Here's The Spiritual Meaning Of August's New Moon

It's all about drama and romance.

Here's the spiritual meaning of the new moon on August 16, 2023.
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If the plight of Venus retrograde has been emotionally draining lately, you can anticipate a sigh of relief during August’s next lunation. Sashaying in fun-loving Leo, the August new moon arrives at 5:38 a.m. ET on Aug. 16, 2023, encouraging us to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. When the new moon is in Leo, we can focus on strengthening our confidence and expressing ourselves more fully.

Astrologically speaking, new moons herald fresh beginnings. This is a period to self-reflect, set intentions, and begin new projects. Leo is associated with passion — especially in terms of creativity and hedonism — so when la luna is stationed in feisty Leo, it’s a chance for us to express our inner artist and take pleasure in things that bring us joy.

“When the new moon is in Leo, expect drama, intensity, playfulness, and matters of the heart to be front and center,” says Sarah Faith Gottesdiener, author of The Moon Book and host of Moon Beaming Podcast. “If you want attention, or to share your gifts and talents, this is a great time to try it. If [something] feels good and won't hurt anyone, do it!”

This pleasure-seeking lunation is tickling our lust for life. Keep reading to learn about the spiritual meaning of the August new moon in Leo and how you can embody these confident vibes.

What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of The August New Moon?

New moons begin each lunar cycle, and similarly, they’re a chance for us to spiritually reset and create intentions for the weeks ahead. “We can't see the moon for a few days, and in the unseen is when we plant the seeds of the future,” says Gottesdiener. These lunations are when we can access our superconscious, aka our highest selves. Because Leo is the sign of pleasure and art, it’s a powerful time for us to connect with our heartspace.

While the Leo new moon engages our artistic spirit, it’s a good time to connect with your passions, from making new career plans to experimenting in the bedroom with your partner. Plus, fire sign Leo is known for being self-assured, so you might find yourself debuting a new haircut or speaking up more often during this lunation.

How To Work With The August New Moon’s Energy

Although fire sign Leo is apt to taking action, the best way to navigate a new moon is to step back for quiet reflection. That’s especially the case since Leo is associated with ego. “For this new moon, I suggest [setting] intentions to boost your vitality and magnetism, and [practicing] spells for self-belonging,” Gottesdiener explains. Plus, the novelty brought on by the new moon offers a powerful moment to shimmy out of your comfort zone and try new things.

What’s more, Gottesdiener says this new moon marks the halfway point of Venus retrograde, calling our relationships to center stage. Are there any you need to reconsider? Ponder that, but don’t make any rash decisions. “Spend time thinking about [who or] what you are ready to invest in, especially with creativity, matters of the heart, and with your collaborations and networks,” Gottesdiener says.


Sarah Faith Gottesdiener, author of The Moon Book and host of Moon Beaming Podcast