The 6 Best Coffee Makers With Built-In Grinders

Fresh-tasting coffee with a little less fuss.

Written by Vanessa Spilios
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Freshly ground beans results in a richer, more flavorful cup of coffee, but if you don’t want to pull out an extra appliance every morning, the best coffee makers with built-in grinders can streamline your routine. They have integrated burrs or blades, and they come in in drip, espresso, and single-serve styles.

What To Consider When Shopping For The Best Coffee Makers With Built-In Grinders

Depending on the type of coffee drinker you are and how hands on (or off) you like to be, you may prefer one style of machine over another, so here are some things to keep in mind:

Blade Versus Burr Grinder

There are two types of coffee grinders: burr grinders, which crush beans between two ridged surfaces, and blade grinders, which work a bit like a chopper to break down coffee beans into grounds. Burr grinders yield the most consistent grind size, and can often be adjusted to your desired setting to produce smooth, flavorful coffee. Comparatively, blade grinders yield a less consistent grind, which can sometimes result in bitter or sour notes in the final product. With that said, blade grinders tend to be more affordable than burr grinders and are still a solid choice for many coffee drinkers.

Type Of Machine

  • Drip: Most coffee machines with built-in grinders are drip brewers, which have water tanks that are capable of turning out up to 12 cups of coffee at a time, making them a good pick for larger households or people who drink several cups a day. If you only want to brew a few cups of coffee at a time, some full-size machines have a special setting that lets you brew between 1 and 4 cups without compromising strength and flavor. While most automatic coffee machines give you the option of a simple press-to-brew option, many have programmable buttons that let you adjust the strength or set the coffee to brew on a schedule, so you can wake up to a fresh pot without any effort in the morning.
  • Espresso: If you like espresso, you can also find automatic machines that not only grind beans but also take care of tamping, a step that can be pretty messy when done manually with a standard portafilter. Automatic espresso machines may also have settings to help you customize your drink to your preferences — like pulling longer shots or making two shots at a time — so they’re a lot more foolproof compared to traditional methods. The espresso maker I’ve included here also doubles as a single-serve machine, so you can brew standard cups of black coffee if you want to switch things up.

Glass Versus Thermal Carafe

The majority of coffee makers come with a glass carafe and feature a warming plate to keep the pot at a nice, drinkable temperature, but note that your joe may taste bitter after being heated for prolonged periods of time. To avoid that, you can opt for an insulated thermal carafe instead; not only will this help ensure that your coffee won’t take on a sour, burnt taste, but it’ll also allow you to keep the pot at the table (or your desk) for refills.

No matter what variety of java you’re brewing, the best coffee makers with built-in grinders will maximize freshness, flavor, and aroma.

Shop The Best Coffee Makers With Built-In Grinders

In a hurry? These are the best coffee makers with built-in grinders:

  1. The Overall Best: Gevi 10-Cup Drip Coffee Maker
  2. The Runner-Up: Cuisinart Automatic Grind and Brew 12-Cup Coffee Maker
  3. The Best Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker: Cuisinart Grind & Brew 12-Cup Thermal Automatic Coffee Maker
  4. The Best Coffee Maker Under $100: BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Mill and Brew Coffee Maker
  5. The Best Espresso & Single-Serve Machine Combo: Philips 1200-Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine With Milk Frother

1. The Overall Best


  • Ceramic burr grinder with 8 coarseness settings
  • Blooms grounds inside the machine
  • Adjustable brew strengths


  • No insulated carafe

Offering a combination of quality and versatility, the Gevi automatic coffee maker features a durable ceramic burr grinder with eight coarseness settings. The result? A smooth batch of java that you can customize to your preferences. It also works with pre-ground coffee if you’d rather get a head start on things, and you can press a button to brew batches for 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 cups. Another great benefit: When it’s time to brew, the machine first dispenses a small amount of hot water into the reusable filter to bloom the grounds, allowing the full flavor and aroma of the coffee to shine — the only pick on this list with that feature.

The machine is fully programmable, with options to set grind size and volume, select the strength, and schedule an automatic start time — but you can also use the one-touch brew button if you want to keep things simple. For those who can’t wait for their first cup, there’s also an auto-pause function, so you can pour a mug before the whole batch is done brewing. The carafe isn’t insulated, but the warming plate keeps the coffee toasty until it automatically turns off after two hours.

One reviewer wrote: “Ok so this machine is absolutely wonderful! I LOVE that you can use both beans and ground coffee and the coffee it makes is phenomenal! The grind size adjustment is amazing and for this price... I don't know why you wouldn't buy it!”

Grinder type: Burr | Brewing capacity range: 2 to 10 cups | Timer: Yes | Brew-pause feature: Yes

2. The Runner-Up


  • More budget-friendly than the top pick
  • Warming plate has adjustable auto-off timers


  • Blade grinder may yield less consistent results
  • No adjustable coarseness settings
  • No insulated carafe

For a bit less money, this Cuisinart 12-cup coffee maker has a slightly more straightforward design, with a blade grinder that offers a little less consistency than a burr as far as grind size goes. You also can’t customize the coarseness the way you can with the previous option or set adjustable brew strengths. All that said, reviewers were still generally pleased with the results, making it a solid, reliable option.

