Hot Girls Love Artichokes

Don’t let the spiky veg intimidate you.

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On TikTok, artichokes are having an unexpected viral moment.
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By now, fans of the #FoodTok side of TikTok are used to embracing unexpected food trends. Remember when tinned fish were everywhere? Or when people were turning cottage cheese into ice cream? Well, get ready to be influenced by the foodie community once again, because #FoodTok is really into artichokes right now, and you’d be surprised how they’re using the vegetable.

While you’ve probably encountered many an artichoke dip in your day, you may not have ever actually had an artichoke, at least the way that these creators make them. If you’re hesitant to add the vegetable to your grocery list, you’re not the only one, but #FoodTok is here to convince you to at least try an artichoke before passing judgment. “If you’ve ever been intimidated or confused on how to make an artichoke at home, I’ve got you covered,” says one creator. “It seems like quite a lot of you haven’t tried an artichoke before, so let me show you how to eat them,” says another.

A quick scroll through the #artichoke tag (which has 194.2 million views, BTW) will show you the vegetable is a lot more than just a tasty ingredient for your dip, so if you’re ready to experience the artichoke-issance for yourself, here are some recipes worth trying.

Self-proclaimed foodie @dishingitwithamanda suggests prepping the vegetable by trimming the spiky tops of the leaves with a pair of kitchen shears. Then, boil the vegetable in water with half a lemon for at least 30 minutes, or until it’s “really tender and soft.” After squeezing out the excess water, you can either eat it as is or “take it to the next level” by cutting the artichoke in half and scooping out the “fuzzy, leafy part” in the middle. Cover the halves in melted butter and toss them in the air fryer for 10 minutes, then enjoy with a side of garlic butter by peeling off the leaves.

@Cafehailee has been enjoying stuffed artichokes since childhood, and though “prepping the artichokes can be a little scary,” the TikToker shares that the process is a lot simpler than it seems.

First, you’ll need to chop the stem, cut two inches off the top, and trim “each leaf of their prickly top.” While the artichokes sit in lemon water, make a mixture of bread crumbs, Pecorino Romano cheese, herbs, garlic, lemon zest, and olive oil for the filling.

Drain the water from the vegetables, then spread the leaves to get “a bunch of that filling inside the artichoke.” Lastly, place them in a pot with olive oil and water, bring it to a simmer, cook on low for 45 minutes to an hour, and eat it “leaf by leaf” until you reach the choke in the middle.

User @desertislanddishes likes to “scrape off the fleshy bit of the leaves” with their teeth when eating an artichoke, and never misses a chance to snack on the heart of the vegetable. To try it for yourself, chop off the remaining leafy bit and dunk the heart in butter while also making sure not to eat the hairy choke.

If you’re still not convinced, you should at least try frying your artichokes first before moving on to the next #FoodTok trend. @Thatdudecancook tells viewers to be “very careful” making this fried artichoke recipe, unless you don’t mind people requesting it a lot.

Melt two and a half tablespoons of butter in a pan, then add two tablespoons of all-purpose flour and mix in two cups of cold milk little by little. While the artichokes are boiling, whip up some cheddar cheese, ground turmeric, salt, and black pepper together in the flour mixture. Dry off the artichokes, douse them in flour, and dip them in whisked egg and breadcrumbs. Toss the artichokes in frying oil for about two minutes, and enjoy with a sauce of your choice.

Despite their intimidating exterior, artichokes have a lot to offer, so don’t be afraid to try them as we enter artichoke season starting in June. Who knows — they just might turn out to be your new favorite vegetable.

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