65 Great Gifts For Men On Amazon

Gifts for every type of guy.

by Shayna Murphy
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45 Great Gifts For Men On Amazon
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If you're looking for cool gift ideas, Amazon's Most Wished For page is an incredibly handy tool for discovering all the most popular stuff. The only downside is that it can get overwhelming. That's why I've picked some of the most brilliant things that are currently climbing up the page's ranks so you know exactly where to start — and it’ll help you find perfect presents for the most important men in your life.


This Digital Measuring Tape That Takes Away All The Guesswork

This digital tape measure takes away all of the guesswork and makes it beyond simple to tackle all your measuring projects. Extending out to 16 feet, this tape measure has three memory functions — one that's short term for quick projects, and two store for a longer time if you're designing a room space. It's also got a metric conversion feature, and is made from durable polycarbonate plastic that's resistant to rust and other types of inclement weather.


These Workout Shorts With A Pocket For Your Phone

Whether your guy is an avid runner, a basketball star, or always on top of the latest exercise craze, these workout shorts are the perfect gift. The outer layer features an adjustable waistband, and the inner layer is made of spandex that conforms to your legs and features a pocket perfect for storing your phone during all those workouts. It’s breathable and quick-dry, so you’re always comfortable no matter how much you sweat. One review calls them the “greatest workout shorts ever!!”


These Magnetic Cable Ties He Can Use For Everything

It may not scream, “gift,” but these reusable magnetic cable ties are such a great present for any practical person. They easily secure using a magnet and can help store cords, cables, be used as fridge magnets, you name it. This pack of 30 comes in a variety of colors so you can keep everything straight.


This Portable Neck Fan That Cools The Entire Head

For the one in the family that always seems to run hot (you know the one), get them this portable neck fan for instant relief no matter where they are. It features 78 air outlets all along its length that cool the whole head as well as three different speed options. The motor runs quietly and can last for up to 16 hours at the lowest speed after just one charge via USB-C. Choose from five stylish colors such as dark green, yellow, or gray.


This Stainless Steel Nail Clipper Set That Comes In A Leather Case

These nail clippers are beyond durable and made from stainless steel, so you won't have to stress about continuously having to buy another set. There are two clippers in the pack — one with a flat top and one with a curved top — along with a nail filer. All three accessories come with a leather case, and over 10,000 customers have given the set a five-star rating.


This Pet Hair Remover With Over 140,000 Ratings

This pet hair remover is a great gift for any dog or cat lover. The easy-to-clean roller doesn’t use any finicky sticky tape, instead the nylon brush grabs hair and distributes it into a large waste compartment that opens to remove with the simple push of a button. Not only great for all your clothes, the lint roller also works on couches, beds, carpets, blankets, car seats, and more. Plus, it has over 140,000 ratings on Amazon.


This Small But Rugged Wallet Holds Just What You Need

This high-quality, durable, and really stylish wallet lives up to the hype. It can hold about 10 cards, has no top closure, and is made from polyester. While this wallet is sizable enough to fit what you need, it's not so big that it becomes a black hole filled with extra business cards, receipts, or junk you won't need (which is a big problem for some). "Perfect size to hold everything I need and small enough to keep me from collecting pointless business cards I'll never look at again," wrote one reviewer.


This Balm That Works Like A Deep Conditioner For Beards

Keeping hair and beards velvety soft and nourished is easy with this beard butter, which basically works like a deep leave-in conditioner and skin moisturizer. The balm also delivers a one-two punch of hydration and nutrients to skin — and you can use it to to moisturize dry skin, too.


A Car Seat Gap Filler With A Cup Holder Attachment

Not only does this car seat gap filler protect items from slipping into that impossible-to-reach crack, but it also provides you with an additional cup holder. The filler is made of soft, faux leather and fits in most cars and trucks. It’s perfect for propping up things you might need handy, like your wallet or phone, and, if needed, the cup holder can be detached for maximum leg room.


