your pet like food, a leash, a bed, and probably a toy or two to keep them entertained throughout the day. But, did you know there’s tons of other products out there that are also great additions to your pet’s daily routine? That’s right! There’s tons of must-have products out there that any dog, cat, and even hamster or fish owner should consider investing in. Luckily, Amazon has them all at affordable prices and with honest customer reviews included on each product page.

For example, if you’re a nighttime dog walker, you’ll love this reflective collar that allows people on the road to see your pup no matter what. Or, if you’re planning on traveling with your car soon and have no way to bring your kitty, this cat carrier is something to consider adding to your cart. The options for popular pet products on Amazon are seemingly endless, which is why I picked out 40 of the best, all with incredible reviews and all of which are selling like hotcakes.

Check out all 40 products right here – it’ll be tricky to not find something that your pet will absolutely love.


A Self-Cleaning Pet Brush With Over 55,000 Five-Star Reviews

Love your dog or cat but hate the layer of hair that they leave all over your furniture? With this brush, pet hair on the couch will surely become a thing of the past in your household. Just extend the bristles on this brush to comb through your dog’s or cat’s fur, then retract the bristles to release all of the fur and dump it in the trash. This fan-favorite brush has over 55,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, so you know it works well.

One reviewer writes: “I brushed off enough cat hair to have another cat. I would recommend this brush if you want to brush your fur babies bald. It won't actually ever happen, them being bald, but it is so satisfying to see that fur pile up next you as you spend 30 minutes brushing your cat or dog. [...] The push button to retract the bristles is fantastic and makes for easy clean up!”


A Perch For Your Cat That Lets Them People Watch All Day

If your kitty loves to sit by the window, they’ll love it even more while laying on this window perch. This perch has giant suction cups and thick stainless-steel wires that hold up to 40 pounds in weight, giving your cat a sturdy and comfortable place to be elevated and rest. Plus, the fabric is machine washable, which any cat owner knows is a must.

One reviewer writes: “We needed something sturdy that could easily be placed, moved, replaced, and not lose its integrity or leave any marks/wear behind. I was worried when purchasing if the suction cups would hold, and if the material of the hammock would be easily cleaned of hair, etc. After receiving and placing the item, I saw how sturdy the general frame, hammock, and suction cups were. […]I am extremely picky when it comes to the safety of my cats, and what I leave them with unattended. I feel comfortable with this window seat, and I’m very happy with my purchase.


This Visibility Collar That Protects Your Pup While Walking At Night

If you’re walking your dog at night, make sure they’re visible with this light-up collar. With 1,000 feet of visibility, this rechargeable, water-resistant collar will ensure both you and surrounding passersby can see your pup when it’s dark out, keeping them safe on any night walk or outdoor excursion. It has three lighting modes for added visibility: solid, fast blink, and slow blink.

One reviewer writes: “I absolutely love these collars, they are very easy to turn on and off, very easy to change the settings to on, slow flashing and fast flashing. Extremely easy and fast charging, I first bought these callers in the beginning of November 2019 and just finally had to charge them in the middle of January 2020. The batteries last a long time and I use the collars on my dogs every night. They are very easy to put on and take off of your dog.”


This Collapsible Food & Water Bowl That’s Great For Travel

If you’re traveling with your pet or always bringing them to the dog park or bar, you’ll want to tote along this collapsible dog bowl. This silicone bowl is easy to travel with thanks to its ability to fold down and its included carabiner that clips onto any bag. The reinforced rim also prevents any spilling, so cleanup’s a breeze.

One reviewer writes: “We spend a lot of days/evenings at the baseball field in the spring/summer, so [we’re] looking for a portable feeding bowl for our dog. This is perfect because it folds up and doesn’t take any additional space.”


The Best-Selling Pet Food Container That Keeps Food Fresh & Pests Out

With patented gamma seal technology, this Vittles Vault is a truly airtight container that keeps your pet’s food fresher for longer. It keeps good moisture in, locks out bad moisture, and keeps pests — and pets who are obsessed with food — effectively out of the container. This durable, BPA-free pet food container is a best-seller on Amazon, with over 71,000 total reviews and a 4.8-star rating.

