An Astrologer Shares The Best Way To Take Charge In The Bedroom, According To Your Sign

It's all in the stars...

You might think it's more difficult for a dreamy Pisces or a giving Cancer to speak up in the bedroom than say, a take-charge Sagittarius or a domineering Aries. But the truth is that every star sign has its strengths and weaknesses, even when it comes to taking control of the sexy stuff.

What's true for every sign in the Zodiac is that communication is key when it comes to sex. Whether you've been with your partner for a decade or a night, planning and communication can eliminate plenty of the anxiety that can accompany sex.

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When it comes to taking charge of all the other bedroom stuff, however, we've chatted with astrologer Lisa Stardust on the one way you can speak up, experiment, or assert your agency during sexy time according to your star sign...

Aries - Be The Boss And Own It

Running the show is second nature for Aries, and Lisa says that the bedroom is no place to shy away from those natural inclinations. "Don’t be afraid to be a boss and take control when being intimate with your partner," she tells us. "You may find that this boosts your fiery temperaments." And if you find the right partner, odds are that they'll appreciate your sexy decisiveness.

Taurus - Explore Being Vulnerable

Taureans have a reputation for wanting things their way, but relinquishing control can be really liberating for them. After all, they love being pampered. "You like to pretend you’re in charge, but you really enjoy being submissive with your partner," says Stardust. "Embracing your softer side with some hand cuffs will light your loins with passion."

Gemini - Embrace Your Verbal Powers

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, cerebral Geminis find power in words. Sometimes this means being extra gossipy, but you can easily harness your gift of gab when it comes to dirty talk. "Your charitable nature can take on a different vibe if you allow yourself the freedom to put your loose lips to work," says Stardust. "This means sexy talk and playful whispers are key for seductive foreplay and telling your partner what you like."

Cancer - Revel In Affection

Sensitive and giving Cancers love to be lovey-dovey. Making the first move is the ideal way they want it, as Stardust tells us. "Sensual kissing and light touches will make you squeal with delight, but only if you’re the one doing the rubbing and taking the lead."

Leo - Be A Sexual Diva

Some might say Leos have a tendency to be very into themselves. But as a Leo, you're charismatic, fun, and electrifying. Let your partner be obsessed with you. "You’re the star of the show, which means you need everything to be about YOU! And, you deserve it," says Lisa. "Don’t compromise your erotic desires. Be a diva in bed!"

Virgo - Tap Into Your Adventurous Side

Virgos are known for being orderly and rigid, but when it comes to bedroom stuff, they can get surprisingly freaky. Let go of taking care of the other person for once, and have some fun with trying new things. "Being open to different positions and places (yes, that’s right!) will make you feel extra adventurous and playful when you’re with your partner," says Stardust.

Libra - Get A Little Naughty

Everybody knows that Libras are the flirts of the Zodiac. Getting playful with a little bit of impact play (if desired) is a great way to extend that sexual impishness to the bedroom. "Light spanking on your partner’s derrière will make you smile with glee (their toosh is your favorite part of their body) as you explore your fantasies," says Stardust.

Scorpio - Pamper Your Senses

Inhibited isn't typically a word one would use to describe a Scorpio in sexual situations. "As the most sexual sign of the zodiac, you are always in control in the bedroom," Stardust says. Finding another way to play with your partner and engage all the senses will turn up the heat, though. "If you’re looking to add some spice to your love making, then a flavored massage oil will do the trick. Use your imagination."

Sagittarius - Incorporate Some Toys

Another "anything goes" sexual sign is definitely Sagittarius. For you, sex is pure fun, so why not break out some toys? "There are no rules when you’re tangled up in the sheets," says Stardust, "except that you like to incorporate sex toys into your repertoire for maximum pleasure."

Capricorn - Get Out Of Your Head

Ambitious and worldly Capricorns are all about getting ahead in the workaday world. When you're in the boudoir, however, nothing is more freeing than getting into your body. "Getting a nice rub down from your boo will make you feel like you can do anything," says Stardust, "especially since you’re anxiety free and ready to let your inhibitions down in the boudoir."

Aquarius - Watch Your Partner Get Turned On

Free-spirited and eccentric Aquarians need a bit of mental seduction before you get down to it. Engaging in a little bit of pleasurable power play should do the trick. As Stardust tells us, "Watching your partner pleasure themselves before you join in on the fun will seduce your mind, while firing up your passions."

Pisces - Engage Your Creativity

It's all about imagination and play for Pisceans, in the streets or the sheets. Playing into your fantasy is a fun way for you to drive a sexual dynamic. "Role playing is exotic and enlightening," Stardust tells us, "especially when you can pretend to be whomever you want (and your partner can too)."

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