These Meat Shredding Claws That Create The Pulled Pork Of Your Dreams

Avid barbecuers will appreciate these popular meat-shredding claws that have earned a high 4.7-star rating over 26,000-plus reviews. They fit comfortably in the hand and make it supremely easy to create pulled pork, chicken, or brisket thanks to their sharp claws. The BPA-free nylon material makes them heat-resistant up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit and they’re just as useful for carving and lifting.


These Durable Sneaker Cleaners That Work Like Magic

Instead of buying him new kicks, consider helping him make his current pair look fresh and clean with these SneakErasers. Perfect for cleaning soles and midsoles, these pocket-sized cleaners are easy to throw in a suitcase or store at home. They can handle scuff marks, dirt, and other blemishes with their micro-scrubbers that only need water to activate.


This Space-Saving Organizer That Keeps Ties Completely Sorted

Those big bundles of ties that are in your drawers, taking up space, will be all gone with this hanging organizer. Each rack holds up to 20 ties securely, saving vital dresser and closet space, while also providing one easy-to-find place where you can thumb through and pick ties to wear in minutes, versus always having to scurry to find what you're looking for. It comes with a 360 degree rotating hanger, so you can also spin this rack around to get a closer look.


This Sturdy, Extra-Large Smart Notebook

This smart notebook is a great way to keep track of your ideas and never lose them once they transfer to your smartphone. Each 6 by 8.8-inch notebook comes with a Pilot Frixion Pen & Microfiber Cloth. And, you’ll never waste paper again.


A Pack Of Cable Clips That Organizes Their Home Office

With a gift of these cable clips, they’ll be able to swiftly bring order to that chaotic tangle of cords around their desk. Every pack comes with 16 clips of varying sizes that hold anywhere from one to five cords with each mounting to any smooth surface easily using self-adhesive. Additionally, these clips can be used to hold toothbrushes, pens, or other desk supplies as needed.


This Universal Phone Mount With One-Touch Lock & Release

Make life more comfortable navigating the roads with this universal phone mount that features an innovative and safety-minded one-touch button to both lock and release the phone. It mounts to either the car’s dash or windshield and includes a built-in telescopic arm to dial in the perfect viewing angle. Plus, it includes a magnetic tab to wrap around the charging cable which can then be stored at the bottom of the mount.


This Hydrating Foot Cream That’s Suitable For Sensitive Skin

Dry, flaking feet are no match for this cream. The hypoallergenic formula creates a protective layer on the surface of your skin that locks in hydration, helping prevent further moisture loss. It’s also suitable for diabetics as well as anyone with sensitive skin. And unlike some creams, this one won’t leave you feeling greasy.


A Sunglasses Holder That Clips Onto The Visor In Your Car

Storing sunglasses in your center console is an easy way to wind up with scratched lenses. Instead, pop them into this holder. It clips onto the sun visor in your car so that your sunglasses are always within reach when you need them. Plus, the soft leather exterior won’t damage your frames.


A Storage Unit That Organizes & Tests Batteries

Whether you're trying test or store batteries, this compact battery organizer is great and designed to hold different sizes and types of batteries. The locking lid makes it easily transportable as well as small enough to store anywhere from drawers or cabinets.


This Electric Razor That Provides A Contoured Shave

This electric razor has over 4,000 five-star reviews and a devoted following for its ability to deliver a smooth, close shave. Reviewers have called it the “greatest shaver at any price” and love the way the flexible foil adjusts to the unique shape of each face. It’s battery-powered for maximum portability and is even washable for easy cleanup.


A Rugged, Shock-Proof Phone Holder That Mounts On Bike Handlebars

Designed to be installed on bike handlebars, this phone mount makes it easy to keep your phone visible and secure. It’s compatible with most phone models 4.5 to 7 inches in size. Available in six colors, it can be installed easily on most handlebars without any tools.


