The 6 Best Cuisinart Coffee Makers For A Perfect Brew Every Time

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If you’re in the market for a new coffee maker, Cuisinart offers more than a few choices that make it easy to brew delicious java. The best Cuisinart coffee makers will come down to a matter of personal preference and how much you need to brew at a time, but you'll find options that'll give you just the features you want, like 24-hour scheduling, multiple brew strength settings, on-demand brewing, and more.

When choosing a coffee maker, first consider the size of the carafe. Most of these machines have 10-, 12-, or 14-cup carafes, but if you want the option of brewing a smaller batch, many of them also have settings that make one to four cups at a time. And if counter space is a concern, a simple four-cup coffee maker that's compact — and totally affordable — is a great option. And if you don't like the idea of carafes at all, Cuisinart has a fantastic single-serve, brew-on-demand option that makes and dispenses coffee one cup at a time.

Other features to consider include a built-in coffee bean grinder, regular and bold flavor settings, and a separate hot water dispenser that’s helpful if you want to make coffee and tea or hot cocoa with one appliance. After that, it's all about aesthetics. All of these options are available in neutrals like black and chrome, but some of them give you statement-making color options like bright red and sky blue, too.

Whether you want a single cup or an entire carafe of caffeine, these are the best Cuisinart coffee makers on Amazon that'll serve up smooth, delicious java, the moment you wake up.

1. The Classic 12-Cup Coffee Maker

The tried-and-true Cuisinart DCC 1200 reliably makes 12 cups of coffee and has several helpful features to boot like a 24-hour timer and a brew pause feature that lets you enjoy a cup before the entire pot is ready. The small batch option is perfect for making between one and four cups, and the adjustable heating plate keeps your pot of java at the perfect temperature. Also helpful: You can set the coffee maker’s auto-shutoff timer between zero and four hours. The charcoal filter (which you’ll want to replace once a month) works to purify water and optimize flavor, and the permanent coffee filter preserves antioxidants and removes bitterness, although can always use a paper filter if you prefer.

This pick comes in seven colors from classic black and brushed chrome to vibrant metallic red and copper, and a 10-cup carafe version is also available.

According to a reviewer: “The most important thing: it makes REALLY GOOD coffee. [...] I've heard people describe a cup of coffee as "smooth" and now I know what that means. I like the retro look of the machine and it fits in nicely with my other stainless steel appliances."

2. The Best Coffee Maker Under $50

If you don't drink a ton of coffee and are looking for something compact and cost-effective, this 4-cup coffee maker is a great buy. Although it doesn't boast a ton of fancy features, it's incredibly simple to use, thanks to the one-button operation, 30-minute auto-shutoff, and brew pause feature that lets you pour yourself a cup before the whole pot is ready. Of course, there are some trade-offs for the low price, as this pick doesn't have 24-hour programming, a temperature-adjustable heating plate, or come with a permanent filter. Nonetheless, it's a great option that also takes up minimal counter space.

According to a reviewer: "If you are looking for a smaller coffeemaker that works well and takes up less counter-top space than larger coffeemakers, this is the right coffeemaker for you. It's well constructed; definitely not made from cheap materials. It also feels very solid, much more so than my previous machine. I would highly recommend this to anyone."

3. The Best For One Cup At A Time

For fresh coffee throughout the day or if your home just don't drink much coffee at a time, this single-cup coffee maker is the way to go. The on-demand coffee maker brews one cup at a time, and since you can add grounds and water for up to 12 cups, you don't have to hassle with measuring again and again. A helpful gauge shows you how much coffee you have left for brewing, and the indicator lets you know when it's time to clean. The machine is programmable with a 24-hour advance brew start, auto-shutoff, and a one- to four-cup setting. And thanks to the charcoal water filter and permanent gold-tone coffee filter (you can also use a paper filter), you can rest assured that you'll be getting a smooth, delicious cup every time you turn the dial to "brew."

According to a reviewer: “I’ve tended to go through coffee makers in the past and have tried many brands and styles. This is the best I’ve had yet! The coffee is hot, and we like it really hot. The brewed coffee is between 180° and 190°F. That’s the optimal brewing temperature, so the coffee has incredible flavor. And it does!The dispenser lights up so I can see when the cup is full. The “fuel” gauge indicates how much coffee is in the pot. These are all great features, but the best for me is that I don’t have to microwave my coffee to get it hot enough, and the flavor is incredible!

4. A Coffee Maker With A Built-In Grinder

To streamline your morning routine and still have freshly ground beans, the best coffee maker with a grinder lets you grind and brew a cup of joe with one machine. And if you accidentally grabbed a bag of already ground coffee at the store, you can still brew with the "grind off" setting. It has 24-hour programmability, as well as other helpful features, including a one- to four-cup small batch setting, a brew pause button, and an auto-shutoff feature you can adjust between zero and four hours. Plus, a charcoal water filter and gold tone coffee filter ensure consistently great taste, but you can also opt to use your own single-use filter.

Choose from a 12-cup glass carafe or — for a little more money — a 10-cup insulated thermal carafe that keeps coffee hot for hours. One thing to note: Reviewers mention that steam gets into the grinder during the brewing process, so you may have to clean it between each use.

According to a reviewer: I got this product for my husband as a gift. He always likes the smell of freshly ground coffee beans. He and I are both in love with this Cuisinart coffee grinder / brewer. The Simplicity of it is amazing. We simply load up the beans and water the night before and the next morning we awake to a freshly ground and brewed pot of coffee."

5. The Best If You Like Bold Coffee

If you like your java bold and extra hot, the Perfectemp coffee maker might be the one for you. This 14-cup programmable coffee maker — which is the largest option on the list — brews hotter than usual coffee, but does so without altering the flavor. You can toggle between "bold" and "regular" flavor settings, and once brewed, you can keep the pot hot with the temperature adjustable heating plate. The machine also boasts a 24-hour advance brew start time, a brew pause feature, a one- to four-cup setting, an auto-shutoff between zero and four hours, and a self-cleaning function. A charcoal water filter and permanent gold-tone coffee filter are included, but you still have the option of using paper filters.

It’s available in 10 colors, including stainless steel, sky blue, and copper, and it also comes in a 12-cup version with a thermal carafe.

According to a reviewer: “This Cuisinart makes the best home-brewed coffee I've had, extracting deeper flavor than I imagined possible. I partly attribute this to the terrific "Bold" setting: It slows the hot water's trickle down to a snail's pace.”

6. A Coffee Maker That Dispenses Hot Water

This 12-cup coffee maker brews a fantastic pot of joe, but it also features a hot water dispenser, so you can quickly make tea, oatmeal, instant soup, and more with just one machine. The hot water system features an indicator light that lets you know when it's ready to dispense, and it has its own 54-ounce reservoir that can be used separately or at the same time as the coffee maker.

As far as the coffee maker goes, there's a 24-hour timer, brew pause feature, a one- to four-cup small batch setting, a self-cleaning function, and a temperature-adjustable heating plate. The machine uses a charcoal water filter and a permanent gold tone coffee filter for consistently flavorful results, and you can also use paper filters. Choose between 10- or 12-cup sizes and three colors, including black with stainless steel and brushed metal with red.

According to a reviewer: “Very good coffee and convenient for a tea drinker and a coffee drinker all in one pot.”