The 14 Best Manifestation Journals, For Getting What You Want Now

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Writing in a manifestation journal can help you make real shifts in your life and assist you as you embark on a transformative journey. Whether you prefer a detailed guide, gentle prompts, or a more traditional diary format, the best manifestation journals speak a language that most resonates with you.

What Is A Manifestation Journal?

Therapist Lauren Korshak, LMFT, author of The Mindful Relationship, and founder of Lovewell tells Bustle, “A manifestation journal is a dedicated place to record thoughts, intentions, goals, desires, and plans that you want to manifest or to bring them out of the realm of dreaming and thinking and into the physical realm.”

Korshak notes that a manifestation journal can help you gain more clarity about your goals and intentions, track your progress, and keep you accountable to yourself. “More specifically, it can help you get really concrete about your goals and intentions and the steps you need to take to get there,” Korshak says. “It can help you stay focused on what you want.”

One of the keys to manifesting is not getting distracted by all the other options that can take you away from what you truly want, Korshak adds. “It can also help you to recognize when you actually have manifested what you want,” she says. “Without tracking our goals, we can perpetually focus on future wants, and forget to stop and recognize what we have already created or achieved.”

How Do You Write In A Manifestation Journal?

“What I have clients do is start with a list (in pencil) of all the components of the thing they want to manifest, and to revisit this list daily and clarify or adjust the list over the course of a week,” Korshak says. “The next week, I have them reflect on how this reflects their values and unique contribution to the world, and write a list of any obstacles that they observe getting in the way of achieving this.”

Julie M. Barlow, editor of JMB Living, a female-led website with a mission of helping empower women through mindfulness, stresses the importance of being as clear as possible in your manifestation journal: “Being specific in your manifestations gives you a clear path of actions you can take while making your dreams come true.”

Another key writing tip Barlow offers is to keep your voice in the present with phrases like "I have" and "My life is," rather than relying on future tense (i.e. I will have).

Types Of Manifestation Journals

Many manifestation journals rely on specific manifestation techniques that can help you achieve your goals. The most common you’ll find is called the Daily Law of Attraction, which Korshak describes as “the idea that you will attract into your life what you are putting your energetic, mental, and emotional focus on.” For example: if you are in a positive, joyful state as you focus on attracting love, you are more likely to attract a positive love partnership.

Other common manifestation techniques include:

If you prefer a simpler approach, a manifestation journal that provides plenty of space for traditional free-writing has been linked to an increase in awareness and clarity.

From journals with thoughtful prompts to those that take you on a year-long spiritual expedition, here are some of the best manifestation journals to help you on your personal journey of growth and transformation.


This Multitasking Manifestation Guide & Journal That’s Perfect For Newbies

For those just starting out on their manifesting path, this journal offers the perfect introduction on how to make your desires a reality. It introduces you to the history and concepts of manifesting, as well as the Law of Attraction, and then leads you through a journaling practice with the help of thoughtful prompts and step-by-step instructions. This gentle and friendly format encourages you to harness the power of your thoughts and intentions in order to make meaningful change.

Helpful Review: “Right away starting on page one, you will feel like you are reading a letter from a good friend, somebody who wants you to succeed, somebody with whom you can relate. Lauri Albert has such a great way of making manifestation and other spiritual teachings feel within reach. The author is down-to-earth and gives you the tools to move forward and make real changes in your life one small step at a time.”


Editor’s Pick: The Popular Journal That Combines Manifesting & Life Planning

This manifestation journal has over 4,400 reviews on Amazon and has garnered a high 4.7-star rating. If you want to do some in-depth planning for your desired dream life, this journal not only gives you plenty of pages to free-write but also integrates a 12-month undated weekly planner, so you can achieve desired goals within a specific mapped-out time frame. Pick and choose from lots of other customizable resources that include habit trackers, stickers for organization, mind maps, and a foldable vision board.

