The Best Cat Litter Furniture For Every Aesthetic

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If you’ve got a small home or just want to keep your cat’s litter out of sight, a stylish enclosure offers the perfect solution. The best litter box furniture blends in with your decor and keeps the pan hidden while still giving your kitty a spacious entry for climbing in and out. Just as important: It'll give you easy access to the litter pan, so you can scoop and remove the box for cleaning as needed.

All of these furniture picks are designed to surround your cat’s litter box, which, in addition to keeping things tidy, can help reduce odors. These furniture enclosures have entrances for your cat, and most have one or more doors to give you easy access when it’s time to scoop or change the litter.

Beyond that, your choice comes down to style and size. Whether you want a planter litter box that comes with lush faux greenery, a small end table, or a large storage bench, there’s sure to be an option that’ll complement your aesthetic. Some options even have storage space where you can stash a scoop, and others have built-in extras like a scratch pad or silicone litter mat that prevents tracking. Whichever style looks best in your home, you’ll want to make sure it’s roomy enough for your cat will feel comfortable in when it's time to use it.

When it’s time to upgrade your cat’s bathroom and your home decor, scroll on for the best litter box furniture on Amazon that’ll help keep messes and odors contained.

1. A Classic Litter Box Cabinet

This stylish litter box bench comes in three neutral shades — white, espresso, and gray — and it’s versatile enough to be placed in just about any room of the house. The bench is made of solid wood and fiberboard with wide doors that swing open for easy access to the litter box, as well as an archway entrance for kitty, which can be installed on either side. Even better — there's an adjustable interior divider that helps prevent litter from being kicked out and tracked outside of the box. However, if you want more space inside the bench, you can remove the divider. And if you'd like something more compact, a small end table version is available as well.

  • Dimensions: 30 x 21 x 20.5 inches (exterior), 19 x 19 inches (litter box enclosure)

According to a cat owner: “I purchased two as I have 2 cats. The cats are 2 years old and have never used a covered litter box. I was afraid they wouldn't use it, but they hopped in with no hesitation. I use mine in the laundry room, but the unit is attractive enough to you in any room of the house.”

2. A Wood-Finish Bench With A Cute Kitty Cutout

While this litter box bench seamlessly blends in with your decor, the cute cat cutout is a reminder that it’s all about your favorite feline. The faux wood litter box enclosure is available in walnut and weathered gray finishes, with a chic and sturdy metal frame and iron door handles. There are small air vents on the back, and the cutout cat entrance can be installed on either side of the bench. Plus, there's an adjustable and removable divider inside to help keep litter contained.

  • Dimensions: 32.6 x 20 x 21.4 inches (exterior), 18.8 x 18.8 x 15.6 inches (litter box enclosure)

According to a cat owner: “I absolutely love this box, and so does my cat. My cat is rather large, and I worried that he wouldn’t be able to fit through the hole but he was able to go in and out with ease. The doors are super easy to open and get to. It’s a little hard to clean out because it’s so low, but I take a vacuum to it once a week and it looks brand new.”

3. A Litter Box End Table

Made from recycled plastic and reclaimed wood, this litter box end table will look great next to your sofa or easy chair, and is a perfect place for a table lamp or stack of magazines. The front panel flips down to give you easy access to the litter box, and there’s a spacious entrance for kitty, too. Plus, the side vents allow for plenty of airflow. This option comes in standard and jumbo sizes and four colors: espresso, antique white, gray, and russet brown. (Note that not all colors are available in each size.)

  • Dimensions: 23.5 x 18.5 x 22 inches (standard exterior), 21 x 17 x 20.5 inches (standard litter box interior); 30 x 24 x 30 (jumbo exterior), 28. 4 x 22.4 x 25 inches (jumbo litter box enclosure)

According to a cat owner: “I absolutely love this little thing. It's easy to clean and sturdy and looks like a normal piece of furniture. It turns a litter box into a usable surface.”

