The 4 Best Hand Mixers For Cookie Dough

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When store-bought cookies just won't do, it's good to have the right tools in your kitchen to make it that much easier to go from thinking about homemade cookies to eating them. The best hand mixers for cookie dough come with beater attachments and have at least one low setting for mixing dough and one medium speed setting for creaming butter and sugar.

In addition to ensuring that your hand mixer has the appropriate speed settings, you'll also want to make sure it comes with the right attachments. Beater attachments are essential for making cookies, since you need them for creaming as well as mixing. Most hand mixers comes with beaters, but if you plan to use your mixer for other recipes, you'll want to see if any other attachments are included, such as a whisk or dough hook.

Cookie dough is thicker and stickier than other recipes, like frosting or meringue, so you may think you need a higher wattage to give your mixer the power it needs. However, higher wattage doesn't always mean more power, because some motors are more energy efficient. The best way to make sure a mixer is qualified for cookie dough is to see if it's recommended for that use by the manufacturer. If you're still concerned about power, choose a hand mixer with a boost button, so you can add extra power as needed when the dough gets thick.

If you're ready to start baking all types of delicious cookies, check out the best hand mixers for cookie dough below.

1. This Five-Speed Mixer With Nylon Helix Beaters

  • Speed settings: 5
  • Wattage: 250 watts
  • Included attachments: 2 helix beaters, 2 dough hooks, 1 whisk

With five speeds and a turbo-boost power button, this Black+Decker hand mixer has all the features needed for cookie dough. Reinforced with nylon for extra strength, the two beaters have a helix shape to maximize how much they overlap, and their increased surface area allows for more thorough mixing. Once your cookies are in the oven, the attachments can go in the dishwasher then into the included snap-on case for easy storage. It's also a sleek, stylish option that comes in eight colors.

One fan raved: “We were looking for a good mixer that did not paint our kitchen with batter even on the slow setting. This mixer has a slow setting that is actually slow for mixing and folding ingredients. The helix blades really mix dough and batter nicely. The whisk makes great whipped cream and beats eggs so well my wife does not even pull down the stand mixer anymore.”

2. The Budget-Friendly Hand Mixer With A Snap-On Case

  • Speed settings: 6
  • Wattage: 250 watts
  • Included attachments: 3

This Hamilton Beach hand mixer may not have all the bells and whistles of some more expensive models, but with six speeds and a "quick burst" power button, it can easily take on any cookie dough. It includes two beaters and one whisk attachment, and has a handy bowl rest groove, so you can keep your counters clean while you grab the chocolate chips. The mixer's attachments are dishwasher-friendly, and like the previous model, it includes a snap-on storage case. This is the hand mixer I have, and I've used it to make many batches of chocolate chip and snickerdoodle cookies.

One fan raved: “This is the perfect mixer for the price! You cannot beat it! The mixer comes with a snap on case which is extremely convenient for containing the cord and keeping everything clean and organized. I received one whisk attachment and two beater attachments. I have used this for a number of cookie recipes as well as cakes and brownies thus far and the mixer has not disappointed at all. The noise level is typical for any other mixer and my kids enjoy helping to mix when I am baking. I love the bowl rest feature that allows the mixer to stand on its own end while the beaters drip into your bowl; this is very convenient when additional ingredients need to be added.”

3. This Splurge-Worthy Smart Mixer With Over 900 Five-Star Reviews

  • Speed settings: 9
  • Wattage: 240 watts
  • Included attachments: 2 scraper beaters, 2 dough hooks, and 2 balloon whisks.

This Breville hand mixer has nine speed settings and a speed boost button, so it can take on any recipe from cookie dough to whipped cream. It comes with six attachments, including rubber-coated scraper beaters that help you mix every ounce of dough without clanging against the bowl. The unique beater IQ technology automatically detects which attachment you're using and calibrates the speed so you're always working with an optimal setting. This mixer also has a convenient timer and a mixing light, so you can see exactly how well your dough is mixed. Reviewers noted that they've put the attachments in the top rack of the dishwasher with no issues, and the mixer does come with a convenient case for easy storage once you're finished cleaning.

One fan raved: “Worth the price. I've been using a 15 year old kitchen aid hand mixer. After wearing out 3 sets of beaters and wearing off the controls I decided to upgrade. I tried several other recommended mixers but they weren’t as good as the old kitchen aid. The Breville is and a bit better. Mixes cookies like a champ, whips cream super well. The little features I didn't think would really matter, like the built in timer, is slowly becoming a must have. Even the cord and storage box are 'human' engineered and super easy to use. Outstanding mixer!”

4. A Compact, Lightweight Hand Mixer With Plenty Of Power

  • Speed settings: 3
  • Wattage: 150 watts
  • Included attachments: 2 beaters

Make big batches of cookies even in a small kitchen with this compact, three-speed hand mixer. Its two beater attachments can be clipped onto the side, so you can easily stow the whole thing in a kitchen drawer or small cabinet. In addition to the two dishwasher-friendly beaters, it also comes with a recipe book and access to a recipe database. This mixer weighs only [two 2] pounds, which also makes it a great choice for baking with kids.

One fan raved: “Love love love. I have baked brownies, cakes, cookies etc etc. This has made my baking life easier. Thank you so much.”