The 5 Best Eyeglass Cases You Can Buy On Amazon

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Using a protective case for your glasses is an easy way to keep your eyewear out of harm’s way and free of dust. While the best eyeglass cases range from hard- to soft-shelled, they all feature smooth interior linings to protect lenses from scratches. The best options are also equipped with some kind of mechanism to keep your glasses contained and safe, whether it's a hinge, zipper, or squeeze-top closure. And if you’re looking to store several pairs of glasses or sunglasses, a larger case is a convenient choice.

Hard-shelled eyeglass cases, which incorporate materials like stainless steel or EVA, can offer more protection than softer-case options — and products specified by the manufacturer to be crush-resistant or waterproof can offer an extra sense of security against jostling and the natural elements. Leather eyeglass cases are often a halfway, providing good protection for your eyewear yet feel more streamlined than many hard-shelled options. But if you're looking for an even more lightweight, collapsible design, a cloth case (also known as a pouch) could be a better fit.

Finally, if you have a large collection of glasses or sunglasses, consider adding a storage case with multiple compartments and a transparent lid to keep all of your eyewear secure, organized, and dust-free.

Scroll down to check out the best eyeglass cases you can find on Amazon — all of which can fit large glasses, according to reviewers.

1. The Best Hard-Shell Eyeglass Case

This durable hard-shell case features a stainless steel skeleton and a soft sponge lining. The exterior is covered with a linen fabric that gives it a crisp, refined look. Reviewers have reported that the case is sturdy and well made, and that the closure feels secure. This case comes in a small and large version, and there are 19 total different size and color combinations to choose from. One customer noted the spaciousness of the large version: "I was pleasantly surprised at how large the case was. I swap between rx sunglasses and my regular glasses and most cases barely fit my sunglasses. Not this case! It fits with much room to spare!" And as a bonus, this hard-shell case also comes with a soft microfiber pouch as well as a cloth to clean your lenses.

One reviewer wrote: "This is a super nice case! [...] the hardshell case is secure and stays closed but is easy to open to open by hand. The case will definitely keep my glasses from being damaged."

2. The Best Leather Eyeglass Case

This chic eyeglass case is as stylish as it is functional with its leather exterior, fabric lining, and zippered closure. While it may not be as protective as the hard-shell case above, one fan described, "The leather is soft and luxurious and it is well padded to protect glasses." Reviewers have confirmed that it's roomy enough for large sunglasses, making it great for all kinds of eyewear. It also features a handy zippered side compartment to store a cleaning cloth and other small items like cash, an ID card, or keys. Choose from 32 different eye-catching color combinations.

One reviewer wrote: "The Ili eyeglass case is so stinkin' cute. Their is enough padding to protect eyeglasses from getting scratched. The case has a little side zip compartment for a cleaning cloth, credit card or even a few dollars. The overall design is whimsical and the colors are awesome."

3. The Best Soft Eyeglass Pouch

If you prefer a soft-sided eyeglass pouch, give this MyEyeglassCase version a try. It is available in more than 10 colors and patterns, and features a super-soft satin lining that protects your lenses against scratches, with a pinch closure that keeps eyewear secure yet is easy to open. It's roomy enough to hold medium to extra-large frames, according to the manufacturer. The case features an attached microfiber cloth for cleaning your lenses — just tuck it back into the case when you're done.

One reviewer wrote: "This eyeglasses case is exactly what I was looking for. It's strong, durable, and relatively thin so it doesn't take up much space. I had something similar before and lost it, so I'm glad to have found this."

4. A Waterproof Eyeglass Case

Splaqua's zippered glasses holder is built with durability in mind. Suitable for everyday use and outdoor activities, it is made with a waterproof, crush-resistant EVA shell and is designed to absorb shock. One fan reported: "[I] have dropped it a few times and no damage." The case is lined with a soft fabric and is quite roomy in size, according to reviewers. It features a carabiner to conveniently attach it to a bag or your belt when you're on the move. Choose from four different color combinations.

One reviewer wrote: "Really is drop proof and waterproof [...] I swim laps and can't see much of anything without my glasses so I need them at the poolside. I keep them in this case. It has been dropped several times and fallen in the water a few times and my glasses were perfectly safe. I highly recommend this case. I especially like the carabiner to attach the case to my swim bag."

5. The Best Eyeglass Organizer

Say goodbye to wasting time searching for your favorite glasses — keep them all organized and neatly stowed with this eight-compartment glasses storage box. Its faux-leather exterior is scratch-resistant and dust-proof, while the velvety fleece-lined interior keeps your shades in tip-top condition. The organizer's transparent acrylic top allows you to select your desired pair of eyewear before you even open it, and a front lock keeps the lid securely closed when you're done so dust doesn't get in. According to reviewers, each compartment is big enough to hold glasses of different shapes, including oversized styles.

One reviewer wrote: "This is exactly what I needed for my small collection of glasses and sunglasses. I am HARD on glasses and was tired of smudging them up just by moving them around when I'm not wearing them, or finding out they'd flipped onto their lenses and scratched. This box is beautiful and is the perfect solution for organizing my previously haphazard collection."