The 6 Best Cupcake Liners

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There's a unique delight to unwrapping a cupcake, but wrappers are more than just something that slows down our cupcake consumption. The best cupcake liners help to ensure a perfect bake, make cleanup easier, and add some style to your dessert.

Cupcake liners are typically made from either paper, silicone, or a combination of paper and foil. Silicone liners are nonstick and reusable, so they can be good for your wallet and good for the environment in the long-term. Paper liners are more traditional, and are sometimes coated in food-grade silicone to make them nonstick, too. Some paper liners are also "greaseproof," which means they won't get discolored or stained by oil from the cupcakes. There are also foil liners, which are just paper liners with an exterior foil lining. These liners are sturdier than simple paper liners, which can sometimes help to create a more rounded top on cupcakes.

Cupcake liners also come in a variety of sizes. For a classic cupcake, look for liners that have a 2-inch diameter. If you prefer tiny cupcakes, look for liners with a 1.5-inch diameter, and for oversized cupcakes, you'll want a 2.5-inch diameter. Finally, you may want to consider the shape of cupcake liner. Fluted designs are not only easy to unwrap, but also help prevent overflow. Because of this, tulip-shaped liners and other liners without fluting will be slightly more likely to overflow, but have a sleeker look.

Get one step closer to delicious homemade cupcakes with picks from this list of the best cupcake liners.

1. A Set Of Classic Cupcake Liners In A Rainbow of Colors

  • Count: 300
  • Material: Paper
  • Diameter: 2 inches

Give your cupcakes some colorful flair with this 300-count paper liner set. There are 50 liners in each of the colors: pink, orange, blue, purple, green, and yellow. And because these paper liners are heavily colored, they may hold up better against grease. These liners also come in a plastic container for easy, organized storage.

One fan raved: “I really love the colours! Very bright and happy colours that make you just want to grab the cupcakes. They were also grease resistant too at the bottom. I found that sometimes, some cups tend to seep with the grease from the cupcakes. This one did not and so, my muffin trays were not ruined. Will buy some more - especially if they have other patterns.”

2. These Large, Eco-Friendly Baking Cups

  • Count: 180 (three packs of 60)
  • Material: unbleached paper
  • Diameter: 2.5 inches

This eco-friendly cupcake liner pack includes 180 liners made from unbleached and chlorine-free paper, which are packed in recycled cardboard boxes. The liners are coated with silicone, so it's easier to get your cupcake out, and they're also available in a larger size that's perfect for muffins and bigger cupcakes. These liners are also greaseproof and have over 900 five-star ratings on Amazon.

One fan raved: “I have a go-to coconut flour muffin recipe I make at least twice a week. It's a very sticky batter, and no matter how much you spray the cups or the paper liners, if using, these things stick like crazy. Or so I thought.I used to buy these when I baked (pre-Celiac diagnosis) regular muffins, and they worked great. I remembered them recently and per my usual practice, to Amazon I went to place an order.I received them this week and baked my first batch of muffins in them yesterday, spraying them with coconut oil like I had been doing with the tins and paper liners. Not a single crumb stuck to these. They slid right out and were picture perfect. I highly recommend these. They've worked on everything I've tried so far. Excellent product!"

3. These Bakery-Style Tulip Liners

  • Count: 200
  • Material: paper
  • Diameter: 1.97 inches

Give your cupcakes a rustic, bakery-inspired look with these nonstick tulip liners, which extend up above your cupcake and are made of silicone-coated paper. They are oven-safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and they're great for muffins too. This pack includes 100 brown liners, 50 natural liners, and 50 white liners, so you can use different color liners for different flavors.

One fan raved: “I purchased these to make cupcakes for my son’s wedding. They were super easy to use and I LOVED how they look. They were gorgeous and so professional looking....definitely using these instead of traditional baking cups from now on!”

4. This 12-Pack Of Colorful Silicone Baking Cups

  • Count: 12
  • Material: silicone
  • Diameter: not listed, but reviewers say it's around 2 inches

Made from silicone, these fluted cupcake liners are already nonstick, so they don't need to be greased. These versatile liners are freezer-, microwave-, dishwasher- and oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and they come in a rainbow of pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple colors. If you tend to bake bigger batches of cupcakes, you can also buy them in a pack of 24.

One fan raved: “I bought these as part of a “most customers also buy” type of bundle that Amazon recommended, when I purchased some Rizotti silicone baking mats. I AM SO GLAD THAT I GAVE THEM A TRY! These little baking cups are amazing! I’ve used them for cupcakes and mini pound cakes (yes, mini pound cakes)! They bake evenly and beautifully. I leave them on during frosting and remove them just prior to serving; this makes for a gorgeous cupcake plate! I’m going to try making cupcake-shaped jello treats next. The cups are lightweight, but durable, and wash very easily in warm, soapy water. I will definitely be purchasing more. They are a perfect gift for any baker in your life. Excellent value for your money!”

5. These Metallic Foil Liners That Add Some Glam To Your Cupcakes

  • Count: 200
  • Material: foil-lined paper
  • Diameter: 2 inches

These paper cupcake liners are wrapped in foil, which not only gives them a festive look, but also makes them sturdier than simple paper liners. These liners are grease-proof, so the color won't be ruined by your cupcake batter. They're available in a standard size that will fit a classic cupcake tray and come in eight fun metallic colors.

One fan raved: “I am a professional baker and will only use Gifbera brand foil liners from now on. They are the best liner I've ever used! The liners are a beautiful color and a great, sturdy quality. Most importantly, they separate easily!! Many brands of foil liner are almost impossible to separate without destroying the shape; a non- issue with Gifbera!!”

6. These Simple Mini Cupcake Liners

  • Count: 350
  • Material: paper
  • Diameter: 1.25 inches

These cute cupcake liners have a mini design, measuring only 1.25 inches in diameter. They are made of paper with a simple white color, so they can look great in any cupcake display whether you go for brightly colored frosting or simple vanilla. Each package comes with 350 liners, making this a perfect choice for parties or large groups.

One fan raved: “Used these to bake 6 dozen mini cupcakes for my daughters birthday. They were easy to pull apart and line the muffin tins with. They held up nicely and did not stick to the muffin tin, so it was very easy to dump them out once they cooled. They were easy to peel away from the cupcake for consumption [...]”