A Portable Ping Pong Net So You Can Play Anywhere

Ensure you and your friends are always entertained — whether in the backyard or at the beach — with this portable, retractable ping pong net. It's lightweight and easy to pack — this net shrinks down to just 6 inches yet can be expanded to clip onto any table up to 6 feet. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this net is weatherproof and perfect for summertime.


This Digital Meat Thermometer With A Built-In Bottle Opener

I’m not sure there’s a better gift for BBQ lovers than this digital meat thermometer with a built-in bottle opener so they can both whip up perfectly cooked pieces of meat and crack open a beer without missing a beat. The thermometer features a retractable, rotating probe to keep hands safe from heat as well as a backlit screen to easily see temperatures. Plus, an internal magnet means it will easily store on any metal surface.


A Party Game That'll Have Groups Laughing For Hours

Though certainly not kid-friendly, this card game allows user to choose who in their group is "most likely to..." You can play with as many people as you want — the more, the better — but it's especially perfect between close friends who aren't afraid of calling each other out. With 250 cards, you can play for hours — or multiple times without worrying about it getting repetitive.


A Tracking Tag To Help You Keep Your Possessions Close

With the Tile Mate, you easily set up a connection to can keep track of everything that is most important— such as keys, wallets, and more by checking your Tile app. This sleek and compact tag also has a button to call your phone if you’ve misplaced it, and it’s even waterproof.


This Set Of Whiskey Glasses With Their Own Chilling Stones

For the whiskey or scotch aficionado, this set of four, 10-ounce glasses is a winning gift. They feature a weighted bottom for added stability, while the granite chilling stones will keep your old fashioned ice-cold without watering it down. The best part? These glasses are dishwasher-safe, making clean-up easier.


A Pair Of Cut-Resistant Gloves To Keep Hands Safe

Just as helpful in the kitchen as in the woodshop, these cut-resistant gloves work to keep hands safe from harm. They’re made of material that’s four times stronger than leather yet are still comfortably breathable. The gloves can be worn on either hand, are food-safe, and can even be machine-washed. Choose from a variety of available sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-large.


This Roomy Backpack Is Lightweight And Folds Into Itself

This ultra-spacious and multipurpose backpack features several pockets, including an internal zippered pocket and two side mesh pockets ideal for water bottles and umbrella. It's made with tear-resistant nylon, repels water, and is extra reinforced in more than 31 places, so you can store a lot as you go. It also folds into a convenient pouch when you're not using it, so it's a great bag to bring when you're on a trip and might carry extra things back.


This Beard Grooming Kit That Covers All The Bases

Taking care of beards can be tough if you have one, but with this all-in-one beard grooming care kit, it's super easy. This comes with a beard brush, comb, beard oil made, beard balm, and scissors for trimming.


This Super-Strong Cable That's Compatible With Virtually All Apple Devices

This reinforced USB charging cable has a 10-foot range, is built to be compatible with most Apple devices (including the new iPhone X), and has a weighted knot to keep it exactly where you want it. Because this cord has a unique structure and extra support along connector joints, it won't break and strain as easily as standard lightning cables do, but it's still flexible enough that you can curl it up and pack it in a travel bag when you're on-the-go.


A Dip Clip That Hooks Into The Car Vent To Hold Sauces On The Go

For anyone who adores fries or chicken nuggets while en route, this Dip Clip is essential. It mounts to any car’s air vent to hold any kind of sauce, be that ketchup, hot sauce, or barbecue sauce. Available in a pack of two, the holder also comes with two reusable ramekins to fill with up to five packets of your favorite sauce.


A Pair Of Silicone Oven Mitts With A Textured Grip

There’s nothing these silicone oven mitts can’t handle (literally, thanks to their nonslip grip) and they will be much appreciated by the passionate cook or baker in the house. They’re fully heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, not to mention the fact that they’re also waterproof and steam-resistant. Forearms are appropriately protected as well and the mitts can even be tossed in the washing machine for easy cleaning. They’re available in 12 colors.


