The 3 Best Grill Lights To Illuminate Your Cook Space

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Between busy schedules and too-early sunsets, if you’re an avid outdoor griller, you’re probably accustomed to using your grill in the dark. But if your grill is positioned away from exterior lights, it can be hard to actually see what you’re grilling, which can be frustrating and even potentially dangerous. Grill lights attach to your grill and offer a convenient way to temporarily illuminate your grilling area, even in the dark. As you shop for the best grill lights, consider whether you're looking for a clamp-style or magnetic light, and always look for one made of durable materials that can stand up to any inclement weather.

Grill lights come in a range of styles and materials, and generally attach to the lid or the lid handle of your grill. Make sure the material can withstand the high heat given off by your grill, and also extreme temperatures if you’re someone who likes to grill year-round.

Magnetic grill lights that attach to a grill’s lid are very common, and if this is your preference, make sure the magnets are strong enough to withstand opening and closing of the lid. Likewise, grill lights that attach to your grill lid’s handle, should be adjustable so they can be tightly mounted. Even if you have a grill cover, it’s a good idea to invest in weatherproof grill lights that resist moisture and other elements.

The best grill lights below will help you prepare your favorite grilled meals year-round, regardless of how much natural light you have.

1. The Overall Best Grill Lights

These grill lights come in a set of two, and are constructed from weather- and heat-resistant aluminum alloy, making them ideal for all-season grilling. Each light attaches securely to your grill’s metal lid via powerful magnets, and the flexible gooseneck design allows you to position them both to shine on your grill top, or use them to illuminate two different areas in your grilling setup, such as a prep table or utensil rack. These feature LED light bulbs with three brightness levels, so you can customize the output to your needs. Each light is powered by three AAA batteries, which are included in your purchase.

According to one reviewer: "Light can quickly change intensity. Very strong magnetic base. Head of light slides back and forth to create narrow to wide light field. Performance is outstanding. The goose necks are very flexible, yet firm to keep the desired position. My grill is all metal so this light set worked flawlessly and I loved being able to place the lights basically anywhere and have an abundance of light."

2. The Runner-Up: A Bright Clamp Light

Rather than attach with magnets, RVZHI’s single grill light mounts onto your grill lid’s handle using an adjustable, twisting clamp. This allows you to tighten it so it stays in place, even during repeated opening and closing of the lid. It’s also a bit lower-profile than some other designs, so it can stay mounted when using a grill cover. Once in place, RVZHI’s grill light can be swiveled 180 degrees horizontally and vertically, and can be rotated 360 degrees to hit a specific area of your grill’s surface. The light's 10 LED bulbs are powered by three AA batteries (included), that will operate for as many as 50,000 hours before needing replacing. The light’s casing is made from IPX57-rated water-resistant and heat-resistant nylon glass fiber, allowing it to withstand extreme weather and temperatures.

According to one reviewer: "Much better than the grill lights sold by name brand grill manufacturers!! The price is extremely competitive as well. I purchased this for my husband who loves to grill, and he cannot grill without it now. Very flame and water resistant. Gives off tons of light! Attaches and adjusts easily. He loves the fact that he can keep it attached and simply throw on the grill cover to protect it."

3. The Best Low-Profile Grill Light

Broil King’s handle-mount grill light functions similarly as the runner-up, at a more affordable $18 price point. Rather than a clamp, though, it attaches to your grill’s handle using a flexible elastomer strap that has multiple notches to keep the light securely in place when opening and closing the lid, no matter the style or thickness of your grill’s handle. The strap design also makes it easy to quickly remove or reposition the light. Three AAA batteries (not included) power the bright, wide-angle LED bulbs, and a highly sensitive on-and-off button is intuitive and simple to use. The light’s resin material is moisture-resistant and safe for use when grilling in any season or condition.

According to one reviewer: "This light works great and fully lights up the entire grill. Works as good as a plug in light but without the need for an electrical outlet in the backyard along the fence. Highly recommended."