The 4 Best Candle Lighters On Amazon

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The process of trying to ignite a candle with a match or traditional lighter can sometimes feel like a daunting task as you've probably thought you're only mere seconds away from burning your fingers. One of the best candle lighters can provide a simple solution. Lighters with a long, flexible neck and additional safety features will give you ample control. But if the idea of having to deal with fuel refills doesn't sound appealing to you, opt for a modern rechargeable lighter that uses plasma rather than an open flame.

Although a candle lighter seems like a fairly straightforward gadget, there are a few key differences to consider as you start to shop around. If you're going to need one for an activity where an electrical source is not readily available for an extended amount of time (or you want to keep one in case of a power outage), a classic wand lighter with a full tank of butane gas will serve you well. However, butane flames are notoriously fickle in windy conditions and you'll need to account for the cost of fuel refills into your overall investment.

On the other hand, an electric lighter (which is also commonly referred to as a plasma lighter or an arc lighter) is basically flameless, which makes it 100% windproof and much less of a hazard to use (and store) overall. They get their heat from an electrically charged plasma arc, which means they do rely on a battery, but charging them up is as simple as plugging them into a USB port.

Whichever style you go with, safety should always be top of mind. A long wand (ranging from 7 to 13 inches) will keep your hands at a decent distance from a wick, but a bendable head/hose will make navigating down into a jar — or over an intricate birthday cake — that much easier. If there are children in your household, look for devices with locking features so you can avoid accidental ignition, though if you have arthritis or weaker hands, consider that the trigger mechanism on traditional fuel lighters can be difficult to maneuver.

Now that you're illuminated about what makes for the best candle lighter, you can find some of the best options on Amazon below.

1. The Overall Best Candle Lighter

This VEHHE candle lighter is one of the most popular electric options on Amazon with more than 2,500 fans giving it a perfect five-star rating — and many of them raving about how cool the gadget is to use. "It is amazing to watch it light a candle," raved one reviewer. "I feel like a wizard," joked another. The flameless plasma arc can also be used successfully in windy conditions, making this a good pick for outdoor use as well. Once it's fully juiced up (a micro-USB cord is included), it can be used hundreds of times before it needs to be plugged back in — to make it even easier for you to know when it's almost out, there are LED indicator dots on the side. Safety features include a toggle switch that when slid to the "off" position will prevent any accidental pressing of the ignition button. There's also a seven-second auto shut-off. The entire unit —including the approximately 4.5-inch long flexible hose — measures 10-inches, and you can choose from three handle colors: black (pictured), gold, and silver.

Helpful review: “I am so glad I bought this! I use candles pretty much everyday and was always having a hard time lighting them once they got to the bottom with a regular lighter. This is a lifesaver. It is easy to use, easy to charge, and has an on and off switch. I highly recommend it.”

2. The Runner Up: An Electric Lighter With A Retractable Head

While the 7-inch long size of this electric SURPRUS candle lighter will give you plenty of reach, there is noticeably no flex hose on that end, but it's for a good reason: extra safety. In order to ignite it, you have to go through two-steps: slide up the retractable tip and then press the activation button — this way there's no chance of anyone accidentally touching a hot tip. And just like the pick above, the spark will shut off automatically if the power button is pressed down for longer than seven seconds. According to the manufacturer, the windproof plasma arc can be used more than 500 times per charge (a micro USB cord is included), and there's an LED indicator on the side to monitor battery life.

Helpful review: “If you're looking for an easy way to light candles, look no further. I've had this thing for a couple months now and I've only had to charge it once! Easy to use, no gas or fuel required, and the battery lasts a long time. Also, it's super convenient to not have to tilt each candle in order to light it! Highly recommend if you're looking for the easiest way to light candles!”

3. The Best Refillable Butane Lighter

If you'd prefer a traditional fuel option that's not reliant on a power source, this TLWTCT lighter is a great choice that's a bit more versatile than the disposable kinds and is a quality option to have on hand for a power outage. Not only can you adjust the size of the flame via a dial at the bottom, but Amazon users also reported that it is windproof. The 11.6-inch gadget has a bendable 6-inch neck that can rotate 360 degrees, and you can easily refill the butane with a properly-sized fuel canister. Just note that due the lighter itself will arrive empty due to shipping regulations so you will need to have a fuel source ready if you want to use it right away.

Helpful review: "[Got] this to light mosquito coils outside. When there was a little wind it was difficult to light them with conventional lighters. This is more torch-like and cuts through wind to light the coils. Very pleased with it so far."

4. The Best Disposable Lighter

If you don't want to deal with the hassle of recharging or refilling a candle lighter, look no further than these butane-filled BIC lighters that are affordable enough to dispose of once you're through with using them. Each set comes with two lighters: One Classic Edition with a straight neck and one Flex Wand with a bendable head. According to reviewers, the hose portion of the 13-inch devices is about 5 or 6 inches long, so both styles offer ample reach. There's a child-resistant mechanism included — which requires you to push down a button and then pull a trigger simultaneously— but a couple of Amazon users pointed out that it can be very difficult to use, so keep that in mind if you have any joint stiffness or arthritis. Also, note there is no mention of whether the flame is windproof or not.

Helpful review: "This is a great deal, and I love that it includes a flexible wand version. Our old one ran out of butane, and I researched buying a can of fuel to refill it, but this two-pack of wand lighters was cheaper than the can of fuel. I use the flexible wand in my home brewing to light my Anvil Burner. I use the rigid wand in my home to light candles."