One reviewer writes: “I wanted a product that would fit conviently into my coat closet and would prevent the closet from smelling of dog food. It also needed to be easy to open and close as well as clean. This fit the bill to a T. You wouldn't know dog food was kept in the closet as it does as it says, it seals. We recently had an invasion of ants that invaded our pantry and entrance way. Never found a single ant near vault, must work well if the ants couldn't find it. Easy screw top to access the food. I liked the big opening as it is easy to fill from a 40lb bag and easy to reach the bottom when getting low. I clean it after every bag with dawn and water and let it air dry overnight. No complaints from me or the pup!”


A Reusable Hair-Removing Roller That You Need For All Your Furniture

Thanks to this pet hair-removing roller, you’ll actually be able to see the upholstery of your couch again. Any owner of a pet that sheds will love this easy-to-use tool that quickly and efficiently removes pet hair from every surface, whether it’s a bedspread or an article of clothing. Just roll it across the surface you need to de-shed and open the chamber to dump the contents in the trash once it’s full – the best part is you can use this again and again — no sticky tape needed.

One reviewer writes: “It works so much better than the vacuum on furniture. […] The [Chom Chom] is perfect for people like myself who live in an apartment because if I see hair on my couch or floor later at night or any time really I can clean it without being a rude neighbor and making a ton of noise. This is a must have for pet owners. I'm probably going to gift a bunch at Christmas time just because I love it so much. You won't regret trying it!”


A Food Bowl That Promotes Slow Feeding For Your Pup

If your pet can’t help but gobble up all of their dinner in under 30 seconds, it’s time to take a chance on this slow feeding dog bowl. This food bowl suits any large dog and is constructed with different maze-like compartments that make it practically impossible for your dog to eat too quickly. Plus, it has a non-slip rubber grip at the bottom, so your pup’s bowl won’t slip and slide while they’re trying to eat.

One reviewer writes: “I just adopted an 11-month old Golden and boy [...] he was ALL ABOUT THE FOOD. Unfortunately, he was inhaling it so quickly that I became worried that he would get bloat or have other issues. I feed 1 1/2-2 c AM and PM and this bowl will hold exactly 2 cups of kibble. It seriously slowed him down. [...] It has made mealtime so much safer for my buddy. He doesn't have any problems getting into all the crevices but it does take him a little time to get into the smaller openings. Perfect solution! I'd highly recommend this bowl!”


These Durable Chew Toys That Look Just Like Your Favorite Seltzers

You’re in luck if you love spiked seltzers – now your dog can enjoy one too! These plush chew toys are designed to look exactly like a White Claw seltzer without any actual alcohol inside — just a squeaker that will keep your pup engaged all day long. This pack of two comes in two different “flavor” combinations and are suitable for pets big and small.

One reviewer writes: “My dog is a soft toy destroyer. She usually tears them apart in 5 minutes, stuffing everywhere. But for some reason she has not gotten these apart yet! The fabric seems a little more durable […] Squeaker isn't in an area she bites all the time so it's not overly annoying!”


These Simple But Genius Spring Toys Cats Are Obsessed With

Cats are obsesses with the simplest things sometimes, and this 10-pack of springs absolutely fits the bill. These colorful toys are 3 inches long each, and are perfect for individual play or you can engage your cat with them by bouncing the springs and watching them chase them throughout the house. Trust me — your kitty will love these — over 17,000 five-star reviewers guarantee it.

One reviewer writes: “My cat absolutely LOVES these spring toys. I think it might be partly because they move unpredictably when she bats at them. Or maybe it's because they're a large awkward shape, difficult for her to carry around in her small mouth, so they fall out and roll away like a small prey animal wriggling free and trying to escape. I don't know, that still doesn't explain to me why she's so nuts for these. She actually initiates play on her own, occasionally dropping a spring at my feet for me to toss. Amazing!”


This Must-Have Pet Travel Bag That’s Ideal For Travel

Whether you’re traveling with your dog soon or just want a bag that holds all their essentials, look no further than this tote. This travel bag is not only airline-approved, but it also has multiple pockets that make flying, road-tripping, or even simply heading to the dog park with your pup’s essentials a seamless experience. It even comes with two collapsible food bowls and two special food containers, making this ideal for long hauls.

