The 4 Best LED Showerheads

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Upgrading your otherwise-mundane shower routine is easy with the best LED showerheads. Sold as simple attachments or full setups, they provide instant atmosphere with multicolored lights. They’re available in fixed, handheld, and rainfall styles, and some have built-in filters to purify water, while others change LED color based on water temperature.

The first thing to consider is style and function. Basic options do double-duty, acting as handheld showerheads as well as fixed showerheads that can be attached to a bracket, but they generally offer less coverage. If you’re looking for more coverage, you can go for a rainfall showerhead — but keep in mind that they use a greater volume of water and consequently may not be available for shipping to states with water restrictions. Both options can be screwed into your existing shower arm for easy installation, but if you’re willing to spend a little money — and don’t mind more complicated installation — you can choose a full kit that includes a showerhead, handheld sprayer, and bath spout. While it’s definitely a time and money investment (you’ll have to hire a plumber), it’s great if you want your bath area to have a unified look.

On to the fun part — you also have some choices when it comes to the type of LED effect you want. The most common lighted showerheads automatically cycle through a small handful of colors once the water is turned on, and some alternate between as many as seven colors, giving you a full rainbow effect. Plus, certain LED showerheads will switch colors depending on how hot or cold your water is, so you’ll know exactly when the temperature is perfect

All of the LED options here are powered by the running water itself, making them convenient and low-maintenance. Whichever you pick, the best LED showerheads are sure to put a smile on your face as you start — or end — your day with a pop of color.

1. A Budget-Friendly Showerhead

This budget-friendly lighted showerhead offers the best of both fixed and handheld designs, with a bracket that allows it to be mounted or removed for versatility. The showerhead’s vibrant LEDs are powered by water pressure and automatically switch between four colors — purple, blue, orange, and green — for a colorful, dynamic showering experience. The flexible 5-foot hose offers a generous range of motion, and the screw-on showerhead is easy to install (no tools required), and it comes with the necessary washers and Teflon tape.

A reviewer wrote: “What makes this a great buy is that it's actually a good shower head! Nice water pressure, easy to install, and the colored Led lights really work- so relaxing. I was worried the lights might become annoying and flashy but not the case.”

2. A Rainfall Showerhead That Offers More Coverage

This large 8-inch rainfall showerhead with lights offers tons of coverage as well as the widest range of colors — the full rainbow spectrum, in fact. It’s automatically powered by water and rhythmically rotates colors for a light show while you shampoo. One thing worth noting about rainfall showerheads: They tend to use water faster, as they rely on extra volume to create pressure through the wider design, and for this reason, may not be available for shipping to locations with water restrictions.

The showerhead can be screwed onto your existing shower arm without tools and comes with adapters so you can get a precise fit. Want your water to flow from directly overhead? A simple and affordable shower extension arm will do the trick.

A reviewer wrote: “This is by far my personal favorite shower head of all time. It did wonders for my usually awful water pressure as well. The lights are really bright (you can turn off the bathroom lights and this will illuminate a small room) and beautiful and they very effectively light up the jets of water. There is only 1 shower mode but it is fantastic - a very strong and even/wide spread of water.”

3. A Temperature-Activated Showerhead That Filters Water

The LED lights on this color-changing showerhead are temperature-activated, so they automatically progress from green to purple to red as the water heats up, which means you’ll know exactly when it’s time to jump in. (It even flashes red if the temperature is over 123 degrees Fahrenheit to help prevent scalding.) Once the water’s settled on a temperature, the LED remains the same color, which is perfect if you want the effect of a single color, instead of periodically rotating through them all. The filtering stones in the transparent handle work to reduce impurities and eliminate up to 99% of chlorine. Also cool: The showerhead’s micro-nozzle jets have an eco-friendly design that reduces water use by as much as 35% without impacting water pressure.

Like the first option, this can be used as a fixed or handheld design, and the flexible hose measures just under 5 feet. It’s easy to screw onto your existing shower arm and comes with plumber’s tape for a secure, leakproof fit.

A reviewer wrote: “My girls love the color change due to temperature! Beads clean our hard water! Unique and fun!”

4. A Wall-Mounted Rainfall & Handheld Showerhead Kit

The most luxurious option on the list, this LED rain shower kit is available in four metal tones — gold, chrome, brushed nickel, and bronze — that can help you create a premium, unified look in your bathroom. The kit includes a 12-inch rainfall showerhead with temperature-activated LEDs that alternate between blue, green, and red, as well as a slim handheld showerhead with a 5-foot hose. Plus, it comes with a tub spout, so your entire bath and shower setup will have an upmarket aesthetic. In addition, the matching handle has a three-way converter switch that lets you seamlessly swap between the different water outlets. Of course, since the rainfall showerhead uses a greater volume of water than standard showerheads, this option won’t ship to areas with water restrictions.

The kit comes with a 15-inch long shower arm that mounts to standard wall plumbing, but you’ll likely need a professional to install this option, which will add to the price tag.

A reviewer wrote: “Love it! Definitely needed a professional plumber to install this in our new shower, but it was SO worth it! Been using it for months now and it still works great and give our shower that million dollar house feel!”