4 Things To Do & 3 To Avoid During April’s Full “Pink” Moon

It’s rose-colored glasses o’clock.

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Charge your social batteries, because the April full "pink" moon, which peaks on Apr. 16, is rising in social sign Libra. The air sign is about connection and la luna is shining its high beams on our relationships. Prepare with these do's and don'ts.

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DO: Get Artsy

Libras are governed by Venus, the planet of art, love, and beauty. Big Venusian energy is all about reveling in the different types of aesthetics and feeding your inner artist. Set up a day with friends to explore museums or check out local installations.

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DON’T: Get Caught In The Middle

Libras are symbolized by the scales of justice and their diplomatic tendencies can cause them to be the mediator of the group. Finding peace is important, but the intensity of this lunation may cause a strain — it's OK to sit this one out.

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DO: Find Balance

This lunation offers a chance to reflect on imbalances in our lives. Putting off important projects? Take a day to focus strictly on work. All work and no play? Set time in your schedule to hang out with friends — socializing is important, too!

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DON’T: Give Into Gossip

As tantalizing as it is with the moon stationed in drama-loving Libra, it's probably best to avoid seeking out situations where gossip is inevitable — especially when emotions run high during this lunation. If tea is spilling, divert the conversation.

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DO: Show Gratitude For Your Friends

Since Libras are ruled by the seventh house of partnerships, this lunation is all about our inner circle. Plan a get-together with your closest pals and remind them that you appreciate them. Pro tip: gift-giving is a Libra pastime.

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DON’T: Forget The Romance

Not only is Libra ruled by romantic Venus, but the heavenly body just so happens to be in dreamy Pisces, so it's a great time to express your flirtatious tendencies. Don't play coy! Plan the dates and make the first move. We're in bold Aries season, after all.

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DO: Self-Care Rituals

Full moons are a particularly emotional time and it can get overwhelming, especially when it's stationed in an emotionally detached air sign like Libra. On the flip side, Libras are all about indulging, so taking a candlelit bath and journaling are a must.

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