A Yoda Chia Pet That Looks Like It’s Floating

Not only is this a baby Yoda-shaped chia pet, but it has a clear acrylic stand to make it look like this trendy houseplant is floating. The actual pot is made of terra cotta with plenty of spots for the included chia seeds, and it’s completely reusable.


A Ceramic Pizza Stone That Yields “Crispy” & “Delicious” Results

“Making pizza at home is a pain and we could not get the crust right. With this pizza stone, it comes out crispy and delicious,” one reviewer wrote. The rectangular pan is made from ceramic with a non-slip glaze, and you can use it in the oven or on a gas grill. No wonder buyers say it’s a great gift for the foodie in your life.


A Bento Box Specifically Designed For Salads

This bento-style salad container is the perfect gift for a guy who’s looking to rock a healthy lunch on the go. It features two trays, one with a large compartment for greens or grains and another with three compartments for fruits, veggies, or nuts. A built-in reusable fork is included as well as a small container with a leak-proof lid for dressing or sauce. To top it all off, an airtight lid keeps contents fresh and mess contained. All in all, a pretty sweet incentive for healthy eating.


An Insulated Lunch Bag With Leakproof Containers

For the commuter or meal prepper, this lunch bag is a thoughtful yet practical gift. The insulated, two-compartment tote comes with three glass containers, which are microwave-safe, freezer-safe, dishwasher-safe, and leakproof with the included lids. You also get a reusable ice pack.


This Wireless Charging Pad That Works With Phones & Earbuds

Make it easy to always have tech powered up and ready to go with this versatile wireless charging pad. It can be used to quickly charge Apple and Android phones as well as earbuds stored in their cases. A rubber ring on top helps to keep items in place and built-in surge protection delivers circuit-friendly power. It’s available in six fun colors such as classic black or sleek clove purple.


A TV Backlight Strip To Improve Their Viewing Experience

Transform nightly movie viewing or competitive gaming with this TV backlight strip that both improves contrast and reduces eye strain. The strip can be cut to size and mounted easily to the back of the TV thanks to peel-and-stick adhesive. Plug it into the TV’s USB for power and adjust brightness levels by using the convenient inline controls.


This Flexible Holder Mounts Tablets From Your Headboard

There are all sorts of settings where you might need to hold a smartphone: in the kitchen, in bed, or against a nightstand when you're trying to watch YouTube. This flexible phone neck holder works in every one of these scenarios, and features a bendy gooseneck, thickened aluminum base, and works on both Apple and Android products.


The Power Strip With A Plug That Sits Flush Against Your Outlet

Unlike traditional power strips, this one features a flat plug that sits flush against your outlet. The result? You’ll be able to press furniture right up against it without having to worry about damaging the upholstery in the back. Plus, each order includes an adhesive clip kit that you can use to help hide the power cable for an extra-subtle look.


An Under-Cabinet Light For Affordable Accent Lighting

This pack of two under-cabinet lights makes it supremely easy to add tasteful accent lighting to spaces at a fraction of the normal cost. They install easily using self-adhesive or the included hardware and give off a warm white light that gently illuminates spaces. As an extra convenience, a wireless remote lets you adjust brightness as well as set automatic timers.


A Bacon Grease Container That Preserves Precious Cooking Fat

This bacon grease container cleverly allows for the mess-free preserving of that delicious, flavorsome cooking fat to be used again for other cooking projects. It’s made of dishwasher-safe stainless steel and includes a handy mesh filter to easily sift out large food particles. The handle and spout allow for effortless pouring and a lid is included to keep the contents protected.


A Magnetic Pickup Tool With A Telescoping Neck

This ingenious magnetic pickup tool will be an asset to any home repair DIY-er. It features a magnetic head that’s attached to a telescoping neck (up to 22 inches) in order to get into tight and hard-to-reach spaces in addition to a magnetic base for hands-free work. Plus, in case conditions are dark, there’s an actual LED flashlight built into the end as well. No nut or bolt will escape their clutches as a handy belt clip on the side allows them to always have this tool at the ready.


