Amazon's Selling A Ton Of These Clever Things That Make Your Backyard Way Better

Turn your backyard into a wonderland.

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Maintaining a home is no easy feat — and once outdoor season springs along, upkeeping the backyard and garden is a whole other challenge that needs attention. Luckily, Amazon is stocked with a ton of versatile, clever products that make sprucing up the outdoors on a budget so much easier.

From gorgeous lighting to enhance your garden to small decor items that can go a long way, these products will instantly create an at-home oasis that looks and feels way better than it does right now.


A Mesh Canopy To Keep The Mosquitos Away

The mesh canopy can be used both indoors and outdoors to keep mosquitos and other insects away. It's crafted from a breathable and lightweight material that, when used inside, can fit over twin- to king-sized beds. Outdoors, plenty of reviewers use it to hang over a table to keep food safe and create a bit of ambiance.


This Machine-Washable Doormat That Has Over 15,000 5-Star Reviews

Available in two different sizes and an assortment of colors, this low-pile doormat is a simple solution for keeping your shoes and floors clean. The durable mat is crafted from a waterproof material that can be cleaned in the washing machine. Over 15,000 Amazon shoppers have rated it five stars, mentioning how well it stays in place.


A 10-Pack Of Solar Lights To Illuminate Your Pathway

Illuminate your yard with these solar pathway lights that stay powered for up to 12 hours. The pack includes 10 decorative lights that are water-resistant and feature an auto power button. The best part? These lights require no wires for a super easy installation, and can easily be reconfigured.


This Adorable Animal Statue With Solar LED Lights

This solar lawn statue comes in a slew of adorable animals — a turtle, rabbit, frog, and more — that will add a touch of character to your backyard. Each figurine is crafted from weatherproof and UV-resistant resin, and features LED lights that stay lit for up to 10 hours. Reviewers say it makes a great gift, with one adding that it looks “so cute in the backyard.”


These Mosquito Repellent Sticks That Shoppers Call A “Lifesaver”

Few things are more annoying than mosquitoes and these mosquito-repellent sticks are a total game-changer. The pack comes with 12 sticks that are formulated with citronella, lemongrass, and rosemary to fend off insects. Each stick burns for just under three hours. One five-star reviewer wrote that they’ve been a lifesaver, adding, “I like to sit outside and enjoy some nature so I bought as many mosquito repelling devices as my bank account could allow and this by far has been the most reliable and efficient product I’ve found. It not only keeps mosquitos away but flies and other bugs as well.”


These Waterproof Patio Chair Covers To Help Protect Your Expensive Furniture

If you’re looking for a convenient solution to protect your outdoor furniture, these patio chair covers are a must. The material is crafted from a durable polyester that can withstand harsh weather conditions and won’t rip. Each cover is 35 inches long and features a subtle air vent to prevent condensation.


An Outdoor Bug Zapper That Can Handle Gnats, Wasps, & Moths

Instead of drenching yourself in bug spray, give this outdoor bug zapper a try. The lantern in disguise is made with a non-toxic UV light that works to trap insects without sacrificing function for a stylish design. You can leave it right on your patio table or hang it from the built-in hook. It can help control the population of gnats, moths, and wasps that may be lingering on your property, alongside other bothersome winged bugs.


This Sun Shade Canopy That Blocks Out Harmful UV Rays

This popular sunshade canopy works wonders for blocking out harmful UV rays. That said, it still allows for light to shine through your yard. It comes with stainless steel hooks to secure it in place and is crafted from a breathable material to ensure air circulation. There are over 13 different sizes and six colors available. The one caveat? It’s not weatherproof, so you’ll have to bring it inside on rainy days.


A Set Of Gorgeous Flower Planters To Add Some Color To Your Deck

Add some extra greenery to your deck or garden with this set of gorgeous wooden flower boxes. Each box measures 9.7 inches wide, 7 inches high, and has a depth of 17 inches, making it roomy enough for an assortment of plants. You can even use the second one indoors to spruce up your window sill and add a rustic touch.


