Everything You've Ever Needed To Know About Libra Zodiac Signs

Bringing balance to the zodiac.

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Libra season falls between September 23 and October 22 each year, bringing romantic, diplomatic, and balance-seeking energy that is signature to people born during this period. As air signs, Libras appreciate fairness and bring more beauty and justice into people's lives.

Some of the most notable qualities about Libras are their focus on other people and sensitivity to social dynamics. "We’re living in a world that is atomized, isolated, and obsessed with individualism, so it’s radical that [the Libran] identity is shaped by relationships," Libra-born astrologer Randon Rosenbohm tells Bustle. And, contrary to popular belief, Libras aren’t as wishy-washy as people think: "We do make decisions: They’re just always perfect decisions that take time and investigation!"

Libras are all about instilling a sense of peace in people’s lives and their environment by bringing ease to disagreements and opening people’s hearts to new perspectives. Here’s everything you need to know about these compassionate air signs, and why they are the most diplomatic sign of the zodiac.

Libra Zodiac Sign Facts:

  • Libra Season Dates: September 23 to October 22
  • Libra Element: Air
  • Libra Modality: Cardinal
  • Libra Symbol: The scales ♎
  • Libra Ruling Planet: Venus
  • Libra Ruling House: The seventh house of partnerships
  • Libra Twelfth House: Virgo
  • Libra Birthstone: Opal

Libra Personality Traits

Libra is represented by the symbol of the scales, which illustrates their natural ability to weigh both sides of a situation and find a balance between opposing energies. (This also gives them that reputation for being highly indecisive.) Libra's ruling planet is romantic Venus, which makes sense considering Libra is the sign that rules partnerships. As one of the cardinal zodiac signs, socially oriented Libras are great at initiating connections and are easy to get along with. And because Libras are air signs, they're also objective thinkers who can see multiple points of view.

Libras are all about harmony, so they're likely called on to be the peacemaker or party planner within their squad. Among Libra’s strengths, it’s easy for them to make good first impressions as they have a natural charm, approachable nature, and charming persona. As graceful and popular social butterflies, Libras sparkle in social settings thanks to their chameleon-like ability to get along with just about anyone. That said, they are also deeply concerned with fairness and justice, so while they don't like to rock the boat, they'll do so if it means standing up for what's right. Libras can often be perceived to be playing both sides in their quest for harmony because of their ability to weigh up different polarities of a situation. Sometimes, they can cater to others too much and end up turning into a people-pleaser.

Libra Compatibility

Libras thrive in relationships and love being in love. Their good qualities shine when they're working with another person, so they tend to get into relationships easily. The ideal partner for a Libra is one who is just as justice-oriented as they are. Since they dislike having to make all the decisions, they are best suited to people who aren’t afraid to make suggestions on where to go on a night out.

Libra Compatibility In Friendship

Libra’s Venusian rulership makes them naturally charming and social people who love to be around people who can carry an interesting conversation and laugh with them. In friendships, they seek someone who also thrives amongst large parties of people and can feel equally as excited at a party as they do in an art museum or theatre. Fire signs Leo and Sagittarius are full of creative energy and have an effortless ability to brighten any room they’re in. Their adventurous spirit and infinite ideas on where to go to have fun make them very compatible in friendship with gracious Libras.

Libra Compatibility In Love

Libras are big flirts and can easily charm a lover with their graceful conversation skills, and they're just as easily captivated by the flattery and charisma of others. They tend to shy away from extreme feelings but will seek deeper emotional connections in committed partnerships. The signs most compatible with Libra in love are fellow air signs Gemini and Aquarius, as they share Libra’s social intelligence and liveliness. Libras are attracted to people who are as kind and fair as they are and don’t want to have to smooth over any drama on behalf of their partner, making them drawn to Gemini and Aquarius’ effortless ability to get along with others.

Libra Compatibility In Bed

As cardinal signs, Libras have an active and passionate side that fuels their deep sexual desires in the bedroom. They love to feel close to their partners and to have all five of their senses active and teased during sex. Silk bed sheets, scented candles, and mood-setting music are the way to go to please a Libra. Libras are most compatible in bed with fellow cardinal sign, Aries. Both Libra and Aries are deeply passionate and enjoy the chasing and pleasing aspect of intimacy. Libras would love feeling pursued by a driven Aries who knows exactly how to get what they want.

Libra At Work

When it comes to career, Libras prioritize their comfortability and creative freedom above all else. They are drawn to work environments that have a familial vibe— where they enjoy spending time with their colleagues and even have the option of working from home every now and then. While they aren’t the most money-hungry of the zodiac signs, Libras are thrifty and have great survival instincts that allow them to choose their dream job over the one that will give them the biggest financial rewards.

Libra energy is all about diplomacy and beauty, giving them a clear-cut aesthetic in their style and an enjoyment of taking care of themselves and others. Their firm grip on aesthetics and love of all things beautiful gives them an artistic ability to express themselves as artists and fashion or interior designers. Other careers in politics, counseling, or human resources would illuminate their strong suits.

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