The 4 Best Bench Scrapers

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Whether you're kneading ingredients, rolling pastry, or cutting out cookies, flour and sticky doughs can be difficult to remove from work surfaces. The best bench scrapers have a straight, sturdy edge that’s perfect for loosening and removing stuck-on gunk, and can also be used to cut, section, and scoop ingredients, too. Bench scrapers come in a variety of materials and sizes, so here are some things to look for as you shop for this versatile tool.

Since removing dried-on or sticky messes can require downward pressure, make sure your bench scraper is made from a durable material such as stainless steel, or flexible plastic. It should also have a handle that’s easy to grip, even when hands are dirty or greasy. If you plan to use your bench scraper to cut doughs or pastry, a ruled edge is helpful for consistent measuring. And since it’s best not to over-handle certain doughs, so look for a scraper that’s at least several inches tall so you have enough clearance to section it without touching or deflating it.

And since bench scrapers are helpful for cutting and transferring chopped ingredients from your cutting board to a bowl or a skillet, a beveled edge will ensure you get a clean cut and can gather every bit of what you’re scraping up.

The best bench scrapers can help cooks and bakers of all levels keep surfaces clean, while performing a number of other helpful kitchen tasks.

1. The Overall Best Bench Scraper

This bench scraper from MS WGO is constructed entirely from heavy stainless steel, giving it superior durability and strength, so it won’t bend under pressure. The cutting edge of the scraper measures 5.75-inches wide, and with a height of over 4 inches, it can cleanly cut through large pieces of dough and transfer piles of prepped ingredients in fewer trips. Though the edge isn’t beveled, it is still very effective for scraping, light chopping, and dividing doughs, and both inches and centimeters are printed on the scraper's edge for quick measuring. The scraper’s rolled handle is easy for hands to grip and has no external fasteners or screws, so it can be easily rinsed clean, or washed by hand with soap and warm water.

According to one reviewer: "So easy to use, cuts great [and] the ruler on the side is an awesome idea! Cleans up well and the perfect little helper with my breads!!"

2. The Runner-Up: A Beveled Pick With A Plastic Handle

Spring Chef’s stainless steel bench scraper is another versatile option, and features an ergonomic plastic handle that is centered on the top of the blade. The edge of the blade itself is beveled, making it slightly sharp so it can effectively slice fresh ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, butter, or cheese. A 6-inch ruler along the edge helps you check the dimensions of rolled-out crusts, doughs, and chunks of dough for uniform baking results. This bench scraper also is slightly taller than the one above, at 5.2 inches in height.

In addition to the stainless steel bench scraper, a flexible plastic scraper is included for cleaning batters and doughs from bowls. A guide of common volume and weight conversions is printed on the plastic scraper for quick viewing. Spring Chef’s stainless steel bench scraper is backed by the company’s lifetime warranty. It comes in five colors.

According to one reviewer: "The pastry scraper fits my hand perfectly and comfortably. Gathering dough now is a quick, easy job. And the bench scraper is fantastic - not only does it comfortably fit my arthritic hand with no discomfort whatsoever but it does [a] fabulous job cleaning the work space."

3. The Best Bench Scraper Set

This set of three scrapers from Chef’n may seem like overkill, but each of the tools is made from a different material, allowing it to serve a specific purpose. The large stainless steel scraper is beveled, and ideal for cleaning countertops, cutting doughs, pastry, or other sturdy ingredients directly on hard surfaces. The flat plastic scraper can be used to cut and divide items on a silicone baking mat (such as a Silpat), which can otherwise get damaged by sharp edges. It’s also nice for anyone who worries about scratching wooden or soft countertops with a metal bench scraper. Lastly, the included plastic bowl scraper is curved to help you get every last bit of dough, batter, whipped cream, or whatever else you may be emptying from a bowl. All three pieces in the Chef’n set are dishwasher safe, and nest together under the stainless steel scraper’s rolled plastic handle for space-saving storage. All of these scrapers are 6.1 inches in length, and while they range in height, the tallest one is 4.53 inches in height.

According to one reviewer: "You MUST have this product if you bake! cuts dough easily, both white and orange. i use the stainless on cutting board ant the orange on silicone mat. the scraper is good size and gets everything from the sides of the bowl. Very convenient all 3 fit together to store them and use the."

4. Also Great: A Bench Scraper & Scoop

Rachael Ray’s stainless steel pastry scraper does double duty as a scoop, making it a very useful tool for a variety of kitchen prep tasks. The sides of the scraper have a raised edge as they get closer to the handle, sort of like a shovel, so if you’re someone who chops a lot of ingredients by hand, you’ll be able to scoop and neatly transfer prepped items to a work bowl or piece of cookware with minimal spills. The dishwasher-safe scraper has a slip-resistant ribbed handle that’s easy to grip. Due to the raised edges of the scraper, this design may not be the best option for cutting very large pieces of dough, but it is overall very handy to have for countertop cleanup, light cutting, and moving prepped ingredients with ease. This scraper is 5 inches in height and 6 inches in width, according to reviewers.

According to one reviewer: "Remember when you tried to use your knife as a scraper? And tried to make sure the chopped food didn't fall off before you got to the pot? Well this tool is a genius update to that! Holds a lot of chopped food, and is super easy!"