One reviewer writes: “I've been using this bag for over a year now. It shows no signs of wear at all. I still love this bag! I use it anytime we travel anywhere. I love having the dog stuff all in one place!”


A Mesh Mat That Keeps Your Cat’s Litter Box Area Clean

The best thing you can add to your cat’s litter station? This mat, which sits perfectly underneath a litter box to catch any pieces of stray litter, helps to eliminate unpleasant odors, and is even urine-proof. This mesh mat will prevent any messes from tracking through your house or ruining your carpets, and its waterproof construction couldn’t make it any easier to clean.

One reviewer writes: “I bought two of these and they are absolutely wonderful. Very heavy duty and made very well. […] This item works exactly as it says and I would buy this several times again. I love the size of these mats as they cover a large area and capture most every crumb of litter. We have five cats, so I know a few things about covering the area around the litter boxes.”


An Extra Large Tub Of Cat Treats With 42,000 Five-Star Reviews

With a 4.8-star rating on Amazon and nearly 48,000 total reviews, cat owners absolutely love this tub of cat treats. These nutritionally-complete treats help control your cat’s tartar thanks to their crispy outer shell, but they also have irresistible feline-friendly flavors like catnip, chicken, and cheddar. It’s a good thing this resealable tub is an entire pound, because your cat is going to go crazy for these.

One reviewer writes: “I have tried purchasing many other brands. Nothing seems to compare. I don't know exactly what is so special about Temptations, but our normally loving cats could be capable of bodily injury in order to get to these treats.”


This Portable Water Bottle That Your Dog Can Drink From

If you like to take your pup on adventures, this portable dog water bottle is going to be a total game-changer. The BPA-free water bottle comes in two sizes, 12 or 19 ounces, and you can actually carry water with you instead of hoping to find some at your final destination or pouring out some H2O from your own water bottle. That’s because this bottle has a leak-proof design that allows water to flow through to the attached bowl with the touch of a button. When your doggo is done drinking, simply press the button again, and the water will go back into the bottle.

One reviewer writes: “This water bottle is truly a godsend! I cannot imagine using any other travel water bottle for my pups! It is slim, fits perfectly in a bottle slot in my travel bag; it is lightweight and has a loop to put around my wrist when I walk with my pups. It is extremely convenient on car rides, when my pup is thirsty and needs a quick pick-me-up! I especially love the fact that it sucks the water back in, so that I am not wasting unused water.”


This Seat Protector That Prevents Any Scratches Or Stains From Your Pup

Keep the seats in your car protected from any scratches, accidents, fur balls, or mud from the park with this seat cover. Meant for your car’s backseat but able to be used as a hammock or in the trunk, this cover is extremely durable and 100% waterproof, so you can just wipe it clean or use a vacuum. Best of all, the non-slip design keeps your pet from slipping and sliding the whole car ride, so you can feel peace of mind knowing they’re secure in the rear.

One reviewer writes: “Such a great product. It looks sharp, love that it's non-slip so my dog doesn't fall down in the back, and it keeps the car so much cleaner. The hammock part is the most helpful, since it blocks the hair and drool from the floor in the back seat. I also love that the holes for the seat belt buckles zip up so hair doesn't sneak onto the seat through them. Love love love!”


This Ultra-Fluffy Bed That Your Pet Can Burrow Into

This pet bed is not only super fuzzy and adorable, but it can also help reduce your pet’s anxiety by giving them a proper place to burrow into. The doughnut shape of this pet bed allows your pet to really curl up for a good nap, and the shag design couldn’t be cozier. You can also throw the entire bed in the washing machine when it gets dirty. Choose between 14 colors and five sizes when you order, from Small to 2XL.

One reviewer writes: “Our 11-pound Chihuahua, Lucy, absolutely loves this bed! It took her a few minutes to get used to this new thing in her life […] now she practically lives in it! […] It’s incredibly soft and well padded on the sides and the bottom. The interior edges are deep enough that she can “burrow” into them. She’ll often put her leg(s) or head into that area. It’s as comfortable when placed on our hardwood floors as when it’s on the sofa.”


A Teaser Wand That Your Cat Will Want To Play With All Day

There’s no more fun way to entertain your kitty than by using this cat charmer, especially when it’s in this zany rainbow print. This teasing wand helps your feline get exercise without even needing to go outside, and the durable fabric ensures it won’t break no matter how crazy you and your cat get with it. There’s a reason it has an overall 4.8-star review — your cat will be obsessed.

