The 5 Best Bundt Pans

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A Bundt cake stands out for its beautiful design, but that’s only if it releases from the mold. The best Bundt pans are made of cast aluminum for even baking with intricate designs that make cakes beautiful right out of the pan.

Metal pans are the best pick for Bundt cakes because they conduct heat well (better than glass), and most Bundt cake pans also have a PFOA-free non-stick coating for an easy release from the fluted design. Cast aluminum, in particular, is your best bet in part because it browns cakes just enough. Silicone baking pans have become a popular option as of late because they are dishwasher-safe, corrosion-resistant, and lightweight, but silicone is a poor heat conductor and won't deliver just the right amount of crisp like a metal Bundt pan can.

Classic Bundt cake pans, also called fluted tube pans, hold up to 12 cups of batter, and most cake recipes that call for a Bundt cake make 10 to 12 cups of batter. Now, Bundt cake pans can also go beyond the traditionally fluted design to include other decorative shapes, like wreaths or roses, and these pans can vary from 6 to 10 cups. Then there are also mini Bundt cake pans for smaller individual cakes; each well typically holds about 1 cup, though you should always check with the manufacturer for exact measurements that work with your pan.

You may notice one brand dominates the bundt pan offerings, and that’s because Nordic Ware is responsible for popularizing aluminum Bundt pans with millions of Americans. Bundt pans became one of their most recognizable pieces of bakeware.

Now, keep reading to find the best Bundt pans to add to your collection.

1. The Overall Best Bundt Pan

The best 12-cup Bundt pan is made of cast aluminum with a PFOA-free nonstick coating for a cake that releases easily every time. This pick has an impressive 4.8-star rating on Amazon with over 3,000 reviews, and it comes in this irresistible gold color in honor of Nordic Ware's 60th anniversary.

The pan is oven-safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and works for cake recipes yielding 10 to 15 cups of batter. Handles on each side are convenient for a sturdy grip and the traditional pan shape creates gorgeous cakes no matter what recipe you're using.

A helpful review: “This is my third Nordic Ware purchase [...] Like all Nordic Ware, it's impeccably made. The quality of this pan far outweighs any competitor Bundt. Including the very light weight colored aluminum Nordic Ware pans. (I saw one in person at a retail store and it just DOES. NOT. COMPARE.) This baked beautifully and once fully cooled (I used a wire rack to help with that) the cake released effortlessly. That was the thing I was most worried about! A good coat of cooking spray and a complete cool on a wire rack produced the most beautiful Bundt I'd ever seen. Now I am on a mission to make at least one Bundt cake a month!”

2. A Bundt Pan For Special Occasions

For a little more drama, this Bundt cake pan, another pick from Nordic Ware, is similarly made of cast aluminum but in a high-contrast design. The increased surface area allows for more of your cake to develop a delicious crust and the deep grooves of the fluting really show off a glaze.

The stunning pan in anniversary gold maintains a high 4.8-star rating with over 4,000 reviews, including from one shopper who commented "this pan never fails to turn out cakes that get tons of attention." This showstopper is oven safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and features a PFOA-free nonstick coating. Its capacity is 10 cups, but there are no handles on this one. For even more baking options, you can choose a number of options from the same line that include a pan and blossom bundt pan, a pan and mini Bundt cake pan, or a super fancy pan and fleur de lis Bundt pan set.

A helpful review: “This makes one gorgeous cake!! I got so many compliments on how beautiful it looked! The quality of this pan is top notch! It feels so durable and smooth and I can tell it was built to last. I was terrified that I would have a hard time getting the cake out, but once I inverted it, it literally slid right out and didn't even leave a single crumb on the pan! I love this cake pan and I'm very happy with this purchase!”

3. An Affordable Bundt Cake Pan Set

Occasional or budget-minded bakers may prefer this pair of Bundt cake pans for less than the price of my first pick. Each pan is made of heavy-duty aluminum, so they're not quite as strong as my first pick, but they are delightfully lightweight and have a nonstick coating.

These cake pans hold 10 cups of cake batter a piece, and though the fluting is less dramatic than other tube pans, this set remains a highly rated pick with over 4,000 reviews. Reviewers report cakes release easily from the pan, and they have handles for a comfortable grip. Note: no maximum oven temperature for this pair was provided by the manufacturer.

A helpful review: “Quality bundt pan. Non stick surface is extremely easy to remove cake from (having using baking spray of course) and extremely easy to clean. For the price of this quality item, you spend less here than on a much lesser quality item at your average grocery or kitchen store. It is heavy duty without being heavy weight. I appreciate the handles for ease of removing the cake from the oven. The ridges could be a little fancier, but would not change my ordering decision based on the other pluses.”

4. This Mini Bundt Cake Pan

A mini Bundt cake pan makes it easy to turn out adorable individually-sized cakes. And how fun is it to say Bundtlettes? The pan, another quality Nordic Ware pick, is made of cast aluminum with a PFOA-free nonstick coating and is oven safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

The pan's six wells hold 4.5 cups total, and this highly rated pan with handles comes in a vibrant shade of gold that will make any baking session feel special. The mini Bundt pan is also available in gold.

A helpful review: “Works perfectly well. I have 4 of these. My family now requests my mini bundts for birthdays, mother's day, and Christmas. I just got done making 3 different flavors for my sister for her birthday. She freezes the mini bundts for months. These pans work perfectly. I use floured baking spray mostly, but I've also buttered and floured before, with the same results. I find these pans cook and release consistently. I rotate, cook with 2 pans at a time, and clean and dry the other 2 in between. I find mini bundts cook fast, between 12-15 minutes depending on the batter.”

5. A Wreath Pan For Holiday Baking

With Nordic Ware's cast aluminum construction on your side, you can trust the intricate design of this wreath Bundt cake pan will release in one piece. A PFOA-free nonstick coating aids in that easy release, and the result is a holiday-inspired wreath with pine cones, holly leaves, berries, and a ribbon to top it off.

This pan holds 9 cups of batter and does the heavy lifting for making a beautiful cake. It's oven-safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Why stop there with the holiday cheer? This holiday bundt pan pick resembles an enchanted forest for cozy winter vibes.

A helpful review: “Adding, again, to my Bundt pan collection! I love this pan. I'm hoping to get my grandmother's applesauce cake recipe to work with this pan - to reveal the many details. I'm also thinking up ways to use it that will also reveal the beautiful details - I think a jello mold is obvious, but I'm currently trying out some candy recipes and decorating styles, too. This pan is, obviously, Christmas oriented. I hope it will make a lot of people merry this year :)”