The 5 Best Dog Harnesses For Small Dogs

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If you have a petite pup, a quality dog harness can help reduce the chance of an injury to the neck and throat while also giving you more control on walks. The best dog harnesses for small dogs have multiple adjustment points for a snug but comfortable fit, and many of them have front leash attachments to prevent your pooch from pulling while you’re out for a walk.

When you're shopping for a small dog harness, you'll want to choose one that best suits your dog's frame, so be sure to check the brand's size chart and measure your pup’s neck and chest girth before adding anything to your shopping cart. And since dogs come in all shapes and sizes, look for a harness with multiple adjustment points, so you can get a customized fit.

You’ll also want to consider leash attachment rings. If you have an energetic dog, the best dog harness to stop pulling will have a leash attachment point at the front, which will give you greater control and allow you to better direct your pooch as you walk. For pups that don’t pull on the leash, you can get away with a simple D-ring at the back of the neck. Finally, take your dog's shape and breed into consideration. If you have a flat-faced breed, you may want a harness that rests below the neck to minimize any interference with breathing, and if you have a pup with a head that’s smaller than the neck, consider a Martingale loop to keep them from backing out of the harness.

Last but not least, consider a built-in handle to steady your pup if they get excited when meeting another dog at the park, or a crash-tested car tether that's been independently certified to keep your pup safe while traveling in a vehicle. With all that in mind, here's my roundup of the best dog harnesses for small dogs that'll make any walk in the park a walk in the park.

1. A Fan-Favorite Harness In A Range Of Colors

The Voyager vest harness is a top pick among small dog owners with more than 44,000 reviews for all sizes and an impressive 4.6-star overall rating. This wallet-friendly vest is made with breathable mesh, and reviewers report that it's "soft but durable" and "super comfortable" for your pet. The step-in vest has a Velcro closure on back and an adjustable buckle for a snug fit, and there are heavy-duty D-rings for attaching a leash at the back. However, there's no handle or leash attachment in front, so it's not the best option if your pooch is prone to pulling. This vest is available in 27 vibrant shades, and the reflective bands on both sides of the harnesses increase visibility in dark conditions.

  • Available sizes: XXX-Small (9.5 - 10.5 inch-chest) - XX-Large (21 - 23-inch chest)
  • Available colors: 27

Positive Amazon review: “I have three small dogs, and this harness fits each one perfectly! [...] They are so much more comfortable than the old harnesses I used to have. You can tell they are happy and excited about their walk!”

2. The Best No-Pull Dog Harness

For a little more money, the best no-pull dog harness pulls out all the stops. Made from soft and breathable mesh, it slips over your dog's head and features two buckles and four adjustment points — two at the neck and two at the chest — for a customized fit. Thanks to the D-ring leash attachment in front, you can use this as a no-pull dog harness, but there's also an attachment ring at the back, and the sturdy handle allows you to steady and calm your pup if they get excited or nervous on your walk. Ultra-reflective strips keep your dog visible on evening walks, and the ID tag pocket is great for peace of mind.

  • Available sizes: Small (17 - 22 -inch chest) - X-Large (31 - 38-inch chest)
  • Available colors: 10

Positive Amazon review: "Lots of nice little features like two rings for the leash, a pocket for the tags, super reflective stitching, and the top handle to grab if they get rowdy. It's easy to adjust and has made our walks much more pleasant with much less pulling."

3. The Best Harness For Dogs With Flat Faces Or Small Heads

Although it's a fantastic option for any breed, this is also the best harness for dogs with flat faces, who may have difficulty breathing under stress. Unlike some other options, the front part of this harness rests farther down the chest, so it won't put uncomfortable pressure on the neck and trachea. But it gets better: The Martingale loop keeps your pup from backing out of the collar, which means this is also a top pick for dogs with smaller heads (like Dachshunds) who might be prone to wriggling out.

The front clip attachment is helpful for dogs that pull, as it applies gentle pressure and lets you redirect your pup whenever they try to take charge, and the strappy design keeps your dog cool — but the harness is not reflective and there's no control handle on the back. There are four adjustment points at the neck, shoulders, and belly, and you can slip this harness right over your dog's head — perfect if you have a pooch who doesn't like step-in harnesses.

  • Available Sizes: Petite/Small (6 - 7 -inch chest) - X-Large (17.5 - 23.5-inch chest)
  • Available colors: 9

Positive Amazon review: “As brachycephalic (short-nosed, like pugs and bulldogs) dogs the usual solutions like a gentle leader or haltie aren't great choices because they can impede breathing. [...] I put them on to test them out and it was absolutely miraculous how fast they worked!! I took both dogs out for a stroll around the block alone, with ONE HAND. They would have ripped my arm off before! Now, they walk happily with me."

4. A Soft & Stylish Body Harness

The Pupteck soft padded dog harness is worth considering if you're looking for something that's equal parts comfortable and stylish. The plaid harness is made with breathable cotton and mesh to keep your pup cool on hot days, and there are two adjustment points on the sides for a perfect fit. You can attach a leash to the D-ring on the back, but note that there's no front attachment point, so this option is best for dogs that don't pull. Another great feature? There's a handle on top that can Keep in mind, though, that there are no reflective points, so it's not the best pick for evening walks.

  • Available sizes: X-Small (11.25 - 15-inch chest) - Large (16.5 - 22.8-inch chest)
  • Available colors: 1 (beige plaid)

Positive Amazon review: "I purchased this for my mom's tiny chihuahua and it fits perfectly, works well and looks adorable!"

5. The Harness With A Car Tether

If you're heading out on a road trip, or spend a lot of time going back and forth to the dog park, consider this Kurgo dog harness with crash test-certified buckles and an accompanying seatbelt tether. Tested and approved for dogs up to 75 pounds, the thick tether attaches to the harness' back handle, and the carabiners attach to both the waist and shoulder belts, instead of at the neck — a feature that enhances safety. It's important to note that not all car harnesses are created equally, so for extra peace of mind, this pick has been independently crash-tested and deemed acceptable by the Center for Pet Safety.

The harness can also be used for walking, and it features five adjustment points, a padded chest plate, and a leash attachment at the back of the neck, as well as a no-pull attachment in front. However, there's no built-in handle or reflective points.

  • Available sizes: X-Small (12 - 18-inch chest) - X-Large (28 - 44-inch chest)
  • Available colors: 4

Positive Amazon review: "Great little harness, but my favorite thing is the clasp that hooks onto the seat belt. It makes car rides much safer and enjoyable!"