This Slim Credit Card Holder In 14 Faux-Leather Colors

If you know a guy who needs to update his wallet game, this faux leather card holder is a great gift. It features 11 card pockets and a built-in stainless steel money clip for cash. Plus, the wallet is certified to protect against RFID and NFC scanners, making sure your data and identity is always secure. And the slim design means there’s no more bulky wallet crowding his back pocket.


A Hair-Catching Apron For A Mess-Free Shave

For the guy who hates the tedious bathroom cleanup after every shave, this beard bib has you covered. Featured on Shark Tank, one side of the apron goes around your neck and the other adheres to the mirror above the sink via suction cups, and catches all the falling hairs as you groom. Then, when it’s time to clean up, the hair slides right off into the garbage for a mess-free countertop every time.


This Collapsible Organizer That Won’t Slide Around The Trunk Of Your Car

It’s almost too easy for the trunk of your car to become a jumbled mess of stuff — but that’s where this organizer comes in handy. Multiple compartments on the inside make it great for holding groceries, sports equipment, and everything in between. Plus, Adjustable straps on the bottom let you secure it down so that it doesn’t slide around while you drive.


These Tactical Flashlights That Are Made From Military-Grade Aluminum

These tactical flashlights are one of those rare items that’s best to have and not need, than need and not have. They’re made from military-grade aluminum that can easily withstand a 10-foot drop — and their small size means you shouldn’t have any trouble fitting them in your bag or glove compartment. Just supply two AAA batteries and they’re ready to go.


A Reusable Water Bottle That Helps Keep Drinks Cold

Stop wasting money on disposable water bottles and upgrade to this reusable one. Its vacuum-insulated walls help keep cold drinks chilled for up to 24 hours, whereas hot drinks can stay warm for up to 12 hours. Each order also includes three lids: one flip, one clip, and one straw.


This Elbow Rest Pad Made From Soft Memory Foam

Place this pad on your office desk, and you’ll instantly have somewhere comfortable to rest your elbow while working. It’s made from soft memory foam that contours to the shape of your joints for added comfort — and you can just as easily use it for your wrist as you can your elbow. Plus, the nonslip bottom helps keep it from shifting out of place.


A Knife Sharpener That Doesn’t Require Any Electricity

There’s no need to plug this sharpener into an outlet if you want to get your knives working good like new. Its three-slot sharpening system repairs, sharpens, and polishes your blades within just a few gentle pulls — no electricity required. The best part? Each order also includes a cut-resistant glove to help protect your hands from accidental nicks.


The Cell Phone Mount That Attaches To Your Bike’s Handlebars

Holding up your phone to check your GPS while biking can be dangerous. Instead, use this mount to attach your phone to your handlebars. It’s designed to work with nearly any phone, regardless of whether you have an iPhone or Android — and the sturdy clamp on the back helps keep your screen from vibrating as you pedal.


A Space-Saving Organizer That Can Hold Up To 15 Pairs Of Sunglasses

Got a large collection of sunglasses that’s taking up space in your closet? Then this organizer is worth a look. A strap at the top lets you hang it up so that it doesn’t take up any shelf space, while 15 slots give you ample room for all your sunglasses. Choose from four colors: light gray, dark gray, blue, or pink.


This Monkey Mat That Helps You Save Space Inside Your Fridge

Putting a long box of soda cans inside your fridge can take up a ton of space. Luckily, this monkey mat is available for less than $15. The top lets you stack your cans in a pyramid to help save space, while the nonslip underside helps keep it from shifting out of place — so there’s no need to worry about your pyramid collapsing. Choose from three colors: cream, red, or charcoal.


A Basting Brush Set Made From Rust-Resistaint Stainless Steel

Basting protein is a great way to give it an added depth of flavor, so why not take a look at this brush set? Not only does the lid feature an integrated basting brush, but the silicone bristles are also easy to clean. Plus, the basting pot is large enough to hold up to 16 fluid ounces of marinade.