This Variety Pack Of Herb Seeds Perfect For Beginner Gardeners

If you’ve always dreamt of growing a garden with fresh homegrown ingredients, this variety pack of herb seeds will make it easy. It comes with over 2,000 non-GMO seeds including parsley, basil, lavender, thyme, and cilantro. The set even includes plant markers so you can keep track of and label your herbs. “I really appreciate how it has both kinds of chives. It really makes a difference depending [on] what dish you are cooking,” noted one reviewer.


This Gardening Set That’s Super Affordable

This gardening set includes everything you can possibly need to maintain and upkeep your yard. From a weeder, rake, shovel, trowel, sprayer, and gloves, you won’t regret adding this to your cart — especially at such a good price. The best part? It comes with a storage organizer to keep all of your tools neat in their respective place.


A Bonsai Tree Gardening Kit That You Can Start On Your Deck Or Patio

This Bonsai Tree Gardening Kit not only makes for a unique housewarming gift, but it’s incredibly easy for beginners to use. It comes with four different types of seeds — Juniperus Scopulorum, Picea Pungens, Pinus Nigra, and Picea Marina bonsai, all of which have a germination rate of over 85%. The set also includes planter pots and seed markers so you have everything you need to get started.


A Yard Sprinkler That Rotates 360 Degrees To Reach Every Corner Of Your Lawn

Thousands of shoppers love this rotating garden sprinkler for its affordable price, easy installation, and lightweight design with powerful strength. It features three rotating arms and has 12 built-in spray nozzles that can reach all different angles and cover up to 3,600 square feet. “I hated standing out there to soak my grass. The sprinkler works so well and covers a large area as well as the water goes in different directions which helps your lawn. I’m very very pleased!” one five-star reviewer raved.


This Steel Garden Bench That Will Look Good In Any Backyard

Instantly elevate your backyard with this gorgeous garden bench that is also great for creating additional seating options for your guests. It can hold up to 400 pounds and measures 18 inches long, and would also make a great option for your front porch. The chrome metal is waterproof and rust-resistant and features a stunning diamond mesh design.


This Organic Kelp Fertilizer That Will Help Your Lawn Thrive

Rated a top choice on Amazon, this organic kelp fertilizer is a safe and reliable option for keeping your lawn and garden healthy. It’s formulated from seaweed extract which will improve the longevity of your plants and even create darker green leaves. It comes in containers ranging from one gallon to 275 gallons depending on your lawn care needs. The brand recommends spraying in the morning or at night since temperatures have to be colder for the best results.


These Outdoor String Lights To Set The Vibe At Your Next Party

This pack of outdoor string lights features 100 clear mini lights strung throughout a white wire. Whether you’re decorating your patio or deck, these lights are a great and affordable way to brighten up your backyard or patio. There are extra bulbs included in the box, but the best part is that the bulbs will stay fully lit even if one burns out.


This Hanging Bird Bath That You Can Also Fill With Seeds

This stunning hanging birdbath also doubles as a bird feeder. The colorful sunflower design helps attracts birds, while the unique shape allows them to attach to the wavy edges. It features a durable and strong chain that easily hooks to your patio. “The bright colors seem to attract more birds. Because this is a dish, birds of all sizes can perch on the edges or even sit and scratch in the food. This feeder is amazingly durable and has withstood wind, rain, and snow. It is a beautiful addition to my garden,” one happy reviewer shared.


A Durable Outside Dog Tie Cable That Is Totally Chewproof

Give your dog the freedom to run around your backyard while staying safe with this 15-foot runner cable that’s best suited for bigger dogs. Plenty of pet owners love the compact carrying case, so they can take it to the park to change up the scenery. It’s crafted from a super durable material that is totally chewproof. It also comes in a 30-foot length, if you have a larger yard for your pup to explore.


This Oversized Dice Game For The Whole Family

This yard game is a guaranteed fun time for the whole family. It comes with six oversized wooden dice, a collapsible bucket, and two reusable scorecards with dry-erase markers to keep score. The dice themselves are made from New Zealand pine and are made to last. Whether you play at home or bring it to the beach, there will be no shortage of friendly competition and tons of quality bonding.


