The 9 Best Cheap Yoga Mats Under $30, For Every Type Of Yogi

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On one hand, I'm of the belief that you can't put a price tag on health, happiness, and inner peace. On the other hand, I'm not about to spend $180 on something that I walk all over and drip sweat onto. The best affordable yoga mats can get you there ("there" being a successful, fulfilling practice) for under $30. You don't need something made out of gold — you just need to look for the right features that fit your yogi requirements.

Personally, my favorite thing about yoga is that it's affordable and accessible. A gym membership is unnecessary, a $300 weight set is uncalled for, and even an instructor is optional. If you've got access to YouTube and something between you and the floor, you're set.

I've been practicing weekly for years, and my mat had a $25 price tag on it when I bought it in 2016; it's still holding strong. Whether you're looking for a beginner yoga mat or the best yoga mat for bad knees, Amazon has tons of great choices within your price range. To help you on your shopping journey, I've narrowed down some of the most reliable mats in different categories, and every single one comes in at under $30.


The Overall Best Affordable Yoga Mat

An affordable yoga mat can have it all, and the Gaiam Essentials Premium yoga mat is proof. Available in your choice of seven colors, all under $20 and all with an included minimalist carrying strap, this mat is lightweight, non-slip, non-toxic, and suitable for all kinds of yoga classes. The material is 0.25 inches thick for both comfort and stability, while both sides are textured for improved traction. So far, this one has earned over 11,000 reviews and 4.7 stars overall, so it’s really no surprise that reviewers have called it “by far the best value you can find in a yoga mat.”

According to one reviewer: “It is a good mat for the price and it doesn't seem to wear out like the last mat I had”


The Best Extra-Thick Yoga Mat

Especially when you first begin your practice, it’s common to experience wrist and knee discomfort as your body acclimates to certain asanas. That’s where the Amazon Basics exercise mat comes in. For roughly $20 in any color, you get 0.5 inches of NBR foam, which is extra-cushioned to protect your joints, but still textured and non-slip to promote stability during a slower practice. It also comes with an elastic strap and it’s lightweight for easy carrying.

According to one reviewer: “It's much thicker than the ones provided in my yoga class which is nice so that my knees aren't pressing against the hard wood floors.”


A Great Affordable Mat For Hot Yoga

If you’re doing hot yoga, the average mat probably won’t offer enough traction once you start sweating. Even though it’s under the $30 mark, the IUGA yoga mat is a fan-favorite for especially hot, sweaty practices. It has double-sided textures in a grippy but well-cushioned material, plus it’s more durable than most to stand up to the heat, moisture, and friction. Get it in six two-tone color options.

According to one reviewer: “I recently got into hot yoga and heard that TPE mats were much more ideal than your typical basic PVC sticky mat. So, I found this one and I absolutely love it!”


The Cheapest Option — & The Most Versatile

Maybe you’re looking for a super cheap mat so you can try out your first class without too much commitment— or maybe you practice more than just yoga. Either way, this one's for you. It’s an especially solid choice for a few reasons: it's extra soft, super durable, and suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The 1/3-inch foam is a favorite among those who practice Pilates, gymnastics, and dance because it allows for cushioning and high-performance exercises simultaneously. One reviewer commented that this yoga mat is "a favorite with dancers at [their] ballet studio" because it's "softer than most mats" on the market. It also comes with a carrying strap and costs just $13 in the turquoise color.

According to one reviewer: “Very comfy for meditation. I have back problems so I'll lay on this mat on the ground and do meditation and my back feels great. Obviously also great for yoga.”


A Cheap Yoga Mat That’s Great For Tall Yogis

With double-sided non-slip textures, this Clever Yoga mat ensures that you stay safe no matter how sweaty things get. It's a great option for hot yoga (or higher impact exercises) because the wavy texture keeps the mat on the floor and the petal texture ensures that your hands and feet stay put. All of that said, since it measures 72 by over 25 inches (several inches larger than the standard size), it’s also a great pick for especially tall yogis: “I'm 6' tall, and was surprised to find that I had plenty of room on this mat,” one wrote. Get it in your choice of nine colors.

According to one reviewer: “I’m about 6‘ tall and was struggling to do a lot of my workouts at home on a standard size mat. This mat is the perfect size, does not slip on my hardwood floor, and I don’t feel like I’m playing a game of Twister just to stay on the mat.”


The Best Travel Yoga Mat Under $30

Designed for the yogi on the go, this Gaiam folding travel yoga mat is ultra-lightweight, super thin, and very easy to fold or roll up. It also fits effortlessly in a carry-on or suitcase. Despite its portability, though, reviewers say it "provides a non-slip surface" thanks to its sticky texture, and it offers "some cushion and protection from a filthy floor," no matter where you happen to be practicing. Since it’s made from non-toxic PVC, it can handle wear and tear despite its affordable price tag. You can buy it in five different patterns.

According to one reviewer: “This mat fit the bill. It's small, light weight, and folds up into a flat 12'x12' square. This is a true travel mat.”


The Best Cheap Alignment Yoga Mat

Proper alignment is an important part of any pose. This innovative yoga mat has a stripe down the middle as well as horizontal markings, reverse points, a center point, and 45-degree lines, all of which help you maintain the correct body postures in several asanas — a useful feature during your home practice. It's also made with a specially designed TPE material that’s closed-cell, more eco-friendly than competitors, non-slip, stable, and provides a decent amount of cushioning for your joints. It's available in five different colors, and reviewers agree, "the alignment marks really brought [their] practice to a new level.”

According to one reviewer: “I love the Mat because of the design. For a beginner yogi it’s super helpful keeping me centered and relaxed during the workout because I don’t have to think if I’m aligned or if my legs and hands are where they need to be.”


The Best Cork Yoga Mat Under $30

Because cork is eco-friendly, absorbent, and dense but well-cushioned, it’s become an in-demand material when it comes to yoga mats. The issue? Most cork mats are pretty expensive — but not the Navaris cork yoga mat. It still has a genuine cork layer on top, so you get all of the benefits of this natural material, but it supplements with a sticky, cushioned TPE layer on the bottom to cut costs. It also has on-mat alignment marks, comes with a free carrying strap, and weighs just over two pounds (unlike most other cork mats, which are much heavier).

According to one reviewer: “Natural, stays in place, feels great on my feet, perfect amount of thickness, easy to clean, what's not to love?”


A Mat In The Most Eye-Catching Patterns

This is not your average yoga mat. Available in tons of gorgeous designs (including geodes, florals, and animal prints) you're sure to have the most unique yoga mat in the studio. It's also dense, grippy, easy to clean, and recyclable since it’s made from TPE — and you get a free carrying strap, too.

According to one reviewer: “This yoga mat was the perfect thickness and length for a beginner like myself. My old mat was sliding all over the place any time I tried to do anything and it made every position harder than it needed to be. This may stays firm where I put it! The design on the mat is absolutely beautiful and matches the the stock photo flawlessly.”

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