The 5 Best Double Sleeping Bags

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For adventurous couples, a double sleeping bag lets you capitalize on body heat while taking up less space than a pair of single bags. While their overall weights vary, the best double sleeping bags are designed to keep you and your sleeping companion warm wherever you're headed, with the temperature rating to back it up.

The most important consideration is a sleeping bag’s temperature rating, which indicates the lowest possible temperature it can comfortably keep the average "warm sleeper" warm. It’s crucial to account for where and when you camp and choose a sleeping bag that gives you some leeway in either direction. All of the bags featured here are rated for temperatures at least as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit — with most offering coverage well below that. But know that multiple factors will influence how warm you feel (and you can read about that here).

Insulation is key. Down offers incredible warmth in a lightweight package that packs down to the smallest footprint. As such, it makes the best sleeping bag for backpackers — just keep in mind that it’s pricey and nearly useless once it gets wet. Fortunately, you can find bags that treat their down to be all but waterproof on a molecular level, and a water-resistant shell provides added protection. Synthetic insulation is bulkier and heavier than goose down but more water-resistant (and budget-friendly), plus innovations like hollow core fibers mean you won’t necessarily be skimping on warmth. You'll want to keep an eye on the bag's total weight so you know what you'll be hauling. The options below range from ultra-lightweight 3 pounds to the significantly heavier 16.5 pounds.

From a two-person mummy bag to an affordable sleeping bag that even comes with travel pillows, these are the best double sleeping bags — no matter what adventure awaits.

1. The Most Lightweight

  • Temperature rating: 35 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Weight: 3 pounds

This down double sleeping bag from Sierra Designs packs excellent warmth into a lightweight package that backpack campers will appreciate. It weighs just three pounds and the airy down insulation — with 700 fill power — is treated with a molecular polymer finish that makes it virtually waterproof: Not only will you stay warm even in damp weather, but the down also dries faster and lasts longer than untreated feathers, which makes it a long-term investment worth considering. The sleeping bag's zipperless design eliminates air leaks, opting instead for a comforter-like flap that cinches down with a cord and features built-in handwarmer pockets. There's a self-sealing foot vent in case you overheat, and underneath are two sleeves to accommodate separate sleeping pads. Although not drowning in Amazon reviews, this bag has been tested in extreme conditions; and The Dyrt rated it the best double sleeping bags on the market.

A Helpful Review: "Add a nice double wide travel sheet/bag liner with a foot opening and its like sleeping at home. Bottom sleeves expand to accomodate our two 25"x78" ba q-core slx sleeping pads perfectly. Packs easily into a 14L compression dry sack."

2. The Best On A Budget

  • Temperature rating: 20 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Weight: 7 pounds

This well-reviewed and affordable double sleeping bag offers plenty of warmth with room to spare. The waterproof nylon shell is double-stuffed with 400 GSM (grams per square meter) polyester insulation. Its interior is soft yet moisture-wicking, which hot sleepers will appreciate. A double zipper makes it easy to get out of in the morning, with Velcro tabs to prevent accidental openings if you toss and turn. It packs down remarkably well for its size, with the seven-pound bag taking up roughly the same amount of space as a single. It comes with a handy compression carrying case.

A Helpful Review: "Used this on a trip with my bf. It got to around 21F in the night. It was Cold. However, we were extremely warm when we slipped into the bag together and it was amazing. If it wasn't for the 40+mph winds that started kicking up the second night, we wouldn't have had any issues with the night at all. This double sleeping bag is easy to fold up and easy to slip back into the bag it came with. I love that completely folded up it's the same size as a single sleeping bag, so I think it's quite compact, also I love the feel of it. Also! It isn't that slippery cold material most cheap sleeping bags are, it's quite nice of a material and fabric, and for the price I loove it too."

3. The Best For Extreme Temperatures

  • Temperature rating: 0 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Weight: 16.5 pounds

For extreme cold, the TETON Sports Mammoth double sleeping bag is one of the best on the market that combines incredible insulation with a roomy design — even a compression sack for easy hauling or storing. A rounded mummy-style hood with a drawstring keeps your head warm but the rectangular build leaves you plenty of room to toss and turn. The hollow-core insulation traps far more warmth than conventional synthetic fill, with extra padding along the shoulders and zippers to prevent any heat from escaping. The interior is lined with a moisture-wicking brushed flannel that feels just like pajamas and the exterior is durable taffeta. Although you can't make two sleeping bags out of this, you can zip several Mammoth bags together to form a three- and four-person sleeping bag. Weighing in at 16.5 pounds, this sleeping bag is the heaviest one on the list — but it's also the warmest. It's also worth noting that a 20 degree sleeping bag is also sold in this same listing, so make sure you have the right temperature rating before adding it to your cart.

