The 4 Best Microbead Pillows

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As someone who has chronic neck and shoulder pain, finding an excellent pillow to support me while I sleep has been a challenge. Honestly, it wasn't until I discovered microbead pillows that I realized resting pain-free was a possibility. But the key to finding the best microbead pillow that you can actually sleep on is the cover.

While any pillow filled with tiny, flexible beads is going to support your body weight and feel naturally cooler than thicker pillows, if the cover is scratchy or stiff, you won't feel comfortable. To get the most out of your microbead pillow, be on the lookout for an outer shell that has at least a little bit of spandex or elastane in the material. That extra stretch gives those little beads room to move around without putting pressure on your head, neck, and joints.

You also want to consider how you like to sleep. For example, I'm a side sleeper through and through, so a microbead body pillow that I can hang onto all night sounds like a dream. But if you prefer sleeping on your back or stomach, a standard pillow may be your best bet. Or, for a smaller option, look for a bolster pillow or neck pillow you can take with you anywhere.

When it comes down to it, getting a good night's sleep is the best thing you can do for yourself. To help you rest pain-free, consider one of these excellent microbead pillows.


Best Standard Pillow

Not only is this standard microbead pillow an absolute dream, but it's stuffed full of tiny microbeads that adjust to the weight of your head and neck all night, even when you toss and turn, so you never feel any pressure. On top of that, the cover is made from a super soft poly-blend that's woven with spandex for the perfect amount of stretch. Amazon reviewers swear by this pillow to help relieve aches and pains.

According to one reviewer: "This is the perfect pillow for me and it's affordable. Unlike other pillows I've bought that felt like I was sleeping on a brick. This gives a great support and molds to your neck without the overly firm feeling memory foam has."


Best Body Pillow

If you're looking for something bigger, this full-body microbead pillow comes in at over 5-feet long and features a bolster shape that's excellent for side sleeping and snuggling. The entire pillow is stuffed full of microbeads, and the cover is a super soft cotton and spandex blend. Plus, the cover's totally removable, machine washable, and won't shrink in the washer, making this one of the most low-maintenance body pillows ever. It also comes in 11 different colors so you can find the perfect one for your style and space.

According to one reviewer: "Love love love the Yogibo. i had to fight off dogs and kids to use it though. that is why I bought another one. [This] pillow is great as a backrest against a wall."


Best Mini Bolster

This mini bolster pillow is perfect for getting comfy in uncomfortable spaces. At a little over 7 inches long, it's just big enough to tuck under your head when you're trying to rest on an unsupportive couch, or even under your knees to relieve joint pressure while you're sitting up in bed. You also use this pillow to tuck under your lower back while sitting in a desk chair. No matter how you use it, this super plush pillow and its soft poly-spandex cover is sure to help you relax. It also comes in six different prints and colors so you can find the perfect one for your style.

According to one reviewer: "I searched around quite a bit each time I got these, and kept coming back to this seller for the price and reliability. My two pink ones that are at least a year old are still fine (except for looking used since I sleep with them every night), but I needed black to match better with my new decor. Next time I buy one of these, it will be from here again."


Best Neck Pillow

There's no better option for traveling than this luxe microbead neck pillow. For one, it's filled with lightweight microbeads that cradle your neck while you're sitting upright, helping to relieve pressure on your back and spine. On top of that, one side of this pillow features a cooling gel cover, and the entire pillow is infused with naturally cooling bamboo fibers, all of which will keep you from overheating while you're traveling. This travel pillow comes in four colors, including black, pink, and blue.

According to one reviewer: "This travel neck pillow is soooooooo comfortable. I had surgery on my neck and brain and this product is a godsend in relieving pressure on those areas. Great for at home or when traveling."