Editor Praise: “I was new to manifestation and wanted a journal that I could also rely on for keeping my daily tasks and affirmations in one organized space. This journal is truly a one-and-done pick: Not only is it beautifully designed, but it has thoughtful journal prompts and a 90-day habit tracker to allow for reflection. Consider reading more about manifestation and the Law of Attraction before diving in because it doesn’t get too in-depth with facts or background on manifestation — but it’s perfect for anyone who loves to write and wants to incorporate manifestation into their daily lives.” — Lisa Fogarty, Associate Editor, BDG


This Book That Offers Daily Rituals On The Road To Manifesting

This popular book, with over 5,600 reviews, gets the manifesting ball rolling with pages of positive affirmations, information on how to start a manifestation practice, and writing exercises based on the affirmations that you can practice in a separate notebook (keep in mind: although there are a few blank pages where you can jot down notes, this one doesn’t offer enough room for substantial journaling). It is separated into three sections: Define, Exercise, and Journal. This pick stands out because it focuses on the power and importance of incorporating daily rituals into your life to help you make changes.

A Helpful Review: “I liked this so much I purchased another for my sister. There's an index where you can look up an affirmation for what you need at the moment or you can use your intuition to open the book to an affirmation (my favorite way to use the book). This isn't a book of one-liners or quotes. Each affirmation has three sections: Define, Exercise and Journal. So not only do you get a positive affirmation but you also receive ways to understand it, question it within yourself, and how to incorporate it into your life. In this way, you will feel the affirmation and live it rather than just read a quote that you'll later forget completely.”


A Journal That Uses The 369 Manifestation Method That’s All Over TikTok

If you have an interest in numerology, this journal that employs the 369 technique may be right for you. The journal provides you with guidance in this manifesting technique and information on the numerical significance of three, six, and nine (a powerful set of numbers according to the writings of Nikola Tesla). There are 93 days-worth of guided journaling pages that lay out the space for you to write your desires or intentions three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times in the evening. It also includes self-reflective questions, affirmations, and action plans.

Helpful Review: “An excellent source of inspiration for people who want to manifest positivity and goals. I found this book extremely helpful with tracking my goals, consistent manifestation, and clarification. The 3 6 9 method also helped me critically think, remain honest with myself, and keep myself accountable. This allowed mental clarity, consistency, and reduced my anxiety for the future.”


This Manifestation Journal Specially Created For The Black Woman’s Experience

This manifestation journal celebrates the experience and personal journeys of black women and provides content such as affirmations that speak directly to the black female experience. It uses Law of Attraction philosophy and techniques to ask thought-provoking questions, with plenty of room to journal responses. It has over 1,100 reviews with a high 4.8 rating, and many reviewers raved about the life-changing prompts and beautiful, celebratory illustrations that depict strong black women.

Helpful Review: “This journal is definitely worth the money. I love how they have guided activities that you can do within the book, but they also have written activities that you do on a regular piece of paper and reflect on it. I also love how it’s geared towards Black women and the images within the book [showcase] our beauty and [detail] how powerful we can be when focusing on our strengths and the good the universe can bring.”


A Journal Designed Specifically for Morning Manifestation

For those who like to begin their day with a thoughtful reflection that helps clear the mind of clutter for a more productive day, this journal provides guided practices for each morning and will carry you through 16 weeks. The elegant and minimalist leather-bound book is separated into three sections: The Daily Manifesto, Daily Mind Clutter, and Weekly Review. It features daily prompts and guided journal questions that will take up about 10 minutes of your time each day — perfect for finding Zen on busy mornings. It also provides room to jot down your weekly reflections so that you can learn and grow from your daily practice.

Helpful Review: This is just what it claims to be: a nice, straight-forward book designed to set you off on the right [foot] every day. It's not so hard to dedicate 10 minutes out of your life to be guided through exercises in gratitude. It's helped me to remember that the problems in life and the people who hurt me can only REALLY hurt me if I ALLOW them to. I choose not to allow this. It's so much nicer to recognize the good things in your life when it feels like the walls are caving in on you from all sides. [...] I'd encourage anyone who's struggling with that to give this a try. [...]”