A Glass Drink Dispenser For Serving At-Home Cocktails

When it comes to hosting, having a drink dispenser on deck (as well as on your deck) is key. Whether you’re serving up mixed cocktails or fresh iced tea (or if you just want to have water easily accessible for your guests), this glass mason jar dispenser holds up one gallon of liquids. It features a tight lid that is totally leakproof, and it’s easy to handwash when it’s time to switch up beverages.


A Trash Can Lock To Prevent Animals From Rummaging Through At Night

You’ll be amazed by how a simple trash can lock can help change your backyard. This device will help keep your garbage free from raccoons, squirrels, and other animals, avoiding unnecessary mess. The elastic cord is designed to fit most 30 to 50-gallon trash cans that are round or square. It securely attaches around the lid with a buckle closure and has metal brackets for extra durability.


A Portable Mesh Food Cover To Make Outdoor Picnics Look Fancier

There’s nothing more annoying than swatting away flies during backyard BBQs. Luckily, this mesh food cover is an easy solution. Available in a pack of six and crafted from a breathable mesh, each tent is made with a stainless steel framework that prevents it from blowing away or falling down. Plus, it makes picnics seem a little more special.


This Wind Chime That Will Help You Create A Zen Ambiance

If you’re looking to create a zen ambiance, this beautiful wind chime will create a relaxing melody that instantly sets the vibe. It is hand-tuned to an E-major and it’s available in different sizes that play both soprano and alto sounds. Choose from a range of metallic hues ranging from silver and bronze to gold and black.


These Outdoor Drink Holder Stakes That’ll Make It Easy To Keep Your Drinks Upright & Close By

When it comes to summertime, making sure you always have a refreshing beverage on hand is key. These outdoor yard drink holders are wide enough to fit everything from wine bottles to beer bottles and plastic cups. They are made from solid steel that easily sticks into the ground, keeping your drink close at all times. You can get them in a pack of four or six.


A Set Of Stainless Steel Wine Glasses That Are Totally Shatterproof

These stainless steel wine glasses are shatterproof, dishwasher safe, and keep your drink cold for hours. They are available in 26 different finishes (some colorways even come with lids) and will look stylish at your next dinner party. “These tumblers are great! I put crushed ice in my drink at 7 p.m. There was still ice in it the next morning after sitting on the counter all night,” said one reviewer. Each glass holds up to 12 fluid ounces.


This Wooden Pathway To Create A Sturdy Walkway In Your Garden

This wooden curved pathway is a great addition to any yard, especially when you want to water your garden without stepping on your plants. It measures four feet long and is made from a durable cedar plank that is weatherproof. Reviewers note that it rolls up for easy storage and is also super easy to clean.


These Charming Solar Garden Lights That Sway With The Wind

These solar lights are fully powered by the sun and require no wires or outlets for easy installation. They are made with flexible iron wire, so they’ll sway with the wind transforming the look of your entire garden. The best part? They can withstand almost any type of weather condition.


This Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker With A Built-In Mic

With over 15,000 five-star reviews, this mini Bluetooth speaker is small but mighty. It has 10 hours of playing time and is 100% waterproof, making it a safe option to bring to the pool, beach or even keep in the shower so that you’ll always be surrounded by music. The compact design features a built-in mic, and overall, it’s great for traveling.


This Outdoor Baby Swing Seat That Only Takes 5 Minutes To Set Up

With a 4.7-star rating and plenty of five-star reviews, this cozy baby swing seat takes just minutes to install. The seat features a super comfy and plush cotton cushion that can be removed so you can conveniently wash it. It can hold up to 100 pounds and has a seat belt to keep your baby safe. The height is also easily adjustable.


A Pair Of Hanging Solar Lanterns To Light Up Your Patio

This pair of hanging solar lanterns feature a stunning pattern of owls, stars, and the moon that reflects onto your patio once it’s dark out. The design is made from waterproof and weather-resistant copper metal. Although it takes up to eight hours to charge in the sun, the base has an auto on-off button to help save energy.


