The Best Anti-Fog For Car Windows

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by Margeaux Baulch Klein
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When it comes to shopping for one of the best anti-fogs for car windows, you may be surprised to find there aren't that many options on the market, and among those that do claim to work, reviews are mixed. That's because condensation can typically be cleared by running your air conditioner in the winter and your heater in the summer. But if that's not an appealing (or even possible option), you can turn to a liquid-based formula as a more preventative measure. Just keep in mind that these products are only meant to treat glass and mirrors on the interior and not all are safe for tinted windows.

What Causes Foggy Windows?

Fogged-up windshields (or even bathroom mirrors or eyeglasses) may be a temporary issue, but it can be a frustrating (and sometimes dangerous) one. And if you've ever wondered why it happens in the first place, here's a simple explanation: when cold air comes into contact with humid air, a layer of condensation on a glass surface can form.

How To Use An Anti-Fog Treatment

Whether in a spray or a squeezable bottle, these liquid-based treatments all work pretty much the same way— they leave behind an invisible coating on interior glass surfaces that's meant to collect moisture and quickly disperses it out. Many Amazon shoppers, however, are quick to point out these products are the most effective when you follow application instructions to a tee (and some mentioned success when repeating the process a few times). Also, note that users reported the length between treatments can vary greatly from what the manufacturer claims, so keep cost-per-use in mind as you browse.

With that in mind, you'll find three of best anti-fogs for car windows on Amazon below.

1. The Overall Best Anti-Fog Spray — & A Writer’s Pick

This Rain-X Anti-Fog spray is formulated to leave an invisible film on the inside of your windows that will attract water, leaving them clear of fog. It lasts anywhere from four days to two weeks, according to Amazon reviewers. It works so well at preventing fog, that shoppers also boast about using it successfully on bathroom mirrors. “This stuff was a life-saver when I was driving my first car, because the windshield and mirrors fogged up constantly,” wrote BDG e-commerce writer Maria Cassano. “It really did boost visibility so I could see the road in all kinds of weather. It does need to be reapplied pretty often, but in my opinion, it’s worth it for safety.”

Keep in mind, for best results, you'll need to put in some extra effort to ensure the anti-fogger is applied correctly. That means spraying it liberally on clean glass, using a paper towel or 100% cotton cloth to wipe it across, allowing enough time for it to dry, and then buffing it out. One user provided this helpful tip: You should buff it out enough that when you breathe on it, you shouldn't see fog at all. If there's still fog, they added, repeat the process.

Also note: This pick is meant for interior windows only and is not safe for tinted windows

Helpful review: “Bought this product and buffed it into the windshield with some paper towels and it worked wonders! I only need to re-apply a little bit every couple of weeks, but so far my windshield is fog-free in the morning..”

2. The Best Anti-Fog For Tinted Windows

While it's more expensive (and in a smaller size), if you have tinted windows, this Invisible Glass Anti-Fog treatment is one of the only safe options for you on the market (though the brand does still recommend testing one small spot on your glass to be extra sure). Just like the pick above, it's a liquid-based formula that should only be used on the interior of your windows and should also be applied in a similar manner. Without a convenient spray nozzle, you can instead pour it onto a clean, lint-free cloth then wipe it back and forth until it's evenly applied. You'll want to give it enough time to dry and then wipe off excess. As for how long one application lasts, reviewers had mixed reports: one mentioned three days, while another claimed two weeks.

Helpful review: “My AC had a leak, so no defrost on the windshield which made driving in the rain in the summer a wild adventure [...] but with this magical elixir no more foggy windshield. Sometimes I touch the glass just to make sure the windshield wasn’t stolen, it is so crystal clear.”

3. The Longest Lasting Anti-Fog Treatment

As previously discussed, applying these anti-fog solutions is a pretty time-consuming task, because if you don’t prep the window carefully, the treatment likely won’t work. SHINE ARMOR Anti Fog Hero is a great option if you want all of your hard work to last, as (unlike other brands, which last days) this one has an advanced formula that prevents foggy windows for several months. It’s also suitable for screens, glasses, mirrors, and visors, and it resists dust and static, too.

To use it, ensure that your windows are clean. Then spray the solution directly onto the window and apply it evenly with the included microfiber cloth. Flip the cloth over to the dry side for one last polish, and then you’re good to go.

Helpful review: “SHINE ARMOR Anti Fog Hero is simple to apply to your car windows. It helps keep the windows from fogging up. Especially early in the morning when you're in a hurry to get to work.”

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This helpful tool will come in handy whether you use it to manually wipe down an already foggy window or pair it with an anti-fog formula (like one of the picks above) for an even spreading of liquid. Its triangle-shaped, pivoting head comes wrapped in a reusable, machine-washable, and reversible microfiber cloth bonnet. The microfiber material will ensure there are no streaks or lint left behind on your glass. Plus, thanks to its 18-inch handle (which features a cushy foam grip) you'll be able to swipe over those hard-to-reach areas with much greater ease.

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