A Manifestation Journal That Uses The 55x5 Technique

This journal — with over 1,000 ratings — provides ample workbook pages to exercise the 55x5 method of manifesting. This is not an instructional book so come prepared with an understanding of how the 55x5 method works. Instead, this workbook features 55 lines conveniently laid out for you to write your carefully crafted and considered one-sentence goal 55 times each day for five days, before releasing it and moving on to the next one.

Helpful Review: “Absolutely love this! It takes away having to count and allows me to fully engage in my manifestations.”


This Journal With Three Manifestation Techniques For The Curious Manifester

For those who may not yet know which manifestation method speaks to them most, this journal offers three different techniques so you can try them all and choose the one that resonates. It includes 369 and 55 x 5 methods, as well as scripting, which involves writing the story of your desired life as if it already exists. The highly rated book features helpful tips for creating intentions and plenty of lined journal pages designated for each technique.

Helpful Review: “Clear and concise, this journal is so easy to use and thorough in explaining three useful methods, including the pages to journal each method. It also offers additional prompts that are great as stand-alone journaling sessions. I'm terrible about daily rituals but I know I can use this journal as I feel called and it will be effective in turning me into my dreams and intentions and thus calling them into being! Plus it's beautiful!”


A Simple Free-Form Journal With Guiding Mantras

This simple manifestation journal is perfect if you’re looking for something minimalist that focuses more on traditional journal writing. It acts as a companion piece to the popular bestseller “The Universe Has Your Back” by Gabrielle Bernstein and includes watercolor designs and thoughtful mantras. The spiral-bound journal includes lines on every illustrated page.

Helpful Review: “I find this journal very inspiring with all its wonderful art-filled pages. I no longer like any of my blank paged journals!! I have bought extras now to give to all my friends, family, and clients. A gorgeous, well done, inspiring journal for a great price!”


A Journal With 100 Days Of Thought-Provoking Prompts

Does playfully engaging with your imagination sound like time well-spent? If so, this journal not only encourages creativity but helps align you with your desires in a transformative way. To do this, the journal provides 100 pages of completely unique, imaginative, and thought-provoking prompts.

Helpful Review: “This manifesting journal is designed to expand your imagination, give detailed shape to your wishes and dreams, and help the universe bring your desires to reality. But it’s so much more than that! The exercises are inspired and intriguing (and there are an amazing HUNDRED of them). Beyond them are wonderful surprise pages tucked in, like unexpected blessings, offering encouragement and energy, and guidance. [...]”


A Guided Journal For Advanced Manifesters Based On Steven Canyon’s Kinetic Belief Theory

This guided manifestation journal derives its philosophy from a subset of the Law of Attraction created by The Law of Attraction podcast host Steven Canyon called Kinetic Belief that integrates concepts from quantum physics. The simplified version of this theory stresses that there are ways to change the universe through observation, desire, and will. If this sounds interesting to you, this journal provides you with 100 days of different exercises such as writing phrases of present-tense gratitude and affirmations that fight negativity. It also includes plenty of space for journaling. Note that some reviewers comment that this journal can be slightly confusing if you’re not experienced in the Law of Attraction school of thought, but that it still offers lots of fodder for contemplation.

Helpful Review: ‘This book is an excellent tool to help maintain concentration for manifesting. [...] I can already feel the shift in the way I think, outlook on life, and my mentality towards obtaining my destined reality.”


The One That Helps You Manifest Wealth

If changing the way you think about money is at the top of your priority list, this journal vows it can help you manifest $1,000 by the end of 21 days. The workbook portion features different exercises or assignments for each of the 21 days that ask you to reflect on your relationship with money and cultivate a more abundant mindset. It has garnered over 1,600 reviews and a 4.7-star rating. The author is Kathrin Zenkina, otherwise known as the “Manifestation Babe,” who has hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers.

