The 3 Best Dog Trackers Without A Subscription

Easy ways to get extra peace of mind.

Written by Rachel Dunkel
Best Dog Trackers Without A Subscription
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Keeping track of a free-spirited dog can be quite the task, but the best dog trackers without a subscription can make it a heck of a lot easier, and without pesky monthly fees to boot. Dog trackers come in a wide range of prices with tons of different capabilities from the bare necessities to mapping and other special features. Whether you like to take your dog on outdoor trips and need a lot of range or they’re just little escape artists who you want to keep tabs on close by, there’s a dog tracker with the ideal range, battery life, and price for you.

How To Choose A Dog Tracker Without A Subscription

Consider the following criteria before picking your dog tracker, ensuring it’s the best fit for your use, environment, and lifestyle. Also be aware that all of the trackers on this list require smartphones to function, as they utilize an app to track your dog.

  • First and foremost, consider what range your tracker will ideally have. For more intense outdoor trips where your dog may already be off-leash, a larger range will likely be more helpful. But if you’re using a tracker as a “just in case” measure, a shorter range may be enough.
  • Since they’re wireless devices, all of the trackers on this list use batteries, and battery life may help determine which is the best for you. Some have shorter battery lives but are rechargeable, which make them nice for individual trips or outings. If you’d like your dog to wear the tracker at all times, one with a longer battery life could be a better fit. Some also come with cases that can provide the trackers with additional charge.
  • The cost of dog trackers varies greatly. In general, more expensive options will have a longer range and apps with morel features. More budget-friendly options tend to have a shorter range and less features, but could be a good choice for you nonetheless.

Shop The Best Dog Trackers Without A Subscription

In a hurry? These are the best dog trackers without a subscription.

  1. A Mid-Range Dog Tracker With A Charging Case: PetFon Pet GPS Tracker
  2. The Popular Short-Range Tracker That Easily Attaches To A Dog Collar: Tile Pro
  3. The Best Pet Activity Tracker Without A Subscription: PitPat Dog Activity and Fitness Monitor

Here are some of the best dog trackers without a subscription for helping keep tabs on your pooch.

1. A Mid-Range Dog Tracker With A Charging Case


  • Low-profile and easy to wear
  • Comes with charging case


  • Relatively short battery life

The range of the PetFon GPS Tracker is dependent on where you use it, with a 0.65 mile range in a dense city area and up to a 3.5 mile range when used in an open, country environment. The battery life is similarly variable with an 8 to 16 hour range that’s dependent on how close your pet is to you. The closer your dog is, the longer the battery will last. The tracker comes with a charging case, though it’s unspecified how much charge it offers. It creates a map of your dog’s path and through the app you can set a boundary and be alerted when your pet leaves that area. The tracker itself has lights to help you find your pet in the dark and an alarm sound to help you locate them. You can even record commands for the tracker to play for the dog. The tracker is water-resistant enough for use in the rain, but not for submersion.

One reviewer wrote: “Very useful for camping and adds piece of mind. Also [it’s] great when we get a new foster dog at home in case they were to jump the fence. It is accurate and so far stands up to all the fun my dogs put it through.”

Range: 0.65 miles in a dense area; 3.5 miles in an open environment | Battery life: Up to 16 hours

2. The Popular Short-Range Tracker You Can Easily Attach To A Dog Collar


  • Under $30
  • One-year battery life


  • Very short range
  • Not many special features

You might already be familiar with Tile trackers, which are often used for keeping tabs on everyday carry items like wallets and key rings. However, many reviewers use the Tile Pro as a budget-friendly pet tracker, especially since it’s easy to attach to a collar with the small hole in its corner. The Tile only has a 400-foot range and lacks extensive mapping features, but it can also show you the last place the Tile was located before going out of range. It’s water-resistant, can make an alarm noise through the app, and its battery lasts a whopping one year before needing to be replaced.

One reviewer wrote: “My dog likes to chase deer and once in a while I accidentally drop her leash. The dog won’t bark to let me know where she is and she always gets tangled up in the brush and she could be lost forever. This Tile literally saved my dog’s life at least twice.”

Range: 400 feet (0.07 miles) | Battery life: Up to one year (runs on replaceable CR2032 batteries)

3. The Best Pet Activity Tracker Without A Subscription


  • Under $50
  • One-year battery life


  • No GPS

If you’re less concerned about where your pup is and more concerned about your pet’s exercise goals, consider this activity tracker. They don’t come with GPS, but the compact gadget easily slides on a collar with a battery that promises to last a year. The app lets you quickly see how much your dog has been walking, running, playing, and more. You can even set activity goals. However, there’s no range specified.

Range: n/a | Battery life: Up to one year (runs on replaceable CR2032 batteries)

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