A Helpful Review: "This is by far the warmest sleeping bag I have ever experienced. [...]It’s ACTUALLY wide about for two people to sleep comfortably, and it is WARM. I mean like real warm. Like napping with a sunburn warm. We camped for five nights and I slept like a corpse through every night, which I can’t normally even do at home in my bed. If you’re wondering if this sleeping bag is worth the money, IT IS. But if you’re a napping camper, I’d suggest a backup that’s less warm because I tried to nap in this sleeping bag and I think I sweat out water I drank in 4th grade. I am 22. Buy the sleeping bag."

4. The Best Double Sleeping Bag With Pillows

  • Temperature rating: 5-10 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Weight: 7.74 pounds

Just because you're camping doesn't mean you have to rough it. This two-person sleeping bag includes a set of travel-sized pillows for a comfortable night's sleep no matter where you pitch your tent. It features a waterproof polyester shell and thick hollow cotton fill with double-sided zippers; plus, two interior pockets keep the essentials close yet protected. At just under eight pounds, it's light enough for its size without skimping on warmth. And it unzips to form two seperate bags for plenty of versatility. It comes with a compression backpack for carrying without the bulk.

A Helpful Review: "This bag is very light and packs up pretty small for its size. It can comfortably fit two people with a pillow for each person. The material is very smooth hand soft and overall very comfortable to lay in. I've tried it outdoor in the fall weather where temperature fell to 15 F. It was very comfortable. It can be used for two but I also like using it separately as individual as I tend to squirm a lot at night. [...] There are pockets for your phones. It has a lot of uses and allows for great flexibility."

5. The Best Mummy Double Sleeping Bag

  • Temperature rating: 5 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Weight: 8.2 pounds

Another excellent sleeping bag from TETON, this ripstop double mummy bag is designed with body-mapping to concentrate warmth where it’s most needed — like a tailored hood that fits close to your head to minimize heat loss and a boxy foot area with plenty of room. There's an interior pocket to keep the essential handy, while the anti-snag (and self-repairing) zippers feature draft tubes to keep out cold winds. At just over eight pounds, it's fairly lightweight with a small footprint that's great for extended adventures. Use the wide loops at the bottom to hang yours up in storage rather than keeping it stashed in the sack to maintain peak loft in the synthetic microfiber insulation for years to come. There's also a compression sack for when you're ready to go.

A Helpful Review: "My girlfriend and I absolutely love it. It's extremely warm, and perfect for car camping. We used this in Colorado and Yellowstone over the summer. We experienced nights that hit 35F, and this thing is beyond warm, I sleep in the nude and I was sweating. It's super comfy too. [...]"

Also Nice: A Double Sleeping Bag Liner That Feels Like Hotel Sheets

  • Weight: approximately 11.2 ounces

This double sleeping bag liner adds five to ten degrees of warmth and makes any bag feel more like your bed back home. It has built-in pillow pockets (you'll have to bring your own) and the polyester fabric was woven for extreme durability with fantastic softness and strength. Best of all, it packs down into an eight by two-inch footprint for a little luxury that doesn't take up precious space when you're on the open road. It can also be used for less than luxurious travel if the hotel beds sketch you out. Just note that there's no zipper, so you'll have to slide out.

A Helpful Review: "I purchased this item for a section hike of the AT. It is a great addition to the sleep system. It helped keep my sleepingbag clean, especially as I got a bit more grimy. I would have liked the addition of a velcro tab on the pillow pocket to help keep my inflatable pillow in place. It packs easily, is compact and is very lightweight."

Worth Considering: An Inflatable Sleeping Pad That Packs Down Small

  • Weight: 3.6 pounds

A double sleeping pad gives you a couple extra inches of comfort, and this one is top-rated for being durable enough to withstand even muddy paws. It inflates manually in about five minutes (although an electric pump can be used as well), and there's even a version offered with a foot pump if that's your preference. Despite being fully waterproof and tough as nails, it weighs less than four pounds and packs down tight into the included sack. It's offered in two widths — both for couples — whether you prefer to sleep close or need your space.

A Helpful Review: "So we camp... a lot. We have slept on the ground, used yoga mats, lugged big air mattresses and pumps, and even tried those expensive thin self-inflating pads... This is the hands-down winner of them all. [...] This sleeping pad shocked [us] both, it is affordable, super comfortable ESPECIALLY for side sleepers, thin enough that it doesn't have insulation issues, doesn't transfer movement and thus doesn't wake up the other person, stays inflated every night until you let the air out, is compact and light enough to backpack around. [...]"