Your Guide To Staying Chill During April’s Pink Moon

The full moon could have us green with envy, but we can make it work.

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The April 2021 full moon on April 26 is the first supermoon of the year, and it’s asking all zodiac signs to dig deeper and get real with their feelings. This lunation is a powerful one, so follow these full moon dos and don’ts to help you maximize on the vibes.

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DO: Prepare For Raw Emotions

This full moon takes place in the fixed water sign Scorpio, which gives it an emotional intensity and mysterious depth. This can put our most vulnerable feelings on blast and bring up buried resentments within relationships, so be ready to go deep.

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DON’T: Run From The Truth

Scorpio vibes cut straight to the raw truth, so this full moon can reveal secrets or force us to face repressed emotions. It’s important to get real with ourselves, so avoid the distraction of material pleasures, a la Taurus season.

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DO: Let Go Of Toxic Baggage

The full moon in Scorpio asks us to look deeply at ourselves and honor our truth, so be willing to let go of whatever’s no longer serving you. Your vulnerabilities are a source of strength, so embrace this opportunity to grow.

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DON’T: Get Lost In Jealousy

Because the annual Pink Moon takes place in the emotionally intense sign of Scorpio, it could turn us green with envy. Sensitivities will be high, but don’t get carried away with jealous thoughts or overly-paranoid fears, especially in relationships.

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DO: Get Witchy With It

Scorpio is one of the signs associated with the occult, so with the moon here, it’s a good time to perform a Pink Moon ritual. Even if it's something simple, honoring the moon through mysticism can help you process your feelings.

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DON’T: Give Up If You Face Challenges

Strict planet Saturn is forming a loose square aspect with this full moon — which could force us bear the burden of heavy responsibilities. It’s also a chance to problem-solve and step into your power.

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DO: Expect The Unexpected

April's full moon forms an opposition aspect to Uranus, the planet of sudden change. This could catalyze unexpected realizations or unpredictable plot twists. So don't be shocked if feelings, obstacles, or changes of heart pop up out of nowhere.

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