The 5 Best Label Makers For Your Home, Office & Beyond

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Whether you're looking to stay better organized at home or to print shipping labels in bulk, a label maker can help. The best label makers come in a range of designs and the best for you depends on your unique needs. Basic embossers are operated manually and stamp simple labels, while certain digital ones can connect to your devices via Bluetooth and print everything from custom images to shipping labels.

Most top-of-the-line label makers utilize thermal-printing technology, which uses heat to transfer your desired text or graphic directly onto the label. With these printers, the tape contains the ink (rather than a separate ink cartridge), which makes them incredibly easy to use and maintain. An embosser makes for a cost-effective alternative to thermal printing, as long as you don’t mind simple labels.

Manufacturers will list the "width" of tape the label maker is compatible with — counterintuitively, the width of the tape actually measures the height of the finished label. If you think you might need to print different sizes or types of labels (say, if you're a business owner who needs to print mailing and shipping labels), opt for one that can accept multiple tape widths. A handful of label makers also include some tape to get started — but to avoid any confusion, be sure to read the fine print before purchasing.

Some label makers feature their own QWERTY keyboards, while others forego keyboards altogether, instead allowing you to print labels from an app on your smartphone. And, although most label makers are powered by batteries or power adapters, manual ones don’t require any power source. Read on for the best label makers you can buy on Amazon.

1. The Best All-Purpose Label Maker

This fan-favorite Brother label maker boasts over 16,000 Amazon ratings and 4.7 stars overall. Users can choose from 14 fonts, 27 templates, and more than 600 symbols, along with an impressive array of pre-loaded images, patterns, and borders. The LCD screen and QWERTY keyboard make it easy to create custom labels — and you can even store up to 30 personalized designs.

Since the label maker utilizes thermal printing technology, it doesn't require a separate ink cartridge. The label maker works with four sizes of TZe tape measuring 0.14 and 0.47 inches wide. It comes with one small roll of tape, but you can purchase it in a variety of other colors. You'll also need to snag some AAA batteries or an AC adapter to power it on.

Promising Amazon review: “Prints out amazing labels and really it is so versatile. Amazing amount of border options and so easy to use!!!”

2. The Best Budget Label Maker

  • Printing method: Embossing
  • Power source: None

DYMO's embossing label maker features a 49-character wheel that punches letters, numbers, and symbols onto 0.38-inch-wide tape. While the basic label maker lacks the conveniences of a QWERTY keyboard, LCD display, assorted fonts, and digital printing, it's a great choice at $10 for smaller projects around the home or office.

While some reviewers have reported some trade-offs for the price tag (you might have to apply a lot of pressure and the printing quality isn't always the best), others have raved about its simplicity. The product comes with a 12-foot-long roll of tape, and replacement label colors include: black, red/green/blue, and neon hues.

Promising Amazon review: “Bought these to label spice rack. Easy to use and very affordable to make nice labels. Worth the price. I like that it didn’t require any batteries. Simple is preferred for me.”

3. The Fan-Favorite Label Maker

With over 17,000 ratings on Amazon and counting, this DYMO label maker comes pre-loaded with six font sizes and eight text styles, plus more than 200 clip-art images and symbols. Reviewers have praised the device, calling it "the best portable label maker ever” and "very easy to use."

The QWERTY keyboard and LCD screen display makes creating, proofing, reviewing, and printing a breeze. You also have the option to store up to nine label designs. While the label maker doesn't allow users to upload their own images, it can print in the color of the inserted tape. It's compatible with DYMO's 0.25-, 0.38- and 0.5-inch D1 tape and IND tape. It's powered by either six AAA batteries or an AC adapter, both sold separately, and an automatic shut-off feature prevents batteries from draining.

Promising Amazon review: “I bought this for office use. Great little device, makes [labeling] a whole lot easier, it is rechargeable so saves you from buying batteries and it is very portable. Easy to use. I would recommend.”

4. The Best Bluetooth Label Printer

  • Printing method: Thermal
  • Power source: USB cable (included)

This Bluetooth-enabled label printer connects to the iPhone- and Android-compatible NIIMBOT app, allowing you to design, preview, and print custom labels directly from your smartphone. Reviewers back up that it's user-friendly and convenient. Add text and graphics (including QR codes and your own images) within the app, then print your labels in black and white with the included 0.59-inch-wide starter tape. You can snag replacement tape in white, plus assorted colors and even patterns.

The built-in rechargeable lithium battery allows for up to four hours of continuous printing. The device is available in four colors.

Promising Amazon review: “Great little label printer! [...] This little guy connects easily via bluetooth to your phone/ipad/mobile device and all you have to do is use the app to print whatever you want the labels to say. Very easy, compact, and great for small projects.”

5. The Best Shipping Label Printer

  • Printing method: Thermal
  • Power source: Power adapter (included)

While the Rollo label printer is the priciest option on this list, it's also the only one that prints shipping labels. Compatible with Windows and Macs, it can print more than 200 labels per minute, making it perfect for bulk printing. One reviewer described it as "super fast," while another explained, "My only regret is not buying one sooner. It saves tape, toner and time...the three 'T’s' of shipping!"

It also prints warehouse labels, barcodes, and ID labels ranging from 1.57 to 4.1 inches in width. Once you run out of the included starter pack, you can snag 2- by 1-inch and 4- by 6-inch replacement labels on Amazon.

Promising Amazon review: “This [Rollo printer] has revolutionized shipping out my orders! It is so easy to print from my [laptop] and saves me so much time as opposed to printing out a shipping label and taping it.”