These Film Camera Apps Make Your Pics Look Straight Out Of A Y2K Scrapbook

The same vintage look without the hassle of developing photos.

The 7 best film camera apps to download
Catherine Falls Commercial/Moment/Getty Images

Buying a used film camera is always a risk, especially if you’re purchasing one online. You never know if it’s actually going to work the way it’s advertised, and figuring out how to work it without a manual is no easy feat. Still, there’s a warmth and authenticity to film photos that your iPhone camera can’t replicate — or can it? TikTokers are sharing their favorite film camera apps that transform regular pics into vintage relics, so if you want to upgrade your Instagram with throwback-inspired pics, here are seven apps worth trying.

Though it looks cool and all, carrying around a clunky, oversized film camera can get tiring fast. And if you’re in a rush to post pics from your vacation ASAP, editing your content into film photo dupes is just way too time-consuming. Thankfully, you can finally ditch the Polaroid for good without having to sacrifice the nostalgic aesthetic, because these iPhone apps are packed with filters inspired by tons of different film (and digital) cameras, and are guaranteed to make your Instagram posts look like freshly developed film photos as a result.

Dazz Cam

Inspired by film cameras from the 80s, Dazz Cam offers a number of different camera effects to choose from, and promises to “100% restore the color, texture, and noise of the film.” TikTok user @jourdansloane recommends using the CPM35 effect, and you can take photos within the app or import them straight from your Camera Roll. Not to mention it’s free to download, which is always a plus.

EE35 Film

TikTok user @filmbykt has a bunch of film camera app recommendations, starting with EE35 Film. The app offers black and white or color film options and even lets you load the film “cartridge” before you snap your pics. EE35 is sure to make your photos look effortlessly vintage, but just keep in mind that this option costs $1.99 to download.

LoFi Cam

Though it won’t give your pics that grainy sheen that other film apps do, the analog digital camera-inspired LoFi Cam will still make your pics look super nostalgic. Creator @filmbykt shares there are plenty of Y2K-esque filters to choose from, and you can even record videos within the app for even more fun. LoFi Cam is free to download and offers in-app purchases for unlimited access to features, filters, and content.


Film enthusiast @filmbykt also swears by the ProCCD app, which is filled with “any Y2K cam you can think of.” You can upload the photos you want to edit, or snap pics directly within the app using effects like Snowflakes, Rainbow, Light Leaks, and more. It’s free to download and offers a subscription for $4.99 per year, or a one-time purchase of $12.99.


Whatever your vibes may be, OldRoll likely has a camera to match. From classic film cams and disposables to pink-toned Polaroids and even a cheese-themed option, OldRoll has it all, and it’s so easy to use. Plus, the aesthetic of the app changes based on the camera you choose, and this TikTok from @roxiikawa proves just how cute (and fun) it can be. Though it’s free to download, you can opt to subscribe for $2.99 per month or $4.99 per year.


With iPhone cameras, we’re used to seeing how our pics turned out instantly. But with the Dispo app, you’ll have to wait until 9 a.m. the next morning to look over your snaps from the night before — almost as if you had to take them the Walgreens to be developed. You can also edit your photos in-app, or follow TikToker @hajaworldwide’s tutorial on how to edit in the Camera Roll. Dispo is free to download, but you might want to keep an eye out for any in-app purchases.


Another app that replicates the film camera experience is NOMO CAM, which has a Fujifilm Instax-inspired camera option that turns your pics into Polaroids, and even lets you shake the phone until the photo has “developed.” You can use the app for free, or subscribe to NOMO PRO for $24.99 to access even more cameras and features.