The Magnetic Wallet That Attaches To Your Phone

Still carrying around that bulky wallet? Then this magnetic version is worth a look. It attaches to the back of your phone so that it’s easy to take with you. There’s enough space inside for up to three cards — and you an even use it as a stand to prop your phone up in a pinch.


A Cleaning Kit That Gets Screens Looking Good Like New

Fingerprints, dust, streaks — this cleaning kit is great for wiping away all sorts of crud from your electronic screens. It contains zero alcohol, ammonia, or phosphates, making it suitable for tablets, phones, televisions, and more. But if that isn’t enough? Each order also includes a microfiber cloth to get you started.


This Phone Mount That Attaches To The Air Vents In Your Car

Raising your phone up to eye level when driving can be dangerous, making this mount a smart investment. A clip on the back lets you secure it to the air vents on your dashboard so that it’s easy to see the screen. Plus, the strong magnet on the inside automatically grips onto any MagSafe case, or the iPhone 12 and newer.


A Cast Iron Skillet That’s Already Seasoned

Unlike some cast iron skillets, this one arrives pre-seasoned so that you can start using it right out of the box. Its thick base distributes heat evenly so that everything inside cooks at the same rate. The best part? The cast iron metal is so durable that you can even use it when cooking over a campfire.


The Portable Hammock That Can Hold Up To 400 Pounds

Don’t head out for that camping trip until you’ve packed this hammock. It has a weight limit of up to 400 pounds, making it suitable for holding up to two people. And once it’s time to go home? Simply fold it down into the attached drawstring pouch so that it’s easy to pack in your bag.


The Ping Pong Paddle Made With 2 Layers Of Carbon Fiber

Take your ping pong game to the next level with this paddle. The heads are made from five layers of premium wood as well as two layers of carbon fiber, which help deliver enhanced precision, power, and speed when returning the ball to your opponent. “Pretty lightweight for the price and the grip on the rubber spins the ball beautifully,” wrote one reviewer.


These Cut-Resistant Gloves That Help Protect Your Hands From Nicks

Whether you’re pruning rose bushes or clearing away brush, these work gloves are a must-have. They’re made from ultra-strong fabric that helps protect your hands from accidental nicks — and the nonslip palms help you keep a firm grip on whatever you’re handling. “Fits close to the skin, soft, flexible and very easy to gently or roughly ‘touch’ things,” wrote one reviewer.


A Collapsible Container That’s Specially Designed For Leftover Pizza

Placing that giant pizza box in your fridge is a total waste of space. Instead, put all those leftover slices inside of this container. There’s enough space inside for up to five slices. Plus, its universal design makes it suitable for use with slices up to 18 inches in size.


This Vacuum-Insulated Koozie That Helps Keep Drinks Cold

Pop your canned or bottled drinks into this koozie, and its vacuum-insulated walls will help keep them deliciously chilled for hours on end. It comes in 16 different colors — from Royal blue to light purple — and the stainless steel metal won’t rust over time.


A Bluetooth Speaker That Lets You Jam Out In The SHower

Not only is this Bluetooth speaker so water-resistant that you can use it in the shower, but its built-in microphone also lets you answer incoming calls from your smartphone. The battery lasts for up to six hours before it’ll need to be recharged. And unlike some speakers, this one also features a suction cup on the back so that you can attach it to any smooth, non-porous surface.


The Luggage Scale That Can Measure Up To 110 Pounds

Avoid overweight suitcase fees with help from this luggage scale. Simply loop the strap underneath one of the handles on your suitcase, then lift up to find out how much it weighs. It can measure up to 110 pounds — and the small size means it’ll take up hardly any space in your bag.


A Stackable Organizer That Holds Up To 6 Water Bottles

Water bottles can take up a ton of space inside your cabinets or fridge — unless you’ve placed them on this organizer. There’s space for up to six bottles, though you can easily fit more if you stack multiple organizers on top of each other. Plus, the high-quality plastic frame is durable as well as shatterproof.

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