The 4 Best Chair Mats For Carpet, According To Reviews

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If you’ve got carpeted floors, a good chair mat does double-duty by allowing your desk chair to glide while protecting your carpet from damage. The best chair mats for carpets are made from durable materials that resist cracking and warping, and they often have studded backing that helps keep them in place. Also important: Chair mats come in various thicknesses, so you can choose the one that works best for your low-, medium-, or high-pile carpet.

When choosing the right chair mat, thickness and material will be your two biggest considerations. For most low- and medium-pile carpets, look for a mat that’s at least 3 millimeters thick. If you have plush, high-pile carpet, you’ll want a mat that’s at least 5 millimeters thick for more support and comfort. Material-wise, there are a few common options with different degrees of durability:

  • Polycarbonate mats are an excellent overall choice for durability; they’ll hold up well and resist cracking and warping over time.
  • Tempered glass mats are the most durable and eco-friendly option, and they won’t warp or discolor over the years. They’re also heavier and can stay in place without the studded backing found on most chair mats, so you can also use them on hardwood floors.
  • Vinyl or PVC mats can be more affordable, but they’re also the least durable and may become warped under your chair’s caster wheels. Vinyl mats are generally thinner, so they're best for low-pile carpets.

Other considerations include style and size. Most chair mats are transparent, but you can opt for a patterned woven mat if you want to use it as an accent piece. Some mats also feature an extended lip, which protects the carpet from your feet while you sit. As far as size, you’ll want a mat that's big enough to cover the area where your chair rolls, but not so big that it needs to be placed under furniture since they’re not designed to hold that much weight.

With that in mind, these are the best chair mats on Amazon to keep your carpet looking good as new.

1. A Durable Polycarbonate Mat For Low- & Medium-Pile Carpets

If you’re looking for a basic, durable carpet chair mat, you can’t go wrong with this highly rated one from Gorilla Grip, which boasts over 6,000 reviews. It’s made from polycarbonate to resist cracking and curling over time, and at 3 millimeters thick, it’s good for most low- and medium-pile carpets. The studded backing helps keep the mat in place, and you can choose from styles with and without a lip that extends to protect the carpet from your feet.

An enthusiastic reviewer: “I have a very heavy rolling chair that is 400lb-rated and even sitting in it while on the mat, on medium pile carpeting, it barely makes a dent in the surface.”

  • Available sizes: 29 x 47 inches, 36 x 48 inches

2. A Scratch-Resistant Tempered Glass Mat That’s Great For Most Carpets

This tempered glass chair mat allows your chair to glide smoothly across the carpet, and at over 6 millimeters thick, it’ll protect both high-pile and low-pile carpet. Since there’s no studded backing, you can even use it on hardwood floors if needed. The tempered glass is scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and won’t discolor over time. Another plus: It’s incredibly durable and supports up to 1,000 pounds.

An enthusiastic reviewer: “Its truly great. It doesn't sag or deform where the wheels roll. My chair glides super smooth.”

  • Available sizes: 36 inches, 50 inches, 60 inches

3. A Versatile Woven Mat That Comes In 24 Stylish Patterns

There’s no reason your chair mat has to be clear — if you want to use it as an accent piece, a patterned chair mat like this one is perfect. (And it comes in 23 other designs, too.) With a PVC core and woven polyester surface, this option is a combination of mat and rug. Not only does the woven surface allow your chair to glide smoothly, but it also feels comfy on bare feet. Plus, there’s nonslip felt backing and grippy rubberized dots to keep the mat in place. Choose from two thicknesses — the 1.5-inch mat (or 12.7-millimeter) is suitable for all surfaces, including plush carpets, while the 0.25-inch (or 6.35-millimeter) mat is ideal for low-pile carpet, according to the brand's recommendations.

An enthusiastic reviewer: “best chair mat I've ever used, and it makes my chair more comfortable and easier to roll. And it looks good!”

  • Available sizes: 36 x 48 inches, 40 x 54 inches
  • Available thickness: 1/2 inches for all surfaces, 1/4 inches for low-pile carpets and hardwood floors
  • Available colors and styles: 24, including floral, striped, and geometric designs

4. A Budget-Friendly Vinyl Mat For Low-Pile Carpets

If you want to spend a bit less, you can opt for this affordable vinyl chair mat. The textured mat is 2.2 millimeters thick, so it’s best for low-pile carpets, and it has studded backing to help it stay in place. There’s also an extended lip to protect the carpet from your feet. The drawback: Vinyl is less durable than the other options on the list, and it may warp under your chair wheels over time. But if you want something that's extra wallet-friendly, this mat gets the job done.

An enthusiastic reviewer: “Great value for the price. Takes a bit of time to flatten out (arrives rolled).”

  • Available sizes: 36 x 48 inches, 46 x 60 inches