The 4 Best Brushes For Double-Coat Dogs

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Dogs with double coats (common with herding breeds, retrievers, and terriers) need a little extra maintenance in the grooming department. The best brushes for double-coat dogs can help remove excess fur, detangle longer coats, and distribute fur's natural oils for a healthy sheen — all without irritating your dog’s delicate skin. A slicker brush, bristle and pin combo brush, deshedding tool, and undercoat rake are all popular tools for maintaining a dog’s double coat between visits to the groomer, and you'll likely want to use more than one to maintain your pet's coat.

Slicker brushes use rows of wire pins to remove loose fur and detangle thick double coats, a necessary step for most double-coated pups. Pin brushes, which feature pins topped by plastic or rubber balls, are better for dogs with longer, silkier coats. Undercoat rakes and deshedding tools can be used after the initial removal of loose fur to get rid of fur that's ready to be shed from the undercoat, and bristle brushes can be a nice final step to smooth fur and help distribute natural oils to leave a nice shine. Grab one of each brush or whatever seems right for your dog to do the job well (and whatever you do, don’t shave your dog!).

These four brushes and grooming tools will help your dog maintain a mat-free, shiny double coat — and help you keep shedding in your home down, too.


The Best Slicker Brush For Double-Coat Dogs

Use the Hertzko slicker brush to collect loose fur, as well as other debris, from all over your dog's body (including around the behind, where fur tends to be thicker). In addition to a grippy handle, this slicker brush has a convenient self-cleaning button; when you're done brushing, just push the button at the base of the handle to retract the metal wires and you'll easily be able to swipe the fur off the brush.

But make sure to be gentle when using a slicker brush; if used too forcefully, the metal tines can irritate or scratch the skin of animals with thinner coats.

Positive Amazon review: “I’m amazed at how much hair this got off my double-coated dog at what I thought was the end of the shedding season. It was easy to use and fantastic to clean the brush with just a press of a button.”


The Best Bristle/Pin Combo Brush For Dogs With Double Coats

Every double-coated dog needs a gentle brush for regular use, and the BV bristle and pin brush offers two of them in one product. Use the pin side of the brush to detangle and smooth out longer fur, and switch to the bristle side to distribute your dog's natural oils, remove dirt, and give their coat an all-over shine. Both sides are gentle enough for daily use.

Positive Amazon review: “It is simply a must have. It gets down into the coat and works the under-coat when you need to get to the thick undercoat. And when you just want to brush gently it works as well. The gentle brush just calms my dog until he melts while I brush him. This is an essential.”


The Best Deshedding Tool For Double-Coat Dogs

The popular FURminator deshedding tool is a must-have for thinning out undercoats. It has tiny, closely spaced teeth that are designed to collect loose undercoat hair — plus an eject button to easily dispose of the fur you’ve collected. As with the any deshedding tool, remember to be gentle with the FURminator to prevent skin irritation and keep the topcoat intact.

This blue version is made for long-haired, medium-sized dogs, but it's also available in small and large sizes, as well as a version for short-haired dogs.

Positive Amazon review: “I had my own grooming shop for several years. This tool is invaluable when it comes to a double coated animal. [...] Start with a good grooming, then once or twice a week, use [the] furminator to keep the coat in good condition.”


The Best Undercoat Rake For Dogs

When you need a tool for a dog with super-thick fur, look no further than this undercoat rake. It has a rake-like design with rounded teeth that reach deep into the undercoat to comb out fur and work through tangles. The inside of each of the rake's teeth (aka the part that doesn't touch your dog's skin) has a sharp edge to cut through stubborn knots without causing your pup pain — just be sure to use a gentle hand.

The tool is also double-sided for extra versatility. It has one side with nine widely spaced teeth to work through tangles, and it has one side with 17 closely spaced teeth to comb out looser fur.

Positive Amazon review: “I'm a dog groomer and this works perfect! Looks exactly like picture! I use to de mat and to brush out double coats!”