The 4 Best Blenders For Acai Bowls

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Acai bowls at your local cafe are beautifully arranged and delicious, and here's the good news: All you need to make them at home is a solid blender. The best blenders for acai bowls are high-powered with at least 1,000 watts and multiple speeds for smoother blends. Paying attention to the capacity of each blender is also important to ensure you can make your desired batch size.

One of the key characteristics of an acai bowl is its thick consistency, which results from using frozen fruit. To blend these tougher ingredients smoothly, you’ll need a high-powered blender with at least 1,000 watts (though keep in mind a higher number above this threshold doesn’t automatically mean that blender is better because blade and jar design will play a part too). Blenders with a pulse button and variable speeds (so you can gradually increase the power) are excellent picks for making smoothie bowls, too.

The blender's jar has to withstand high-power mixing, so while glass offers stability thanks to its weight, manufacturers tend to choose shatterproof plastic instead for high-powered blenders. Plastic or polycarbonate jars are also lightweight; Tritan is a particularly durable kind of plastic that better resists scratches and retains its clarity, and it's often used on high-end blenders. Look for one with helpful measurement markings on the side.

Some blender jars may be marketed as dishwasher-safe, but keep in mind it's best to wash these by hand for better durability over time. The harsh heat and cleaning inside a dishwasher can scratch or degrade the plastic containers. Some blenders have a self-cleaning mode that makes this process a breeze. (Protecting the containers may be less of a concern with smaller to-go cup accessories.)

Accessories like a tamper may prove useful to push down and better incorporate ingredients in an acai bowl.

Now, keep reading for the best blenders for acai bowls. There's a high-powered pick to suit any budget, and you'll be easily whipping up beautiful bowls for breakfast or a snack in no time.

1. The Overall Best Blender For Acai Bowls

The overall best blender for acai bowls (and other smoothies) comes from a brand you've heard of before: Vitamix. This model is highly rated with nearly 3,000 Amazon reviews, and shoppers commented it's surprisingly quiet for being such a powerful blender with 1,380 watts.

Its 64-ounce jar is made of Tritan plastic with measurement markings on the side, and the appliance features a variable speed dial, a pulse button, and it comes with a tamper that helps you push ingredients down and remove them from the blender jar so that you can blend them more efficiently. You'll also appreciate its slim design and self-cleaning mode: just add a drop of dish soap and warm water and blend for 30 to 60 seconds.

This blender is powerful enough to blitz frozen fruit, powders, greens like kale or spinach, and other tougher ingredients for an ultimately smoother smoothie. Beyond smoothie bowls, this blender is fast enough to create friction heat that can turn cold ingredients into hot soup in minutes.

One reviewer commented, "Just made my first smoothie and realized the ones I made before now were a joke compared to this, everything (including spinach) blended so perfectly, it is like sipping on tasty liquid velvet."

A helpful review: “[...] We replaced our old Cuisinart BFP-703 when I got back from Hawaii and Brazil with an obsession for acai bowls. With the Cuisinart, I kept having to stop the blades, shake the container to break the air pocket around the blades, and it never seemed to fully blend the spinach or beets that I would add. Fast forward to the Vitamix, and I love making these. It blasts thru every conceivable fruit I throw at it, fully blends spinach, beets, pomegranates, and everything else that I add. I can make 1 big blender full each week and then throw the bowls in the freezer and take one to work each day. I love this thing. [...] If you think $500 is too much to spend on a blender and you'll just get a cheaper one, save yourself the time and trouble of buying 2 or 3 other blenders and just get this in their place. You won't be disappointed.”

2. The Runner-Up

This high-powered blender holds its own with 1,560 watts and a jar design that helps pull ingredients toward the blade. The plastic jar has a 36-ounce fill capacity for wet or dry ingredients and it features highly visible measurement markings on the side.

A unique feature is an LCD display with a countdown showing remaining blend time, and it also features four preset programs, a pulse button, and five manual speeds.The blender also comes with safety blade and a spatula for scraping down the sides.

Like my first pick, this powerful blender can also make hot soups using friction from blending, and it can self-clean with some soap and water. Keep in mind, however, that this pick is loud according to reviewers.

A helpful review: “Love this blender, it is super loud, think Jamba Juice blender loud. Aside from the noise, it does everything I need it to do. I make acai bowls and almond butter with it regularly now and love how both turn out. Easy to clean, I usually just blend on [medium] for a few seconds and then high. [...] Highly recommend, worth the cost.”

3. The Best Budget Blender For Acai Bowls

The best budget blender for acai bowls is a fan favorite with a 4.7 rating and over 14,000 reviews, and it's easy to see why people love it: It's a powerful 1,100-watt blender for just $100.

This pick comes with a 72-ounce plastic jar as well as two 16-ounce cups with to-go lids for a single-serve option. Features include three speeds, a pulse button, and four manual programs, though this one doesn't include a tamper. Though it's a budget-friendly high-powered blender, this pick can still handle crushing ice, too.

A helpful review: “This is the best blender on the market. I use this to primarily make smoothies and acai bowls. [...] this blade is so efficient and blends to the perfect consistency. Be careful with the blade as it is super sharp. The one serving is awesome to make a smoothie and then you can drink right out of it. I have tested many blenders before, this is the best one.”

4. The Best Personal Blender For Acai Bowls

For occasional or single batches of acai bowls, this is a great small blender. This 1,000-watt blender comes with 18-ounce and 24-ounce cups, both made of Tritan and with matching to-go lids.

The blender features two programs, two manual speeds, and a pulse button, and its programs are "smart" in that they time the necessary pulsing and blending patterns. This is another highly rated pick with over 5,000 reviews, including from one shopper who commented, "I've had this Ninja blender for over a year now and it is the best blender for making smoothies or margaritas." The only downside: No tamper is included.

A helpful review: “This is the best blender I've owned, it's amazing. It blends everything, powerful, sturdy, high quality, easy to clean, finally a blender I can make acai bowls with.”