One reviewer writes: “Since I bought this for my cat, she has not touched any of her other toys. She loves this toy so much I spent a straight hour playing with her yesterday (previously her other toys only kept her interested for 5 minutes). Then this morning, she woke me up at 6:30am (an hour earlier than usual). Thought she might be hungry, nope she wanted to play again. Was late for work because as soon as I put the toy down, she started meowing for me to pick it up and play with her.”


These Stuffing-Free Dog Toys That Are Sure To Last

If your dog is the kind who loves to rip the stuffing out of all of their toys, this trio of woodland creature toys is going to be your new go-to. Free of stuffing, these tuggable toys are meant to last. Despite being free of messy, potentially dangerous stuffing, these toys still have two always-engaging squeakers, making these especially fun for pups.

One reviewer writes: “I really enjoyed the fact that these toys do not have cotton stuffing on the inside. With my dog being an aggressive chewer, she manages to destroy anything/everything that has cotton stuffing on the inside. These have been so fun and my dogs go to for toys to play with. She truly enjoys them and acts like a nut while playing with them. They have held up much better than I thought.”


A Cleaning Spray That Eliminates Any Unpleasant Smell Or Stain

With this cleaning spray, the stinky odors and pesky pet stains on your floor or furniture will be no more. This enzyme-based spray can remove the evidence of everything from urine to vomit, no matter the surface — it even has a refreshing minty scent that other chemical cleaners don’t have.

One reviewer writes: “Nothing can get rid of pet urine smells like this product can. [...] I ordered this product and with one application the smell was gone. My sister also used it for cat urine and it was the only thing that got out even set in urine smells. Everyone with a cat knows how hard it can be to get cat urine out of things and this stuff works.”


This Cushiony Cat Carrier With A Convenient Carrying Strap

Traveling with your cat in the near future? Need a way to transport them to the vet for a check-up? Make sure you have this carrier to make the job easy. This cat carrier is properly ventilated thanks to the mesh windows and comes with a cushiony base and fuzzy fleece bed that ensures your cat will be comfortable no matter what. Your comfort matters, too, which is why there’s also an adjustable carrying strap attached to carrier.

One reviewer writes: “I'm very pleased [with] this carrier. I bought the medium size to accommodate my 13 lb cat & my 13 lb dog & they both fit comfortably [...] Neither my cat nor my dog were able to open the zippers & the fabric & the mesh are resistant to tearing. [...] This carrier is easy to open & refold for storage. I really like the washable pad. [...] This is just as well made as the more costly carriers I've purchased in the past.”


A Set Of Reusable Covers For Your Pet’s Canned Food

If your pet prefers canned food for meals, these can covers ensure that their chow stays fresh no matter what. These silicone can covers replace any unreliable can tops that won’t stay shut, and even keep any unpleasant smells contained inside the can. Plus, both covers in this pack of two are reusable, so you’ll never have to succumb to wasteful plastic wrap again!

One reviewer writes: “The best lid by far! I have different sizes of dog food due to little and big dogs, and these fit with a nice seal so that my refrigerator in the garage does not smell like dog food.”


These Anti-Inflammatory Face Wipes For Wrinkly Dog Breeds

If you own a bulldog of any kind or an adorable pug, you know the struggle of having to clean out their face wrinkles. These anti-inflammatory cleaning wipes make the task easy, eliminating tear stains, deodorizing the area, and soothing any irritation or itchiness. Even if you don’t have a wrinkly breed, these suitable-for-sensitive-skin wipes can be used simply to clean any pup up in other areas of their body.

One reviewer writes: “This is a life saver! I had been using other wipes for my English bully's wrinkles and they just weren't working. She started to lose her hair in her wrinkles and it just looked sore all the time. She has [sensitive] skin as is. I did some research and bought these and I am so happy I did because they are magical! I never write reviews but these wipes really do the trick. Her fur is growing back and her wrinkles just look much better overall! We also use it on her tail pocket and it works wonders!”