You can use pre-ground beans with the permanent gold-tone filter, and there are options to schedule brew time and adjust the setting for lower volumes of coffee. A “brew pause” feature allows you to remove the carafe during brewing to pour a cup without making a mess, and the machine’s warming plate has an adjustable auto-off setting that can be programmed from one to four hours, so your coffee will stay steamy as long as you like.

One reviewer wrote: “I gotta say the coffee maker brews the freshest cup of coffee. It’s the perfect pot every time it’s definitely worth the money. With that being said it’s a bit loud when it’s grinding but, unless you’re sleeping in the kitchen you won’t really notice it [...] All in all it’s an awesome coffee maker and if you love fresh coffee give this a whirl.”

Grinder type: Blade | Brewing capacity range: 1 to 12 cups | Timer: Yes | Brew-pause feature: Yes

3. The Best Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker


  • Ceramic burr grinder
  • Thermal carafe keeps coffee hot without making it bitter
  • Adjustable brew strengths


  • Higher price tag
  • No mention of adjustable coarseness settings

When glass coffee carafes are left on a warming plate for hours, coffee can get scorched and acquire a bitter taste. With a double-walled stainless steel design, the thermal carafe of this Cuisinart drip coffee maker seals in heat for hours — while maintaining a fresh, smooth flavor. The fully programmable machine features a ceramic burr grinder, as well as helpful settings like a timer for scheduling, three brew strengths, brew pause, and a low-volume setting for preparing between 2 and 4 cups. Plus, the permanent gold-tone filter means you don’t have to stock up on paper filters.

One reviewer wrote: “It grinds fresh beans for every pot and has a thermal carafe that keeps the coffee amazingly hot for hours. I set it the night before and am greeted every day with a fresh pot of freshly ground and brewed French Roast coffee instead of making numerous, messy, leaky cycles to fill a standard coffee cup in the morning. [...] This pot is a joy to use, makes great, dark coffee and takes little maintenance. Every few pots, I clean the grinding area with a small brush they supplied. It takes about 5-minutes.”

Grinder type: Burr | Brewing capacity range: 2 to 12 cups | Timer: Yes | Brew-pause feature: Yes

4. The Best Coffee Maker Under $100


  • Cheapest pick on the list
  • Adjustable brew strengths


  • Blade grinder yields less even grounds
  • No insulated carafe

The best cheap coffee maker comes courtesy of BLACK+DECKER, and it’s a solid pick that gets the job done well. The brew basket houses a blade grinder, which may not produce the same high-quality results as a burr grinder, but with a low price tag, it’s a worthy tradeoff. The basket can handle both whole-bean and pre-ground coffee, and the permanent bronze- tone filter lets you forego paper filters if you choose.

The machine has several quick-touch programs, including a 1 to 4 cup brewing option, a timer for brewing on a schedule, and three brew strengths: regular, bold, and strong. The “Sneak-A-Cup” feature stops the flow of coffee, so you can pour a mug before the brewing cycle is finished, and the warming plate automatically shuts off for safety.

One reviewer wrote: “This is the best coffee maker I've owned and by far the best value. It is easy to use and clean and does a fantastic job. I love how it is designed with the grinder built into the filter and it is quiet when grinding compared to others. I've owned several coffee makers and this one is by far the best. [...] I highly recommend this product.”

Grinder type: Blade | Brewing capacity range: 1 to 12 cups | Timer: Yes | Brew-pause feature: Yes

5. The Best Espresso & Single-Serve Machine


  • Functions as both espresso/steamer machine and single-serve coffee maker
  • Ceramic burr grinder has 12 coarseness settings
  • Option to dispense hot water for tea and americanos


  • Higher price tag
  • No option for making large batches

The best espresso machine with a grinder also happens to be a single-serve coffee maker — in other words, this two-in-one machine gives you the option of pulling up to two espresso shots simultaneously (in your choice of three volumes) as well as brewing up to 2 cups of regular black coffee at a time. Plus, an integrated milk steamer lets you create a variety of coffee drinks, including lattes and cappuccinos. Last but not least, it has a simple hot water option if you want to make tea or an Americano.

The ceramic burr grinder has 12 adjustable coarseness levels to help you find your preferred strength and flavor, and the machine takes care of tamping, so you don’t have to bother with a finicky portafilter when making espresso. This sophisticated pick uses intelligent “aroma extract” technology that dials in on the ideal brewing temperature (between 194 and 208 degrees Fahrenheit) to extract optimal flavor. Unfortunately, the Philips does not come with an automatic timer to schedule your coffee, so you’ll have to do it yourself in the morning, and there’s no option to use pre-ground beans.

One reviewer wrote: “It’s easy to use after about a week of testing out the different options. I make a great latte every day and love having it at my finger tips. It also makes coffee for him so think Keurig with no pods. Grinds well, tells you when it needs attention from water to beans and when the grinds need to be emptied. It also makes great foam if you are a latte fan.”

Grinder type: Burr | Brewing capacity range: 1 to 2 shots/cups at a time | Timer: No | Brew-pause feature: No

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