The 8 Best Dog Gates For Any Space

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If certain areas of your home are off limits to your energetic pup, a sturdy pet gate is essential. The best dog gates are durable, can be adjusted to fit in your doorway or stairway, and are easy for you to walk through while keeping your dog contained. And if you have a cat, some gates have smaller built-in doors that still give kitty free rein of the house.

While you want to choose a dog gate that’s the right width for your doorway (and most are adjustable), you also want to make sure it’s strong enough to withstand pushing, jumping, and gnawing from your pup — a big factor that went into the selection of all these picks. Style-wise, you have a few options: Most walk-through gates are made from metal, but if your dog isn’t prone to chewing, you can choose a heavy-duty pet gate made from wood or sturdy mesh fabric that might blend in better with your decor. Have a high jumper on your hands? (Border collies, looking at you.) Opt for an extra-tall gate that rises up to 42 inches to keep them contained. And if you want to place a barrier at the top of the stairs, be sure to choose one without a threshold at the bottom so there’s nothing to trip over and send you flying when you pass through.

You’ll also want to consider installation. Wall mounting is the most secure option, but if you don’t want to drill, you can choose gates that are pressure-mounted, installed with sticky hooks, or completely freestanding.

Whether you’ve got a new puppy or a curious older dog, these are the best dog gates on Amazon that’ll keep your pup safe and out of trouble.

1. The Overall Best

For a versatile option, you can’t beat this pet gate you can walk through. Boasting more than 11,000 reviews, the sturdy steel gate can be pressure-mounted or wall-mounted to suit your space, and it extends to fit doorways, hallways, or at the bottom of the stairs. Plus, you can give your cat some roaming freedom with the built-in 8-by-8-inch pet door, which can also be locked when not in use. Installation hardware is included.

  • Width: 29 - 36.5 inches
  • Height: 30.5 inches

According to a dog owner: “We bought a new Doberman who immediately took a liking to our cat's wet food. We placed the cat's food in different areas of the house, and the dog always found it. [...] We bought this gate - problem solved. We leave the small, cat door open, and the dog can't get in."

2. The Best For Jumpers

If your canine can leap sky high, this is the best dog gate for jumpers to help keep them contained. Rising to a height of 42 inches, the heavy-duty metal gate offers tool-free, pressure-mounted installation, and features a 9.5-inch by 8-inch pet door for cats, which latches closed when not in use. Plus, the walk-through gate swings one or both ways so you can pass through with ease, too.

  • Width: 29.8 - 38 inches
  • Height: 42 inches (also available in a 36-inch height)

According to a dog owner: “So sturdy, easy to set up, easy to open, not much chance of an animal getting caught between the bars, tall enough to keep pets where you want them, and it's also nice looking. Win/win!”

3. The Best Dog Gate For Stairs

When placing a gate at the top of the stairs, you’ll want one without a threshold, which can be a trip hazard that you'll definitely want to avoid. Designed without a threshold, this is one of the best dog gates for stairs, and it will still keep your dog out of forbidden areas. Another plus for your security? The gate only swivels in one direction, so you don’t have to worry about it swinging open over the stairs. It can be extended to an impressive width of 47 inches and can also be used in other parts of the house, too. Since it's wall-mounted, it takes a little extra setup, but all the installation hardware is included.

  • Width: 28.86 - 47.85 inches
  • Height: 31 inches

According to a dog owner: “Easy to open. Works well. Keeps the dogs out of the basement.”

4. A Durable Mesh Gate That’s Scratch-Resistant

This mesh dog gate comes with eight sticky hooks that you can place in most doorways, and it’s durable enough to keep dogs contained. The gate works somewhat like a side-mounted roller shade with two height-adjustable poles on each end — all you have to do is unroll the fabric to fit the width of your doorway. There’s no walk-through gate, but you can pass through easily by unhooking the corner. And even though this gate is made from mesh, it’s super sturdy, and one reviewer reported that it stands up well to scratching.

  • Width: up to 41.1 inches
  • Height: 9.8 - 31.1 inches

According to a dog owner: “This gate is the best for keeping dogs or my kids in or out of a room. [… ] It's easy to retract and close. Everyone who comes to my house always ask [where] I got it from cause it is very sturdy and strong!”

5. A Freestanding Wooden Gate With No Setup Required

For the easiest setup possible, opt for this freestanding heavy-duty pet gate. The extra-wide gate is made from New Zealand pine wood with steel bars, and there are stoppers on the bottom to keep it stable and prevent your dog from pushing it out of the way. Instead of a hinged swing door, it uses a sliding mechanism to open up a pathway for you to walk through, but keep in mind: This may not be the best option if you have a particularly strong or energetic pup, as it might get knocked over.

  • Width: 41 - 70 inches
  • Height: 28 inches

According to a dog owner: “Works great! I bought this because I didn't want a permanent gate attached. So far the dogs haven't been able to push it because of the stoppers.”

6. An Extra-Wide Wall-Mounted Gate

If you want a wall-mounted option but have a big hallway or an open floor plan in your home, this extra-wide dog gate extends to a width of 72 inches to give you plenty of coverage. Made from sturdy steel with a matte bronze finish, the gate can be mounted with hardware on straight or angled walls, and features a one-way swing door in the middle for easy access.

  • Width: 38.3 - 72 inches
  • Height: 30 inches

According to a dog owner: "This filled the big (doorless) opening to my bedroom and is working well so far. I have 3 dogs that get up and make messes if they are out in the house while I'm asleep. [...] I love the wide gate that is bigger than what is on most baby gates. I am happy with it so far and it looks like it will last for a while."

7. The Best Outside Dog Gate

The best dog gate for outside is weatherproof, so it’ll stand up to the elements while keeping your pup safe. The hardware-mounted gate is made from lightweight stainless steel and aluminum, and if you’ve got offset deck posts, it can be mounted at angles up 30 degrees. Plus, since there’s no threshold, this gate can be mounted at the top of the stairs without creating a trip hazard. However, the door does swing in both directions, so keep that in mind for stairway safety.

  • Width: 27 - 42.5 inches
  • Height: 29.5 inches

According to a dog owner: “I bought this gate a few months ago when we moved to a new house on a busy main road. I wanted something to contain my dogs to the deck in case they darted out the door to prevent them from running off into the road. It has been through rain, snow, hail, and heat (we get all four seasons in one month here in Kentucky) and it still looks brand new. It functions well, looks great, and stays latched."

8. A Circular Gate & Exercise Pen

This circular dog enclosure is great for giving your pup an exercise area outside, and it can also be used indoors — some reviewers place it around the Christmas tree to keep the dog from messing with decorations and gifts. It’s made from metal with a rustproof black finish, and it sets up in a flash — just unfold and connect the eight panels, and your dog will have a play space of up to 16 square feet. Plus, the gate folds totally flat for easy storage. It comes in various heights, with or without a door, and ground anchors are included for outdoor use.

  • Available heights: 24-inch, 30-inch, 36-inch, 42-inch, 48-inch

According to a dog owner: “We used this to keep our puppy from getting into the Christmas gifts and peeing on the tree Skirt. It worked like a champ.”