These Gloves That De-Shed, Detangle & Massage Your Pet

These grooming gloves truly take multitasking to the next level. Slip these on and you can not only pet your pet like normal, but you’ll help remove any buildup of loose hair. The long and short bristles on each glove finger help to really get into your pet’s coat and de-shed, detangle, and massage your fur baby. All the while, your cat or dog just feels like they’re getting a high-quality massage.

One reviewer writes: “I love that it is [massaging] for my [cat], but also collects ALL of the hair. It is so much better than just brushing. My cat sees the gloves and comes ad sits in my lap ready to be messaged. They do not harm, are soft and gentle. Very convenient to take hair off, then rinse or hand wash the nubs. I [definitely] recommend this product!”


A Kit That Comes With All Of The Essentials For Home Grooming

If you hate paying for an expensive groomer, you’ll love this professional grooming kit that you can use right in the comfort of your own home. This kit comes with rechargeable, cordless clippers, scissors, a comb, nail trimmers, and more — everything you need to ensure your pet’s coat is in tip-top shape. Importantly, the clippers are low-noise, so your pet won’t freak out when you use them.

One reviewer writes: “Just used my shaver on my shih tzu. It worked perfectly and I’m very happy with it. It came right away when and I ordered it and very well packed. The best part is that it’s silent so my dog did not get affected by the noise. [...] It’s very lightweight but sturdy at the same time. I’m a happy customer.”


A Set Of Rope Toys That Any Size Dog Can Chew On

There’s no pup around that doesn’t like tugging on a rope with their owner, and this set of durable rope toys are undoubtedly perfect for playtime. Choose between a seven-piece or 10-piece set when you order — both include rope toys suitable for small or large breeds, and there are enough toys in here to keep your dog engaged for years.

One reviewer writes: “My new puppy Winston(a Dachsund) plays with each of them. He especially likes the ones that squeak. He chases them when I throw them and he brings them back. Cannot believe the quality of each of the toys. They are top quality. These would each cost a lot if purchased separately at a retail store. You cannot go wrong purchasing the assortment! A great purchase! So glad to have it!”


This Spill-Proof Bowl & Mat Set For Any Small Pup Or Cat

This bowl-and-mat set comes with two stainless steel small bowls that can hold kibble and water right next to each other. Meanwhile, the base is actually a silicone mat with raised edges that keeps the bowls firmly in place and prevents any water or food messes from spilling out onto the floor. This whole set is dishwasher-safe, making cleanup a breeze.

One reviewer writes: “I like this a lot. One of my cats, Lucky, loves to pull the water bowls around and even the large gallon one and he makes a mess everywhere. With these bowls, he is not able to do that and the water stays put. I really like them and the fact that he can't move them.”


This Short Dog Leash With A Comfortable Padded Handle

If you have a service dog, like to walk both of your dogs at the same time, or just feel safer with a shorter leash, this leash is for you. This dog leash comes in three different lengths, the longest being just 2 feet, any of which help you maintain control of your pup — a must-have especially in high-traffic areas. The handle is padded, too, so you can feel comfortable even if you grip it for long periods of time.

One reviewer writes: “I am currently training my dog as a service dog for mobility tasks. This leash has been invaluable in his progression. One of the tasks that a service dog must be able to do is be able to maneuver seamlessly through a crowd comfortably, confidently, and courteously. This leash has allowed him to master this task.”


An Adorable Hamster Bed Shaped Like A Clawfoot Tub

If you have a tiny furry friend (hello, hamster owners!) this adorable bed is a must-have in their humble abode. This non-slip, non-toxic bed is shaped like a fancy clawfoot tub and comes in five colors that are sure to spruce up your pet’s cage. The ceramic design isn’t just aesthetic, it also provides a cooling effect that your pet will love in the summertime.

One reviewer writes: “We have 4 hamsters and bought this for one of them who loves to do odd and silly things. It's a sturdy little tub and he loves to sit in it and hide his food with some bedding in there. Cracks us up every time we see our hammy in his tub. Just a cute little added piece to his home.”


This Special Seat Belt That Your Pet Can’t Chew Through

Keep your pet secure in the backseat of your car with this awesome pet seat belt. Made from heavy-duty nylon that your pet won’t be able to chew through, this seat belt restrainer easily clips both onto a latch bar in your car and your pet’s harness to keep them secure even through the bumpiest car rides. Choose between five sizes when you order, ranging from 16 inches to 36 inches.