Helpful Review: “When I got this book, I had never manifested anything more than a parking space. Even so, I set my goal at $10,000 because it was the number that excited me. I hit my goal on day 20 and actually passed $11,000 by the end of day 21! Needless to say, I'm thrilled and SO thankful for Kathrin's incredible book. [...] Everything Kathrin teaches is very accessible and actionable. [...]”


A No-Frills Journal With Beautiful Illustrations

If the most important part of a journal for you is the aesthetics, then this gorgeously illustrated journal should fit the bill. Another companion piece to a popular Gabrielle Bernstein book (“Super Attractor”), this journal is spiral-bound and features delicate and beautiful watercolor illustrations across each of its lined pages. Each design subtly complements accompanying mantras from the book and there’s plenty of space for free-writing and reflecting on mantras.

Helpful Review: “You can certainly find a cheaper journal but not one as beautiful and high quality as this one. I enjoy writing in journals that are also beautiful to look at and I like the spiral-bound notebook so it will lay flat. You can use this with the Super Attractor book or on its own. Lovely journal with gorgeous artwork.”


A Journal That Helps You Manifest In 40 Days

For those looking for a structured approach with a specific timeline, this journal, written by prolific writer and manifestation expert Zehra Mahoon, offers a 40-day step-by-step guide to implementing Law of Attraction concepts. There’s a lengthy introduction explaining all the ideas and philosophies, as well as how to approach the work. The workbook itself provides you with 40 unique positive affirmations for each day of the process to keep you focused day and night as well as self-reflective journal exercises to increase mindfulness.

Helpful Review: “I have so many exceptional things to say about this book. Each day you are given a passage and teaching through the eyes of the author Zehra Mahoon. Her words are captivating, relatable and take you places in your own life you may have never visited or need to revisit. This book has given me the tools to be consistent daily in manifesting my future and changing my way of thinking to better my life.”


Also Nice: This Journal That Helps Cultivate Gratitude

Gratitude is an important part of the manifestation process. This journal takes you deeper into a gratitude practice by providing you with daily quotes and unique journal prompts that only take a mere five minutes a day. With repeated practice, the journal aims to create a habit of positive thinking and increase joy and optimism. It’s written by Sophia Godkin, a Ph.D. in psychology who is dubbed “The Happiness Doctor,” and has earned more than 2,800 reviews.

Helpful Review: “I absolutely love this gratitude journal! I take it to work with me and start my day with it in the mornings before I start my workday. The quotes and brief exercises set my heart and brain and soul in the right place for the entire day ahead.”


Another Consideration: A Best-Selling Guide To The Law Of Attraction If You Want To Take A Deep Dive

This book is a perfect companion piece to your journal as it does a deep dive into the philosophies and methodologies of manifestation. It includes teachings about the Law of Attraction, practical strategies for implementing those ideas, information about abundance mindsets, goal-setting, and insight into different manifestation techniques. This highly rated book has over 2,200 reviews on Amazon and is ideal for beginners and seasoned manifesters.

Helpful Review: “I have been studying manifestation for a few months and this book couldn't have come at a better time. There are a plethora of new techniques I have learned. The author knows his stuff and did his research on this topic. I'm happy to recommend this to everyone.”


Worth Considering: A How-To Guide With Space To Journal

For those looking for a little structure and hand-holding but also plenty of space to write, this journal offers both. It is organized into eight weeks of daily gratitude practices and includes weekly reflections, empowering affirmations, and room for manifestation journaling. There are also additional pages at the back where you can jot down extra notes or free-write.

Helpful Review: “I have seen and used other gratitude journals and I find them helpful, but this one specifically helps you to understand what the benefits are of taking time out of your day to be mindful about what you're grateful for and what your goals are. This is great for anyone who is new to journaling and is looking for guidance and a journal to practice in.”


Lauren Korshak, LMFT, author of The Mindful Relationship, and founder of Lovewell

Julie M. Barlow, editor of JMB Living