4. A Planter Litter Box You Can Stash In The Corner

This planter litter box keeps things tidy while also brightening up your decor with some (faux) greenery. The plastic planter’s roomy interior and entrance are spacious enough for even most large cats, and it comes apart at the center, so it’s easy for you to clean. The top of the planter features a lifelike faux philodendron with natural river pebbles — and the plant is removable, so you can replace it with any other faux greenery you might prefer. You can use the bottom half of the planter as a litter box on its own, but some reviewers add a separate litter pan to keep the planter from getting dirty.

  • Dimensions: 20 inches x 42 inches (exterior — including plant), 20 x 19 inches (litter box enclosure)

According to a cat owner: “I can't believe how good this looks for a litter box. I put it beside my 'real' planter box that cost me over $200 and they actually look great together. I've received so many compliments on it from people that don't know it's a litter box.”

5. A Narrow Cabinet That’s Great For Small Spaces

If you want to sneak your cat’s litter box into a narrow space, this tall cat litter enclosure is a great option. Made from pressed wood, it features a chic shutter door, adorable cat cutout entrances on both sides, and a built-in drawer and interior shelf that are perfect for stowing a scoop and waste bags. And while this piece is slim, the interior is large enough for a standard-size litter box. It's available in soft gray and — for a bit more money — white.

  • Dimensions: 20 x 18 x 38 inches (exterior), 18.75 x 16 x 29 inches (litter box enclosure)

According to a cat owner: “We love this litter box! We have a small bathroom and it’s perfectly slim to fit in our space.”

6. A Stylish Litter Box Cabinet

If you're hoping for something that looks like it came out of the pages of Architectural Digest, this cat litter box enclosure is it. Made from a combination of wood and composite wood, the cabinet features a spacious entrance for your cat and double doors that swing open for easy scooping. Plus, the interior divider helps block litter from being kicked out. Keep in mind, though: Unlike other options on this list with interior dividers, this one isn't removable. There are no customer reviews for this beauty just yet — but you can be the first.

  • Dimensions: 38 x 22 x 22 inches (exterior), 23 x 19 x 19 inches (litter box enclosure)

7. This Storage Bench With A Litter-Trapping Mat

This storage bench litter box has a little ramp with a silicone mat that traps litter from your cat’s paws, so less of it gets tracked around your house. Boasting a classic design, the bench is made from laminated wood and particleboard, and it has vents on the top to allow light and air into the litter box area. Plus, the door makes it easy to remove the litter pan for cleaning. This is the only option on the list that comes with a scoop and litter box, but many reviewers choose to replace it with a larger pan.

  • Dimensions: 31.5 x 15.75 x 22.63 inches (exterior), enclosure dimensions not listed but accommodates pans up to 15.75 x 13 inches

According to a cat owner: “Loved this product. Looks great in my daughters room for her cat. We put her cat bed on top. Love that it hides the liter box. We had to put a deeper pan in instead of the shallow one provided.”

8. This Sleek Litter Box Cabinet With A Scratch Pad

With a built-in cardboard scratch pad, this multi-functional litter box enclosure exercises your cat's claws while also keeping litter contained and out of sight. Boasting clean lines and a simple aesthetic, the faux wood table features a spacious entrance for your kitty and two doors that swing open to give you easy access to the box. It's available in all white or white with gray doors, as pictured here.

  • Dimensions: 36 x 20.5 x 20 inches (exterior), 22.8 x 19.5 x 15 inches (litter box enclosure)

According to a cat owner: “Sturdy, sleek finish and exactly what I needed. I bought this to keep the puppy out of the litter and we also put the cat food [bowls] on top to keep puppy out.”

9. This Mid-Century Modern Litter Box Cabinet

If you’ve got mid-century modern decor, this contemporary cat litter cabinet will fit right in. The gray wood-grain cabinet features two white cabinet doors and legs that are tapered and angled for a true homage to the '60s. One side of the cabinet features a circular entrance for your cat, while the other features vents for proper airflow. It's also available in two other color options: gray wood with white doors and all white.

  • Dimensions: 22.75 x 16.5 x 30 inches (exterior), litter box enclosure dimensions not listed

According to a cat owner: “We were able to tuck this away in a hallway away from the kitchen and main common areas, and our cat seems pleased as well.”