One reviewer writes: “Our dog started chewing the seatbelt that held his restraint so we bought this one. No more problem!”


An Absorbent Microfiber Towel For Post-Bath Time

Sometimes regular towels don’t do the trick post-bathtime, especially if your pet has a ton of fur that doesn’t dry for awhile. This microfiber bath towel is incredibly absorbent, and is even less harsh on your pet’s coat. This 41-by-23.5-inch towel is suitable for pets of all sizes and breeds, and machine-washable and quick-drying, both in the wash and for your dog.

One reviewer writes: “I have to admit I had my doubts about these towels. They feel kind of thin, and my dog has that annoying hair that just absorbs moisture, we normally use 2-3 towel to get him dry after a bath. When I went to use those the towel seemed to get wet really quickly and I was kind of worried it wasn’t going to work out, but then I realized it was getting wet because it was just sopping up the moisture from my dogs fur. This towel worked amazing and I only needed one towel this time.”


This Funny Feeding Mat That Engages Your Dog’s Sense Of Smell

This snuffle mat will not only give your pup something to play with all day, but also help to engage their sense of smell and desire to forage. This feeding mat hides pieces of kibble or delicious treats inside the fluffy felt pieces, giving your dog the opportunity to use their nose to search for their snacks. It’s machine washable, and especially recommended for small or medium-size breeds.

One reviewer writes: “My dog loves the snuffle mat! I was not sure how she would like it because she is a little older, and I have not tried something like this for her, she is always just eaten out of a bowl. She eats quite quickly though and is alone most of the day so I wanted to see if the snuffle mat would help slow her eating and help keep her entertained during the day. The snuffle mat works very well! She immediately knew how to get the food, there was no learning curve for her, and it definitely slows down her eating.”


This Grooming Tool That De-Mats In No Time

If your pet has longer hair or fur, chances are pesky matts pop up and pull on your pet’s skin. This de-matting tool is a must-have for any pet owners who are constantly running into this problem, given it has a dual-side head that effectively detangles and removes matts and a rounded ends that are super gentle on your pet’s skin.

One reviewer writes: “Used the tool and and did an amazing job removing the fur clumps. I feel safe using it because of the rounded teeth that grasp and gently cut through the fur without any danger of poking the skin. I also used it to brush through his top coat, and it easily removed all the "lose" hair. Wish I knew about this earlier. Very happy with the product!”


This Wall-Mounted Fish Tank That Doubles As Décor

If you have any pet fish, this wall-mounted tank will not only add a cool, decorative aspect to your home, but also give your little guys a suitable environment to swim around in. Made from durable, clear acrylic, this tank is easy to install and even helps save space in your home thanks to the wall-mounted design.

One reviewer writes: “This tank is much better than expected. Lots of room for the fish to swim and enough room for the plant, stones and other items. Hangs nice.”


This Silicone Mat That Prevents Pet Food Spills On Your Floor

Save your own pet bowls but prevent spilled water and scattered kibble with this extra-large pet bowl mat. Made of easy to clean and dishwasher-safe silicone, this mat has a unique diamond texture that prevents food bowls from slipping on its surface. Better yet, it has raised edges that keep rogue bits of food and puddles of water off your clean floors.

One reviewer writes: “Perfect mat for my messy cats who like to play with their water bowl. I was having a hard time finding a mat that would be wide enough for my cats large water bowl but this one is perfect. All the spills get caught by the lip and it is easily cleaned with a paper towel! I also like the gray color!”


A Super Soft Yet Waterproof Blanket That’s Great For Pet Owners

No matter the kind of animal you have, this blanket is the perfect thing for your pet to cuddle up to on the couch. Not only is this blanket ultra-soft and plush, but it’s also waterproof, so it protects against any messes your pet might bring onto your expensive furniture, and machine-washable, so cleaning it regularly is no difficult task.

One reviewer writes: “As soon as we put this down on the couch, our little guy jumped up and immediately started to enjoy it. Feels soft to the touch and seems to be well made. We move it around the house so that he can lay near us on the floor and have a little bit of comfort.”


