The 5 Best Digital Picture Frames With Wi-Fi

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Best Digital Picture Frames With Wi-Fi

Unlike standard digital picture frames, the best digital picture frames with Wi-Fi allow you to send new photos to your frame without the need for wires, flash drives, or SD cards. While they do tend to be more expensive, these offer tons of convenience and additional features — but how do you find the right one for you? In short, you'll want to consider the size, the resolution, and the storage capabilities.

First, the size. If your frame is too small, you won't be able to see your photos; if it's too big, it'll look more like a monitor and less like a frame — plus it'll be harder to display on a shelf, table, or wall. Most of the best-selling options land somewhere around 10 inches (measured diagonally from corner to corner), but the ones below can be as small as 8 inches and as large as 15.6 inches.

Just like with computer monitors and televisions, the resolution of a digital frame is extremely important: The higher the resolution, the clearer the picture. Anything with 1280 by 800 pixels should more than suffice (it's considered high-definition, and it's a popular resolution for digital frames), but you can find even higher resolutions.

Finally, once you send photos or videos to your digital picture frame, you'll need to store them there, either on the device itself or on the cloud. Digital frames measure internal storage using gigabytes (or GB). More GB means more room for content, but it typically means a higher price tag, too. For reference, according to digital frame product descriptions, 16 GB of storage can hold about 40,000 photos, assuming each photo is 300 kilobytes or less.

In addition to stellar reviewer feedback, these digital frames all have a large enough screen, high resolutions, and a practical amount of built-in storage — and, of course, Wi-Fi capabilities so you can upload new photos in seconds.

1. The Overall Best Digital Picture Frame With Wi-Fi

The Nixplay smart picture frame has more than 4,000 reviews and a near-perfect rating of 4.8 stars overall, all because it combines high-tech features, a sleek look, and a reasonable price. Through Wi-Fi, you can securely share photos and videos with loved ones, but you can also upload them from the iOS app, email, Google Photos, Dropbox, Facebook, or Instagram. It’s both table-friendly or wall-mountable (it auto-adjusts for landscape or portrait orientation), while the motion sensor saves battery by turning the display off when people leave the room. It’s even Alexa-compatible for hands-free control. While the more affordable size options feature black frames, Nixplay also offers gorgeous silver and rustic wood options.

  • Resolution: 1280 by 800 pixels
  • Built-in memory: 8 GB
  • Available sizes: 9.7 inches, 9.7 inches silver, 10.1 inch, 10.1-inch wood, 13.3-inch, 15.6-inch

One reviewer wrote: "This is the one to get! Night and day difference [between other ones I've tried] (keep in mind, I'm a photographer). It seems to be a great purchase so far."

2. The Best Budget Option

Even though it comes in just above $100 for a 10-inch display, the MRQ digital frame isn’t lacking in features. Yes, it has a W-Fi connection (as well as USB and SD compatibility), but it also has enough built-in storage for up to 40,000 photos — and the frame has auto-rotating and auto-fitting abilities to ensure that your photos are displayed beautifully. Last but not least, a weather mode, a built-in calendar, and an easy-to-use interface make it a budget-friendly alternative that doesn’t actually feel like a compromise.

  • Resolution: 1920 by 1080 pixels
  • Built-in memory: 16 GB
  • Available size: 10 inches

One reviewer wrote: "We have our first born and bought this frame to play thousands of pictures of our beautiful daughter. It works very well. Comes with a remote so we can turn off whenever we want and has other amazing features. Great value for such a low price. Very good product."

3. The Most Classic-Looking

What good are the features if you don’t like the look of the frame? The Dragon Touch looks less like a tablet and more like a traditional frame, thanks to its beveled border and white mat. That said, it’s not just about looks: This one also has a vivid 10.1-inch touch-screen display, customized sleep mode, auto-rotate settings, and enough built-in memory to store about 40,000 photos. Last but not least, you can transfer photos through SD, USB, or Wi-Fi (though note that the Wi-Fi only works with a 2.4 GHz connection).

  • Resolution: 1280 by 800 pixels
  • Built-in memory: 16 GB
  • Available size: 10.1 inches

One reviewer wrote: "It is so easy to use and set up that I had my father's memories playing for him in no time. With [its] beautiful, yet subtle, design the picture frame fits perfectly in our home without looking tacky or overly electronic. I would recommend this frame to anyone looking to get a digital picture frame."

4. The Best Photo Frame With Video Calling

The Facebook Portal is so much more than a digital frame. It's basically a frame-like tablet that lets you make video calls with up to 50 people, listen to your favorite music, set timers, and watch the news — and it's Alexa-enabled so you can initiate all of that using just your voice. However, the reason it's on this list is because it also automatically showcases pictures from your Facebook account, which show up as a screensaver after a few minutes of inactivity. While you can't upload specific pictures directly to the frame (and for that reason, it's not the most low-maintenance choice), you can organize photos into different albums and choose which ones the Portal should access. Choose between a white or black frame.

  • Resolution: 1280 by 800 pixels
  • Built-in memory: 16 GB
  • Available sizes: 8 inches, 10 inches

One reviewer wrote: "Bought myself one and one for my 93-year-old father so we could keep in touch. Easy to navigate, great sound quality, and the picture is wonderful! [...] Love the Alexa feature so I can ask for music, weather, the news and so can my Dad since he doesn’t use a cell phone or pc. It’s really nice to have it on and just leave your photos up like the electronic picture frames used to do. I couldn’t be happier!"

5. A Super High-Resolution Smart Frame With A 4.8-Star Rating

Finally, there's the Aura Mason digital frame, which has a rating of 4.8 stars and has been called the "best digital frame by far," by one happy customer. Among its advanced features, you'll find 1600-by-1200-pixel resolution for stunning photos, a beveled frame that looks like it's been carved from natural stone, and unlimited cloud photo storage (without a subscription) that lets you instantly send pictures to any Aura frame in your network. It even intelligently crops and positions your photos so that each one displays as beautifully as possible with minimal effort on your part. Get it in graphite or quartz.

  • Resolution: 1600 by 1200 pixels
  • Built-in memory: N/A (but unlimited cloud storage)
  • Available size: 9 inches

One reviewer wrote: "I didn't expect to be this excited about a digital frame but having all our happiest memories on display brings us so much joy. [...] The hardware is beautiful and something I'm excited to display in my home—not like a lot of the cheaper units on the market—and the app makes it so simple to add photos to your frame or other frames you've synced to. I can't recommend this product enough. It's well worth the price for something you'll live with and enjoy daily for many years to come!"