This Rain Gauge That Will Keep Your Garden Hydrated & Healthy

This highly-rated rain gauge will not only keep your garden healthy and hydrated, but you can also monitor the weather with minimal effort. It has easy-to-read label indicators and can measure up to six inches of rainfall. Shoppers love that it's made from high-quality glass that is long-lasting and won’t erode over time. You can get it in copper or black — it also comes in a version with an extra tube.


This Stylish Outdoor Mat That’s Reversible For When You Want To Switch Things Up

If you’re looking to give your patio a stylish and functional upgrade, this reversible outdoor mat is a must. It comes in five chic patterns and is available in six different sizes to best fit your space. The flexible design allows it to easily roll up for storage and it comes with a handy carrying case. It’s designed with a special UV coating that protects it from getting damaged by the sun.


This Backyard Bug Control Spray Reviewers Say “Work Like A Charm”

Thousands of shoppers can’t get enough of this backyard bug control spray that actually works. From mosquitos to flies and ants, this powerful formula controls keeps insects away for up to 12 weeks and covers 5,000 square feet of your backyard. “This product works like a charm. Easy to assemble and spray around the yard. It lasts a long time and your backyard is insect free allowing you to enjoy your time outdoors more,” one five-star reviewer raved.


These Outdoor Solar Deck Lights That Can Withstand Harsh Weather Conditions

This pack of 16 outdoor solar lights has rave reviews for plenty of reasons. For starters, these decorative lights are made from waterproof ABS plastic to withstand harsh weather conditions. Next, it takes about four hours for them to fully charge, but they also have an auto on-off button to preserve energy. And last but not least, these lights are quite versatile — they can easily be installed on your patio, deck, fence, or staircase. You can buy them in warm white or in a blend of colors.


This Best-Selling Sprinkler Timer That Automatically Waters Your Plants

Dubbed a best-seller on Amazon, this sprinkler timer is designed to automatically water your yard without any effort. It features two watering modes and has a duration ranging from one minute to four hours. It also has a rain delay mode so you can prevent your lawn from being over-watered. Reviewers especially love how easy the digital LED screen is to read.


These Glow-In-The-Dark Rocks To Place Alongside Your Outdoor Plants

If you’re looking for a unique way to light up your garden, these glow-in-the-dark rocks are a clever idea. Once dawn hits, the rocks absorb the light and glow for hours. You can place them along your outdoor pathway, along your driveway, or scatter them in your pool. They also come in a fun assortment of rainbow colors.


A Pack Of Solar Step Lights To Illuminate Your Staircase

These solar step lights are unique in that they have a triangle shape that perfectly fits alongside the corners of a staircase. Each light is made with 13 LED lights and stays lit for up to 10 hours. The durable material is waterproof and can withstand harsh weather conditions so you don’t have to worry about removing them before a storm.


An Inflatable Pool For The Whole Family To Enjoy

Inflatable pools aren’t just for kids — they’re for the entire family to relax in, and they’re more affordable than ever. This pool measures 90 by 86 by 31 inches, and is capable of holding up to 156 gallons of water. There are even two built-in cup holders, so you can really enjoy some summer reading while soaking up the sun from the comforts of your own backyard.


This Hose Holder That’s Made From Heavy Duty Iron To Help Keep Your Outdoors Organized

Having a hose front and center in your lawn will take away from the overall appeal while simultaneously serving as a hazard. This iron hose holder will clean up the mess, and help free up some space in your backyard. It can flawlessly fit any size hose up to 100 feet, and is sturdy enough to last for years on end. It can be set up right on the side of your home, utilizing space you might not have thought to use before.


This Standing Mister That Serves As A Creative Way To Beat The Heat

If your backyard isn’t big enough for a pool, this mister may be the perfect secondary solution. It stands up at a little over 30 inches tall and offers a ton of coverage for you and your pets. Misting is also a creative way to help keep bugs away. Reviewers love how easy it is to install, with one particular review noting how “subtle and refreshing” it can be on a hot day.