The 5 Best CrossFit Gloves, According To CrossFitters

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by Andrea Hannah

CrossFit is one of the most high-intensity workouts out there, so you definitely need the right gear to get the most from all those squats, burpees, and planks. The best CrossFit gloves protect your hands and wrists and are made of a flexible material with a breathable design that allows for airflow. But, there are a lot of CrossFit gloves out there, so what else do you need to know?

Look for a glove designed with stretchy fabrics like neoprene or Lycra, and with features like an open-back design to keep your hands from sweating. In fact, some of the most popular CrossFit gloves resemble grips more than gloves. They cover the most essential parts of your fingers and hands so you're fully supported while still allowing for plenty of flexibility. But, if you prefer a full-coverage glove to protect against additional calluses or rough hands, be sure to look for one with a mesh back so your hands don’t overheat.

There are some features you’ll see on nearly every pair of CrossFit gloves, features like gripped palms and adjustable wrist straps. While not every pair has them, grips on the palms allow for an easier time grabbing bars, weights, and more, and adjustable wrist straps allow you to securely fit the gloves to your hands for the best fit. Depending on your preference, these may be things to look out for.

There are a ton of workout gloves on the market that it can be hard to find the best gloves for CrossFit. Here are a few excellent options to help you find your perfect pair.

1. The Overall Best CrossFit Gloves

These best-selling gloves are made from a super flexible neoprene and feature silicone grippers on the palm and fingers. While neoprene isn’t a particularly breathable fabric, these gloves make up for it with an open-back design that allows for airflow, a design that reviewers swear by for CrossFit. While these gloves come in five sizes, you can also tighten the straps around your wrist for a customized fit. These gloves have won over thousands of Amazon reviewers who use them for all manner of gym workout.

According to one reviewer: "I have been using these gloves for several weeks, and they have been awesome. They have definitely held up to my crazy CrossFit workouts, and have become my absolutely favorite gym glove.”

  • Available sizes: X-Small - X-Large

2. The Best Minimalist CrossFit Gloves

If the pair above offer a breathable open-back design, these micro gloves take it to the next level, covering just enough to help protect from callouses and improve grip while still allowing for plenty of movement. They're made from stretchy synthetic leather and feature a textured silicone grip on the palms. These gloves come in five different sizes and three different colors, so you can find the perfect pair for your hands.

According to one reviewer: "I ordered these gloves for the CrossFit class I take occasionally, as rowing has left my hands a little rough. I have found they have helped me with my pull-ups, rowing and weight lifting. I really like these gloves and I don't even notice I have them on during class!”

  • Available sizes: X-Small - X-Large

3. The Best Gloves That Stretch Over Your Fingers

These CrossFit gloves are designed in a suede fabric that offers the perfect amount of stretch and support (and shape to your hands with repeated wear), and they also feature straps that secure around your wrists to support your hands. While these lack the silicone grips of some of the pairs above, they have two- or three-hole options so you can choose how you’d like them to fit over your hands. Pick from three sizes and five different colors.

According to one reviewer: "These are the third different type of grips I have bought and these are finally ones that are worth holding onto. They fit my hand correctly and give me a comfortable grip for any bar work during CrossFit.”

  • Available sizes: Small - Large

4. The Best With Extra Padding

While these lifting gloves are more full coverage than the picks above, they’re still lightweight and designed with a mesh back with a keyhole opening that allows for some airflow. The palms feature extra padding to protect your hands and gel “anti-slip” points that allow you to get a good grip on bars, rings, and weights with ease. These gloves have an adjustable wrist strap to customize the fit (and provide more support), and come in five different sizes and a few different colors.

According to one reviewer: "After using and trying out several other brands of women's fingerless gloves over several years, I find this pair to be superior to all others, including some very well known brands. I want to quickly order another pair before something changes in the design! There is no noticeable bulk in the finger seams, no stiffness in leathery areas, and great flexibility and molding to my hands on the lighter weight parts."

  • Available sizes: X-Small - X-Large

5. A Pair Of Gloves With Extra-Thick Wrist Straps

These heavy-duty gloves have the plenty of coverage to protect your hands during intense workouts and have an extra-thick wrist strap to keep things more secure. They’re made with a durable and stretchy neoprene, and designed with a mesh back that allows for ventilation. They have anti-slip silicone grips on the palms, too. You can pick from one of four sizes and four different colors.

According to one reviewer: "I've recently started doing CrossFit and I found that the regular gloves I'd used weren't up to the task. I purchased one pair of gloves and liked the fit, but they were so difficult to take off that it wasn't worth wearing them. Then I found these. I like that they provide wrist support and protect your palms.”

  • Available sizes: Small - X-Large