Why Libras Are The Peacekeepers Of The Zodiac

Add a Libra to your messiest group chats, stat.

Female friends embracing and laughing in public park. Libra zodiac signs’ biggest strengths include ...
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Libra zodiac signs (born between approximately Sept. 22 and Oct. 22) are the peace-keepers and balance-lovers of the zodiac. Whether they’re curating a vibe at a party, smoothing out drama amongst their squad, or just making sure their home decor pieces look harmonious together, Libras are always seeking symmetry and trying to make life a little more beautiful. Their tendency to placate others can sometimes get them accused of being phony, but understanding the intricacies of Libra zodiac strengths will help you see beneath the surface of this socially-savvy sign.

Libras are one of the conceptual and socially focused air zodiac signs, so they’re gifted conversationalists who can charm the pants off just about anyone. They’re also cardinal signs, which is why they’re so smooth when it comes to starting new relationships, initiating social connections, or even playing matchmaker amongst their friends. Libras love being in love, so their partnerships are really important to them — they’ll go to lengths to keep the social dynamics around them feeling balanced, fair, and forward-flowing.

It’s natural to have some personal biases about the various signs of the zodiac, but as an astrologer, I can certify that there are no zodiac signs in astrology that are better or worse than any other. The 12 astrological archetypes each have unique strengths and weaknesses that are created equally — and they work together to create a harmonious flow in our birth charts. And while no zodiac sign is perfect, Libra zodiac signs really shine when it comes to being pleasant, polite, and even-keeled. There’s much more to these Venusian air signs than meets the eye.

Knowing Libra zodiac signs’ biggest strengths can help you get to know the sign of the scales in a more well-rounded way — and help you better understand the Libra-ruled points and planets in your birth chart, too.

1. They’re Charming

No one knows how to turn on the charm like a Libra does! These flirtatious people are ruled by romantic planet Venus, which gives them a sweet and pleasant disposition that can soften even the sternest of personality types. They can easily charm their way into getting what they want, but most Libras prefer to use their guile for good.

2. They Can See Situations From All Sides

As one of the mentally-focused air zodiac signs, Libras tend to take an objective approach to thinking — which allows them to see things from all different perspectives. They understand that nothing is black and white or all or nothing, so they’ll take time finding the nuance in every situation and carefully mulling over the pros and cons of every decision.

3. They Work Well With Others

Libra is the sign that rules partnerships in astrology, so they make great collaborators and usually work well with others. Always considerate of other people’s needs and feelings, Libras are fair teammates who strive to ensure that everyone’s ideas are able to peacefully co-exist. This makes them popular amongst friends, but also great people to have in your corner at work.

4. They’re Great Mediators

Thanks to the Libran ability to see both sides of a coin, these air signs make great mediators and excel when it comes to keeping the peace — whether it’s amongst their colleagues or within their social circle. Libras will go out of their way to ensure that every voice gets heard and that everyone’s feelings are considered. That’s why they often find themselves at the calm in the middle of their friends’ drama storms!

5. They Strive To Be Fair

Splitting a dessert with someone and want to make sure you get your fair share? You better hope there’s a Libra doing the cake-slicing! For Libras, seeking balance is what life is all about — and that means that fairness and equality are important qualities to them. They want to make sure that the energies around them are in harmony and that everyone gets what they’re owed.

6. They’ve Got An Artistic Eye

As one of the signs ruled by Venus (planet of aesthetics), Libras are known for having great taste and a strong personal style. Some are makers of art while others are simply appreciators, but these creative forces are always finding the beauty in things. Whether it’s through fashion, interior design, or a gorgeously-curated Instagram feed, most Libras find a way to express their artistic instincts.

7. They’ll Stand Up For What’s Right

As the sign represented by the symbol of the scales, Libras are all about balance. And while they usually like to maintain a steady equilibrium, these justice-seekers aren’t afraid to rock the boat when it comes to speaking out against inequality or unfairness. Social justice issues are extremely important to Libras and they’ll always fight for what they feel is right.

8. They Can Host A Great Party

As one of the cardinal zodiac signs, Libras are born leaders — and these skills especially sparkle when applied to social situations and relationships. These natural initiators are great at making social connections and bringing people together, which makes party planning one of their many talents. They know how to combine all the right elements (personalities, entertainment, setting) to create a harmonious group dynamic.

9. They Can Navigate Conflict Gracefully

Libras are all about keeping the peace. That said, when disagreements arise, they know how to navigate the drama gracefully. Using their charm, diplomacy skills, and objective way of thinking, Libras are able to smooth over even the steamiest of conflicts and make all parties feel understood and appreciated. Not keen on arguing, Libras prefer to talk things out calmly and rationally — and often inspire others to do the same.

10. They’re Just Plain Nice

At the end of the day, Libras are lovable because they’re genuinely nice people. Agreeable, diplomatic, polite, and considerate, these people-people love to connect with others and enjoy the harmony of good conversation. Relationships are important to Libras, so they’re always thinking of how other people feel — which is why they usually lead with kindness.