A Harness That Doesn’t Pull Or Tug On Your Pup’s Neck

A harness is a much more comfortable way to walk your dog, rather than just attaching the leash to their collar. This particular harness prevents pulling and has two clip options: one on the chest for better control, and one on the back for classic and casual use. This harness prevents pulling while still allowing you to keep your dog close. It comes in four sizes and four colorways, ensuring your dog will look and feel great.

One reviewer writes: “Perfect harness for our dog. I wasn’t sure about the extra bungee handle on top but I’ve used it more than once to hold him back from mischief. It’s easy to put on as long as you don’t have a dog who is averse to having things put over their head. Oli has no problem with it. And it’s cute and cheerful.”


This Vest Patch That Lets Others Know They Need To Ask To Pet Your Pup

Whether you have a service dog or simply don’t want random passersby reaching their hands out to pet your pup, you’ll benefit from this “Ask To Pet” patch that you can stick onto your dog’s vest. These durable, embroidered patches come with velcro and a hook and loop closure that makes it easy to attach to your dog’s vest, and there’s three sizes available (small, medium, and large) so you can find the one that best fits your breed.

One reviewer writes: “I ordered the patches that say “ASK TO PET” for my dog that’s in training [...] I like how the patches came with a backing to the Velcro and they feel very nice and thick very high quality they stick very strong to my dogs utility vest and they look great.”


This Stylish Dispenser For All Your Pup’s Poop Bags

Poop bags are an inevitable staple in your arsenal of pet products, so why not store them in a cute way? This wall-mounted bag dispenser has a unique shape and design that’s actually aesthetically-pleasing hanging up in your home. Plus, it comes with eight rolls of doggy bags, so you don’t have to worry about adding your own. Necessary hardware for installation is included in your order too, making setup a breeze.

One reviewer writes: “Exactly what I needed! It looks nice, it’s easy to install (I actually just used command strips because I didn’t want to put holes in my walls) and keeps poop bags all in one place. Placed it right by the door for convenience.”


A Multi-Handle Leash That’s A Must-Have For Big Dog Owners

This multi-handle dog leash will give you peace of mind, especially if you walk your dog on busier roads. This is made specifically for medium and large dog breeds that are trickier to control while walking, and has three neoprene-padded handles at different points, giving you more or less control of the dog and leash. You’ll never feel stressed strolling in a highly trafficked areas again!

One reviewer writes: “I have a lot of leashes, having had dogs all my life. This is hands down the best one I have purchased. The leash is soft and supple and flexible yet super strong. It is a perfect length for training and walking. What I really love about it are the 2 traffic handles that are sewn into the leash, and how all the handles are padded. I'm rather short, so I use the traffic handle closest to my dog but a taller person would have the option of using the 2nd handle as well. The metal clasp seems to be of very good quality, easy to open, fast to close, and swivels perfectly to keep the leash itself from becoming twisted. This is an outstanding product!”


This Litter-Scooping Tool That Comes With Its Own Holder

With this litter scooping tool, the pesky task of scooping your cat’s litter box is undoubtedly way easier. With a soft foam handle that’s easy to grasp, a fast-sifting design that won’t let anything stick to its surface, and an extremely deep scoop, this tool is a must-have for any kitty owner. It even comes with its own holder.

One reviewer writes: “[…] The [iPrimio] Scooper Monster Litter Scoop is one of those oddball items that you stumble across and exclaim "I NEED this!" It is 2-3 times larger than my old kitchen skimmer with a shovel shape that scoops and sifts perfectly. They coated the heavy metal construction with a non-stick material that shrugs off most of the gloppy "stuff" and should minimize corrosion. The Monster Scoop also sports a sizeable soft rubber handle that makes this chore more comfortable and secure.”


These Treats That Better Your Pup’s Oral Hygiene

If your dog is finicky when it comes to brushing their teeth, don’t fret. These Greenies dog treats are made with easily digestible, natural ingredients and nutrients that actually help remove plaque and tartar buildup, maintain healthy gums, and freshen your pup’s breath. These popular dog treats are recommended for large dog breeds.

One reviewer writes: “Great product. 9 y/o 60lb boxer mix who has never had dental chew toys. Eats dry kibble with wet food treat every couple of weeks. I check my dog's teeth, they had plaque, order these, gave the dog one treat, plaque was over 50% gone. Couple of treats later, 90% gone.”

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